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(Group Unknown)

Norson Melchizedek

Opening of the Melchizedek Trans-System of Nebadon on Urantia

[Trans-system refers to the higher Melchizedek administration communication connections that are now working as of this date on Uranita]

April 6th, 1995


Thank you for allowing us another opportunity to express our love and appreciation for you and to pass on through this means of communication our heartfelt desire to share spiritual growth and motivation with you and your fellows.

Today is a "red letter" day for your planet, Urantia. Today marks the beginning of a new epoch of spiritual growth in connection with the local universe administration of Nebadon. This occasion is the beginning of the opening of the circuit of Melchizedek trans-system communication. This means that from this day forward, all past disconnections of higher administration communication have been restored to their original intent and utility.

We can celebrate with you this great occasion of the complete adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion. From this day forward, Urantia will march to a higher drum. No longer will your planet be shrouded in darkness and ignorance due to lack of the incoming spiritual circuits of your Melchizedek leadership.

Henceforth, your full contingent of spiritual luminosity will be available to you for making decisions of spirit import, though you will no more notice the change than you would your own spiritual growth. Nevertheless, over the next decade, a transformation of spirit intensity and direction will encompass large portions of your civilizations. These up-steps in higher vibrational transformation will soon become obvious to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

This will affect the individual in three areas of mental function:

1. The new "light of insight" which is an up-stepping of our Mother’s ability to install within your mind circuits an automatic decision corrector.

2. An increased ability to discern truth.

3. An Enhanced understanding of cosmic reality manifested through your soul.

You will from this time forward find it easier to intuit, discern, and understand; spiritual goals, Father’s will, Michael’s plan. This is a great day! Events occurring now will forever ensure Urantia’s eternal progression toward Light and Life. Rejoice with us, share with us this day of light, this day of progress, this day of evolutionary achievement.

Know within your hearts that by accepting your spiritual destiny and continuing to work for it, and its implementation in your life, you have helped to bring about this transformation.

We, your friends and assistants, wish to thank you. We offer you our love and our help, and our eternal fellowship.

Go in peace, Norson.