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The Role of Planetary Healers

DECEMBER 29, 2003

Prayer: Mother and Father, we thank you for this time to spend with you. Teach us your ways. Teach us how to bring your Spirit into our brothers and sisters. As we close a year of growth and life in you, reflect your love and peace into our hearts as we remember our journey into you over these last several months. Prepare our minds to receive you. Prepare us as we move forward into another year of finding our Father, of being in our Father, and following His will. We thank you for your being with us. Amen.

Greetings, my children; this is your Mother Nebadonia who greets you. I welcome you here this evening in spite of the inclement weather. I am appreciative of your willingness to share this time with me this evening.

Your Father and I are taking you into a journey of selfless self-expression of service as your efforts are poised now towards healing of this world. Your individual undertaking of the role of a planetary healer is an idea that we wish to incorporate into your self-identity. As you offered yourselves to your Father last week, we wish to take what you offer and to add this idea of planetary healer into it. Go within. Breathe in my Spirit. Ask for this idea of becoming a planetary healer to be instilled into your being. I will breathe my essence into this.(Pause)

What does this idea mean to be a planetary healer? How will this impact your life? Take these questions into your Father Fragment; receive the encircuitment of Father’s desires for you in this role to be incorporated into your self-identity and self-awareness. (Pause)

In time you will detect a quality of your identity as it grows more attuned towards service and towards the betterment of humanity. The subtle unfolding of this quality of yourself will seem normal and natural and will heighten your interest for service. I encourage you to spend time in stillness and ask for this self-concept to be embellished in you by asking me and your Father to breathe more truth-life into this to grow you to more highly attuned instruments of our use.

Your efforts in this role are fundamentally important now. It is not only in the thought form patterns that you are developing that add a new dimension of the expansiveness of God on the planet, but you will also be living more highly visibly inspirational lives for your brothers and sisters to view and emulate. The world needs spiritual role models. Think of yourself as this in this idea of being a planetary healer.

This does not set you on a lofty pedestal apart from the world as a teacher of truth and enlightenment. No, my children, this sets you squarely in the midst of the challenges of daily living – to be amidst the confusion and isolation of your brothers and sisters; to walk among them to be that light that points the way out of their darkness. You have all expressed this higher desire for service. And we answer this by helping you incorporate greater self-awareness of the service inspiration within your soul. As these words I speak to you integrate within your mind, let your desire to be so infused with this spirit of becoming a planetary healer rest deeply in your being, and be! come a living part of you. Relax into your desire as your Father and I add ourselves into you now. (Pause)

In the center of the room is the energetic core of the earth that is awaiting your infusion of your healing thoughts. Imagine that this energetic core is very near to you. Sense its size and weight. There is an emotional component of urgent need. As you sense this energetic core, find your love for your Father, open your hearts. Ask for his love to permeate this core and for his very living essence to encircle and to center into it. (Pause)

As your love for your Father intensifies within your heart, direct the natural outpouring of his love to go deeply within the energetic core of the earth. Sense the planet’s need – the needs of all our children living upon it for this sweet caress of your Father’s love. When his love is planted in the earth there will be more love for people to draw upon – more light to nourish their souls. Their minds will have greater access to the love you perceive and receive. So, my children, let us infuse you with our love for you to direct it into the core. This is a great service you can perform for your brothers and sisters. (Pause)

The healing thought energies of love have never pervaded Urantia. What you are participating in is the building of the human equivalent of the divine love thought streams that pervade from Paradise. The evolutionary expression of love must grow through the conscious choice of people to love one another – to put aside one’s own needs to the benefit of the greater whole. When this energy becomes more pervasive will you see greater consciousness of the residents of this world opening to the will of the Father seeking righteousness, wholeness, forgiveness, and compassion. What efforts can you play in this? You can play as large a role ! as you want by coming into this place of healing and asking for Father’s essence to be encoded into the very center of this earth.

During your daily adventures would you be open to directing your thoughts onto the core and asking for Michael’s love to flow into it? Instead of thinking about what your needs are and the other amblings of the mind, will you be willing to direct your efforts and attention onto this very concrete visualization and giving your mind a respite from the restless chatter that abounds through it? You will find this level of mental activity to be highly restorative in your mind and body for the focus will be off the self and onto others. You will find a level of refreshment that will give you an enhanced capacity to enjoy your day. Spend a few moments in asking for this exercise to ! imprint upon you more deeply and to become a part of you that you can recall easily throughout the day to be of greater service to your Father and me. (Pause)

And now, my children, I ask you to find that place within you that is committed to assisting us in the planetary healing and ask for a greater infusion of desire and remembrance of this experience to weave within you; that enhanced awareness to be of service to your needy brothers and sisters. (Pause)

You are all growing your serviceability and that is good and as it should be. Your Father will be here to address you momentarily. As I retreat, feel the blanket of my love wrapping you tightly in my embrace. Good evening, my children.

Good evening, my children. This is Michael. The exercise we prepared for you this evening was a significant one for you to remember as your focus your daily thoughts more on the outward effect you can have on the world as you walk through your day. Focus less on yourselves throughout your day. Use this exercise as a tool – as an anchor – to take you out of your own sense of yourself. What need have you? I am in you; I am your supply! All you have need of is readily accessible in me. By focusing on m! y love as it infuses the core of the world will you receive that which you need to carry you through your day. So you see, my children, it is not necessary to think of yourselves.

Grow strong in using this exercise. Practice this as many times as you can, and you will find as this habit grows more pronounced in your minds, the release you have from your problems will fill you with such lightness of being that you will wonder why you ever even thought about your problems! Can you master this? I know you can. But it will take time and it will require you to remember to do this. Your Mother and I will be here to assist you in this attempt you make throughout the day.

So I ask you now to take this idea of engaging in the exercise throughout the day into the stillness. Ask yourself: where is my biggest drawback now in remembering to do something like this? Go within; seek the guidance from within. If you feel that you need my assistance through a verbal answer this evening, I will address your questions. But I ask you to sense the answer within and to ask me in the quiet of your mind for my input, and you will receive it. Do this now, children, I am with you. (Pause)

Student: Father, I’d like to know how I can be patient in service for the privilege of seeing the result of your gifting into brothers and sisters who are rendered a compassionate gesture. As you know of late I gave a compassionate gesture to a colleague that has a self-esteem that I try not focus onto. (words too faint….but question asked how do I be patient?)

Michael: My dear daughter, J, your desire to honor me through your loving service to your brothers and sisters is very touching. And I will give you the patience that you ask for if you will give me your need to see my love manifested in your brothers and sisters. For sometimes you will not see the outward working at first. Many times the seed of my love that you instill through your compassionate acts is planted so deeply within their being that they are not even yet aware that my love is there. Can you be open to knowing that once you have performed your act of love that you have done your part? It is now time for that person to sit in this seed and let it germinate.

Through your prayers you will water this seed by asking for love to grow within this person. In time it will. But the time element is of no importance because that individual must yield to the love within. And my love is timeless; it is only your perception and an expectation that you wish to see more immediate results. But there is something happening in the environment of that individual’s mind that is necessary for one’s own growth. Trust the Father’s Spirit to take that seed and to know how to manifest it into the full blossoming of the person’s conscious mind.

Your role as this love disseminator of truth seeds bears no dimension of time. Your patience will yield you greater capacity to trust in me. I will infuse this timeless awareness of my love. Can you now give me your expectations and know that I am in this person’s soul after you have planted this seed? (Absolutely) Feel this timelessness in you now, my daughter. Open your heart and receive the expansiveness of the eternity presence of my love, and know that all things are well in hand. (Pause) (Than! k you)

My children, we are coming into a new season of growth; a new revelation of the Father and the expression of His love on Urantia. At this time it is customary for you to make your New Year’s resolutions. How appropriate this evening that you have conjoined with your Mother and me to become a planetary healer! What greater resolution is there than the end of all suffering and animosity and poverty on this world? It is our love that resolves these conflicts. You have our support. You have our minds. You have us within you. You have no other needs. We are there giving you what you need.

As you practice this exercise this week, think of me – think of my human life – and how I turned all of my needs over to the Father. This exercise we have instructed you will be very liberating, you will find. When you find yourself becoming absorbed in yourself, think of me. Call on my experience as Jesus to lift you out of your own needs and desires. I will accompany you in this exercise and we will work together to heal this planet. Your liberty is at stake as is the liberty of all your brethren. What greater opportunity do you have each day to liberate yourself? This is your time; use it wisely, and you will see just how liberated you can become. It is time to begin this now as you go into the New Year. Proclaim this as your year of liberty, my children. You will be light and so full of love; this freedom will be your reward. Good evening.