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Group: Unknown

Teacher: Loriyana

Topic: Group Prayer (Alista)

           Prayer Is Real

T/R: Unknown

January 19, 1994

GREETINGS, I am Loriyana. I am your teacher tonight. What a beautiful occasion to come together in friendship and worship and we love each other. I always feel so enriched by our times together , it is a great privilege to be here tonight again to speak with you, it has been several weeks since I last talked with this group.

As you know many things have occurred in that time, one of the things that has changed is the group's work towards the conference that is coming in June. My understanding is things are moving along quite well in that area. I look forward to our time together at that [gathering].

We would like to again discuss the topic of group prayer, this seems to be falling by the wayside.

If you will recall my discussion of a few weeks ago it is important that individuals in the group verbalize their prayers. There is a sharing of thoughts with one another. It is a time to pray for those who are not present. It is a time to pray for those goals the group might have and spontaneous thoughts of love and adoration for the Father and one another. It is important to realize that group prayer is powerful as thoughts and prayers are real and that their reality brings about a change in the Supreme and in the individuals who are praying.

For instance, does it not make sense for those who are absent, does it not make sense to pray for those poor souls who have lost so much in the crisis in Southern California? Does it not make sense to pray for the leadership of your country and for the leaders of the world to act with wisdom? These thoughts, these prayers are real and can contribute to the total of the collective consciousness.

It is necessary that they be verbalized and brought to bear in thoughts of each individual within the group. Remember long ago we talked about the power of group prayer that when we are together with your group and we are praying our thoughts are projected into the collective consciousness and becomes strengtheners for all beings on this planet whether they be celestial or mortal.