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Group: Unknown

Teacher: Loriyana

T/R: Unknown

Topic: Group Unity & Cohesion

September 15,1993

The love of the father surrounds us. The power of the Father upholds us. The paths to the Father are within us. Greetings I am Loriyana, I am your teacher for this evening.

It has been awhile since we were last together and I am so pleased to be here to talk with you tonight. I am so pleased with the progress that your group has been making in their commitments to the mission and to the Father.

We are going to talk about a topic of interest to each of you and that is the need for unity and cohesion within the mission. It is a subject that can be overlooked or underestimated in the power that it has to make or break each action that a group takes.

It is the power of the group through unity that gives energy to the mission and to all our actions. Can you honestly say within yourself that you feel united with each member of the group? If you consider that each person has things that they keep hidden in little boxes away from each group member, it is important for us to open ourselves with each other.

Today you may start by opening up to each other about some little thing of importance to you. Tomorrow maybe we will talk about bigger things of importance but that is the way of growth, that is the way of unity.

It is important that the group, this group develop more cohesiveness in this matter. We appreciate that not everybody has great traumas that occur in their lives but we also appreciate that there are things that are kept from group members because there are matters which are not talked about because of the mistaken belief that nobody is interested or nobody would be interested and that must not be the case.

People must feel that all of the group members are interested in what is important for one person or another. Doesn't this make sense to you in terms of cohesiveness? It is the little things that you may share, the little triumphs and failures that are important to share so that when the big trials come and they will come, you will have each other to rely on. You will be able to say I know my brother and my sister is there for me, and we are there for each other.

I am not saying that you need to tell every little thing but certainly more openness is called for. I know that you will have many questions of me about this issue and I will be glad to address them in a minute or so. In the meanwhile, I would hope that you consider what I have said and take it to heart. It is quite important to the success of the mission.