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Group: Unknown

Teacher: Loriyana

Topic: Small Seeds

T/R: Unknown

November 17, 1993

GREETINGS MY CHILDREN, this is Loriyana your teacher. Oh what great excitement there is amongst us this evening and during this week. It is your first efforts to reach out and touch those in the community with the healing truths of the words Christ Michael.

I am so pleased you had an exciting outing on Monday and your efforts through the [advertisements] have been fruitful to date. There will be great moments to come and some moments that seem to be going no where.

Do not despair during the dry moments for our being on this side ever working to communicate to you members in the community who are seeking the truth. It is truly heartening on this side to see the great effort that your group is making reaching out to your fellow man. My congratulations are extended to you.

It is important to remember that the fruits of this harvest were reaped by planting small seeds not overwhelming people by the truth but each of you who is present give nuggets to individuals and said: 'here grow from this' and you got wonderful responses.

It is important to remember this for when you are talking to others you will be tempted to impart even more truths to what appears to be their hungry souls, but remember a starving person can not suddenly eat their fill, you must eat little bits at a time so it may be more fully digested. I hope that your efforts in the future will prove to be as satisfying as these have been so far.

There is another matter that I would like to address and that is the continuance of your efforts to follow the assignments of the Melchizedek, Manutia, in following his instruction that you reach out and attempt to be of service to others that you meet and that you always imagine yourself by the side of Christ Michael.

It sometimes becomes hard to remember in the humdrum of the day when you are working on the nuts and bolts of your existence and after awhile one may forget the simple assignment. I am hopeful this will remind you of what we have asked of you so that you can reach out with your mind with service and always keep the spiritual in the forefront.

We did not plan a particularly long lesson today but we would like to follow through on discussing the matter of reaching out to those in the community. It is wonderful service that you have provided by reaching out with truth but it is not the only service that you can be providing your brothers and sisters.

We would very much like for you to consider the project of actual ministry of doing something for the community in a service mode. The Master in his sojourn on Urantia not only gave words of spiritual encouragement but gave encouragement and aid in the everyday existence of those around him.

Sometimes the spirit is enriched by the gift of everyday support and encouragement and the nuts and bolts of life. What this means is that individuals who feel that they are gaining a sympathetic ear and sympathetic in the everyday working of life are frequently more susceptible to spiritual [ministry]. Think about for the coming year what your group can do together that would provide a service in the every day of life and also provide you with an opportunity to plant spiritual seeds.