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Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teachers: LinEl, Daniel, Michael, Nebadonia, Aaron

Topic: Skillful Dealing With Groupings Of People

T/Rs, Simeon, Isaac, Virginia

October 2, 1998

* LinEl: Greetings to you, my friends, I am LinEl. This evening I have taken this opportunity to speak with you due to your undergoing interpersonal dialogue with one another.

I am a member of the staff of your Planetary Prince due to the skills I have gained in my morontia career in dealing with groupings of individuals in the manner of producing valuable exchanges, both regarding conflicts and in general personal relationships. As your own teachers have intimated to you recently that you would be shifting focus to individuality as it relates to the group, so tonight have you taken great strides in sharing a sense of individuality with one another regarding a particular issue or issues that affect you as a collective, even as they affect you as individuals. You have taken your best foot and placed it forward because you find something here to be extremely valuable to you and worth struggling to maintain. I am glad to see your willingness.

During this last week's time, I have actually been working with your teachers and even with some of you, unbeknownst to you, trying to produce a willingness to share your feelings individually,. We are aware, probably as much as yourselves, if not more so, that all your problems are not solved with a simple sharing, but so much foundation has been laid for resolution by your willingness to share honestly and intimately with one another. In this, take a moment to understand how blessed you are.

This evening I am but one of a great multitude of onlookers. As you know, throughout this mission during the years there has been much conflict, not always with the greatest of resolutions. If you can say you have felt stressed, so too can we admit to having had anxiety regarding how you would come through this dialogue. During your own speaking this evening, you could have heard a celestial pin drop, as we were, in awe of your inspiring performances, even by those who do not always voice their opinions. I admire you for your courage.

I encourage you to continue with this same sense of courage in undergoing the new directions of your guides. In the end, as you look back, you will see that their leadings are generally faithful and tend to build toward higher realization and enlightenment.

At this time I would allow one of my colleagues to speak with you. Thank you for hearing me and allowing me this opportunity to speak with you.

Ken: Thank you LinEl.

* Daniel: I am Daniel. My dear friends, I am beaming from ear to ear. Your metal has been tested in the fire of all your fears and anxieties, doubts, inadequacies, and emerged this evening stronger by far than any of you expected. I, however, harbored secret expectations that you would not fail and I am very glad to say that you did not let me down, but more importantly that you did not let yourselves down, either individually or together. The foundations that you have built have been upon solid rock and not shifting sand. We have taught you our experiential knowledge and you have listened, ingested it, digested it, and now you are acting it out. I have this message from Michael: * Michael: Dear children, fellow apostles in my Father's kingdom, your behavior this evening testifies to the degree of alignment that you have achieved with your Mystery Monitor and with my Spirit of Truth and with the Holy Spirit of Nebadonia, who stands with me in supreme joy. It is altogether fitting and proper to rest your weary hearts, your anxious minds, in your crowning success of overcoming fear with the power of truth and love. Nothing can stand in the way of truth or love, for indeed are these two, one reality.

What you have achieved tonight is being achieved in other places on this planet of my sojourn. You will indeed form a quilt of many colors, a tapestry of splendid beauty. I am proud to say that Urantia will rise from the ashes of default and rebellion and shall shine as the most brilliant gem in my crown of sovereignty in Nebadon. Forever will the shame of the cross be transformed into the glory of the power of love.

Yes, my dear friends, you are, in effect, in a similar situation to my earthly sojourners, my fellow apostles when I was in your midst... with one difference. You have the tremendous advantage of their experience as it has been recorded in the New Testament and now more fully revealed in the 5th epochal revelation; and now my Spirit of Truth has been poured out, which does aid you at all times; and you now have the additional help of my planetary staff of volunteer teachers and celestials.

Because you have done so well, more shall be given you. Because you have achieved a milestone this evening, your servanthood, your service to your fellows, will gain in value and in potency. At the same time remember that after each brief respite of rest in the glow of achievement you are also preparing for the next step in your ascension career. I fully believe you shall not fail. I fully trust you will succeed. All of you have learned to ask for help from each other. All of you have experienced within the validity of this truth and love which was shared this evening. You know what you've experienced and therefore you can share it with others for whom these truths are but dim and faraway ideals. I have concluded my remarks. My partner Nebadonia desires to speak."


Cathy: I'm not sure where this is coming from, but Angie, is it okay if I put my hand on your heart here?

Angie: Okay.

Cathy: I have this real distinct picture... I think we're supposed to join hands. Barbara, your left hand is supposed to be up and we're going to direct energy around the circle this way.

(Note: Angie had shared about a personal difficulty this evening. The group is holding hands with Barbara on one end holding her left hand in the air, while Cathy is on the other end with her right hand on Angie's heart region.)

Cathy: I got a picture of words to Angie beating upon her skin, but she wouldn't let it penetrate.

(Several comments about the energy feeling flowing through the circle.)

* Nebadonia: This is Nebadonia. The most beautiful picture that you can give to the world is one where you love without recompense. This that you are doing is an example of the energy that flows from that love that is divine. Love is the only thing that people who have everything or people who have nothing can experience. Things are not what the individual needs, whether it is a mortal on Urantia or a celestial visiting. The warmth of love gives vitality to the day, life to the seedling, and beauty for those dark passageways. We love you. We extend our warmest arms around each one of you and we give to you that which you need... Love.

* Aaron: This is Aaron speaking on behalf of the teachers assembled here. My beloved students, go in peace, go in trust. Be filled with light and always remember, you are about a soul's whisper away from the great Source of love who dwells within you. Until we meet again, farewell.