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NW TeaM 98

Late Night Session

Various Teachers and Greetings

Friday July 3, 1998

* LinEl (Thea H.): Greetings. This is LinEl. Dear little brothers and sisters, I greet you tonight from the rest of your family who are standing with you now, amongst you. You have sometimes wondered, some of you, about the status of the Teaching Mission. I think you know tonight from the feeling of love we have shared with this family that the Teaching Mission is alive, and well and thriving. For one of the most important things that we hoped that we could bring to you was this ability to bond together as a family closer in the image of what was intended originally for your world.

When we see you together like this, you cannot know the joy that we feel, because you are learning to live light and life. You are the seeds from which much will spring, and you have already grown. Think about the years we've been coming together. Look at the pattern that is now unfolding and blooming and blossoming amongst you. Every year brings new levels of love, tolerance, understanding, support, and my friends, my brothers, my sisters, we are only beginning.

I will keep my words brief for the moment, but I want you to know that our pride in your loyalty is immense, for we cannot do what we have come to do without you, and you are here loyally helping us. We love each and every one of you. We watch you tenderly. We embrace you with love when you do not even know, but you are all learning love in manifold ways. And as your family grows, our family grows, for you also are our family.

I will speak with you again. I love you all, but my love is nothing compared to the love of the Father who has blessed each and every one of us with joys beyond belief. Accept those joys into your hearts. They are yours. They are the Father's gift of love to you. Farewell. * Andronason (Michael P.): (Singing) "Old man river. That old man river. He just keeps moving." Greetings. This is Andronason. I always wanted to do that. This particular T/R continues to think of us as being tremendously serious beings, which we are, but also, as I have spoken before with my brothers to you, we have an exceeding lightness to our being which you will perhaps not fully appreciate until we do stand among you either in the flesh of this life or that which lies before you all in the days and beyonds to come.

I am so tremendously impressed with what I have seen here today, for we used to gather and observe your growing anticipation of signs and wonders, and while it is indeed a wonderful experience we have all been taken with, the signs are pointing to you my friends. Do you not yet realize that you are the ones? I think you should take this... I think you should sit on it.

I'm being rather flip tonight but not really, more I'm overflowing in the love and joy which springs from all of our hearts, celestial and mortal and midway. For we possess a tremendous energy for the Father for ourselves. You have only begun to understand and barely utilized this, but you will look back and be shocked at the gifts that you have received almost without knowing. This is always the way of the Father.

I have the image of you standing, looking out over the mountains here, with your hand raised like Lewis and Clark or some other great explorer, when God stands quietly beside you or behind you smiling, waiting to tape you on the shoulder, for you to turn around and see that the kingdom is in fact right behind you. God has a tremendous sense of humor as well. How could he not?

Well, I could, indeed, go on and on, but there are many more here to speak with you, and I will again. My brothers and sisters, my associates in light and life and the kingdom which is now and to come. God but I love you! I embrace you! Now in spirit, but each individually in time. I yield the floor.

* Nebadonia (Delores D.): (Singing) "The lucky old sun has nothing to do, but roam around heaven all day." I finally convinced her [the T/R] to do this. This is your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, and I too am here in great joy and great happiness, embracing you all, my visible brothers and sisters in your eyes, and the brothers and sisters who are also my children whom you cannot see. To me you are one big family gathered together from across the galaxy. You have know idea the peopled room in which you now sit.

My heart is full, pulsating, radiant, golden, vibrant, rainbow love. We see you growing stronger, allowing it to rise up inside you, allowing it to pass out the twinkling of an eye, out the curve of a smile, out the reaching of a hand to one another. There is nothing as lovely as the creation reaching back to the creator, itself to itself, love to love. This is the meaning of life. This is all there is. This is what you have sought. The value that your soul hungers for.

The gifts of your heart are already planted. The Father has chosen each of you and planted the gifts in your heart that will cause you to bloom with the most joy that you can imagine. It is a mystery. We never know what to expect. It is a wonder that keeps us ever on the watch for the possibility for your revealing. You, to us, are the wonder of the universe.

I want to pet you. [laughter] I am your mother. Come to me. I hold my hands out. I am always here. Lean on me. Fall into my arms. Trust me. Speak with me, and I will always answer. Reach to me, and I will respond. It is a joyous exchange between us. I would wish that you spend time developing your relationship with me, so that you can know this clearer, truer, and more honest in your heart that we are all with you and love you. How many times can we say it? Again and again and again until you really come to know.

I will leave you now, although I never do. Seek my embrace, and I will comfort you. Goodnight for now.

* Lorenzo (Bob D.): It is my pleasure to have been witness this evening to your presentation of spirit, all you who honor your creator through your creativity. The expression of your innermost being is the emulation of that part of you which is endowed to you.

Life creates many obstacles whereby we must unravel the keys to further expression of your personality. Be cheered in the fact that these obstacles, the trials, the struggles, are the most beautiful stimulators of your creative mind relating the personality and the spirit in your soul. The struggles are joys not burdens. Keep faith that what identifies you will find its highest manifestation through your increasing responsiveness to the situational influences. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, occasionally, as though you might be picked on for having the trails that you do, perhaps seeing the seeming ease that others around you may face in comparison, but, indeed, you are the one who has been pointed out to react to particular vicissitudes which cover your doorstep. Perhaps in this view you may have satisfaction in recognizing the opportunities for soul growth.

I personally have experienced a measure of expansion in consciousness by witnessing the cohesion that you display with one another. I value immensely your offering to me, as I come from a planet more settled in light. These emerging unities that form out of seeming chaos are particularly enlightening to one of my background, hence my purpose for traveling to Urantia on assignment, deepening my growth in the experience of serving as a guide to you who exist in a state not that far removed my life.

Thank you. Question: Could you tell us who you are?

* Lorenzo: Lorenzo.

* Tomas (Gerdean): I am Tomas. Good evening. My students, my friends, my children, and my companion in our journey it gives me great joy and radiant satisfaction to be here in this form, in this configuration of faithers, kingdom believers. I rejoice that my voice is heard, and that you hear it as we hear each other with ears to hear these truths which will further our mission, these truths which feed our inner ear today and which tomorrow will feed the hungry in the fields.

I call to your imagination, the field of dreams, the dream field, created by an imaginative man wherein we my play ball. Imagine the lights around this field, and see now your working arena as this field, and in the night it is dark, but as it is lit the victory is impressive. I ask you to look at the energy in these lights that have been turned on in the field. The circuits that pulse in the wattage that give light to the field wherein we may play, and I tell you that these circuits are created to give light, to light up the darkness. These circuits that you and I share are meant to be, to light up the field wherein we may play. It causes my heart to rejoice today to see these lights burning, this field illuminated, this lawn party of believers here in rejoicing in the light of the game we play together. Tomorrow we will return to these fields of endeavor, and remember that as you keep the light switch open, as you keep your field lit, you can bring light to the game. You cannot play it in the darkness. It is such a joy to feel the light. It is such a joy too to feel the joy of my transmitter who has longed to be among you, to rejoice in the fertility of this field, to smell the pungent growth of you all, and to warble in the greenery of your hearts. It is wonderful for us all to experience your radiant joy and to know of this pulsing energy, this incredible light that is flowing through you through us and to recognize...(recording lost to tape noise) I look forward to our next meeting, and I look forward brothers and sisters...

* Miriam (Gerdean):...(lost to tape noise)...And yet, I understand that your honor to us and to them on high is based on faith and mine is based on a reality awareness. Just as you can look at each other across the room or next to you and see each other, touch each other, feel each other, this I can do with your teachers because we are one in the spirit. Now I can almost hear Tomas telling me, "Mary lighten up. Fluff up the pillows. I'll handle the heavy stuff." And so, I will smile. I like to smile. I smile always in my T/R. My grin goes from ear to ear. (tape noise returns... faintly audible sign off from teacher.)

* Michael (Nancy K): (Intensely inaudible tape noise covers over message from Michael) Greetings my faithful...I am . .. your benefactor, your source, your brother, father, Michael. I am overwhelmed this evening in the overflowing of your comprehension, expression of spirit unity. I dance with joy. I smile. I laugh. . .. I am delighted beyond adequate expression. You are growing rapidly. I am grateful to you for accepting my call, for hearing my words to follow me. You are following admirably.

You are learning how to express family, how to experience and extend love that verges on the unconditional. You truly please me. As you have been told on occasion through many, the light . .. My light is bursting above the horizon with the new . ..

Today has been a great and significant day for you and for this planet... You are expressing living balance, the balance I wish all my children to know. You have expressed yourselves... You have relaxed and enjoyed and loved. Some of you have engaged in physical activities. You have engaged your intellect. You have been nourished in body, mind, and spirit. You have let your emotions become real, that healing is available...

As your father, as your brother I am so delighted. I pat each of you on the head. I embrace you, squeeze you, toss you into the air, catch you.... (Tape ends)