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Corvallis, Oregon

Foreword To The 1992-1993 LinEl Transcripts

These teachings have been presented in Corvallis, Oregon, from October 22, 1992 to April 28, 1993 by LinEl, an ascendant being, and teacher on the staff of Machiventa Melchizedek. These lessons are presented by the teachers as a supplementation of the revelation of the Urantia book. The primary emphasis of the teaching mission is to encourage individuals to seek a deeper relationship with the Father, to receive his love, and to extend that love to others. We ask that all who read these teachings rely upon the spirit of truth as they individually receive it, and to take what they like and leave the rest.

We offer our thanks to the many individuals along the way who have helped us and offered us support in the process of learning to participate more fully in this mission, which has changed our lives so much for the better in so short a time. We are happy to share what we have received with you. If you wish to contact us, please feel welcome to do so. The love of the Father truly surrounds and upholds us all.

Mark Farley T/R

Thea Hardy T/R

Corvallis, Oregon