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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Lantarnek, Elyon, Michael (Jonathan TR)


Teacher's Intention

Adjust Our Perspective.

The Almighty, and the Indwelling Fragment

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Elyon's Friendship

Michael Speaks

January 11, 2004

Greetings to you, this is Lantarnek. I am happy to be present in good company, to have the honor of interfacing with my beloved human associates. I have been dedicated to encouraging your upstep in spiritual perspective, in spiritual stature, and have been rewarded by your success.

It is unlikely that we teachers have much in the way of new knowledge to impart to you, for it has been accomplished through your current possession of the Papers for Urantia, and the world in which you live today is well enough interconnected to allow you to have access to information from any culture. Your civilizations have developed wherein you now preserve expressions of knowledge by the brothers and sisters who have gone before you. Today you can access these. On the other hand, our primary intention is to adjust your perspective repeatedly in regard to any particular topic that we address, for knowledge is like a tool; it is of no value if it is only possessed and not put to work.

You have discovered that many tools work in quite a few situations, and some tools even apply well to a task that they were not designed to accomplish. So, our goal is to awaken in you insight, to stimulate reflection that you will realize new meanings of that which you already possess. It is the working side of knowledge.

I assure you that you please all the teachers who gather in this group within the mission, for you do endeavor continually to wring, to wrest, new meanings from the truths you have collected over these years. The goal of Light and Life upon Urantia will be realized in future years by the efforts of those who follow after you, not merely because they will have the database of knowledge gathered by all ancestors, but they will also have developed in the cultures to follow on this world the ability to perceive and re- perceive, to understand and to re- understand the knowledge. It is the fresh application that will bring such a wonderful, beautiful condition upon this world. Urantia exists within the finite realm; there is only so much that can be known by the finite mind. Therefore, to enlarge the Supreme we all are set at the task of rearranging, modifying, deepening, and expanding those finite elements.

While we purpose to increase your natural tendency to investigate the new hidden within the old for the aim of Light and Life, we also hold sacred in our trust the knowledge that you are a child of a divine, heavenly Being, and that relationship supersedes in value all other aims and goals throughout the universe. Within you is the presence of God, complete. It is a miracle that the totality of God exists within each one of you discretely and singly. Much as you understand your holographic technology and science, you have all of everything you need.

Like our lessons, your objective in touching the divine is to take different approaches to adjust your angle of perception, or more rightly, reception. While you enjoy the comfort of familiarity in your contact with the divine, you have a vast array of approaches available. As you build a background of experience in contact with God through many approaches, your base of operation as a worker of light upon this world broadens and stabilizes. Then you are of greater benefit to many people; you are less vulnerable to setback from a too narrow base of operation wherein you may topple too easily when confronted by aggression or negativity. You understand the variety, for you practice the variety within yourself. Many human beings discount their value in assuming that God is too busy for them to be noticed or their desires to be of high priority on the to-do list of God. The Almighty Presence that runs the universe is expansive and does uphold all things. God does have a tremendous task of universe operation. While you seek to receive the down-grasp, the settling upon you, of the embrace of God, simultaneously allow in your awareness the uprising of the same divine Presence from the core of your being. While you may feel unworthy as a human, let yourself enjoy the spectacle of the meeting of the great omnipresent God with the deep indwelling inner spirit right on the stage of your own presence. Join in that, recognize the connection. God reaches down toward you and reaches up within you, and everyone of you contains this potential or actualized transaction.

To reach for God is simply the opening of receptivity. You experience yourself sandwiched between these two elements of the outreach of God: the great, the Almighty, and the Indwelling Fragment.

All celestial ministers pledge to assist any soul who seeks the warm embrace of divine presence. All other universe projects can wait when the time is ripe for a personality to awaken to that sacred relationship of child to divine Parent.

This explains much to the impatient soul who wishes for greater progress in the world, for nothing is more important than the understanding of connectivity to God as an individual soul. We will honor that search even if that means that your world were to be disrupted, even if project Urantia fails to find completion -- though I assure you as a melchizedek we will go to all ends to preserve this planet as an expression of universe life at this level of being.

I have finished my remarks. I am in good company today. Thank you.

Evelyn: I hear a lot of similarity between your message today and the last session on walking toward God and walking with God.

* Lantarnek: Yes, the principle involved is the same.

Tom: Last week the comment was made that one can walk toward God and one can walk with God and the addition was that one can walk as God.

* Lantarnek: I recognize that perception as valid, though I understand human nature enough to be sensitive to the feeling by many that associating oneself as God is too great a grasp. Few can absorb that perspective and remain in the balance of humbleness and the associated responsibility of such a condition. Nonetheless, the goals of divine fusion entail this very realization.

I mentioned perceiving yourself sandwiched between the God of all and the divine Inner Spirit. That is the extent to which you can allow yourself to perceive your being as walking as God. This sandwiching perhaps will allow you to adopt the perspective to let you transition from your self evaluation as a material, world-bound human being to a universe child of light and love.

Mark: Perhaps more palatable to the human condition would be the interim stage of walking for God before getting to the point of walking as God.

* Lantarnek: This is a good observation. Walking with God assumes companionship. Walking for God implies representation, that while you may all the while acknowledge divine presence walking with God, walking for God allows the human mind to stand in stead, to represent ambassadorially the divine. A loyal, trustworthy representative increasingly becomes identified with that which he represents. Walking for God eventuates in walking as God.

Tom: Earlier you had a triad: stillness, service, and study. I see walking toward God as study, walking with God as stillness, and walking for God as service.

* Lantarnek: You, my friend, exemplify the very tack we take in teaching to you, your ability to rotate meaning for a new angle of perspective and to there derive greater insight. I applaud you.

* Elyon (Mark): Greetings, this is Elyon. I would poke my head into the classroom, as it were, simply to interject into your thoughts that I am a witness to this group activity, a partner behind the scenes. I am everlastingly pleased with the attitude of the students in this classroom and the respect they show individuals who have agreed to guide them. There is no need to add more bulk to the amount to be digested here today but rather to expand the sense of camaraderie, that even though I do not always seize the opportunity to make my presence known to you, I am always observing your progress and am always pleased to be in attendance at your meetings, wherein I learn a great deal about how you assimilate the lessons, the effectiveness of various approaches, and am always pleased to behold your dedication to this process. We share that in common. From one involved in the process to another, it is helpful from time to time to provide this recognition that we are in fact sailing the ship together. We may rotate whose turn it is to man individual stations, but we are all pulling for the one goal, the forward momentum of spiritual growth both individually and collectively. In this regard I enjoy, indeed, cherish these experiences we have together as I know you do. So, let us all man our stations as we see them at this hour and all work under the guidance and coordination of Michael's divine plan which we are engaged in unfolding and which it is our privilege to be a part of.

Thank you each one, my dear friends, for this journey we share together. I remain in attendance.

* Michael (Jonathan): I extend myself into the range of your hearing. I too feel as Lantarnek that I am in good company today.

This is Michael.

Let us rest together to honor the Father of all, our Father. Rejuvenate yourself with the sense of His penetrating grace. Welcome that love ever before you, always upon you, even rising within. We all have the spotlight of the divine light upon us. It illuminates the way. It opens the eyes. It warms the heart. My children, it is a great presence.

I support you in your efforts to climb the mountain, to reach the peak to behold the view, even to transfigure above and beyond the mountain into the heavenly skies. I take you up with me; I present you to our Father. You are His gift to me. In your growth in our relationship you are my gift to Him. I reside with you in peace.