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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Lantarnek, Jessona



Assurance, Confidence,


October 12, 2003

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Lantarnek. Take a moment to reflect upon the security you feel as one who belongs to a particular country. You may not derive security from the political state of any country, but you know your residence, your surroundings, your belonging. In those countries that are beneficial to the individuals within that governing body, the citizens are content, reasonably so.

The result is that sense of belonging, feeling at home. Reflect a moment upon the many volunteers from Jerusem who came to your world to join the planetary government of Urantia. They became a part of its regime. Their citizenship shifted to this world and was to be for many, many years. Then, as if overnight, the entire structure changed and much confusion resulted. You would not wish that to occur in your country this day or even throughout this week, that while the conditions are not perfect, they are reasonable.

Disenfranchisement is unsettling and begins the search in the individual for belonging and the establishment of order. Those who remained loyal to the original purposes of this planet shifted their citizenship back to their original state and then became ambassadors assigned, as you may say, overseas. Their loyalties shifted to higher bodies, and they began the work of restoring Urantia.

I present this to you for you individually each have also undergone the shift of your citizenship, that while you are a resident of this planet, through the course of your life you have become so to speak a naturalized citizen of your system, and now you become a visitor to Urantia. Your role is unique, for you have a dual status, one who is native to this planet and one naturalized to the system of Satania.

Michael has called you to be his ambassadors, and you have readily accepted the assignment. While he chose his original twelve likewise to be ambassadors and sent them afar to proclaim his gospel, he assigns each of you to remain in your locality to establish your ambassadorial headquarters where you are this very hour at each point in every day.

The shift of your awareness of belonging to Michael and Nebadon's governmental structure is equivalent to the more physical sense of being sent overseas to a foreign country to act as an ambassador. Instead of your displacement, the very foundation, the very country you are in itself, changes while you remain as you are. The relocation of your loyalties from the preservation of life as you know it on this planet to the proclamation of life as Michael distributes it throughout Nebadon alters forever your approach to life, your decisions, the merit of any undertaking and its impact upon your ascension, and your contribution to planetary upliftment.

The designation of ambassador may be far too grand for anyone of you to adopt as your own. It may be hard to muster the assurance that you are capable of such a position. I will dissect that word "assurance" in order to encourage you to further develop an ambassadorial outlook to your life. Assurance is granted to you in relationship through the expression of evaluation by another of your ability. Coupled with this external recognition is your acceptance, your receptivity to the observation.

It will never be complete, not as regards a living, growing creature. You will be only as sure as your experience and wisdom can provide and your counsel is capable of delivering. You will, of necessity, engage in your assignments as an ambassador of Michael only as sure as you are at any point. This is largely a result of the rebellion and default upon your world that you undertake such assignments with limited sense of worth and ability. If this planet had retained its headquarters you would proceed more with confidence, a sense of belonging to the resident government, the planetary spiritual government. In its absence confidence also becomes difficult to possess. Therefore you must proceed with assurance. Michael gives you that assurance. He has anointed you as ambassadors.

Your government has shifted. You are now stationed in a foreign land as a citizen of a distant "country". Your loyalty is to Nebadon. You are in a unique position as an ambassador in this regard, for, as I follow this method of exchanging diplomats between countries that you use on this world, your countries can call home their ambassadors when there are difficulties, conflicts. But you are born and raised in this other land. Your citizenship has shifted. It is more difficult to clearly distinguish the two. So, I observe that many of you falter in the maintaining of the perspective that you are ambassadors of Michael. Your surroundings are so familiar; it is after all your home, this planet.

I am here today to remind you of your true citizenship and of your assignment abroad, even though it is in your home location of Urantia. You are more invested as an ambassador in this manner, for you truly love the location that you are assigned to, for it is the location you are native to. You are thereby more qualified to address the difficulties and to promulgate the ideals and goals that this world has, needs, and deserves. With the wrapping up of quarantine for Urantia, the reestablishment of your planet in the circuits of other worlds, and the jurisdiction of higher administrators, there are beginning to come to your world many qualified administrators, high celestial ambassadors. But this undertaking is gradual, and you are required to be the staff for these greater beings. Those of you who have an understanding of the celestial arrangements of governing bodies from your studies anxiously await the establishment of normalized governing bodies upon your world who are loyal to Michael and are skilled enough to bring Urantia to Light and Life.

But in the interim in reality there is only each one of you. When Jesus ascended his apostles were alone. They did not feel as strong and assured or confident of their purpose for their master. They gained in strength; they built their faith, and then they received his Spirit of Truth. They were then capable of journeying to distant places never to have the same fellowship and camaraderie they had had before and yet carried on the mission of Michael laboriously and gloriously.

You today are in the same situation. You do not have the immediate contactability of such a magnificent personality standing literally in your midst to lean upon. You are on your own physically. However, just as the apostles had the Spirit of Truth poured out upon them, you are accompanied, difficult of discernment that it may be. You are equipped and supported, and I encourage you to go into those distant lands, in this case, those troubled areas you discover in your lives, and bring the gospel, the light, the peace. Not only are you receiving assurance, you are requested to be of assurance.

Many falter in faith because of the lack of tangible celestial guidance. Tangibility falls to you. You are that which makes spirit concrete. It is a large task, but you are not truly going it alone. It is a solemn responsibility, but is not solitary. Continue to prepare yourself, for this world is receiving much more guidance than it has in the past. You who are paying attention to these developments and undertaking this Correcting Time Teaching Mission are beginning to discern these changes. While as yet there are some refinements to be presented to you in your comprehension of what is transpiring, you are discerning, acting, and giving these supernals great hope that all the world will one day respond to this upliftment process. Be assured you are capable.

Acknowledge that you will encounter limitations, and know that the corps of beings, the celestial staff, can compensate for your limitations. They may bring to you another human being that you may in concert compensate for limitations and strengthen one another in this complementary manner. If you begin a project faithfully, devotedly, then discover inabilities, you will receive assistance. That is when that gift arrives. To sit theoretically and imagine an undertaking and only note your limitations, the compensation will not arrive. What will come your way is further encouragement to be about the Father's business, for when you begin grace flows. There is much work ahead. I trust all of you who devote yourselves to Michael, to Mother Spirit, and to this great "land" of Nebadon and all its substructures, systems and constellations.

Until you leave Nebadon, this is your country. Michael has asked you, and I further encourage you, to go forth and proclaim that gospel, to accept your ambassadorial status to bring all into the fold. Do not make the mistake of requiring all to adhere to your comprehension of this universe of Nebadon. When tempted to do so, reflect for one moment on how vast this Nebadon universe is.

It cannot possibly adhere to your singular perspective. But don't let that prevent you from reaching out to the many souls who desire belonging, who have unique contributions to make to the advancement of Nebadon to Light and Life. Take yourself to them and take them to Michael. That is your simple task. Michael will bring them into higher levels of understanding. His administrators are beyond your count. I will retreat from this contact and give over to Jessona to receive your questions to allow her to address you. Thank you.

Tom: Thank you, Lantarnek, I needed to hear that. Assurance and confidence were mentioned. How does conviction play a role in this preparedness for preaching the gospel or doing the Father's will? What is conviction, specific to healing?

* Jessona: Conviction is a result of experience. It is more than the persuasiveness of argument; that is more an attempt to convince. To be convicted is to know through experience. Lantarnek spoke of assurance and confidence, and you bring to the discussion conviction. Assurance is presented to you and received by you. It is a nudge. In confidence you are adopting faithfully, decisively, what talents you have, what guidance is assigned to you. Conviction is a result of earlier experiences of victory, of success. Let us return to the dynamics of Jesus and his apostles.

Continually he assured them that they were capable of the tasks ahead or he would not have chosen them. They grew in confidence as he taught them and went about his earlier exercises of faith training. Each episode in their ministry that they experienced and grew through developed conviction, but these apostles, while truly spending very precious years with the sovereign-soon-to-be of Nebadon, never really received conviction until he left Urantia. Persuasion is not conviction. Therefore, in the realm of healing, you approach assured of the presence of the healing circuits. You are confident that if your will aligns with the will of the Father you will be successful. Conviction may this day elude you, for your experiences have not been numerous enough to reflect back to your mind the success of your prior endeavors to give the gift of healing to another. While you seek it to be better able, in reality it is received subsequent to your ability to transmit these energies to another. In a sense it becomes the reward of your faith potential. Does this help?

Tom: Yes, it does. Thank you.

* Jessona: I also encourage you to review a lesson given to this group a short while back on conviction, for this may help to augment my comments today. [Editors Note: See session dated March 30, 2003. Available at TMArchives.]

Tom: Would you mind coming with me today as a minister to my sick friends?

* Jessona: My friend, I am there already. I address you from that location. It is my duty to be abreast of the situation and to encircuit with these precious individuals, your friends.

Tom: Thank you.

Evelyn: Lantarnek was saying that assurance involves relationship, that someone gives assurance and you have to also receive it. As ambassadors we could follow Lantarnek's model today by assuring others of their ambassadorial effectiveness. We can also begin to accept it when we hear it and build that assurance ourselves. I'm understanding it to be a two way relationship requiring both giving and taking.

* Jessona: Indeed, it does. As you experience the granting of assurance along with the accumulated experience of receiving assurance then you become truly confident. You feel like you belong to a larger family. No longer do you need to be reminded or even assured. You now know. It is in the giving that you are strengthened in the belief that when you receive assurance it is true, for you know that as you have given it has held true to the one who received. It is the same principle that is at play in forgiveness. The ability to trust such contact, whether it is assurance or forgiveness, is strengthened in your ability to likewise extend assurance or forgiveness.

I may attempt to group assurance, confidence, and conviction into a unit. Assurance is a process of give and take. It requires another or others to help you or for you to be helpful. Confidence is a sense of belonging to that brotherhood, that family of assurers. Conviction allows you to stand on your own.

Isolated you may be, but nonetheless faithful and loyal, determined and capable. That is a strong state to attain. It provides you with the ability to pursue through all difficulty, to take no concern when all things appear to fail. Even to feel alone in spiritual support you will not falter. These are not building blocks from one to the other. These are interrelated and interworking. One brings greater development of the other, for is it not true?, have you not witnessed? that one who is convicted has greater impressability of assurance upon you when you are receiving their counsel.

Evelyn: This has been an exciting session to think about being a citizen of Nebadon, an ambassador of Michael.

* Jessona: It is encouraging to me as well, for that is my assignment as master seraphim. And to receive the support of the Melchizedeks is very important in continuing our enthusiasm. We do not wane in our enthusiasm, but we do enjoy a bolstering of that enthusiasm. There is much work upon this planet to be done. A wonderful goal is before us. You have a precious spot in the history of the development towards this goal. I will bring closure to this contact. I too thank you for receiving me today.