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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teacher: Lantarnek

Topic: Involution

September 08, 2002

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): I greet you, this is Lantarnek, happy to be visiting again, happy to be about the work of our Sovereign Son.

You are quite aware of and sensitive to the effects of time, for you have been engaged in this unfoldment of time for awhile and have enough background history to look back upon and perceive the unfoldment that occurs as time transpires. You have now with this history gained a better perspective of what the future entails, for you have the accumulation of wisdom derived by witnessing patterns. These patterns are not perceivable to one who has no time legacy. It is apparent that you grow as a result of perpetuating pattern establishment, not the stagnation of pattern repetition but the kaleidoscopic effect of pattern change. At each point in your progress as an evolving soul it is revealed the matrix of your being, and that entails not only your accumulated experience, but those grace bestowed gifts, talents, and intelligences that are in you, upon you, and with you. All of this evolutionary process entails that necessary time interval.

I witness your sensitivity to your effectiveness in this life for the master. You are sensitive to efficiency appropriateness and fully value the impact of what you do as a minister of light, as a child of the loving Father. You are also motivated to continue to grow, and it is good to perceive that in yourself. I am able to monitor your soul ascension. It is a quality of a melchizedek to do so, for as teachers in the Nebadon schools we must be capable of assessing your degree of ascension, not only as you stand but the rate at which you rise. To perceive students like yourselves who are consciously applying yourselves to spiritual unfoldment is a delight.

Evolution is one of the most miraculous occurrences that we all are witnessing and directly participating in. But my point today is not to further describe this process, for we will continue our development of insight into Supremacy as we further our lessons. Today I wish to speak instead of evolution upon involution.

Evolutionarily you witness one thing rising out of another, be it the adaptation and adjustment of species, be it the development of skill, be it the refinement of invention; everything in life is one thing springing from another, not just in alteration but developmentally. When I use the word involution I am speaking not of that continual springing forward from something prior; I am speaking of that eternal Divine Presence. The "search for God" as a phrase in reality is the quest for the revelation of the Father through you, for there is no place to search. Evolutionarily we each are in the process of revealing God, and that is who you know as the Supreme Being. However, aside from, apart from, time altogether is the divine Presence. You have that very Presence within. I would break some rule here to state that, though we encourage stillness as a prime activity in this Correcting Time mission, it is better to say that rather than seek the stillness it’s better t! o think of it as being in the stillness which is already present at the core of your being.

The arrival of the divine Indwelling Spirit provided you with everything that can be represented in the dimensions of eternity and infinity and absoluteness qualified by the fact that your time/space constraints diminish your ability to see its entirety. Yes, we will step by step evolve the Supreme, but we do not need to step by step discover the Father. It’s instantaneous. It already is from the divine side a meeting. The evolutionary mind struggles with making connection, for that is again time oriented. If you can set aside the feeling of reaching in to the Father and more appropriately just feel the Father, you would be over your first hurdle, and that would the be the removal of the element of time which continually tends to cause a sense of separation. This gives some explanation to your prior teachings that liberalize the amount of time required to practice stillness. When you know deeply you are already in connection with the Divine Presence, stillness simply is.

In the experience of divine contact there is to be discovered and withdrawn all the energy and power and motivation you need to be about the unfoldment of God through time and space. The discovery in your personality of reality-ness, your own discreet being, this is the greatest gift any one of us can make to the Father. It is our passion as creatures to discover the Father. It is the Father’s pleasure to discover the child and to see the replication of all that is God in a discreet, other-than personality.

You are, as I note, keenly aware of your frailties and faults, your quirks and shortcomings, and you know with a true humility how foolish it would appear to state that you could absolutely replicate God. That is not what the Father seeks, for that is not the feat He wishes to perform in this medium of time, for He already is Himself, and He has already replicated Himself in the Eternal Son. What He desires in the divine passion is for your unique, discreet, and aware replication of Godliness defined in your being, not conformed to a standard. It is difficult to present this idea, for it is paradoxical in nature. How do you acquire a divinity status if you do not define the divine nature based on the qualities of God? How do you stand discreetly divine if you do not in some way approximate or attain God? My friends, the secret is in the divine gift that dwells within you. The Father has already seen to it to bestow within you that divine distinction. The Father Fragment is its own entity even though it is God. Each of you has one that is other than the other’s. All the while it is the Father. You will evolve to be a brilliant spirit being, and it is this Divine Fragment that will cement all the variability, all the variety of your experience, into that single revelation of Creator and creature. If you have God involved in your life you will be successful as you spiritually evolve through life.

I have finished my remarks. I am with you. Others are also in attendance.

Tom: We are working with stillness which is a time experience of understanding the Father. It takes a certain amount of time to achieve that state. Could you give an example of how we might achieve that state, like in a sunset, or walking in the woods, or in an act of kindness. Is this what you have in mind?

* Lantarnek: Yes, these are good examples, for they are illustrative of the fact that you can be engaged in any external activity, whether it is kneeling in prayer or jogging beside the road and still experience communion. The discipline is the time factor; the experience of oneness with God is timeless. I am aware of some of your traditions that speak of attainment by ceasing trying, and this is accurate as it addresses technique, for technique can interfere with simply experiencing the embrace. However, you are, honestly speaking, time creatures, and time oriented techniques are beneficial. But as you have noted that sunset, that ministry to another, can bring a connection that you recognize that seems to suddenly appear regardless of the context that stimulated it.

I may illustrate an element of meditation that is helpful. Practicing meditation can be compared to isometric exercise. If you push your two palms together and with both arms forcefully push against each other, there is no movement; there is a lot of effort; energy is expended; not much appears to be accomplished. Do you not feel that way in meditation? Lots of effort, no accomplishment. When you release your hands, you feel relief. At the release you are no stronger than you were when you began, but in repeated attempts strength is acquired. In repeated stillness success is attained. However, you acquire it not in the accumulation of the efforts; you already have that divine connection. It is a matter of recognizing it. When you recognize it, it will be much like when you discover that your exercise has brought you strength. You no longer feel weak. Your power has become your norm. In stillness when you are able to experience the Divine presence anywhere, any when, that will be your norm, that will be your spiritual fitness. Then you can dispense with your exercises to prepare, and you will commence with your practice of demonstration. Your ministry will become more effective. Your growth will hasten.

Michael spoke of being reborn, and this is that rebirth. It was not understood by the one who asked him when he was on your world how to be reentered into the womb and reborn. That which you seek to give birth to is the presence of the Father within you who is reaching oneness with you. The birth is there. You recognize it, for you have undertaken your spiritual journey long enough to have experienced it. But this rebirth is not an event that comes and goes; this rebirth is always. You are reborn continually, not over and over, but in a steady constancy.

Do you wish to investigate this further?

Tom: Stillness is like the isometric exercises, you gain strength. But that’s not the only way to gain strength. You can work in the fields. It’s when you lift a wagon off somebody or stack the hay bales that you realize you have strength. It’s not either/or but something to use in conjunction with stillness.

* Lantarnek: Yes. It is a delight to the mind to discover stillness engagement even when involved in hectic situations, just as you discover with delight your ability to lift the wagon off someone during a crisis.

Tom: Thank you.

Evelyn: You started by talking about patterns changing like a kaleidoscope rather than just repeating. We could remember that in taking on exercises to keep us disciplined to practice stillness. If we vary them it might be less stagnating and help keep us interested.

* Lantarnek: Excellent point, for the practicing element is, as I have stated, a factor of time, and time has connected with it the element of monotony as well as variety. So, by varying your approach you displace that monotonous element, and by varying your approach you soon witness that the goal, the end result, is identical, that is that embrace with the divine.

I am moved to inject here a qualification of that word embrace. It is more like an entwining, and even more like a blending, a co-absorbing. I seek words that remove demarcation between you and the Divine Fragment. But I am speaking to you, not to your Divine Fragment, so words like these help to indicate the experience. But these variable techniques will all lead to the same experience. As you have pointed out, you will discover any activity not only can lead to this experience but actually contains it already.

The standardization of a stillness practice is typically a development by human beings in order to provide a sense of accomplishment through discipline and regularity. But this ought not to eliminate from it creativity, artistry. This is your personal reach to God. It need not follow formula or textbook. You are not prevented from a discipline, for it is noted that many human beings function well with a little bit of discipline. Therefore do be creative and feel free to be inventive, unrestricted by a divine law or code that you must adhere to. The Father has, if I may put it this way, stillness under His belt. You do not need to mimic His ability at absolute oneness. As I said in my lesson, it is your personal, unique, creative expression that He seeks to experience. You will provide the variety; He will provide the same divine being to you at each time, to anyone anywhere.

Ginny: In stillness, should we always seek communion with the Father or can we commune with any other being?

* Lantarnek: I would qualify that slightly in degree of importance, for stillness, communion, is seeking a divine contact, Creator in nature. Yes, you can in like manner through this same discipline of mind and engagement of attention make contact with others, but that I would call communication, not communion. It is socializing rather than stillness. If you were to be visiting with your human friends that is socializing. Though you may visit with beings of celestial nature, it is nonetheless socializing. Not to be frowned upon, I must add, for it is a delight to those of us who do make our contact with you. But as your scriptures of old say, The lord is one God; He is a jealous god. He seeks your attention in communion singly, one pointedly with no distractions.

Ginny: This may be a silly question, but does aging have any effect on our stillness contacts or transmission clarity? It’s a time/space question, but as I age I feel less desiring of stillness. I think of it as discipline, a little work. Transmitting, I feel I’m not as clear as I used to be.

* Lantarnek: Many factors are involved, and aging is a factor both in the functioning of the mind through brain and in the responses due to your glandular network, for as you continue your life on this world, your body changes, and your mind must function differently through this vehicle. Also your soul is evolving, and you have undergone numerous experiences where you have felt contact. Your faith has become so strong that you know the presence of the Father, felt or unfelt.

It is not an error necessarily to not want to seek that contact if you have experienced it, you know its presence, its everlastingness. However, if it is neglected due to negative associations, as you have indicated the aspect of discipline and work, maybe then it is important to address those issues within oneself that are causing the disinterest. During the last days of Jesus’ life he had little time for a pleasant communion with the Father. It was hurried. When he had a moment it was frantic in energy, but he knew that the Father was with him and would not forsake him. That is the level I encourage you all to reach so that you could graduate from practicing stillness. And that may sound like a silly answer!

Ginny: Does frequent stillness practice increase ones ability? I’m sure it does, just like any habit.

* Lantarnek: Indeed, just as isometric exercise repeatedly increases your strength. No one event, no one stillness, makes you fully capable. Each one contributes, yet strength in this illustration is present, and more present, and even more present. With stillness your presence of God is more present, and more present. Eventually you would not need exercise to have this strength. You would already have the sense of the divine and not need to set aside a stillness time, for it would always be. But, as you know, if you cease exercising it is not long and you weaken. That is why we encourage you even though you may be successful in this practice to continue.

Evelyn: The exercise you have chosen as an example is one of pressing your hands together. Dropping to our knees on a regular basis may be another.

* Lantarnek: Thank you for that illustration, for I had not considered that. I had considered the static quality. Yes, the association with hands that pray is indeed appropriate.

Tom: It’s not just putting the hands together as an exercise; you’re encouraging us to use other isometrics.

* Lantarnek: Yes, for the stillness practice. To continue the illustration, if all exercise is for the development of a stronger body, then strength is the overlying goal of any variable approach. Therefore, using this as comparison, your experience of the embrace of God is the overlying factor sought no matter what approach you make. It could be in chorus, in congregation, and it could be in the quiet of your mountaintop retreat.

Ginny: Could you say the same thing about transmitting; the more often you do it the easier it becomes?

* Lantarnek: It is helpful, and I will return to your question on aging, that the transmission process between personality and other personalities is not in itself hindered by aging. The same factors that effect mind in brain with stillness also contribute to the expression of the contact. Transmission repetition increases faith as well as clarity. However, I would add that it is good that you all have not taken this process to be extremely sacred, oracles from God, because it is inherently flawed, not that it is error, but as all human life has its accuracies and inaccuracies. Transmitting must be included among them. At the same time I encourage you not to grow complacent with it. So, if you were to take a hiatus from transmitting you may break habits that interfere with clarity. But you may also break your faith bond which encourages contact. It is a faith building process, but I caution all of you not to rely upon it solely. Just as you would not seek all you! truth from one book, do not seek all your truth from transmission contacts. When I say this I do not mean that you should not read and I do not mean that you should not seek contact.

Ginny: Thank you.

* Lantarnek: You are welcome, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to respond to your inquires. They were delightful questions to entertain.

Elyon gives his greetings. I will close our session and give you your day.