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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teacher: Lantarnek

Topics: Completion (Growth and the Absolutes)

August 4, 2002

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings, I am Lantarnek. I present myself to you today to provide counsel, to be encouraging, to shed light upon your souls, to support you and acknowledge your efforts at comprehension in the manifold perspectives of reality and even more so your good endeavors at adopting realization into living and adapting your current level of attainment to your ever expanding and enlarging comprehension.

I am going to address the topic of completion. It is a driving force for all ascending beings, the reach for perfection of personality, the striving of mind to comprehend totality and even the more simple efforts of finishing your daily tasks.

At the highest levels of universe reality there is only God as absolute, fully contained, totally complete. You who have read the Urantia text know of the complete and perfect universes of Havona. This external revelation of deity demonstrated perfection and completion instantaneously and revealed and enlarged totality. Now, if I may use that term, it is witnessed God absolutely, God and universe wholly integrated and one. You and I are likewise complete, wholly contained with all that God has bestowed upon us.

This age in which we grow reveals not so much lack transforming into possession; we appear to acquire knowledge, to develop understanding, to increase in love. However, all these elements -- and more of which I will not consume the time to enumerate -- are currently present. This is the nature of the Supreme.

You are exposed to the mechanism of Supreme development in the form of the transfer of potentials to actuals. Both potential and actual dimensions of Supremacy are real and present now. Your fullness in spiritual development is a current reality. All that is transpiring currently is the sliding of the scale from what is in potential to what is actual. You are this day complete even while you are engaged in the great universe adventure of seeking completion. It is merely the turning of the page, the changing of your view, the injection of an element of experience. Experience is the transformation through time of potential into actual. If potential of all possibility for higher states were not already present you would not attain them.

I spoke earlier that God in fullness revealed a fuller dimension of God as God and universe in fullness instantaneously. Now we experience God and universe in instantaneous fullness along with universe in a slow progressing unfoldment also in fullness. This is completion compounded by completion. Therefore, in comprehending this infrastructure, you are the better able to exercise trust, to have strong and well founded hope, to believe in the inevitable outworking of good, to be encouraged in your own worth, to rest in the arms of God, to know that you will not miss a vital step in your progress.

Once upon a time you lived as a child, and then a turning took place and you were transformed into an adult. As you have spent your life year after year you perceived that interval of childhood development to be but the initial phase of a long career. The greater your understanding of your entire being, the more significant it becomes to you this initial phase of childhood. However, you understand that there is much to be gained in the longer phase of adulthood.

One day, we melchizedeks teach, you will look back upon this age of universe unfoldment and see it as that time of childhood for all of everyone currently engaged in Supremacy development. Every child born is a complete adult. Every seed contains the flower. It is present; it is complete. Time and growth are what ensue revealing what is present.

This view may be applied to your efforts in extending the love of healing to others, of extending the compassion of forgiveness to those who behave as you would perceive to be through ignorance, for within each one is perfection, completion. This explains how one can turn instantly from sinner to saint. This is how you exchange your mind for the mind that is in Christ. I have said enough, and I will open the floor to your feedback and questions.

Jada: You said in this present universe age we are all children. You along with us are in this childhood state.

* Lantarnek: Yes, indeed. We are told that following this interval of time we will discover the adulthood of universe manifestation, and it will extend for great ages, longer than this interval of Supremacy, and we will look back upon our current era as childhood, significant in its contribution to our well-being in ages to come, yet much more will be experiencible in the adult phase that was not able to be undertaken in youth. I might stretch the description to the brink of error by saying that deity and the perfect central universe are like the two elements of human conception that combine to bring birth, and then the age we are in is the growing up of the child. The age to follow is the maturation of the adult. The final result will be the enlightenment of all as God.

Jada: Thank you for that grand perspective.

* Lantarnek: You are welcome. I must be humble and say that it is my limited view, as we all have much to discover.

Tom: You mentioned the mind that is in Christ can also be in you and that the seed contains the flower. Is there an interim phase that you can comment on?

How do we get from A to B?

Or is that just a statement of fact that we will experientially understand as we go from here to God?

* Lantarnek: I would offer additional comment by taking up first the seed that contains the flower and noting that a seed becomes a flower only by the addition of light and moisture and nourishment. These elements are given to you in the form of spirit bestowals, indwellings, guardian assignments, and in the form of revelation, the grace of spiritual comprehension. However, these additional elements, though given to you, simply initiate and support that which you already have.

Michael when upon this world was born an infant and discovered that he was a Creator Son of a local universe. He received the light, the nourishment of divine support, and discovered that which he already was, and this is the foundation of his faith. When you make your mind that which was the mind of Christ you are acknowledging that you contain already everything that you will be and will in time become it just as Jesus did when he reached complete mortal attainment and qualified for fusion. To exchange your mind for the mind of Christ is not to discard the mind you have but to unleash it to be the mind that Christ likewise used to realize fullness of his being, his nature, his origin, his destiny.

Today you seek to accumulate understanding, to experience truth. There will arrive a time when the seeking will lose its importance, when you will rather enjoy absorbing truth, reveling in understanding. It will be in your hands, not out of reach. Today you are like the seed that is sending out shoots, developing many leaves reaching for the sky soon to discover that within your makeup is a grand bouquet. It is not evident as you look upon yourself through a snapshot of time. But over the duration of time you will see that which you have already.

Tom: It's been mentioned that in the process of taking on an idea as your own is to be found the technique in which the mind that was in Christ can be in you. Is this the absorption you are talking about where you don't have to seek it, you just have to accept it?

* Lantarnek: Yes, it is. Ultimately no idea of anyone's is anyone's idea but that it existed before the commencement of time in God. The presence of an idea anywhere in the universe is due to this adoptive mechanism. This ability of mind to adopt ideas so readily, to take something that appeared to be other and to make it a possession, to make it oneself, illustrates the simplicity of the spiritual awakening to your divine nature and to all the divine support and to the inevitable attainment of your divine perfection.

I will take a moment to draw in the picture of your holiday celebration of Christmas and ask you to see your Christmas tree with its bounty of gifts beneath. At the beginning of your celebration all gifts are present. Throughout your event they unfold one by one. At the close of your celebration you feel that you have received as well as given all your gifts. But they were there initially just as they were there in the end. It was only a matter of unfoldment. You have already what you seek, but the interval of unfoldment remains to be experienced. Michael understood this fully in the course of his bestowals, and it is that same simple understanding that you this day can have and do have.

Jada: You say all potentials are present like the flower is in the seed. Is time always necessary in the unfolding. Are there miracles? Can we take on the mind of Christ temporarily without the full unfoldment of time?

* Lantarnek: It is the will of the Father that reality unfolds through time in this age, but the Father has not withheld any element that would contribute to the completeness of what this age represents. Therefore it is present now only redefined as potential, stalled as actual just as your Christmas present is wrapped and ribboned, present but not unfolded. You can know spiritually your attainment, but it is the will of the Father that they be unwrapped piece by piece, for it is the divine pleasure to experience this development. Because of the requirement of time oriented development, Father has given you of Himself. This Fragment is timeless, absolute in its own right, and you do have the ability to momentarily experience the shortening of time, the collapsing of ascension in the embrace of communion. Experiencing this gives you the stability to undertake the journey of the time requirement only now without the uncertainty that substance will be found in your search, for you know that bridging of time in the divine embrace that it is there only to be unfolded in the drama of Supremacy.

Tom: Is healing an example of bridging time by seeing the end from the beginning?

* Lantarnek: Yes. This is very important in the subject of healing and in the effectiveness of healing. By approaching an event of healing knowing full well of the results that healing brings, you are inoculating a cycle of time into a pattern that will lead to the outward manifestation of your inner knowledge. By knowing the fullness of grace, the bestowal of all that is needed and of support to any individual, that it is all present now, the functional transition to that state is aided as you firmly assert its presence even if it is not perceivable. I must add that it is of importance to know that even the result of healing is part of a broader context of well-being for any individual. This explains the apparent mixed results of healing requested and attained and healing requested and apparently not received. For what transpires in every individual is part of a large context of necessary experiences for soul development. I hope I have contributed.

Tom: The faith of the healer is the inoculation that is given to the patient who closes the loop by connecting with Father. Does that make sense?

* Lantarnek: Very well said, my friend. Just as Jesus could stand and say, "I and my Father are one" and create in all of his followers the longing to be one with the Father, so does the healer initiate the reception of the grace of healing in the one to be healed. Well said. You become the manifestation of the actuality of that which is hoped for in potential. I have enjoyed your inquisitiveness today. I appreciate your attention to my address. We have a great adventure before us. The Father has given all that we need. May we always rest in the assurance of his providence and be enthusiastic as we unfold for God discoveries as creatures and children in this universe. I will take my leave, farewell.