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North Idaho Teaching Mission

Group Topics:


I and Michael in Your Presence

Teachers: Lantarnek, Mother Spirit

November 25, 2001

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings, I am Lantarnek, your Melchizedek instructor. I acknowledge your presence. I take delight in our gathering to ascertain truth, to incorporate what one another has gained into one's own thought system so as to expand insight.

Today I am going to speak about growth from two angles, a positive and a negative aspect. Fortunately, growth ensues from either impetus, or impulse. For instance when one can accept the present attainment status of one's being, then one is able to look forward and begin to aspire toward a higher level of personality attainment, and what results is advancement. It is hard to aspire for a greater level if one is incapable of accepting the current status and standing, for without the acceptance one must still wrestle with the present conditions to bring about this acceptance. Acceptance leads to aspiration which results in advancement. Every rung on a ladder where you place your foot is an acceptance of your level, and every move of your foot to the next rung is the aspiration that brings you further up the ladder. So, in order to progress it is helpful to reach toward a contentment, an acceptance, of where you are.

Now, from a negative push perspective, it is good to become discontent, for it displaces complacency, it instills drive. Discontentment creates the hunger for something else and leads to discovery. Through discovery one is able to develop the solutions, to develop the techniques whereby growth follows once again.

Of course both mechanisms work hand in hand, for it is likely that you will arrive at a level of attainment, accept it, enjoy the fruits of your efforts, grow discontent, discover new vistas for soul growth, aspire to reach those higher states, develop new character traits, new habits, which result in the advancement of your soul.

Many mechanisms exist in your life environment which stimulate growth. Growth is, in a sense, ever present. Always will you have the opportunity to grow; it all hinges upon your creativity, inquisitiveness, your willingness to apply any leverage available in the events of your life that will uplift you.

Before I take my leave I would entertain any questions you may have.

Evelyn: Those are opposites: starting with acceptance in order to grow or starting with discontentment. I don't have a question; I understand how both of those patterns work. I guess it shows growth is inevitable.

* Lantarnek: Perhaps I may clarify by using the ladder imagery again. If we select a particular rung as the level you are at, acceptance is the acknowledgment that you have placed your foot on that rung, that you have arrived. One must acknowledge that arrival in order to move to the next. Discontentment is after the arrival, the urge to move to the next rung. Acceptance draws you to the awareness of your standing; discontentment leads you beyond your level to the next. If one were to be continually content, one may stagnate. If one were to never accept, one would continually strive to attain what is already attained.

Evelyn: Are there any instances in our lives that you can point to? Why are you bringing that up? What am I or we doing that is an example of not growing because we aren't accepting?

*Lantarnek: It is easy, as I have observed, for the human mind to become confused and respond inefficiently to a feeling such as discontentment. I have created two columns, a positive and a negative mechanisms for growth, that the discontentment pushes one forward to growth and that acceptance helps to draw one further into growth. Each has its opposite. Discontentment is positive for it causes discovery. Yet often the reaction is, from discontentment, that there is something wrong that needs to be fixed on the level you are at to make it feel acceptable again, when in reality it is a signal for growth rather than fixing your current level.

Acceptance, positive as it is, can be negative if it causes complacency. So, my intention is that when you encounter these states -- and there are others besides these two we are discussing -- to look for the opposite sides, the other reaction, the other effort you may make, always holding growth as your prime motivation to alert yourself as to the best means whereby you may effect growth that the feelings of either, as we are discussing here, acceptance or discontentment, are minor; they are subsets of the true goal, that being growth and to not grow confused by losing that perspective.

Evelyn: Thank you for spelling it out so clearly.

Kirk: In other words, if I am striving for contentment, I will never really be content.

* Lantarnek: And when you are content you will have become so skilled in your striving you will be uneasy at the settledness.

* Mother Spirit: I am Mother Spirit. I have no lesson to give but merely to enjoy the unfoldment of our beings, to feel our love, to exchange joy, to recharge our beings; for you are my love warriors. You are the filaments that weave the beauty and goodness of what Nebadon is becoming.

At times your paths may seem tiring and you grow weary. I acknowledge the strength of your faith, and I know the longings of your souls. Ever and always am I and Michael in your presence. I know that you believe this; I know you place your faith firmly in our care. But I likewise realize that as you are beginning your eternal ascension in this very time constrained environment that you do not always sense it. We will continually remind you of our love for you and our ministry.

When you need refreshment you have been encouraged to seek that moment ofstillness, to be in-filled, to be touched by divine energy that we can give. This is a restful experience, as restful as your eyes closed when you are tired. You know that you blink many times throughout the day. Take an instant of time to realize our embrace of you in that blink of an eye, that ever small stillness. We are not constrained by time or defined by time. You can blink once and acknowledge our presence. You can sit with your eyes closed for twenty minutes. It does not matter. We are here with you always.

My children, I love you.

Kirk: Thank you, Nebadonia, for coming to us today. I love to hear from you.

* Mother Spirit: And your voice is sweet to my ears.

* Elyon: This is Elyon, greetings. After our wonderful address by Nebadonia I can only say that this classroom has fulfilled its course for today. All that's left is to put the chairs back in their order, mop the floor, and turn off the lights. Let us recess. Take care.