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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group

Teacher: Lantarnek



God Hears You

December 27,1998

*Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings, dear friends. It truly is remarkable to all of us how you express with joy your struggles, your difficulties, and your endeavors to overcome them. It is heartening to us all to witness this for difficulties and struggles in your life can be exhausting. To see you laugh, to see you so upbeat as you exchange your experiences gives us cause to believe that all of humanity will one day find this same joy and peace you experience even yet while you are incomplete and imperfect.

My message to you today is on exchange; perhaps it is fitting following Christmas.

You are familiar with the phrase that you can, if you are discontent with your own mind, trade it in for the mind of Christ. We have repeatedly encouraged you to function as apostles, ambassadors of the spirit kingdom on this world, and you have each accepted the position and are willfully undergoing the training needed to become able. To be effective in ministry one must develop the ability to receive as well as to give truth. The receptive ear, the open heart, has a reciprocal effect upon the other individual expressing himself to you. It opens their door. Genuine interest can transform another individual. It can appear quite difficult to conceive of the implications and meaning of the phrase "exchanging your mind for the mind of Christ". But a simple and practical application is to receive from others as if you were receiving from Michael himself and to likewise receive from others as Michael would receive from them. In this manner you increase the value of your fellow, for we all do take great note of what Michael says to us, and we all believe that every individual has the right to be in the presence and fellowship of Michael. By placing this value upon a friend you can likewise do so for yourself when in prayer and worship with the Father. If you are capable of listening sincerely to another, how could it be not so with the divine Parent? Even when you see the glaring flaws of yourself, why would not the Father hear you sympathetically and compassionately when you are capable of doing so for another?

These morning gatherings are great laboratories for you to practice this exchange with your closest loved friends, and we do witness that you each are developing this skill. It is naturally spilling over into your other relationships. We witness the rise of those who can live the gospel.Michael will someday return to this world for all to witness, humans as well as the celestials, but his method for doing so is to first return within you and to be expressed as you. Then he will return to greet himself, in a manner of speaking. This is the fellowship he seeks with all.

You are once again approaching the close of another calendar cycle. It is fitting to reflect upon your goals and ideals as well as to recognize and work towards eradicating those factors of yourself you wish to discard that are acting as unnecessary weight on your flight to Paradise. These culturally based events are effective in rejuvenating the inner work, though we would encourage you to consider every day as the New Year day. To take on a fresh perspective means to slough off the worn-out view. It is difficult to become enthused over reaching to a higher level when you are disturbed by the continued presence of that which you wish to discard. But an event such as the turn of the year, and as I have said, each day can be this way, you are better enthused to do that very thing, accept the new and let go the old. Disappointment and depression follow from not making this clear distinction, this cut and dried change. The guilt of remembering that which hangs on is truly an illusion if you have chosen to step forward. When Michael on your world realized his mission of ministry to his own people was being rejected, he altered his course and reached broader and more widely to those who would receive. He while doing this never lost the love and compassion he had for those of his own kind, the ancestral race that he was born into. Yet it did not pull him down; he reached for new avenues for ministry while yet attempting every time to help his own kind. I bring this up to illustrate that, while you do reach for your higher goals, you must not simply ignore your faults, for they do require a degree of diligence and energy to overcome, but the focus is to be upon the broader and greater horizon. If your faults reject your efforts, be not so concerned with them, but seek the higher ground. Find the better avenues. Let your faults starve if they won't receive your ministry. It is in a sense the choice of your animal nature to rebel, but it is not the obligation of your higher self to cater to this rebellion. By doing so you are exchanging yourself, your mind, your awareness for that of Michael. When you give up all that you are you receive all that he is. This process is not the negative process of erasing your worth, but rather the positive of you becoming the worth of even a divine Creator Son.

I am Lantarnek. I have great hope for you all, for I have witnessed the work you have undertaken. Though we continually complement you for your efforts, though we act as your cheerleaders as well as your coaches, and though oftentimes you wonder why we give you such encouragement repeatedly, it is because it is rare on a confused planet such as Urantia. Given another world you would be simply ordinary people. And so when you do receive our complements and it does make you squirm, realize you are simply ordinary people in the normal workings of he universe. But just as a single drop of water in the dry sands of a vast desert is simply a single drop of water, it becomes quite special when all around the conditions are extremely dry. We do see, in a sense, the storm clouds of a great rain storm coming upon you and this world is being refreshed. The teachers and ministers of many orders of beings are like the sheets of rain that are falling upon this world, and you are all the new grass sprouting and growing and giving life and vitality. The rebellion has ended. the cultivation has begun. The harvest of light and life will soon follow. We welcome the day; you welcome the day. Let us together, in arms, hand in hand, marching in step, take this good news to the rest of the world.

Though my encouragement to you may seem monumental, the world is simply for you the arena of your daily life. Every individual has great influence in that small arena. For you it is your neighborhood, your schedule of daily events. For others it does mean an entire planet, and for still others it means systems and constellations of systems. Now that would be a big task. But we are all assigned to the task at which we are capable of effecting change. As you take Michael's message into the world, you can assure yourself that that one individual you meet in one day, that you minister to, is as significant as the entire world itself.

It is my pleasure to speak with you and I am always available for your questions.

Evelyn: We don't seem to have any questions, but you have hit on our discussion about working on our own shortcomings and how they seem so stubborn. I appreciate what you said about receiving from others as Michael would receive, that if we listen to others we appreciate that God listens to us and takes us seriously.

* Lantarnek: Great benefit can be derived for oneself in this manner for you do realize how strongly compassionate you can become when hearing the plight of another as they share their struggles. This ability to do so with another can be applied to yourself in that your own struggles, when they can come crying to you, can receive your sympathetic ear. As I have indicated, you then are able to trust that Michael likewise cares and listens when you strive and fail.

I will take my leave this day. I thank you for receiving me.