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Bakersfield California

Teacher:  Langford

Words Of  Encouragement

September 30, 1998

TR: Jack

Langford: Hello, everyone, this is Langford speaking. It is good to be back in our little group getting to talk of those things that we all seek in the doings of our master and his wishes that he wants to be brought forward encompassing those events that lie in the future for everyone.

You and this group have started on a long journey of accomplishing what we, your celestial friends and teachers, are proud to take part in in the gathering of other individual mortals to guide and direct them in the way that they, too, can be of the brotherhood and sisterhood that lies available for everyone.

This thought that I speak of is a universal thought of all the teachers of all the groups that are of this mission of our savior Christ Michael. He has brought about this ability of us, your celestial friends and teachers, to converse with you students and give them encouragement in the way that they believe when it comes to enlightening ourselves in the truths that are brought forth.

I will not say much more because an individual is here beside me waiting to speak to you and the group. So, I will let this individual speak the words that he has for everyone. Without further ado I request this individual to speak to you and all the rest.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Hello, wonderful students, this is your prince speaking. I, too, am proud to be associated with all of the groups that take part in this mission of Christ Michael in fostering the truths that we can bring to each and every one.

Like has been said so many times that your desires and wants are those wants that we, your celestial friends, wish for those that are able to humble themselves in the workings of the uplifting of each individual's heart and soul. We, your teachers, have taken on, as a whole, a tremendous job in bringing about these wants of our savior regarding all affairs that may exist on this world that you and all the other groups live in this very moment.

I have been to other groups and yet, when it comes to speaking the words of encouragement and speaking the truths that we speak, it is a major role because of the different attitudes of various individuals seeking the truth to enhance their way of life and be as servants to those Individuals that we all are in accord with in the believing of the words They speak.

I, as your prince, am here tonight trying to encourage you to foster your way of life with the truths that you know that are a part of your being as a mortal. My attempts in bringing the lessons and talks to the teachers involved is the best way that I am able to communicate with each one that is taking part in this mission. I say "taking part" in my endeavors to guide and direct and give you the love that you demand and wish for so deeply: that of our savior and his Father. We, as we are, are no more than messengers as you are when it comes to speaking and knowing the truths that you have searched for so desperately in the past. Now you are beginning to absorb all the teachings that we have presented themselves to each one that is a pupil of this mission.

Your longings we understand to the fullest. We, as we are, are proud to take part in guiding and directing and giving you the love and understanding that we, your celestial friends, are able to give each one. This love that I speak of is really more than you can realize of the abundance of this love we have where you that are taking part and becoming a part of this mission as you are. Your longings are still as great as they were in the past and, if I may say so, they are a little bit stronger because of your devotion and love to serve those that we serve in our beings to be able to bring forth those doings They wish for all.

Your longings and desires in trying to learn all you can falls to us, the teachers and all the other celestials that are a part of this adventure that we all are undertaking. We know of your desires, and we are trying desperately to enhance those desires, because the more that you search and look for the enrichment of your lives, this gives us, your friends, the advantage of knowing what each and every individual really feels and where each one stands in their belief and understanding of the words of the teachers and all the rest that are involved in this mission.

I as your prince have many places to go and be, but there is always time to stop by and say "hi" to this group and all the other groups that are taking part. Each one of you has your own road of destiny that you must trod. Think of what is in store for each one of you when this road that you trod begins to end, and you cast away the mortal body that you carry and you become part of our world in the respects of what our savior has granted for everyone. Those joys and understandings that each one of you will receive is knowing that maybe in your mortal life you helped a little bit in bringing about those wants of our savior.

I am here also to tell you that he stands ready to help and guide and direct each one of you in this darkened world that you walk. But even at that, I must say to all of you that the light that you are casting now is a light of truth and knowledge which has a far-reaching effect on other mortals that are of this planet. We are determined to bring about this love of our savior to each mortal so when the time is right we can all stand up and be a part of this Light and Life that everyone is trying so desperately to bring about.

Yes, I have given words to other individuals to help and guide and direct those that are seekers of truth in bringing about the wants of our savior Christ Michael. It is our duty to be ever available, not only to you as a student, but also to that Person we all love and cherish. I am a server, the same as you are. The only difference is the worlds we live in. Our goals are the same in trying to bring forth all of those things that each and every mortal that has the faith to stand up for our savior and his Father can bring to mortals that do exist this very day. Yes, we know that there are some that are not of the frame of mind that individual mortals are trying with all their might to be what our savior wishes for them to be, but yet the door remains open for those who dare to enter, and they will be welcomed in the events that will take place.

So, even those that disbelieve the truth of them being able to be as the rest of us are, can change the way they believe to the reality of what we really are and how we feel and believe. There is no individual mortal that can't be, in time, made to reconsider the life that they have lived in the past. Again, this is where each one of you plays a gigantic role in directing and being that individual that casts the light that others can see and follow to you for the explanations that they seek and also to explain your own personal feelings of what it has meant to you to be as you are.

The longings are still there, even regards to what might happen in the future. Your course of events is well set, and each one of you must do this by yourself. We, your teachers, can only guide and direct and give your words of encouragement to foster the beliefs you have, but this is all that we can do as we are, love and hold you to our breast and let the feelings that we have transfer from us to you so each one will truly know what it is to be loved and cherished when it comes to those Two Individuals that we all seek to be a part of.

So, I have talked my little bit tonight to this little group, and I am proud to say that in the past you have overcome many obstacles, but it has taken desire and devotion and love to accomplish what this group has accomplished in the past. Now and in the future your joys are beginning to surmount those obstacles that were in your paths so long ago. Your hearts are beginning to swell with the knowledge of truth and understanding. With this truth and understanding comes a world of satisfaction as your minds progress from day to day. You all are of this world, and you as our mortals and friends have a big role in playing the part as we, your teachers have played to you. You bring about the truths and understanding to those mortals that come seeking the light that each one of you cast this very day. But do not be in a hurry for those who seek you out, because there is much that we must do to enable an individual mortal to come forward and seek the truths as you and the rest have sought in the past.

With this, my dear students, with God's love and Godspeed, may His spirit always be with you, and those things you cherish most will come to be a reality to each one. I will close in saying, like your teacher says, tomorrow is a new day, so live that new day the best you can. With this I will close. This is your prince.

Langford: Well, Jack, you and the group have heard the words of our prince who has been given the authority to be as he is by that Individual that stands above all. What more can I add than what has been brought forth in your understanding of truth and our encouragement for you to foster truth of each and every one. With this I will cast my lots with those that are above us and being a part of this world that our savior wishes for it to be. Maybe sometime in the future we will have another visitor come and speak a few words to the group and to us, your teachers. With this I will say farewell for now. This is Langford.