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N. Idaho Group

Teacher: Lanaforge

Topic: Planetary Growth

Nov. 18, 2001

Excerpt from Transcript

* Lanaforge (TR, Jonathan): I am motivated this day to make contact with you in order that I may assist in providing clarity to events that can bring confusion to the minds of my young populace. I am Lanaforge.

You have experienced some unsettling, tragic events on a scale large enough that your whole planet takes note. It is a delight to me to note how far this world has come such that all around the world you can know of an event soon enough to be directly part of it. The reason why this is a delight is that there are many beings assigned to this world whose exclusive directive is to promote the attainment of Light and Life. When an entire world deals with lessons that bring planetary growth, planetary growth follows. If large populations are oblivious to those needed steps in attainment, the planet lingers at its current level and does not advance. Naturally there are tragedies inherent in living in the biologic form you are encased in at this time.

Now, there are three orientations by various administrators and ministers to your world. There are those of whom I have just spoken. The focus is the advancing stages that bring Light and Life. That is the primary focus, and all decisions and courses of actions are towards that aim. Others, as is Corona, are here with the exclusive perspective of elevating your souls and pointing you Godward, of being instrumental in your ascension career in helping you to rise to the Paradise abode and to do all that is necessary to safeguard and to promote your spiritual welfare and advancement.

There are many times when the purposes of these two groups do not seem to work in harmony. Many lives were lost in your country that thwarted the plans of those who seek the spiritual advancement, but that may play towards advancing the progress of this world as you deal with the conflicts existing among countries and cultures. I do not mean to say that events such as you experienced caused the advancement of one group's goals and the delay or disruption of another, for this is not the case. It must be considered based on individuals and their current standing.

Then, that third group, . .. like myself. I have two purposes. . ..[to bring the inhabited worlds of this] system to Light and Life and to see to it that every being born on each one of those worlds has a good chance of choosing the course of ascension to our Father on Paradise. I and many who work with me must juggle between the events of a world and the unfolding of the individual souls. This is extremely difficult. I assure you of all the support that I and my administration can offer. I ask you to bear with the uncertainty, the unanswered questions of why events take place which seem to hurt in some ways and yet can prove beneficial in others. There are two great plans, and there are three approaches to these plans: the plan of Light and Life and the plan of ascension to Paradise, then those like myself who must work with both intertwined.

I give you my admiration and my support. I take my leave.