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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Teachers: Jessona

Topics: Yielding

July 13, 2003

* Jessona (Jonathan TR): I am with you today, this is Jessona. It is delightful to be among mortal inhabitants of this planet who are sensitive to truth, who seek to increase sensitivity, and more so to become increasingly alert to opportunities to act on truth, both as it applies to developing your own living ability and as it applies to conveying to others the impact truth has upon you.

My order of beings is assigned to this world with the intent of interfacing with sensitive mortals and enlisting them into the active corps that may foster advancement in many arenas that engage human beings. Each division, while focused principally upon specific tasks that are defined by the culture and civilization of human beings at this time, are all the while ever guided by an over-controlling ideology which is to infuse a closer approximation of morontia reality into your advancement. The human race is naturally endowed by the Life Carriers with great abilities, and these abilities manifest in the flourishing of your arts and in the intricacies of your scientific developments and the sophistication of your philosophic concepts. Unaided by spirit impingement you would easily advance and evolve in many avenues of human endeavor. The aim of the master seraphim is to infuse within each area of human activity an interconnecting cohesiveness, a spiritual overview, that reflects back into a given category, enriching it with an association to other human developments such that your science will eventually integrate with your arts, that your religious viewpoints will accommodate scientific discovery, that your varied philosophies will appreciate the divine source of all thought.

In order to be one engaged in the activities fostered by my corps of beings a human soul expresses a quality that I will term "yielding", a surrender. In your culture this is more difficult to appreciate than in other cultures, for your society is made up, motivated, by the goals of advancement, accumulation. To surrender, to yield, is to lose opportunity. I have however expressed to you our viewpoint of causing an inter-connectivity within your various human engagements. Pursuit in any field of human activity divorced from sensitivity to other arenas becomes like a planet that has lost orbit from the sun and soon loses relationship to all other spheres within that system. Surrender, yielding, is not the giving up of possession; it is the drawing into association with a higher cosmic perspective, a breaking of the barrier between your pursuit and other possible pursuits many of which are undertaken by your fellows. It is more correctly a give and take than a giving up. Therefore those who exhibit these qualities are enlisted with us, for you have developed an ear to the overview; you have begun developing the ability to not simply increase your specialized skill, but to integrate it with indirect applications.

Those of you who have read the presentation of the Urantia Papers understand the categories through which the master seraphim function, and you would note by what I have said that where one may be engaged in the progress of industry, homogenizing it with another category such as home life or religion is the yielding I speak of. As I have said, it is not a giving up; it is more a gathering in, a willingness to accept, to cross over, an interconnection, a dropping of a barrier. One who has yielded their life to living the Father's will, who has surrendered to the divine purpose of that personality and soul, gives up nothing and in the end acquires everything. Time-space creatures continually wrestle with the sense of belonging and detachment, with having and losing. So, it is natural for you to react when you are struggling with a sense that you have disconnected from God, that you are not feeling spirit. Remedies have been developed and even institutionalized in an attempt to regain a sensitivity. Temples of worship are an example of such a case, a place you may enter into with the hope of again feeling the presence of spirit, the touch of God. As you have developed your theological understanding you have come to appreciate omnipresence, and you have come to appreciate and acknowledge specific indwelling presence, God within you as well as God everywhere. In reflection you have realized there is never a disconnect, that what you experience as separation is a human condition of feeling and thought. If there is anything to give up it is the attachment to this disconnected feeling or thinking, whatever fears that drive it, whatever gratification may fuel it.

Today on Urantia we witness a beautiful drive in human beings to purpose and to refine, to develop, and to preserve; all good qualities, all of which simply need a cohesive, all- encompassing purpose upon it. Much of your factional struggles would be transformed into productive dialogue and developments when-- as it will arrive on this world one day -- you learn as a race of people to harmonize viewpoints, to perceive all orientations under a pyramidal overview. A culture that admires being driven, active, advancing, functions more fully when, in addition, this notion of yielding is applied. In a crowded location should all people forcefully shoulder their ways through one another far more energy is expended in the conflict of moving around. But when you coordinate, when you surrender and yield space to another, soon an interconnected harmony develops and you begin to reach your location while others do so as well, aiding one another as you proceed.

Surrender ought not in any way to imply passivity or the removal within yourself of the drive of purpose. For example, as you encounter another in a doorway, stepping aside and holding the door that another may pass advances your purpose of passing in the other direction. You yielded and gained. When we discern the wholehearted desire to do the will of the Father within a budding soul, we immediately engage that personality in the activities of the master seraphim. Each one of you has noticed events in your lives orchestrated such that the truth or beauty or goodness that is revealed by God in this level of time and space may be grasped by another or grasped by yourself. Jesus said to take no thought for tomorrow, for it takes care of itself. This is a yielding. He did not say this as one blind to the realities of human life. He knew his apostles needed a meal that day. He knew they needed a location to camp. But he knew and he attempted to convey that you are part of a coordinated body of spiritual beings who are working together, whether you see them, hear them, or not. To be unconcerned for tomorrow is to have faith in the family of God, the orders of many beings all willingly working for the advancement of Light and Life throughout the grand universe. Understanding this simplifies your concern and sensitizes you to responding when your spiritual associates have orchestrated an opportunity for your growth or for your service in ministry.

I have said enough, and I wish to open the floor to a discussion. Jada: Yielding is illustrated in Tom's story of dealing with his sister and Barb's story of dealing with her garden in response to the weather, yielding to conditions.

* Jessona: You are perceptive and have exposed the motivation of my choice of topic today. I witnessed in each of you a sensitivity to the differences of others and to events in your lives and how you considered the best action or reaction to take and how you have pondered in advance a potential situation and how you may anticipate acting or reacting.

Tom: Our sister group in southern Idaho or Woods Cross has been discussing love. You once gave us some lessons on love, expanding on the concept in our text, which is the desire to do good to others. I see surrendering, yielding, as giving. You said love was the willingness to receive wisdom, yielding the floor to your teacher. You increase your own yield like a farmer. You said love was a willingness to share beauty, which is a surrendering. Can you give us another example of a definition of love?

* Jessona: And your name is...?

Tom: Knucklehead!

* Jessona: You are my beloved associate. We are teamed up together, and I simply jest for the levity. I spoke of the purpose of the master seraphim as those who are overlaying a cohesiveness through all the activities of human civilization. If I give you another example of love it would be simply to state that these three approaches you have well expressed when blended in your living, demonstrably reveal love to another. Not simply in the reception of your affection, but in the soul of another being there is touched a chord of universal connection, one that feels truth, appreciates beauty, receives goodness independent of any definition, of any expectation of what a particular beauty, goodness, or truth may be. It may confuse the mind; it may confound the emotions, but it strikes the soul. To love one another is to love the Father first. Recognizing the love of Father for child, of Creator to creature, love between creatures is obtainable beyond a momentary expression to an eternal state of being. Out of this state of love it becomes possible to do good to others, to appreciate beauty with others, and to receive the good wisdom of a brother or a sister. Love is the ancestor of these manifestations, but when received by another love is the result. These three avenues of expression are the connecting ties between love as source and love at reception. Last week our melchizedek Malvantra spoke of purpose, purpose that precedes all activity, and a purpose that is derived as a result of activity. The same universe pattern holds with love. I hope this has supplemented your pursuit of love and its nature.

Tom: Thank you for your counsel. That's beautiful.

Evelyn: If we were engaged with the master seraphim, would we participate in one particular area or would we participate with, say, the home life group and then two weeks later or the next day we're involved with the industry group? Or would we have one primary focus?

* Jessona: The seraphim volunteer and are assigned to specific corps. Some human beings are likewise specifically assigned. There are fewer of them, and they function in critical roles, or potentially critical roles, and are in the special division of reservists. However, there are not many of these available on this planet. Many more are engaged actively with these seraphim of the master order, and they function as you have inquired, being engaged depending on the need of the various corps activities. Much work of those human beings engaged with us happens in the incidentals of your daily lives, and you know that your daily lives shift from one of the activities we enumerated by these corps. For instance, you have jobs that bring you into use with the angels of industry; you have families that engage you with the angels of home life. This collection of human beings is growing rapidly. We are endeavoring to make this human corps more fully conscious of its relationship with us, thereby facilitating the overall goal of planetary advancement into Light and Life. I became involved in this Teaching Mission representing the master seraphim with the intended purpose of bringing about this conscious awareness, that a human being can actively and consciously work alongside the angels who benefit this world. Those of specific assignment are unique and much of the time are reserved for emergency function. We, however, need far more workers for spirit. Those many active human enlistees are busy in the small events of each day. Yes, you will be shared among the various angel groups.

Evelyn: That ties in with your theme of integrating aspects of our lives, religion, art, science.

* Jessona: I thank you for your attention today. I will yield the time back to you. God blesses you always, and rather than wishing you the blessings of God, I wish that you increase your sensitivity to the ever-present grace of the divine. Farewell.