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Daniel; Elseron; Alkon - Faith - May 30, 1993 - Pocatello, ID

Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teachers: Daniel, Elseron, Alkon

Topic: Faith

May 30, 1993

Opening prayer

Daniel:(TR #2) "Greetings friends, this is Daniel. Happy am I to see you gathered here today. We are always excited when mortals are about the will of the Father and the Father's business. Continue your work in the efforts toward the Father for He is our goal. He is the First Source and Center, the source of all things, and those who seek after Him will, indeed, find Him!

I want to talk today about faith. I have spoken about faith before, but as I often do, I want to go further with that idea today. When they say it is faith that moves the world they are not far wrong in that regard. Faith is a gift of the Father. Those who have it know whereof I speak. It is an empowerment; it is a lifting; it is a wonderful experience, and it is available to all. All one has to do is seek it. The Father is always with you and whenever you go before Him seeking His will in your life, it will be provided, and through that request comes faith. Faith makes all things possible; faith makes all things acceptable; faith makes all things understandable; faith makes all things right.

So you see, my friends, faith is a marvelous gift. Seek after it for through faith comes much, much more. I also want to say a word about faithfulness. Faithfulness in your work toward the Father, in your contacts with human beings, faithfulness toward your friends, loved ones, and colleagues is something which you should strive for. (long pause) B3 is struggling but we will try to continue. As I was saying, faithfulness raises man above the animal. Faithfulness is what God has given you. Seek after it now in your human relationships for faithfulness is as Godliness. I would also say a word today about goodness. Goodness, I know, is something that B3 has had on his mind for some time and I would like to amplify that concept today. As in your opening prayer, all goodness is of God. Those who seek after God will find goodness in their lives. It is through goodness that we express love, particularly for others, and it is through goodness that others will be drawn toward you when they see the love that exists in your life. So seek after goodness, my friends, for through love God will fill your life to overflowing. That concludes my lessons for today. I will now accept questions."

N1: "Daniel, I would like to introduce to you Charles, my brother G2, and K2's sister J9."

Daniel: "Hello all. Glad am I to have you with us today. I pray today's events will find meaning in your lives. (pause) You are a quiet group today. As B1 said earlier, I would now ask that you all take a moment, turn to the silence and let's see what happens." (long pause)

Elseron:(TR #2) "Hello friends, this is Elseron. I am always interested in taking opportunity to talk through mortals and so I am taking this opportunity today to say hello. I thank you for this opportunity. It is a most interesting experience to be able to talk through others. I do not have any message to bring you today but I do wish to thank you for allowing me this opportunity. For those of you who do not know me I am a newly assigned teacher..actually 'assigned' is not the correct word, I do not have an assignment yet, but hope to have one very soon. So while I and others are waiting we take opportunities through mortals who are willing to practice. So thank you for allowing me this time to practice."

Alkon:(TR #3) "This is Alkon. I am B1's personal teacher. I say this for the benefit of you visitors today. I sense a great deal of tension in B1 and perhaps emotions of doubt, wonderment, confusion in the room as well. It is difficult to believe that things exist that your eyes don't see and yet it is clearly a fact of science that most of what we consider the 'real' world is beyond the vision of mortals in the subatomic structure of reality. To limit one's beliefs to the empirical is a great error which many so called intellectuals in this day and age continue to hold to. Spiritual realities, however, are more real than the so called realities that most people accept. Each of us is indwelt by a part of God, a part of the First Source and Center which constitutes our most 'real' selves. When you interact with other humans, most people are looking upon appearances, rather than realizing the true import and significance of the relationships that are occurring at deeper levels than that which meets the eye. But doubt is a necessary exercise, a necessary discipline to produce the substantiation of truth. For without doubt, gullibility would reign. Faith, on the other hand, as Daniel indicated, is a gift of the Father. It is a gift for the asking. For faith transcends the limits of the senses; it transcends the limits of the mind without violating logic. Faith connects with the First Source and Center, with the spiritual influences surrounding us. I have been a musician in my earthly career and have been a Celestial Musician also. Music in its power, while based upon mathematics, is similar to the experience of faith, for it harmonizes and fills with a beautiful complexity not only the mind but also the soul. So, likewise, does faith fill one's life, enriching it and completing it. My words are to those who would limit their experiences to preconceived restrictions. It is true that B1, as has been discussed, had preconceived limitations in his life which he is beginning to let go of. One of the most important things to let go of is the fear of what other people will think. It does not really matter what other people think! It only matters that you do that which you believe to be the right thing. Daniel and I are pleased that B3 and B1 were willing to take the time, make the effort, take the risk of opening their mouths. I would like to conclude my remarks with this admonition. Do not look for proof for anything in an external source, but check all that you encounter in terms of inner validation. Turn to the Indwelling Spirit within you to validate, and to Michael's Spirit of Truth to coordinate truth, and you will, indeed, discover the truth you need to continue to take those steps forward to grow and to change and to move toward your true human goal which is to be sons and daughters of God and strive to move towards the Paradise plan, the Paradise destination. The Urantia Book has been given to this planet for this purpose and it will continue to influence those who are willing to let it do so. You have been a good study group in the sense that you have continued to hold the value of the book and read it with seriousness. So I say now, continue your get together and enjoy your humanness and your dinner together. Daniel would like to offer one more chance for questions. I will speak through B1 and Daniel will speak through B3. Are there further questions?" (pause)

Daniel:(TR #2) "B3 is relieved there are no questions. I think, friends, we will close this session today. Again, thank you for your faithfulness in getting together on this day and as you have throughout these many months. Next week keep in mind the importance of faith, for through faith is everything possible. Have a good week."

Group: "Thank you Daniel. Thank you Alkon."