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S.California Teaching Mission,  Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl,

Topic: Heart

November 27, 2000

t/r henry

Greetings, it is I JarEl. It is good to be here this evening. Welcome back Norman and Stella and thanks for sharing some of the highlights and details of your courageous journey.

In the human body when your nose is stopped up and you are trying to eat food, you experience a sensation of tastelessness The food is rather insipid and you cannot quite distinguish what you are eating. The nose allows you to taste the food because taste has several references in the human body, it is not just in the taste buds of your tongue.

You can only experience God through an open heart. You can read bibles, urantia books, go to churches, you can listen to lectures. You can intelligently comprehend and understand God. Yet those experiences are worthless next to experiencing God. God wants to be experienced, not understood. God personally does not need understanding. It is you who needs understanding.

It is you who needs comprehension.

The door of the heart, opened, allows a person to begin to access value, integrity, essence, connection to spirit. You cannot serve through the mind. The mind can only serve through the heart. What does it mean to experience God through an open heart? How do you experience God anyway? You really don't experience his personality, though it is possible to experience His Presence. What you can experience is an awareness, a knowingness and comprehension about that gigantic little piece of the indwelling spirit which lives within each and every human on this planet.

To be able to partake in the spirit of another. To begin to partake in your own spirit, your own cleanliness of spirit. Many, many people are talking about God. When you begin to experience and know God within yourselves and within others, the potential of this great knowingness is man's ability to show forth evidence of knowingness.

In the spirit world, there is not such a vast discrepancy between personality and god-consciousness. Personality grows through god-consciousness. Personality grows through experience of becoming familiar of the patterns of loving service. It is said on your world that"God is Love". No truer words can be spoken about God. Love is a peculiar word. It is a word that can only become real through action; its verb content; through giving of the love which is given to you.

The spiritual kingdom is built upon love. In a spiritual kingdom, love is as solid and as strong as granite. It is more valuable than diamond and gold. It is more powerful than armies and much more sophisticated than bombs. Yet, this substance and this gift is freely given to all by that resource within. The only condition given to recycle it. Constantly and continually recycle it. Give it away on a whim, to a stranger, to a loved one, to yourself. I speak these words of truth and encouragement. Not as a contrast, but a plain and simple truth.

You cannot begin to know God without being able to give love to another. It is not possible. God is not a symbol, an icon, nor a static idea. God is the living word, the living truth, the ever flowing water, never ending light and unbounded love.

Living in the world today places tremendous demands on your time and your energy, you’re intellect and patience. The Spiritual world places no demands, yet offers an opportunity to experience a greater amount of freedom and a more tangible value system and an opportunity to become more intimate with some of the 'higher-ups' in the universe.

Begin to learn who you are, what you are not, and what you should be. Yes, the challenge and rigors of love are real and exciting. They will confront your apprehension and your anxiety, your fear and limits. Love has the capacity to make you a larger vessel. It also has to capacity to reveal intimate information to you; what you should be doing, what you need to work on and why you are here.

In the physical world, you need to be surrounded by oxygen to live. In the spiritual world, you need to be surrounded by love to survive. Thank you.

Steve; JarEl, that last statement you just made was profoundly beautiful.(It is also profoundly true.) That too. Maybe it is just because I had a bad day today, tied up with all of the insanity which is coming down recently from environmental, political issues. I begin to feel more and more everyday that our little world is quickly going mad. It is quite apparent, as you said, love is the antidote. Have you any suggestions in light of the seemingly stepped up insanity coming on as to how we may "shine our love lights through the thickening fog which is surrounding us down here'.JarEl; Steve, just because everything around you is going mad, does not mean that you have to be a part of it. You can view it, acknowledge it. My friend, you must learn to step-back and view it for what it is. Not become empathic to it and yourself go mad. You must learn to first hold yourself unconfused, un-mad and lovingly within this mist. Believe me, like a moth to a flame, you will begin to attack those whom you seek and those who you are to help and be of service.

This is a challenge. There is no easy answer, nor easy solution. Whether you are here, conscious or not, the world is going to go on trying to resolve its problem and figure itself out. You need to learn to detach. For example, it is like sticking your hand into an electrical box. The best thing is not to touch it. Not let it touch you to the point when you become grounded by its charge. If you begin to practice this. You will begin to notice a shift and understand what it is you need to do.

This is a tested formula.

Steve; thank you JarEl, suddenly it seems a lot clearer to me.

JarEl; It is easy to get involved, loose your footing and metaphorically loose your sight your center. You don't realize that both feet are off the ground and you are spinning. Keep that one foot standing firm. One of the reasons we are here is to remind all of you where your balance and center is. We need to rewind your spiritual clocks once a week.

George; JarEl, As concerns past cultures and civilizations on Urantia, is anything being done to bring back lost information, information which is no longer available to us and which may be of help to us. Is the spiritual community going to help us regain some of that knowledge?

JarEl; Let me ask you what information do you think is lost to the world. (Just specifics on how the cultures lived, the orange and green races, that sort of information). This is certainly an interesting question. At this point my blanket statement is, It is not the purpose of the spiritual guides and spiritual custodians to restore the past. It is more the plan to create the future. Many times there are reasons why cultures perish and information is lost. One of the reasons is that many times the cultures never fully grasp the opportunities and evolve to the next stage of development. They become complacent and entrenched in their own rituals of the past and are not able to grow, expand and move forward. There may have been so-called secrets that some of the former races and cultures could possibly have attained. The greatest secret of any culture is that potential to move forward in peace and harmony as exists within your heart. This is the greatest secret. Once man begins to live in harmony and balance, many things will be revealed to you. Unbelievable and unimaginable things will come to you. Life will become much more pleasurable, less of the strife, pain, suffering and conflict which exists now.

There is no need to dig up the ancestors to find the answers, all of the answers lie within the hope of the individual. I can just tell you that when the people of this world, and especially the people of the modern cultures begin to embrace the spirit of their heart, many things begin to make sense, unravel and fall into place. The potential for every human being to realize a greater part of themselves and living becomes a birthright to a new age and a new culture. Today it is possible for the men and women of this world to begin to create harmony. It is within your intelligence and consciousness, within your capacity and grasp. It is definitely within your responsibility to begin to create this harmony within yourselves.

Hal; Along that line, JarEl, you have mentioned that love is more powerful than the sword. We have heard this, yet in our culture, this has not been adequately demonstrated for us. We have witnessed the sword has always won out, as in some lost cultures. Beautiful cultures that were lost. Is the difference there, the concept of time, in the immediate as we like to see action tomorrow, or is it the love, strength is a slower process and takes place in a different time frame. Is that why we cannot appreciate it too well?

JarEl; In a certain sense this is true. Love is definitely more subtle. Love has greater demands than the sword. Anyone can pick up the sword, the gun and shoot. But a man born of faith to understand that love is a seed, and the planting of this seed needs a time of incubation and nourishment, resource, until that loves begins to show forth fruit.

In this respect there is a time consideration. This is why when man gets too far from the garden, man loses sight of some basic and metaphorical truths. Value is created and earned. There is too much nurturing of the old cults of the sword, the cult of blood, the cult of an 'eye for an eye', cults of nationalism.

It is important therefore to begin to experience God, because you begin to experience your relationship to eternal time, which is different from the ego's relationship to immediate gratification. In spiritual time, you pay up front and the reward is later. In ego time, the reward is now and you pay later, so there is somewhat of a difference.

You are tending the seeds of eternal life within the soil of your soul. It is a garden. In eternal time all sown seeds will bear fruit. Love is the ability of a person to show forth an experience of God. To show the world that, yes!, I am a son of the creator. I will love no matter what. I will love my enemy. I will love my confused siblings. I will love strangers. I will love because I am rich in love, grounded in faith.

Love does not require intelligence, albeit average intelligence is adequate. Love does not require super-ego. All love requires is one who is willing to take a moment and give some time with God's gift. You are free to show forth love in any creative way. Love is like the face of God, for it is different on everyone. God's face can b e seen in everyone.

Hal; Are you saying that love is a personal matter, rather than a national or international matter?

JarEl; At this point in time, Yes!. It hasn't evolved to that level yet. When it does reach that threshold, it will become an event. When events reach a threshold, it will become a national commodity. It always begins with an individual person.

In the life of the master, one may view a perfect example of the Master standing in the midst of the confusion of His times. He showed how it is possible to show forth love as you walk along the road of life. This is just what he did. He didn't overpower people with addiction. He just spoke to their heart, their true nature. He acknowledged people. People who weren't interested, he didn't waste their time because there were many who were interested. Of all the people the Master touched, ten to twenty percent of the people were deeply moved by him. They had a much greater capacity to comprehend their own faith and trust.

After two thousand years you are still continuing the work that was started by the man Jesus.

Hal; Apparently in his times, he was criticized as having failed, and yet now two thousand years later, it is beginning to pay dividends. The world is beginning to take that lesson to heart and we are on a threshold on a new area.

JarEl, Jesus never intended to fill everyone's expectations. Neither does God intend to fill anyone's expectations. It is you who must fulfill God's expectations. Jesus was viewed as a failure because Jesus refused to grant and cater to the expectations of the crowds of his times. Just like many today are willing to meet God half-way only if God is willing to fulfill their expectations.

Spirit has no need nor desire to fulfill the expectations of humans. This is not why we are here. This is why it is important to discern Father's will. This helps to release your own will. God and the spiritual universe has a tremendous resource for man. It is God's plan and he is calling the shots. Jesus only attempted to portray the Father's plan to humankind. During Jesus times, the people wanted a more dynamic and customized Messiah. One that would cater to Jewish nationalism. There are factions within your country today who believe that God caters to some form of religious ideologies in nationalism.. It is a tough lesson for man to learn that he must put up his own sails to catch the winds of God.

Nell; it is OK then to pull back and not participate then, in certain things that are not doing any thing at all for us.

JarEl: This is an option. This is true. It depends. This is why it is recommended that you ask for guidance and help in making decisions. IF you are involved in something that is fruitless and is causing you a certain amount of consternation, this is a good indication that it is time to back off of this situation.

Sometimes, one needs to recharge their spiritual batteries. Sometimes you exhaust your resource. Just because it is difficult to transform yourself, to change some of the singular habits you have, doesn't necessarily indicate that you should give up and back off. This is your true work, and spiritual life is quite dimensional. On one level it demands that you work of yourselves, and also on another level, demands that you work with other people and other things. Sometimes you have to comprehend the situation.

Some situations as with some people, take a tremendous amount of patience. For example. How many centuries have the spiritual personalities on this planet been patiently waiting the day when the seeds of wisdom will begin to sprout and the shoots of love begin to leaf and bear fruit. Thousands of years: from the times of Caligastia, the times of Adam and Eve, the times of Machiventa, and even from the times of Michael's bestowal, have spiritual missionaries who have volunteered to come here, patiently served, guided and not given up.

Eve suffered from impatience, and allowed herself to be manipulated. Caligastia himself also suffered impatience and was deceived by his superiors. Yet Machiventa was patient, and his missionaries all over the world planted seeds of truth and wisdom which have continued to sprout even to this day. Michael was patient, and he has truly planted the seeds albeit this planet has yet yielded a great harvest. Non the less the strains are still alive and well. We do look forward to that harvest one day. The time of the great soul on Urantia. There will certainly be that time.

Learn to discern what you are stepping back from. This is all.

Nell; I am always very grateful for the tremendous spiritual help we have on this planet. I am very grateful.