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Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel, Unknown Speaker, Ham

Topic: "Urantia Day/Pentecost II"

April 24, 1993

Daniel: "Greetings friends. This is Daniel. How happy am I to be with you today with the many others of us who are here. We have prayed for this day. We have looked forward to this day and now it is here. Calm your hearts. For what God has ordained will take place. Take a moment now to put aside those personal concerns and just enjoy the moment and enjoy the day, for it will truly be astounding. My love to you all." (long silence)

Speaker(unidentified by name): "Greetings My children. I am He Who has relieved the Spirit of Truth upon Urantia. It is I Who cometh today to you My apostles, that in this great moment that you do allow yourselves to be one with the Spirit. Open now your hearts, your minds and your souls that the Breath of He Who makes us all, our Mother, our Father, can breathe down upon you that you may know from this day forward the will of the Father; that in and through your actions/thoughts His will be done. My loving children, be of one mind, one spirit. My loving children the time is now upon you. Open yourselves that ye may receive." (long silence)

Ham: "Greetings. I am Ham. I am truly delighted that this meeting and group of brothers and sisters could meet today on this great occasion for which we have all been a long time awaiting. It is, my brothers and sisters, important for you as individuals to assess and to understand that which has occurred. While seemingly, in many estimations, of inconsequence to some, that which is prepared and that which is enhanced in the soul is not to be taken lightly! The time of your commitment has been decreed. You who know the extended universe truth are asked to present, to distribute seeds to further the Kingdom of the Father and the Mother. The importance of this day will long be measured in the pages of time and in the time frame of Urantia this day has been so marked. Receive you did, in many attributes, in many gifts, the Spirit. What you do with these gifts will be that by which you are known. It is my great pleasure that we proceed with you to witness this great event. "

Daniel: "I am Daniel, your friend, teacher and guide. I will ask that you now take that which has been given to you and to utilize the gift that will forever lead you closer to the Isle of Paradise; that you will be able to be in the Presence of our Creator. Christ Michael, again, sends you His love and His commitment to you that whenever you call upon Him in the Name of the Creator of all, so shall He provide you with direction that the will of the First Source and Center be known to you. I am joyous that we could be here and that this day has and will prove to be successful. And I ask that you think this week upon the events of today. And as you meet in your groups you provide to your brothers and sisters the experience you have had. As the Celestial Musicians play and the heavenly voices sing, so, too, do the Celestial Artisans now paint a wondrous picture, if you could only so understand, so would you be moved beyond words! You own voices are beautiful. We ask that you raise them to join the chorus of the celestials. My love and peace go out to you this week, my dear friends. This session is now adjourned. Please go in service to one another, for as you serve each other, so do you serve our Creator."