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Arcadia Teaching Mission, Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl

Topic: Individual Minds

t/r henryz

9 attended,

October 04, 1999

Greetings to you this evening my friends, It is I teacher JarEl.

It is good to be here and it is good to have you here also. Last time we met, we discussed another aspect of morontia mind, the creative aspect. Keeping with he spiritual intention of our study, I talked about accessing the Father within, by using your creative channel, your creative connection, to customize your approach to the divine spirit which truly lights the lives of each and every one of you.

The reason why it is so important in a spiritual sense to access God, is because not only God shows you yourself, God is also showing you each other. This is our focus for this evening, separate mind. Each person has his or her own mind. Each person sees and understands a little differently than the next person. It is an extremely rare event that two people will see everything the same. This is part of the plan of creating individuals with unique personality. Everyone is given his or her own personal access to reality. Everyone is given a mind to figure out who they are, to function in this life at this time. Hopefully many of these persons will access the God within.

This phenomenon is true of all creature personalities everywhere, in the universes and the superuniverses. All of these individual potential beings and as you all know what eventually concurs is a situation of negotiating differences of opinion. There is a tremendous economy with this type of transaction throughout the universes, just like it here on Urantia. In some respects there is an art to these relationships. An aspect of this art is love, and man's personal access to wisdom. Both of which are fueled by the inner source of Divine Spirit. God, therefore is the common denominator. At this time in your world, you live in situations where the individual expression of each person is beginning to have recognition. People are becoming less inhibited about expressing themselves; with that you have people confirming their beliefs, protecting and defending those beliefs. Protecting and defending their rights as they understand them, also all of the nuances which pertain to the individual person. Part of this has to do with the correcting time. Part of this has to do with qualifying the individual. It is true that we are all equal in God's eve. It goes without saying that thought we are all created with different genetic propensities, different gender bases, non the less as for as God is concerned, every human has equal and rightful access to the spirit within and to the kingdom of this spirit.Again, this is another qualification to daily seek this presence. To find a way in which as you deal with each other, to use a more respectful and compassionate stance, quite possibly a more loving stance. What I am talking about take many things into consideration. We can have elaborate discussions on justice or any of the manifestations and negotiations concerning differences of opinion. These situations fuel and resource the whole world; politics to family life. Ideally it is true in the family life these relationships are expressed and the behavior associated with dealing with differences of opinion at least be attempted in a respectful and just manner. Though this is not always the case, we can understand why it is that so many problems in society stem from the inadequacies of home life. It is a challenge to Urantia in the coming generations to find a way to raise families during times of change, during times of confusion, and try to find a way to create islands of stability in which to raise the future generations. Again this is an aspect and it is one of the basic and primary relationships, that relationship between man and woman. Aside from dealing with two individuals, you have two individuals of different genders. Also in modern day Urantia you have situations of same sex marriages, the problems still exist. You have differences in dynamic, differences of opinion. The success of the family and the situation depends on the ability of the individuals to negotiate their differences in a timely and loving fashion.

This is at least and ideal. Ideal in the sense that if you have children to raise, you are giving them positive tools to use when they transfer their seat of power from their initial family unit to a much larger unit in society. Eventually this will take place on Urantia. At some point there will be a consolidation of ethics and values in child culture, child rearing. It goes without saying that a highly evolved society is when each tends for its future, in particular the future inhabitants.

It is easy to loose sight of the fact that you are only visitors on this world, temporary citizens. You here for a short while to learn a few basic lessons about life; to discover who you are, to find God, begin to serve him and your fellow man, as well do everything else which sustains your life here. No short order for a short life.

So what is it that makes you different, coming to this group, than those others in your daily lives which surround you? How are you different? Are you different? If you are becoming different, is there a common denominator? Is it really your ability to access God that is helping you. This is what is important. It is easy for me to tell you this, many of you listening to my lessons have heard me say this quite often. It is a fairly challenging and provoking challenge to use God to change yourself, or if you don't have to change yourself, to enhance who you are; to give yourself more aroma; more flavor' more personality; more attractiveness; more loving resource; more bounty; more grace.

Some of the Urantia based religions are not far off in some of their methods they try to teach and instill, especially where concerns the family. The family centering around God. This is true of most religions in some form of fashion. It is an evolved religion which is able to look past the belief structure; past the racial barriers; past the national and territorial boundaries; across the economic distinctions, and beyond the caste systems, to see everyone as the same, a brother and sister, a son and daughter of God, a child in a Universe kindergarten, a baby world. A baby world gone bad, yet a baby world which is being loved. You are all given love as children of God. All of your crying; much nurturing to give to Urantia. The spiritual world is trying to nurture your souls, your hearts, your spiritual desires. We are almost holding your hands, cradling you. Many of us in the spiritual world are tremendously distraught by what we have to witness on you world. Though we cannot interfere; we can care and love, we do pray and we do hold your highest ideal in esteem and effort. We do salute that which is the best in all of you. We know that when a person makes it on a world such as Urantia, that we have and extremely strong and stable agondonter. There is a redeeming quality coming from this type of environment on this planet. The fact is most of us didn't come from worlds like this. Most of us had it tremendously easier in terms of an already established spiritual system. Many of us came from worlds slightly more advanced. I , myself came from a world that was in transition; on the last vestiges of its warlike activities, ready to embrace the councils of men, and to grow together as brothers. Yes there was a spiritual hierarchy on my world, though it did not interfere into the affairs of men. Eventually the seeds they planted began to sprout, and in a timely fashion, tremendous changes began to take place. There is an unseen spiritual hierarchy on this world and it also is planting seeds and they are also beginning to sprout.

So to summarize my thoughts this evening, it is in the divine plan that each one become and individual. It is hoped that as an individual, you use your higher potential to access the spiritual content of your personality. In time, this world like many others will begin to approach the dawning ages of glory, peace, human self-respect. A spiritual kingdom is growing on Urantia. I want you to also be aware of the quality of God as and inner guide. Just because you believe in God does not exempt you from differences of opinion. It doesn't necessarily mean that in the future in your ascension you will not steadfastly hold to what is true. Having access to God as a guide, helps in giving you the grace, courage and direction, when it comes time to decide. Short of paradise and Havona there is difference in opinion in all creature personality. Non the less there are just and loving ways in which to negotiate these differences of opinion; in which both sides and both parties can win.

The potential of God as a negotiator is the most important aspect of deity on Urantia, next to accessing God as a person, your person. If there is any doubt of this, reread the life of the master in your Urantia book. Marvel at the ability and agility that Michael had in negotiating differences of opinion within the twelve who served him; differences of opinion within the crowds or individuals, even ideological and political differences. This is an aspect of the Masters grace and strength. All of the positive aspects of life come from God. Love, and all of its qualities and aspects; its truth, its beauty, its goodness, its balance; its harmony, its completeness, its resource, its wholeness. The keys to the kingdom are the same keys which open the treasure within-keep an extra set on hand. That is all for this evening, thank you.`

We will post the questions and answers later this week, they are good.