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Teachers: JarEl, Verona

Do Something, Become Something

Your Planet Urantia Spins on its Axis at 1037 & 1/3 Miles per Hour. No Slower. No Faster.

T/R: Douglas

July 03,1994

We are together to experience once again the great gift of the Father to all of creation. Relax and allow. The flickering of energy before your eyes is to focus you on your mission. Go with the stillness. The presence of the father, The receiving of His blessings of peace. Love, Truth, and Beauty to you, the mortal ascenders of Urantia. Focus now with me on the unity in love, on your strength, dependent each upon one another to make the circle complete. You, dear ones, are functioning on higher spiritual levels than in the past. Your adjusters are making this knowledge clear to you. Trust in the wording that comes from them. Rely upon their guidance to assist you to the next level of development.

Now, I greet you dear ones. The presence of the Father surrounds you. The love of the Father enfolds you. The power of the Father protects you and holds you to your path. Your commitment to know His Will, and to do His will.

Greetings. I am your teacher JarEl, who has love and respect for you all.

Group: Greetings JarEl. Welcome back again.

JAREL: It is good to be with you in this familiar, peaceful setting, where we can quiet our inner thoughts, the chatter of our existence, and arrive at that level of consciousness that allows us to commune one with the other. To share the common feelings and bonds of eternal love that the Father has bestowed upon us.

I am joyous this day to hear your wonderful prayers for enlightenment and love, and the desire to be of service to our local Father and Creator Son Michael, and to our Universal Father in Paradise. Fulfilling the will of our Creator Son will also fulfill the will of the Universal Father. Mortals who understand that submission and obedience to the Will of the Creator Son is likewise submission and obedience to the Will of the First Source and Center our Universal Father.

So dear ones you have before you an unique opportunity. Let us for our lesson today examine this opportunity. Never before in the annuals of existence have low animal origin beings been permitted this great honor to participate with their Creator in a program that brings them about into perfection. Never before has the opportunity been given for the creature to experience his Creator while yet in the flesh, and develop a spiritual consciousness that will aid in his ascension. Never before have imperfect beings been given the opportunity to become perfect while working in conjoint action with celestials and high beings on this plane. The opportunity is unique for you. It is in the doing, but not in the doing alone. You have the opportunity to become something greater than your low origins have produced. You must become something. You must make the effort. If not, you will perish. No memory of your existence will be found in the recorded history of eternity. You will become as if you had never existed. You must make a move in a direction to grow. You must take our hand and the guidance that Christ Michael so freely offers you and clothe your being in knowledge and understanding of His Will, that you may move forward in ascension, and arrive finally at that place where you are a perfected being. From your studies of the text you well know that the Father has created many perfect beings, after the perfect pattern of Paradise. You and many others from other superuniverses were not created as perfect beings. Thus comes the understanding of the word PERFECTED. You are and you become perfect thru EXPERIENTIAL living and guidance. You are brought to that state of perfect existence. Perfect in your spiritual form. Perfect in your spiritual mind. Ideally suited for universe eternal careers. Here is the opportunity to be brought into perfection, starting on this sphere and ascending to the morontia worlds. Here in this small setting are the beginnings of that adventure into perfection. But the road is fraught with trials, disheartment, and discouragement. But here also lies your passing examination. Do you posses the faith and the determination to complete your goal. We have often admonished you to not allow the events of this world, nor individuals to deter you from your spiritual growth. When you are developing each stage of development it makes you that much more secure in your faith in the Father. Each stage that you successfully complete assures you that much more of your goal towards perfection. So we, your humble teachers, have the task of encouragement and guidance, and having always our hand out to pull you along and support you if you fall. This is our greatest goal to be of service and assistance to you our fellows. I thank you for allowing myself and those here to assist you. You do well in your development.

Forgive my delay. Please hold. Another desires to speak. It is permitted.

VERONA: Greetings dear fellows I am Verona. I am permitted this day to greet you, as it has been sometime since we have communicated in this manner. So I am joyous also for this opportunity to extend greeting to you. I, and others present, observe and administer to you, each of you in your daily lives. We are your caretakers, or audience and desire to be of more service to you. Earlier this day your discussion of the circuits opening and the benefit to humanity of these things. There was much that we as midwayers know of this planet. It is our home and we are the caretakers thereof. You dear ones are learning about it in your quest for knowledge. Apply the facts of this planets to your existence. For example, the great poverty that we have viewed for many years. We question why so much poverty, hunger, want, disease, the lack of food for all is present. It is very disheartening for us. Urantia exists with a circumference of approximately 24,000 miles. The land that produces food for all is 29,000,000 sq. miles in all. You use roughly 23,000,000 sq. miles to live in and to grow your vegetation and animals for consumption. Here you have this great u [area?], but the few have hoarded and continue to deny the basic rights of existence to the many. So poverty is prevalent and hunger widespread. This concerns us. It grieves our hearts and that of the Father to see this circumstance occurring on the sphere of Michael's nativity. So we ask you to make a conscious effort to alleviate hunger in your area. Locally there are many activities that you individually and collectively can assist to help ease the plight of your fellows. It is but another step toward sharing the Fathers love. This is my message to you this day. To find those areas that you may be of service to alleviate hunger. I thank you for listening to me. I greet you with peace and love, always your servant. Farewell.

GROUP: Our love to you Verona. Greetings. It is good to know that you are with us each day. Thank you.

VERONA: We are always present when our teacher is with you.

HAL: Are you with us in our quiet times and guidance with our health and other problems.?

VERONA: Most often myself and others who assist are with you to help and aid you.

HAL: We all seem to be having physical problems of some kind, Is this part of the correcting time, or is it just part of our existence ?

VERONA: In most instances it is the results of your existence. You must remember that your planet has been quarantined and isolated for a very long time. And during this you have not developed and grown spiritually nor received the physical development necessary to offset the various hazards of this existence .

BETTY: So often the poverty and the lack of sustenance for our planet we view as political planners and policies used to establish land and power. We feel so helpless in all of this. My question is there some sort of plan enacted in Michaels mission for Light and Life. Is there a corp of celestial beings or administration or someone dealing with this problem to enlighten these people and give them some sort of circumstances to alleviate their problems thru our unseen helpers or whatever ?

My second question is so often the hungry we find on our street corners we are often hesitant to help them. We don't know if they are using the money for drugs or sometimes we give them food and they laugh in our face. How do we discern what is the best way to help. Should we join in with an organization and volunteer our services, like the mission on Walnut, to be sure we are serving in the right manner. Can you give us some advise about this ?

VERONA: I am permitted to say that, yes there are plans and there are efforts being made daily to alleviate this suffering on the higher celestial level. Secondly you as an individual may make individual efforts to assist where you are. You may also join existing organizations who have proven there ability to be effective in this way. So, we call this to your consciousness only to let you know that there is a need for your assistance. Many of you have said in this setting, and have asked in your thoughts, what purpose do I have. What can I contribute. I am just bringing out to you this day, another area that some may choose to work in. Another time we will suggest other areas. The goal is for each of you to find your area of expertise and involvement where you will feel your contribution to the mission. I Thank you for your question. I hope the answer is satisfactory.

I will leave you and introduce your teacher once again.

GROUP: Thank you very much Verona.

JAREL: I am amazed at the sincerity of your questions, and I am amazed at the accuracy of the answers that come from our students. You have other concerns that we will address at this time if you will.

STELLA: This bears upon the discussion we had last Sunday on the ubiquitous question. I have a question here that may bear on that subject; A quote handed out at the conference in Aspen Colorado in 1990 " The kind of error we are looking for could possibly be found in the realms of religious dogma. Each school of religious belief has its own dogma, while too many mortals have no religious belief at all. The error must have to do with the perception that virtually everyone shares, unquestionably an error set in motion at the time of the Lucifer rebellion and the Caligastia betrayal of our world, and one which should be at the very core of our being, but what could it be. If we are oblivious to the error how could we recognize the truth. Paper 48, " forms are valueless when lessons are learned. No chick may be had without a shell and no shell is of any worth after the chick is hatched. But sometimes error is so great that revelation that would be favorable to those slowly emerging truths which are essential to its overthrow."

JAREL: This appears to be confusing dogma. Many times, dear one, when reading and understanding the text we go in those areas that add much confusion because a foundation has not been laid. The statement that, after the chick the shells have no value is incorrect. There are many species where the shell is the first substance of nutrient in order to sustain its existence. How this applied to the teaching of the text I am not sure. But I know from my experience, and I was born at the time when the Andites were moving and resettling in various places on this planet, I know from that time to this time, the knowledge that has been supplied to you through the text is superior to anything at any other time. If you in sincerity study and reflect upon the text and act on it in your time with the Father that you will emerge from your shell of ignorance as an enlightened being. One with the potential for perfection. One with the potential of eternal survival as you journey on towards Paradise. The history of this planet is one of producing perfected beings. If in the greater takers and experience of this mortal life you have taken the good and not taken the bad of your existence, and you have arrived as a perfected being. This is your potentiality, experiencing the daily tremors of existence. Developing hope and courage to go on. Developing faith and moving forward and yet not being able to see the path and the end result . Again we remind you, this an unique opportunity not afforded everyone. So you see avail yourself of the truth. Allow the Father thru the stillness to speak the truth to your heart and mind. Allow us, your teachers, to amplify that that has been revealed to you thru our humble existence. Perhaps this has been of help. Perhaps not.

STELLA: I will continue to stay in search. I do thank you for all of your answers. I do not always understand them. I will try.

JAREL: This is good. The fact that we share this commonality and concern to know is good. The answers of enlightenment will result as a natural outgrowth of this interaction.

HAL: This interaction then is the key to understanding facts of the U-Book. I feel so inadequate in recall and memory of all of the facts of the U-Book, yet I gather that it is the experiential experience we get thru the mission and our daily life that is more important than the facts.

JAREL: There are numerous facts we refer to as actual facts. They are actual because they are exact and correct interpretation of this existence. For example. Your planet Urantia spins on its axis at 1037 & 1/3 miles per hour. No slower. No faster. Many of your scientist are saying that your planet is decreasing in speed, and as a result they are predicting various calamities. Your Father, your local Father, Christ Michael has decreed this sphere and he has set it about on its axis to do the work of creation that it has done so well. He has not designed it to be destroyed or blow up as your scientist have been predicting. This planet, Urantia, will see that era of Light and Life, along with all of the other universes that comprise Nebadon. So fear not the change of events that takes place daily in your news. Speculation is part of human existence. Mortals appear to like to speculate and surmise according to their limited understanding. Herein lies the confusion. Herein lies error. If we give you a fact this is so. We speak from that that we know, and our knowledge comes from the eternal source, the perfect example and model of the universe creation.

BETTY: Jarel are you referring to one of the things I just read, that on May 5th in the year 2000 many of the planets will come into alignment, and that the axis will reverse and many horrendous things will occur. Is that the thing you are warning us against being concerned about ?

JAREL: This is so. Again it is our position in this mission to assure and allay your fears and concerns so that you may focus on the greater task. That task is your development to achieve your goal of mortal ascension. The task immediately is to share the Fathers presence and love with your fellows. This mission and your help will bring about Light and Life to a planet in dire need of higher spiritual consciousness.

BETTY: So you are saying that we should keep this in our awareness that more effort is required, and that you are going to give us suggestions from time to time as to other possibilities that we might be more suited to.

JAREL: This is true. Each of you has an opportunity to be of more service. We have perceived your sincere desire to do so, so, we are suggesting different ways that you may fulfill your desire. It is for you to be complete in your development. If you are feeling inadequate. If you feel you do not know what to do with yourselves or how you can help, a suggestion from us may suffice. Remember, we are in contact with the entire planet and the core of volunteers. We have come to assist, so our knowledge of areas where help is needed is available to you.

BETTY Thank you Jarel.

HAL: We were discussing earlier that several of us have had a feeling throughout most of our life that there was something more important for us to participate in. Was this a build up for this teaching mission. I have had a feeling that there was something greater that I was needed for. Does everyone have this feeling ? Is this the desire to find the Father? I thought maybe it was to have another son that would be outstanding. Then I wondered if it culminated in this mission. Is that reasonable ?

JAREL: This is reasonable. But that may not be a factual analysis. In your creation there are many inherent factors that come to the surface at different times for no reason other than that they were timed to do so. The adjuster is working with each and every human, so he has impressed upon you these concerns. Now you are developing, so much is given. Much is required. As you become more conscious of the Father you become more conscious of your need to participate jointly with Him. This desire to be of service is admirable in all. It is what keeps you going forward. It is the way you advance society.

JOE: Jarel we received a call from Debra the group from Bakersfield up north. After discussing the conversation there seemed to be a group consensus that, based on your comments from last Sunday, that the group needs a little bit more time. We were wondering if you heard the conversation and what suggestions you might have for us ?

JAREL: I did observe the discussion. You are correct in your summation. I would only add that if the 'devise is not broken do not repair it'. What is 'not necessarily broken' is the fact of the desire of these people to establish themselves as a mission.

HAL: They are still dedicated to try and accomplish it and it should be thru their efforts then ?

JAREL: Yes. Thru their efforts and the fact that you have offered to assist, and invite them here to this setting.

HAL: Then we shall invite them here and they should take the initiative to make contact.

JAREL: Then we shall look forward to their presence at a future gathering.

HAL: That is the way we got started thru John Roper. We shall pursue it. Thank you.

BETTY: Jarel, you agree that those who are sincere about forming this group should come down here and participate with us and do their reading of the transcripts and become of one mind ?

JAREL: This is agreeable . I would think this is a good course to follow under the circumstances that exist. Again efforts made in love will be most beneficial. The showing of hospitality will do much to relax these ones, and give them comfort and security in their thoughts as they approach their decisions to establishing their group. I am not at leave to inform you of what activities at this level are taking place, or about to take place with them. But trust that we desire more willing helpers.

JOE: Point well taken. Thank you.

JAREL: So dear ones, at this joyous gathering your presence is appreciated. Your countenance is admired. Bright shining souls for Christ Michael. That you have faith and trust in yourselves, and your ability to assist. Continue in your studies, and particularly in your stillness. There is much again we remind you, in seeking the stillness you will find your comfort, your reassurance, your strength, in seeking the stillness. So do this often. Make it a part of remembrance. I will leave you at this time. However my love, respect, and admiration I leave with you. Go this week and find your place where you may assist your fellows.. Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell Jarel, and thanks to Verona for her help to us today and always.