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Teacher JarEl:


T/R. Betty

MAY 29,1994

Greetings this is JarEl your teacher. "The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. The presence of God surrounds us. Wherever we are He is with us." He is with us to send forth His guidance, His protection, His love. He is with us during our prayer time. He is with us when we are distracted by the world, and by our earthly concerns. He walks with us, ever ready to guide us and comfort us. We need only to acknowledge His presence to be filled with joy and security. This is His gift. This is His generous offering to each and every one.

I must say that I am amazed at the flexibility of this group. I must commend you on your ability to have consensus and cooperation without friction as you adjust your schedules to conform to your life styles, and always putting your commitment to this teaching mission as your first priority. It is often difficult for two people to come to an agreement, and this ability is to be applauded. Give yourselves credit for this seemingly effortless ability.

The peace you have experienced is the natural outcome of your spiritual growth. It is the subtle accumulation. Never-the-less present and all accounted for. My love and respect to each as he has walked in the light of the Father this week, including the thoughts of our lessons. As your consciousness becomes more focused on your spiritual purpose this will begin to happen more frequently. Pause for a moment and think back on your week and the moment your thoughts were with the Father and Christ Michael, and even myself, your humble teacher.

Today our lesson has been prepared to exhibit and demonstrate generosity. This word in itself can be dissected in many ways. Generous. The generous heart. The generous action. The generous thought. Generosity. How are we to know this practice unless we have been taught through our own accumulation of experiences. This abundant practice of generosity. Have you not been given all that you have, and was there not a time when you were conscious of these precious gifts of the spirit, of sustenance, of learning, of knowledge, this generous abundance of nourishment being provided for you, and you alone. The dynamics of this experience has allowed a reservoir to be accumulated within. And in turn you have been able to give to others in the same patient loving way. Do you see that it is not possible if you are existing in a void. The accumulation of experience given to you by others also contributes to your spiritual growth. How often have we heard one disclaim the behavior of the parent or another with the vow to never be as they, and yet it seems the son becomes the father regardless of his resistance. The daughter becomes the mother even through her protests. Often with more evolved individuals the consciousness and love will transform this patterned behavior within, and the circle is broken thru conscious effort.

And so it is, that with prayer and dedication to the Father the animal nature is consciously brought into bridle. The circle is broken and evolution is spiralled upward and forward. If you are reared in a household of love it is easier to bring this pattern to your own family, and then your children to theirs. This is a form of generosity. The patterns are handed from father to son and mother to daughter, and on and on it goes. We are to consciously explore the possibilities of our advancement. Would we keep these gifts to horde, or would we distribute them among the needy, among those in need of something to return to their offspring.

Let us pause and reflect on generosity, and then we will practice expressing impressions for our period of transmitting. Remember all are capable. Let us begin.

LUCILLE: (as T/R) This is Halonia. There are so many things to give. The Father gives you His love. Pass it on to others, with a smile. It doesn't have be in the form of monetary amounts. But a word of help. A word of encouragement. Acknowledge the other person as a son of God. Even expressing joy. Be optimistic in this world. in your help of others. This is a form of generosity.

DONNA: Jarel, may I comment here ? This is Donna.

JAREL: Please do Donna.

DONNA: I was thinking very recently about this very topic. I was realizing how generosity is truly a spiritual gift. I feel this has been demonstrated so beautifully by Hal and Lucille in the way they have been so generous in the way they have opened their hearts and their home to all of us, for the teaching mission as well as the study group. I have been most appreciative of this. Beyond that, the idea of generosity and how it has such spiritual value. I think it has been demonstrated to me in the office where there has not been the spirit of generosity. It just somehow seems... sort of off...or not quite right somehow. To just not focus on the negative, but back again to focus on the positive. Sometimes when you notice the opposite it helps you to appreciate even more the positive, which is the spirit of generosity. Being able to be a channel, letting your life and life style be open as a channel of the Fathers love to other people in many different ways, no matter how it comes out. There is a certain attitude about generosity that I think is essential to spiritual growth.

JAREL: Admirably presented. And might I add that you are aware of the lack of generosity because of your generous being, and this knowledge was gained from others being generous to you, so that it is immediately apparent when this spiritual element of grace is not present. This is mota in its most basic form. The ability to accumulate much understanding of history behavior and cause. In one word generosity. Do you see ?

DONNA: Yes thank you Jarel.

STELLA: You are perhaps aware of what happened to me this week as you seem to bring out the lesson that is needed for that particular time and day. What do you do when your efforts of generosity seem to be consistently refused. There is one person in my life that always refuses. The only thing that I could do is just let her be. Just let her go. I would like to have some kind of a resolution of the situation with her. Is there anything you can tell me ?

JAREL: The Father offers his love continuously whether we acknowledge His generosity or not. It is continuous. Which gives your friend an opportunity each time to choose. To be embraced by your generosity and your caring, or to exhibit her choice, the freewill to deny the worthiness within that would allow the generosity to be accepted. Each offer of generosity requires a conscious decision upon the recipient to accept or refuse. Often some small insight or life change occurs, and all falls into a new perspective. So postpone your resolve and continue your spiritual offering of generosity. It brightens your spirit and gives hope to those who walk beside you in your cooperation in the Fathers work. Do you understand ?

STELLA: I guess. Thank you. I will just keep on praying for her.

HAL: Is not generosity like love, like patience, like concern for others. It is not necessarily a conscious awareness. Is it not a nature we build within ourselves as we try to do the Fathers Will. It comes as an automatic nature, as though is just the way things should be. When the era of Light and Life comes everyone would be generous and loving without being conscious of being generous and loving. Just a part of your basic nature.

JAREL: This is , of course, the hope that with the evolution of Light and Life a condition would be brought about where all is in harmony and peace would be the by-product. However these muscles must be developed. It is not a condition brought on by osmosis. The conscious deliverance of generosity, kindness and love are conscious decisions. We have pause to remember our lesson on forgiveness. The forgiveness of the transgression simply sets aside the transgression. It is there, but beyond the peripheral vision. However once love is the companion of forgiveness the love TRANSFORMS the transgression. It no longer exists. So you see each element is a conscious choice, and a step in the direction of transformation.

HAL: Then this conscious effort to be loving, generous, and forgiving should be a willful decision rather than just accepting it as the natural way things are.

JAREL: We are willful in nature, calling upon our survival skills, and those often take precedent over our conscious decision to transform. You are wilful and understand this principle, do you not ?

HAL: Yes. Is it then that in our early evolutionary stage in developing a spiritual nature that the willful decisions are necessary.

JAREL: Absolutely.

HAL: Then as we progress spiritually these things become automatic in our nature.

JAREL: It is an evolution, and each is on a singular path, each is in its own progression of development. That is why we have much to give each other. We have many things to share as we learn, so that we are equipped to teach, but only those things we know through surrender of our willful nature to the love of God and His Will as we enact it in our lives. The dragons we meet along the road of our progression are fearful things, and yet as we stare each one in the eye we are surrendering to the fear, and it dissolves around our feet. It is impossible to continue with these dragons in our path. Only confrontation and surrender allows us to understand the nature of these dragons. It is easier to put the fears aside, to our peripheral vision, and as the surrender transforms the fears, the love transforms the transgression. Do you see ?

HAL: Yes. A gradual evolvement of these traits of character by making willful decisions in facing our dragons.

JAREL: I am most pleased that these lessons are thorns being plucked from inside your house.

HAL: Will we have these decisions of love, forgiveness, and generosity in the morontia worlds as we progress ? Will we still have dragons to conquer ? Is it just a further growth of love and forgiveness in new realms of learning ?

JAREL: Dear one. Just as the adolescent years are sometimes the most difficult in your life here on Urantia, the most trying, and yet your opportunities are much greater than you will ever know henceforth. The Fathers plan is a much gentler one henceforth from now on. The learning pattern is much more humane so to speak. You will be shown the possibilities and be given the direction in which success can be achieved. However the choice will still be paramount. The willfulness will take aeons to conquer.

HAL: In spiritual growth we are then adolescents and teenagers. May we live thru it successfully.

JAREL: This is so.

HAL: Thank you so much.

JOE: Jarel. This is Joe.

JAREL: Greetings Joe.

JOE: I have a bit of difficulty with someone. My sister to be precise. I try to be patient and as generous as possible, with my capacity at this time, It is a big difficulty because of her charfater and the way, she acts and handles her prpoblems. I am at a loss as to how to be generous becauseevery conract ends up in conflict, not only with me,. I am trying to look for a way to reach her. I really don't know how to go about it.

JAREL: The question ?

JOE: I heard your lesson today and your comments on generosity and how we need to implement it. I was wondering if you had any comments on how to make this relation better,

JAREL: You would like to know how to apply these principles to your relationship.

JOE: Yes.

JAREL: In conlflict there is a clashing of wills, and this tension must exist when a conflict emerges. You must be conscious of its existence and allow the expression of your sisters concerns to be exp[ressed without residtance. You may ask for your teachers of Jesus to come and be with you when next this situation occurs. Be conscioous of your part in this rfelationship that primarily your love for her is the paramount element 9n this commhunication. Practice and notice where this breaks down and what occrs at that point you will be amazed. Is this worth a try.

JOE: Yes.

JAREL: This is the major stumbling block.

JOE: THank you.

DONNA: I have a comment that occurs to me in regards to Stellas dilema with her friend. That the spiritual value of generosity and yet how somepeople seem to be unable to receive generosit, or do not seem to be open to it. There it occuirs to me that gift giving is a two-way process. There is the giver of the gift, the person who wants to give, and the other part is tehe recepticity of the receiver who need to be open to it. Theyt need to be willing to receive gift. Otherwise the gift giving process annot be completed. Some p[eople are not ready to receive, not prepared to receive, perhaps don't trust enought to receive. It is a two-way process. It then follows that we need to be ready to receive, as the gifts from the Father.

JAREL: This is very well put and well received and ddemonstrate the point that when the receiver is ready he will accept the gift. And yet the giver does not know what must occur to prepare the recipient to receive the gift. It is indeed a two-way street, and yet the recipiebnt of the gift must acccept or refuse. This is a concious choice. If you are no longer in a position to accept the transformation is halted. THere is no gift to receive ifd they have been withdrawn and no opportunity to later receive is not present and no longer is choice available to the receipient as the Father is working within him. Each dxecision is his own. Do you see this ?

DONNA: Yes indeed. I also wanted to comment on what Hal had said about the fact that as we make it our will to do the Fathers will and let that play out in our lifes, then we are given the fruits of the spirit, and I belkieve that generosity is one of the fruits of the spirit.

JAREL: THank you Donna. Your comments are most welcome.

STELLA: If this generosity of gifts is refused in this life will there be an opportunity to resume this in the morontai worlds, or does it end here ?

JAREL: Nothoing really ends or has a beginning. The opportunity for exprression will continue on the MOrontia worlds and therafter. This gift will be given in the future as it has been given in the past. Never feare if each has a solution to a p[roblem or an idea that seems practical in its appliocation you will have an oppotuntnty to demonstrate your theory an dpracticlalappliciyon in the future. Is it not amazing that the continuatiion of our ability should continue.

HAL: Jarel could you8 speak to thje attitude of the giver in generosity. The purpose of being gvenerous. Do we give for our benifit or for the benifit of the recipient. It would seem to me that if the recipient is not receptive to the gift maybe we are giving for the wrong reasons. Could you speak to this ?

JAREL: Yeas.m It wouold seem that we wold be acting for the recipient, and yet that is n ot true. All that we do is to enlighten our own being to participate in humanity. Top rise above our fdears. To reach the spiritual goal of the Father within us. To coperate fully with HIs plan for Light and Life. The by-product is that mankind is served by our kindness and generosity, and yet we are the ones that are glowing. Do you understand ?

HAL: Somewhat.

JAREL: With each act of kindness your are enlighterned and made more brilkliant or recognizable to the Father as your place in His progression of ascenion and evoliution of mankind.

HAL: Then generosity and the giving is part of the growth of the well ?

JAREL: It IS the growth of the giver.

HAL: Thank you.

MARLIES: Jarel, this is Marlies. Is it also possible that we as the givers, if we are having a situation that is in conflict with another person we wishiung to be generous may need to reevaluate our generosity. Sometimes I have found in my owncase that what I am willing to give and what ai wish to give is what aI feel the other person needds where as the other person may not feel the need for what I am giving. We are assuming something from the receiver that they may not wish to receive. Maybe we need to step back and reevaluate what we are doing.

LUCILLE: They may be expecting something different. I some times wonder if there is not ovewrindulgence at times.

There was extensive discussion and examples of individual experiences. It seemed to summarize that we sometimes need to step back and evqaliate our re;ationships ingiving and to pray.

JAREL; You each have sao much to give each other in the way of experience as demonstartyed here. It is my ferverent knowledge qnd knowing thqt eaach person requires love and understanding and kindness. These things if offered will have their effects on your l9oved ones. The intracacies of communication have many aspects and examination as you have demonstrated ios neccassary. IT IS THE WISE MAN WHO GIVES NO ADVICE UNLESS ASKED. This has been a most rewareding seesion for us all, and specially for me.

And now if there are no more questions I will leave you. I am assuming we will meet on this new schedual next week. FARWELL.

GROUP: Yes we will be on the new schedual. Farwell Jarel.

Say that is getting quite poetic.

Discussion. We are getting to be quite good teachers ourself. Much laughter. Maybe Jarel will approve.

JAREL: Dear ones. That is all the plan.