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Teachers:  Jarel, Olin  

Lesson topic: PATIENCE.

T/R Betty.

MAY 22, 1994.

 This your teacher Jarel. My personal love and gratitude is sent to each of you this day. You are always in my heart. It is my pleasure to be assigned as your spiritual guide in this teaching mission. Let us begin with our prayer.

 " The presence of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. Wherever we are He is with us, never to leave, always a comfort, and our light."

You are loved beyond all comprehension. Today we have witnessed the wonderful interaction of respect and love that you have for each other. This radiance abounds throughout this NATION. This communication has been enhanced by necessity because of the violence, and the peace to follow. The violence that erupts concerns the whole world. The media that reports the violence increases the necessity of your communications as ambassadors of peace.

Today our lesson is on PATIENCE. Let us contemplate this word patience. Throughout history this has been the key. The key to mankind, the vehicle of his faith (pause due to a distraction). This one hears everything.

   When the children of Israel were taken into the desert they new not where they were going. How long were they called upon to follow in faith and patience. This is the tempering of mankind. This is the fire from which all is born. Patience. It is the vehicle by which we are transformed from one embryo into the butterfly. Each has its metamorphosis. Each individual flowers and then dies. It is the peak, the pinnacle of existence.

  Patience is the typical task of the parent, to witness the child in patience, as he grows and develops. It is the world spinning on its axis. It is the natural evolution of time enacting its metamorphosis on earth. It is the expansion of the universe. The planning for mankind, for all of existence. The pulsating. The expanding and retracting, each like a heart beat. Each subject to the Will of the Father, the Creator, the Holy One.

 When we are asked to come together we know not what the end will produce. We must be patient. We have assured you that the preparation would be two years. This is not cast in stone. Some groups are longer. Some are ready in a remarkably short duration of time. Ready for what. you ask. Patience is my response. The great truths of the Urantia book are the fruits of patience. The plan enacted to bring these revelations to mankind began long ago, long before its publication. Just as you have been selected to be the cornerstone of the foundation that is being erected in Christ Michael's mission of Light and Life. Then there comes the dragon of impatience. The dragon by which we measure our success against time. The fear of regression and lack of understanding, and yet I say to you, pray for patience, pray for guidance, and all will be revealed in time. The lamb will produce bundles of wool as a sheep and yet the wait does not seem a burden. The product of this wool will produce many things, and yet they are not evident at birth. When we are questioning the efficiency of this slow evolution we are impatient for things to occur today. It is because we love our brothers and sisters. We love our land, our country, our heredity, our culture, our security, our peace of mind. We crave these changes to occur so that we may witness them within our lifetime. Much growth is achieved thru the tempering in the fire of waiting. I'm sure this topic has kindled many questions within your mind. We are graced today with visitors in preparation of their own teaching groups. Before our question and answer period let us still our minds and concentrate on PATIENCE, and receive the impressions given to you by our visitors and myself. Let us remember, we are loved and among friends. There will be no judgement here. All is embraced by the light and protected by the Father. So, loosen your tongues and allow these impressions to be spoken. Question not whether they are your thoughts or those of another. All is relevant. and the practice will be of great assistance to your personal teachers. So let us begin... pause... Patience.

JOE: (As T/R) Patience is faith. Faith is patience.

HAL:(As T/R) This is OLIN. Patience is the cornerstone of material existence, where time is of the essence. In the spiritual world time is less critical. Impatience becomes less of a problem. You each need patience with yourself. So do not question yourself. Respond to the inner leading's of your thought adjusters and your teachers. Patience is a prerequisite of love. Patience is required to accept and to understand another. Patience is difficult in the material existence where we want results now. Each one must curb his impatience. Accept things as they are. Strive to live with them in time. 

  Visualize the patience of the Father as He patiently waits for you to find Him. To know His Will for you. His patience is unlimited. His patience is Omniscient. His patience is omnipresent. His love for you is patient in your learning process. Try to emanate His love and His patience in your daily life. We will be with you each and everyone, impressing you with concepts of the Father. Latch on to them. Work on them, and enjoy the journey. Thank you for this opportunity to be with you.

LUCILLE (As T/R) Patience grows. You do not have it at first. As you mature and pray to the Father your patience will grow, a little at a time. It will take an upward turn as you contact your thought adjuster.

DONNA: (As T/R) Patience has a quality of peace as you watch things unfold in your life. Seeds and plants placed in the ground have activity in the earth that you cannot see until it breaks though the soil. Then suddenly they reach up for the light, and the plants begins to grow this way. Bread in the oven is baking and assuming the form it will take when finished, but this takes time for the bread to become bread. Before that it is just dough. There are many many examples of patience in our lives all around us. The satisfaction of knowing that we can do our part, our little part here, and our little part there until it all comes together. Those in school or in classes know how it takes a lot of patience to get thru the entire course. You listen to your lesson and your teacher, do your homework day by day and do your assignments, eventually the class comes to an end and you get your grade and that makes one more link in the process of getting your degree. So it is with most everything in life. A little bit at a time until it all comes together.

JOE: (As T/R) Tolerance begins with you and within you. Be extreme in your tolerance with yourself. Patience is having the faith to allow to God to instill His will.

DOUG:(As T/R) I Verona address you on this wonderful issue, patience. I remind you, patience is an act of Faith. An action not recognizing time or space. Difference between the maturity and immaturity in all specie's is their ability to wait patiently for the unknown and the unseen in relationship to their wants and needs. This quality of patience has great value to assist you in becoming the great agondonters of this sphere. Each is gifted and blessed to develop this value in your spiritual growth and development. It will be of tremendous value in the morantia progression. So please keep in mind that you progress at your own pace. Forget the time aspect. Focus your consciousness on the objective. Disregard the time element. You will become conscious of your attainment of this virtue. Please ally to witness these developments in each of you. Greetings. My peace be with you.

JAREL: (Betty T/R) Thank you. Thank you all for your contributions. Each is progressing in a remarkable way. Even the ability to concentrate more fully on the thoughts that are occurring at the time. Let us now have questions and answers.

HAL: Jarel, undoubtedly it is this element of patience that we need in order to tolerate what is happening in the world today. I would like to ask, as we were discussing earlier, about the so-called group consciousness that was referred to as the cause of some of the phenomena that occurs. I would like to ask to what degree are we responding to and subject to this group consciousness of our immediate surroundings and the planetary group consciousness. how much are we actually affected by this group consciousness ?

JAREL: The consciousness of the individual is a part of the group. When the critical mass of the individual is changed in awareness then the reevaluation occurs. We have seen this phenomena in time, and recently we have witnessed this principle in gun control. For years it was tolerated, but as each became more fearful of the violence produced by these weapons on the streets and in our neighborhood the consciousness erupted in a voice for change. So it is with all ideas and principles. Some of these things are precipitated by science, pointing the way to a better application, as in medicine. People have been revered for their voice for the masses. You are still a participant of your culture, and as you have witnessed in your bible group, that it is best to participate in the parameters of your culture, and great growth can be achieved, silently as well as vocally. This has been a lesson thruout time. But each has control ultimately over sound choices and decisions. These are again your authority to change and decide on a daily basis. So I say, yes you are one of the whole, and yet the evolution begins with the individual. Does this answer your question satisfactorily ?

HAL: Yes. Very much so. May I add then that group consciousness is necessary for change. We cannot depend on our leaders or elected officials to make these changes that are for the benefit of society without the group consciousness behind them..

JAREL: The leaders are the servants of the people. They voice the opinions of the conscience of the people. However influenced, this is the process of democracy.

HAL: Democracy is then a method of group consciousness ?

JAREL: Yes. Ideally this is so.

HAL: You earlier mentioned a critical mass within the individual. Would this then be what happens in this so called 'born again' attitude towards Jesus, or any other cause . Is it that the individual reached a critical mass of thoughts that causes this to happen ?

JAREL: Dear one. You misunderstood. The critical mass is of the group. The born again experience of these christian's is a gift. it is not explained as a scientific equation. It is the communication between the Father, Christ Michael , and the Conjoint Actor. It is the salvation. It is a gift.

HAL: Thank you very much for this clarification.

DOUGLAS: Teacher Jarel.

JAREL: Greetings Douglas.

DOUG: I have a question of a sort. Lately I feel like I am one of the zealots in Jesus's time. I have this great desire to do great things, and then I get a little frustrated thinking about a thousand years of correcting time, and I realize that it is something that is not going to occur in my lifetime. Yet I have this desire to bring the changes about and be a participant in these changes, I realize that we are very much a participant. That we are on the front lines. That we are on the front wave of troops bringing about this action of Light and Life. I don't know. I kind of have the feeling I am being left out. I guess that is the way I feel. It all take places when we won't necessarily see it even though we have had a part in it.

JAREL: Dear One. I understand. And I must say that when Grandfanda reached the shores of paradise his reflection back thru time was no less jubilant because he was the first. I fear we suffer from lack of 'warmth from the fire'. It is your task to be the evangelist of the group. It is no accident that you find yourself where you are. This is again a lesson in patience. You are an integral part of our group, and your pride in the group is reflected in your actions, and the assistance each offers to the others.

DOUG: I am overcoming this. I just see so many positive things other groups are doing, and I wish that we had the ability and means to come together as those who have lesser knowledge of our planet, our God, Christ Michael, and this wonderful teaching mission. I guess maybe I am being judgmental. These people don't have the wonderful teachers that we have that take the time to give us this great spiritual development and guidance, yet they are doing and making tangible contributions even with their lack of spiritual guidance that we have. They are making the contributions that I think we should be making, and so I feel a little frustrated sometimes. But my rewards are that I become rejuvenated as I feel more people are responsive to the these teachings and the text. Maybe, I just need to focus a bit more. I'm sorry.

JAREL: Dear One. If I could ease your heart I would. When the weaver works the loom there are the threads that go in both directions. Reinforcement is often required in the area where the pressure is most applied. This a time old method brought on by the experience of the weaver of the garment. The elbows are often worn, and so the reinforcement is applied at the elbow, which is the point of stress. So you see that a short distance and with a little patience we have a great deal of reinforcement to contribute to the tapestry. It is with great sadness that I cannot make the end apparent to you now. For even I am not aware of the end results. Yet I know that the fabric of this group is invaluable to the whole. The faith acquired, and the patience to continue would be heightened if your practice of seeking the stillness and asking for peace were expanded. It is always available to comfort you. I am always available to converse and stimulate your mind. I love you and care for you, as I do for each one. I am with you when you call, and together we enjoy the companionship of each other.

HAL: Jarel, may I add a comment to Doug's, as another human ?

JAREL: Please do.

HAL: As another viewpoint from another human. I think we all feel the same frustration that Doug feels. We all feel that we could do so much more, we would like to do so much more. We feel that we are not adequate in what we are doing. I think that is universal to all of us who are striving to do the Fathers Will. Yet I feel for my own self, as you have brought out in a previous lesson that we are each a grain of sand on the beach. Without these grains of sand there is no beach. Each one of us is necessary to that beach. We contribute a small part to the beach. I feel the same thing with our efforts in this mission. We do what we can. We strive. There is always so much more that could be done, but we are but a grain of sand making up God's beach. That helps me accept the fact that I do not do all that there is to do. The grains of sand on the other end of the beach are also necessary for this beach. They are doing what they are able to do, and not worrying about what is happening on our end of the beach. But we all feel the oneness of the beach. The oneness of Gods Universe, of which we are a part.

JAREL: This is a fine analogy. Yet in each of our lives we find the opportunity to serve. We find even if it is to comfort a fellow traveler on our road, or to give an embrace of encouragement. It is appreciated and the kindness is of great nourishment to your being. DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE YOUR LIFE.

DOUG: Thank you teacher Jarel. I am hoping I am not being to trivial of myself. I talk of this group and the love within our group all the time. I relish this love, as I see the faces of the people I talk with, and I speak of our diversity, and the love as we come together in this teaching mission, and it pleases me. I wish I could divide myself into three people to do the many things I see to do.

JOE: Your doing great. Keep it up.

HAL: Together we make up this end of the beach, this part of Gods Universe. But like Doug we want Light and Life to happen tomorrow.

DONNA: Jarel. May I add to Doug's comments here ?

JAREL: Please do.

DONNA: In our earlier discussion we were talking about changing the time of our meeting so that we can attend our own churches. Hal expressed a desire to attend his church and I have had to choose between this and my church. This might help Doug's query that maybe we were all meant to be a sort of leaven in our church circles, bringing the light of the Urantia revelation to existing groups without starting a new organization.

JAREL: Just as we witness in Douglas we are aware that participation in life allows for us to share and radiate love from the Father. As we participate we touch others. We have the opportunity to serve and interact with others. This participation is the spore that travels from person to person, from mind to mind. It is the leavening agent within our being that can be exchanged with others. We see the good work that comes from participation, in the encouragement of help needed that we alone can provide, or inspired to act because of this need. Stella has been a guiding light in this area of participation. I encourage each of you to participate in life wherever your path may lead. Do not judge the value of your participation as you have been chosen to give the leavening spores of your being to those you encounter.

If there are no further questions I will leave you with great   love and affection. This one tires. Farewell. This has been a most stimulating session.

DOUG: Thank you Jarel. You are the best.

JOE: Thank you, and our love to all of the prospective teachers and our best to them in their teaching assignments.

HAL: Thank you Jarel. Farewell.

STELLA: Farewell. I am not sure that I agree with you, about myself. (Much laughter followed.)

JOE: We'll get into that later, and discuss it without Jarel, if that is possible. (more laughter). Farewell.

Group Discussion On Session

STELLA: I am not so sure that what I am doing is helping on the spiritual level. We are helping these abused women materially but I am not aware of any spiritual help.

MARLIES: But we are not to judge this. The" action is ours, the results are Gods". How can we judge ?

 DOUG: What prompted my discussion was a wonderful group of people I met on the train who call themselves the Jesus People. They are from Chicago. They just bought a 10 story building. They feed the hungry. They shelter the homeless. They help people to start business. They are doing all these wonderful things and yet they do not have what we have, the Urantia book and its wonderful spiritual knowledge and the life of Jesus. I would like to have us, with this great revelation, doing more. They are doing all these wonderful things, but in talking with them about the Urantia book they have something missing that we have. It is difficult to pin point.

DONNA: All religions and individuals have done wonderful things in this world throughout history without the Urantia book. The list would be endless, including my Mormon church, Christianity, and non-church people. Granted, we have a specialized mission of revealing the Fathers love, and having it spread of its own volition.

HAL: If we get down to basics what is it that the Father wants ? Is it not that, each one of His trillions of people in His Universe learn to know His love, and to do His Will as they see it, as they find their way to Him ? I don't think He is concerned how they find His love and learn to do His Will. Just that they do it.