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Teacher JarEl.


T/R Douglas

February 6. 1994

JAREL: The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we are he is with us. Greetings to you dear ones.

GROUP: Greetings JarEl.

JAREL: Pleased am I this day to be in your presence and to share with you the love and fellowship of the Father that has come into our knowledge thru the text and the grace of Christ Michael in establishing this teaching mission. It is joyous for us to come together to share in the fellowship and the true desire to be about the Fathers business, and to know the Fathers will, and to enact it during our daily mortal lives.

It is true we are reaching higher and higher in our quest for knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms of the universe, and of the divine plan the Father has enacted for all of creation. We are seeking to know the things that will enhance our spiritual beings, and will enable us to participate in this glorious divine plan of mortal ascension.

Your knowledge is increasing, and your desires to be about His business. He has blessed you to acquire enlightenment and the light that shines upon each, individually and collectively, that will guide you thru the difficult times, and upon all of humanity. There is struggle. There is conflict. There is doubt. These are elements of your existence that you will overcome in time and with practice of seeking the Fathers guidance. You must know that your enlightenment and education in divinity is progressive. It is not in one sitting that you come to the knowledge of the Father. It cannot be in one sitting that you can acquire all of the knowledge necessary to carry you on to eternity. The Father has ordained a progressive program of experience in learning that allows you to take upon yourselves small increments of knowledge and experience that becomes part of your growth. And you grow in experience. Often experiences are similar. Not always the same. But similarity exists, and similarities help you grow more into the knowledge of the previous lesson. So fear not that you are repeating over again the same experiences. There is an overlapping for your benefit, to firmly root in your being those lessons that are necessary for your overall development.

I have had many of your earth years to do and to repeat lessons. They have been ingrained in my being. I speak from that that I know as you in time will do also. So knowledge is important. Not necessarily the intricacies of all things, but a general knowledge and perception of all things. This will enhance your beings and will make you shinning souls for the Father.

Your encounters with others of spiritual light and luminosity will make you tolerant of others. More receptive to others as you seek to know the Father as He blesses you with that knowledge and perception. You utilize that knowledge to make better fellows of yourselves. More spiritual beings, enlightened and tested thru trial and experiential living to become the greater being.

The education process on Urantia is one of step by step increments, passing from one grade to the next. Likewise on our spiritual level, you pass after you have acquired the knowledge. Unlike on your planet you are often passed because you have surpassed the time and the age requirements for that grade.

In your Morontia existence no such requirement exist. You will pass when you have acquired that which is necessary for you to move on. This should be very helpful to your understanding of spiritual values in the morontia existence. You will not pass because of time spent or maturity arrived at for that level. Only thru the acquisition of those characteristic lessons in values will you move forward in your ascension career. Again, time is of no significant importance. As you see, many who have come to Urantia to assist in this mission have volunteered and interrupted their ascension program to acquire this experience, and to assist you in your growth.

The resumption of that ascension program will add new experience to these beings. So again I remind you, be not concerned so much with the passing of time, as the acquisition of those values that are necessary for your development. We ask of you that you seek the Father, and seek His guidance. Here is the true education of your beings that He will address and guide you in your lessons and experiences in this life.

The mission exists to support direction to higher knowledge. To discuss openly, truthfully, those issue in your lives that will help you to become better. It is our aim that you grow more spiritually with the aid of your teachers and celestials. We trust from the example we have received from you in this group that this plan is working well. Again our numbers are small, however our spirits are strong. Our growth is firm. We have seen the blossoms on the tree. We know that the roots are well nourished. So I greet you, my dear ones, my students. My faithful companions in this mission with greetings of joy, peace, and tidings of gladness at your growth, your countenance.

I will receive your greetings and questions at this time.

HAL: Hello JarEl. Greetings and welcome back. Your comments on knowing the Fathers Will were well taken, and very apropos. It seems to be one of our great needs, understanding when we are doing the Fathers Will, and when we are doing our own. Striving to completely blend our life with that of the Fathers. This is where we need growth.

JAREL: Dear one, you may not always discern the Fathers Will from your own. That is because as you become more spiritual. As you seek often His presence you have submitted your will to His, and that your desire becomes His will. Your are in tune. You are thinking and feeling in unity and oneness with the Father. So it is difficult to discern your will from the Fathers. However the results of your thinking and your will manifest whether His will has been done, for out of it good will come.

HAL: Thank you. Then we should be striving for our will to always be the Fathers Will. Our will and His will to be one and the same.

JAREL: Yes. The discernment of His Will will come about in your daily lives as you seek more to submit yourselves to His Will. When you submit you have given over the authority of your consciousness to Him. You have opened yourself to allow is presence to indwell your being. You are becoming more like Him. As you become more like Him it is difficult to discern the two. The two are becoming one. Others are seeing in you glimpses of the Father. This is wonderful.

DONNA: Thank you JarEl. This is Donna. It is encouraging to know, to hear that sometimes the Fathers will and our will is the same as we spiritually progress. That is very encouraging and heartening to hear. Once in a while the Father wants the same things we want, as long as the results are good.

JAREL: It is His desire to give to His children not only that which they need but also that which they desire of good. So often we do not see that His will has been done in your request for various things that occur. The occurrence pleases you, but at the same time you have pleased the Father. It is His pleasure to reward your efforts with positive growth.

LUCILLE: JarEl this is Lucille. I understand that Joe needs a lot of prayers and positive thoughts for his accident that happened on the job. Also Stella called this morning and wanted to send her greetings to you, and was sorry she would not be able to be here today, as she wasn't feeling well.

JAREL: Thank you. We will visit with those who are absent and attempt to comfort their hearts and their minds. I would ask that you come together in prayer and remember those who are in need of your spiritual healing and prayers. This is participation and fellowship with love.

BETTY: Greeting JarEl. Often times it is very hard to feel that we have direct guidance from the Father as to what His will would be in our lives. However it has been my experience that I am impressed, or I am moved to do some action, make some move. Much like I moved to California. I look back and I see that had I not come to Calif, I probably would never have the text, or be a part of this mission. Only in hindsight can I see that it was the Fathers will that I make this move. Is it true that the beginning s known at the end and end is known at the beginning so that in a way we are being prepared continuously to do the Fathers Will if it is our desire to be of service to Him.

JAREL: Dear one, you have been told many times that you came to the text and this mission not by accident but by plan and preparation, It was your time. Hindsight is always clearer. You may not know the Fathers Will in advance of events. That would be predictions. We do not subscribe to predictions. Knowing His Will in your life daily you are secure in knowing that you will daily do certain things. Circumstances enter into your existence and change the routine of your daily life. Here is where you seek to know His will. Should you do thus and so, should you take this action in regards to the circumstances. Should you feel emotionally or spiritually a certain way about the event that entered your existence. The guidance that comes to you is not of a phenomenon nature it is often very subtle. Very small assurances that you are proceeding correctly. You must make an effort. You must move in a direction. You must make a decision to allow the guidance in your being. You must submit your self to the guidance. Here you will find an easement in the confusion of, am I doing His will. You will be guided. The decision will be made The action will be taken. Now look for the good to come from those decisions. Those actions. Those feelings. You will know that the Father has guided you aright.

BETTY: Thank you JarEL. Please indulge me. I have one more question. Douglas came over earlier this week and we talked about when we transmit your teaching. I told him that you give me a little pep talk. He said that you didn't give him the pep talk. You just say you can speak now. I have been thinking about it all week. I wondered about the difference in your approach to us. Is it because I need the pep talk.

JAREL: Most certainly. You are different beings. You are unique. Your development is not the same. What is needed for one is not necessarily needed for the other. This one felt slighted that he did not receive the pep talk. You on the other hand were feeling why do I need this pep talk. Two extremely complicated beings spiritually developed. Growing wonderfully. Beautiful beings. We love you, and we will always give you that that you need. I can foresee the time when you will say 'where is my pep talk'.

BETTY: Thank you Jarel.. I love you too.

LUCILLE: And then there are others of us who are not able to transmit.

JAREL: This is not totally correct. We have reminded you that all are capable. There are varying degrees of this ability. We have suggested different approaches to this group so that each might find that level of ability for themselves. We have suggested the writing technic, the computer technic, that of speaking even in the stillness, that of the journal. There is visualization, and that of impressions. These are various technics that will allow different approaches, for each will have found that level of communication that will allow you to receive our messages. Again sometimes it is very subtle. However those who have sought in ernest the stillness communication can be achieved. Many beings are around us that assist in the technic to assist you in this communication. So avail yourselves. Experimentation. Try. You each have individual teachers and this transmission should be of an easier nature if you are in communication with your teachers. Does this help you to understand ?

HAL: Yes, we will have it on the tape for Lucille, who had to step out. Each of us need this same thing.

JAREL: Yes. The shepherd must feed the entire flock. I desire to be a good shepherd.

HAL: As a good shepherd could you indulge me in a philosophical point along this line. I received a physical body from my father and mother, by design or accident. I have received a mind from the infinite spirit. I have received a thought adjuster as a fragment of the Father. I have received the spirit of Truth from Michael.. Who am I ?

JAREL: Philosophical. Who am I ? You are a part of the Father. You are a spiritual being, ascending to the First Source and Center. Uniting there with the Father and becoming total spirit. From there you will be a finaliter and on into eternity. This is your potential. This is the destiny of your potential.

HAL: Yes. That is my destiny, but who am I now ? Where did I come from. ?

JAREL: The personality of this being originated in the Father. as all of us have our being with the First great Source and Center. Our individuality is one of the whole. You cannot separate yourself from the entirety of the Father . You may recognize your existence but that existence is one in step with the Father.

HAL: I then am an expression of the Father ?

JAREL: Indeed. as we all are an expression of His will.

HAL: I am expressing a bit of His nature?

JAREL: This is true.

HAL: He then is experiencing himself thru us ?

JAREL: Thru all of creation. The supreme is acquiring experiential knowledge.

HAL: The Supreme is also a part of the First Source and Center ?

JAREL: As you have been taught.

HAL: Thank you, that clarifies a philosophical question. Thank you.

BETTY: I would like to ask you. Without our teachers, I know that Lansia speaks to me sometimes in the morning when I first awaken, and Colia has gone to be with Joe. We set a time aside every day to be with the Father. I am a little confused. Should we set aside a separate time for our teacher also, to have a separate lesson ?

JAREL: The time you set aside for the Father can be a continuation into a time for your teacher presence. Each teacher has their own agenda. I would suggest you consult with Lansia . Ask her presence. Ask what is convenient in you schedule to receive blessings and impressions. The assistance is always available at any hour. All you must do is ask.

HAL: Do our individual teachers have lessons designed for us, or is it more for questions and problems ?

JAREL: Both lessons and clearing of confusion.

HAL: They do not have organized lesson then ?

JAREL: More directly as a result of their interaction with you individually. Each individual teacher will assist your individual growth. To help you along and be of encouragement and guidance in those areas that you have particular need.

HAL: Then a time set aside for the teacher would be beneficial. ?

JAREL: True. However understand that when you seek the Father you are also seeking a contact with the teachers that the Father has given direction to. So often the teachers will come in that response.

HAL: Yes . I get confused . I get into the stillness with the Father. I don't know who is contacting me. Is it Jarel there, is Olin there. Am I talking with the adjuster. I get confused.

BETTY: I think that I have become accustomed to your presence and I recognize you when you are with me, when I invite you. But I am like Hal I have not been clear as to where the guidance is coming from. Now I can see it. You have clarified things for me quite a bit.

HAL: The guidance comes thru the teacher then ?

JAREL: That is quite often the case. You ask for specific guidance and are given your instruction. It matters not if it is our voice or that of another. You will not necessarily hear the Fathers voice. Again, subtly, He does many things.

BETTY: I am sure it was Lansia who told me to put a box over my bosses head.

HAL: There is also another clarification I would like in seeking the Father in the stillness, as to the relationship of the Father and the fragment that has been assigned to me. Do I seek the Father thru the fragment. Is He a separate entity or are they both one and the same ?

JAREL: As you know the Father fragment is from the Father. So they are one and the same, joined. The fragment will reflect to you the Father. When you speak to your adjuster and he speaks to you it is with the voice and the knowledge of the Father. The help comes from the Father.

HAL: The fragment is the Fathers means of communication with us then ? Or does He have a separate means of communication too ?

JAREL: The fragment and other circuits. The Father has numerous, too numerous, helpers. We are all at His assistance.

HAL: The fragment is part of that assistance.


JAREL: Yes. And so are your fellows. Your comrades, the midwayers, Cherabin, Guardian angels, your fellow mortals are all in the keeping and guidance of the Father. You may receive aid to your problems from one another. This is as Father directed.

HAL: Yes last week you said when we receive love from our fellow man it is love from the Father.

JAREL: This has been Michaels message to you. To share love. By sharing it becomes more powerful. It has the ability to change lives of others. You must give that which you have received unconditionally. He has loved you continuously. You must share it unconditionally with your fellows.

HAL: It is great to know that when we enjoy being with someone they are sharing the Fathers love with us.


BETTY: I think what has made it clear to me is that I must have faith that I am being helped, and I am being guided. It doesn't matter so much if it is the fragment , the Father. or it is you. It is that help is available. All I need to know and trust that it is forthcoming.

JAREL: This is so. You must trust the process that you have submitted yourself to. Allow it to work in your behalf. We understand uncertainty and doubt, but we are not prone to making miraculous events occur to prove to you that you are under divine guidance. Again you, like those of old, you would believe only in the miracle and not in the truth of the miracle.

HAL: Then a simple faith is all that is needed. We don't need all of this analysis we have been giving it. The simple faith of the christian faith, a belief in Jesus is all that is needed.

JAREL: The simple faith of the child, as the master has given by example. You must be born again. Born to trusting complete. The example has been given in his life in the flesh. He had 100% faith in the Father. He trusted the Fathers Will in all aspects of his being. You dear ones, must trust the Father likewise, knowing he desires only your good. Allow His love to change your being. Allow His love to assist you in growing more spiritual. Share this love with your fellows. Do good unto others.

HAL: Jesus knew when he was doing the Fathers will. We are not sure when we are doing the Fathers will. We do not have that 100% confidence that we are doing the Fathers will.

JAREL: It is not instantaneous, as we have said. Small increments by experience. Trial and error. Be not afraid of error. There is growth in the mistake. Correct it. Get back on the path.

DONNA: JarEl. This is Donna. I was just thinking about going into the stillness and the Father fragment. It kind of comes to me that the Father fragment is made - happy for want of a better word, joyous in the opportunity it has to be in further touch with its source and center when we go into the stillness. Perhaps this is one of the main purposes for us to be in the stillness and worship, that is to let the fragment be bathed in the light of it's greater source. Thereby helping it to more or less turn on. Do you have any comments ?

JAREL: Yes. This does help the fragment to be in touch with the Father. But the experience is one for you. The fragment will always have available his contact with the First Source and Center. but to experience thru you is a different thing. The growth that you experience becomes part of his experience. Remember you and the fragment will be one. At time you will not be able to discern the difference in your personalities. Once that is achieved it will not be distinguishable.

HAL: That would be the point when our faith is 100% complete in the Father ?

JAREL We cannot say that the time of 100% faith will be at that point or this point. Remember education is progressive. Your ascension career is progressive. You learn at each stage of it. It is an eternal progression. So again, those areas of doubt and faith will continue throughout.

HAL: Even after we have fused ?

JAREL: I am not a fused being, so I have no experience as to the thought of doubt of faith in a fused being. But I would think that fusion would eliminate all doubt.

HAL: I thought fusion took place somewhere along the morantia journey. You have completed that have you not ?

JAREL: Not in entirety. I am ascendent still.

HAL: I thought we completed the morontia career, and then on to the next experience of Salvington.

JAREL: The ascendent career is different for each, and each are at different levels. I have not fused as of yet.

HAL: That's after 25,000 years ?

JAREL: Approximately.

HAL: What is time to you ?

JAREL Of no significance. I speak in terms of time for your clarification, to give you a framework to relate our teachings to. But to me individually it is of no consequence.

HAL: Do we lose the consciousness of time in the morontia career ?

JAREL: In the later stages. You will be less conscious of what you call time.

HAL: This has been most enlightening and informational. We appreciate it. We should be going soon however.

DONNA: I want to thank you Jarel for taking time to guide me and clarify my questions, and bring me out of the darkness as far as the contacts I have. It has been most helpful.

JAREL: All are welcome. It is our desire to be of assistance to Christ Michael. This mission allows us an opportunity to learn experience and grow, and to assist you ascendent mortals on your way on the same journey. Thank you for your patients, for your dedication to this cause. For your continued support. For your love, that you share with us and with one another. We urge to continue this state, and to be of one mind in love and unity . To follow the leading of the adjuster. To listen for the still voice of the adjuster in your daily lives. Remember the Father guides subtly.

HAL: I am anxious to read this on the transcripts when we can study them. Have you any comments or suggestions on the transcripts ?

JAREL: No. you proceed well. You have ample guidance and help from these who are present. The process goes forward. Thank you for the dedication in doing this tremendous task. I commend you for your efforts.

Dear ones, My love I leave with you. Being at peace and unity with one another. Pray for those not present. I will visit all. Thank you.. Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell. Thank you. We look forward to another lesson.