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Dark Times Are Coming To This World


Prayer:  Mother and Father, we come into your presence to receive your healing in our minds and bodies.  Restructure us in the way that you know is for our highest good.  We are open to receive you.  We do this with faith and with sincerity and with the joyfulness of being your children.  And we thank you for everything you do for us and in us because it is all a measure of your love.  Amen.  


My beloved children, this is Nebadonia who greets you.  My arms are open wide to receive you.  Present yourself before your Mother so I may deepen my embrace in you for you to perceive more of me, and to receive my ever-abundant love encircling you and imprinting upon you.  Feel your desire for your Mother, my sons.  Allow me to bring more of myself into you.  (Pause)


Dark times are coming to this world and you will need every bit of my love to hold you steady as you watch your world crumble about before you.  But be of good cheer and be joyful for this is a mere trifling passing of the old shadows of the past as your Father’s new foundation rises up from the ashes.  Will you be mindful of this during this time, or will your minds’ succumb to the fear mentality that passes all around you? I ask you to stay focused within now; ask yourself this question as I move more of my presence into your being.  (Pause)


My motherly hand will guide you through this transitional period of planetary growth and change.  And it is my desire that you learn to come to me moment by moment to receive my love to steady you through this transitional period.  You all have been given much assistance, and I have many helpers at your disposal for you to engage anytime you need a deeper level of peace and joy and understanding to be whispered into you to keep you strong and spiritized, especially while engaging with your less-aware brethren.


Allow me to seed more of your Father in you this evening.  For as we have taken you into a realm of compassion and understanding and forgiveness this is part of your training and experience to have as your base to draw upon.  We would that you would use these now each and every day, each and every moment if you can, to stay strong in your Father.  Allow this impressioning to deepen.  Ask to receive the fullness of my love encoding in your cells, changing you, making way for the new foundation for Michael’s truth and light and goodness and beauty; making way for everything that is highly beneficial and transformational. (Pause)


Every molecule of your being must be bathed in my light.  Crave this, my children.  Invite the deeper opening of your being to receive my imprint that reverberates a new deep creative outpouring of my love within it.  Crave this; this is your nourishment.  You have been so deprived at a very basic level.  Crave this, my sons, as I continue to feed you.  (Pause)


Buried deep within the strata of your evolutionary culture lies the intentional purpose of your personality – the reason you were created to exist.  Ask for that purpose to rise up to the surface of your consciousness.  (Pause) 


The pain of the evolutionary struggle as it has played out on this world is not an indicator or signpost of your being-ness.  It is a mask; it has created a certain level of defendedness within your psyches as to containing the difficulties without becoming so emotionally devastated by them.  Beyond this lies your true soul self.  Your Father and I are here to free you from so much pain and fear of your emotional bondage, these long-held erroneous beliefs.  Feel your desire for your true intentional purpose to be illuminated upon your mind and deep within your heart.  No longer must you be shielded from seeing yourself as it truly is.  Crave this, my children, this is your divine birthright to know who you are.  (Pause)


Your Father has created you in his image.  I am the Breath of Life who moves through you, creating more room in you for his being to reformulate you.  Come to him now, present yourself before him; receive, receive him.  Ask for the fullness of his being to move through you, deep within you.  He will make all things new in you; you only have to ask.  Receive your Father.  (Pause)


Now localize a particular area in your being that you wish him to heal.  Stand naked before him in your sincerity, in your humility as a small child, in innocent trust.  When you feel this, simply invite him into that place that requires his touch.  (Pause)


The more you present yourself to us in this way the more you will receive our love, our being, the essence of purest light that transforms everything in you.  We have said to you:  how beautiful do you wish to become?  The choice is yours.  And this is our gift: to teach you how to come to us in faith and purely receive our love.


Think not of your struggles day to day; think only of us and how we long to share ourselves with you, our beautiful children.  There is no boundary as to what you can receive from us; it is only limited by you and your distractions of daily living.  So in these times when you present yourselves to us, know that you are changing.  And even though your growth is slower than you would like it to be, it is nevertheless steady and accumulating.  All we ask is that you remember to come to us each day to receive. 


I will pause now and entertain your questions when you are ready to speak.


Student:  Mother, is it possible to explain a little more the dark times you were talking about?  Or is it something that we need to go through and take it on faith?  I was brought up in a religion that talked about the end of the world being absolute chaos and wreckages, and being in my enlightened state I find that image still persists.  I would like to get rid of it.  And also thank you, thank you for all the gifts you’ve given us.  I truly appreciate it.


Nebadonia:  C, my son, the darkness that is still upon this world will be here for a time to come.  How will you perceive this is indicative of how dark this period will be.  Will you perceive it through the eyes of fear, or will you perceive this through the eyes of joyful celebration as the old becomes fully embraced by the new way?  Will you see upheaval?  Yes.  Will you see turmoil in men’s souls?  Yes.  The darkness that you perceive is merely an indicator of these certain ideas that you hold in your h! eart.  If you can perceive this as a time of joyful celebration, do you feel this will make the transitional time easier for you?


Student:  Yes, I do, and I also feel that it is a joyful kind of celebration in my own life and also in the world.  It’s just that these old images I find myself immersed in from time to time and I want to get rid of them because I don’t think they are accurate.  I’m much more enjoying the freedom I have now as compared to the old ways.


Nebadonia:  Can you still see them as perhaps dark times but yet feel the joyfulness in allowing them to be known and perceived for what they are as the transitory shadows of the old yielding to your Father’s truth now encircling the planet?  Will you be able to perceive it from this perspective?


Student:  I can a little bit already.  I think it’s already going on with all of changes especially in this country that have happened. 


Nebadonia:  When you see through the eyes of fear, simply call upon me and ask me to feed you with the truth.  I will bring into your being a joyful celebratory awareness that will give you greater hope, greater strength, and greater courage to keeping on walking your path of faith. 


Student:  Thank you, Mother.  I will do that.


Nebadonia:  And be in my peace, my beloved.


Student:  It seems that my life is moving more towards direct teaching work.  I had an idea of integral teaching work of the Urantia Book and traditional religions.  I’m wondering if you have any suggestions you would share with me or comments.


Nebadonia:  D, my son, what is your idea of a light bearer on the planet?


Student:  Someone who is in the experience of the one which is the I AM, which is what I believe everything is; your central message.


Nebadonia:  Do you perceive that it is more important to teach or to bring people into the fullness of experience of this light of the I AM presence?


Student:  I certainly don’t think I can teach anything; I am just an instrument of that experience in any situation, or attempting to be in that experience myself and sharing that with anyone.  I actually think it’s being an instrument of the Holy Spirit in any situation. 


Nebadonia:  In your desire to teach your brethren, would you consider to be leading them into direct Father experience to be a valuable instruction?


Student:  Absolutely, somehow from my perception of it it’s finding where a person is at conceptually and to lead beyond any concepts into direct experience of the Father Infinite which fills the gaps in all the concepts.


Nebadonia:  And this is one approach.  However, as an instrument of your Father and me, we now invite you to learn how to lead a person more directly into experience without engaging the intellect, without going into the conceptual framework, and just being a conduit for us to move that person into the next level, where their Father Fragments can further illuminate their mind.  If this is now a direction that you would wish to take, in your stillness state simply ask for the information you need that will help lead a person into direct experience when you first engage with them.


There are many ways in which this will occur with an individual.  And it will be incumbent upon you to remember that this is the most important component of spiritual growth.  For each person has certain frames of reference of godliness or spirit-likeness, and it is not your role to elaborate upon the concept as it is for you to know how to tap into the yearnings of that person’s soul and lead them into direct experience.  This is what our children need.  This is what has been so sorely lacking on this world.


And you as these bearers of the light of truth are in a very advantageous position now to bring a direct experience into our children.  You only have to ask as each person is presented before you and say:  ‘Mother and Father, this is your child.  Open me so that I may implant them in their being with the magnitude of your love so they can receive what they need to grow.’  And it will be given to you each and every time you remember to ask.  Do you have any comments or questions about this, my son?


Student:  No, that sounds very lovely.  It’s excellent.  (Other comments too faint to hear)


Nebadonia:  And it shall be given, and you shall know a great joy in bringing their parents to your brothers and sisters.  Be in my peace, my son.


Student:  Dear Mother, once again my heart is almost too full to speak.  I want to say thank you, thank you.  Thank you for the teachers.  Thank you for this constant assurance of your presence.  It’s good to feel you inside me.  And I can’t begin to express what it feels like to have my dear friend Welmek inside me guiding my hand.


Nebadonia:  My son, you are simply enjoying the experience of being loved, and there is so much more that awaits you.  All we ask is that you come into the fullness of this in time as our embrace imprints more of ourselves upon you.  And be in my peace.


Student:  Mother, I want to extend my gratitude for the honor of having C and her two boys live with me because the universe knows that will be a positive and nurturing and loving environment for all of us.  It has been quite interesting these past two weeks—the challenges, the openings, the growth; and letting go of controlling my environment. The more I try to control and manipulate, the less connected I felt, the less happy I felt.  That’s not who I am.  That does not help them at all.  So what I experienced and the question I asked myself in wanting to connect with God, with truth: it’s all fine and dandy to create an environment of! quietness and have music and candles and to meditate in that experience, but the real key to experience that connection amidst a challenge, chaos and upheaval in one’s life.  Because I have taken those steps the environment has changed in our household and things are opening and moving.  In only two weeks. Thank you for these experiences, and my closeness and oneness with the Creator of all. 


Nebadonia:  You do recall the words you would speak about becoming the purest vessel of our Father’s love, do you not?  (Yes, I do.)  And do you also recall the many lessons about how challenge is the most stimulating environment for growth and spiritized thinking?  So, my son, now that you have had some of your dream fulfilled, has it been worth the effort you have put into it?


Student:  Yes, it has.  There’s a quality of being that is a richness.  It’s beyond words.  I know there’s so much more.


Nebadonia:  And now you are living it, and you are embodying it, and you are sowing the seeds for more love to grow in your home.  This will give you multiple blessings abundantly, and you will see them repercuss in your life over and over again.  This is all because you made the effort.  And be in my peace, my son.


Student:  I always remember one thing that was said in one of the transmissions, which keeps me going:  ‘God is only a thought away.’  That is my peace.


Nebadonia:  And so it is.


Student:  Dear Nebadonia, thank you for my improved physical and mental health as I try to get ready for the near future in transmitting and my travels.  I would ask for advice in general. 


Nebadonia:  V, my son, stay close to me.  Ask to feel me each day, even each breath you take: let that be a reminder of my presence within you.  Open your heart to receiving the fullness of your Father and let his ways stir within you a new vibrancy and a new charm of his gracious goodness.  Allow those places within you that are still yet unspiritized to be yielded to the new way in his light of truth.  Open yourself up more fully than you have to receiving the fullness of our presence.  We will stir in you mightily.  Be ever mindful of each quality! of thought, and ask that when you feel it is not completely at oneness with us, for the new way, new truth, and maximum love to overshadow that which is in your mind.  Do you have any questions now, my son, of what we are guiding you to accomplish?


Student:  What is the difference between your love and Michael’s love, it’s a little hard to discern.  I would ask for that.


Nebadonia:  When you are calling out for me, ask for an awareness of a mother’s love to touch your heart.  As you do the same when you focus on your Father, let it be so in your heart.  In time you will begin to perceive.  At first it will be somewhat impractical for you to discern.  I would say that in trying to discern you will not necessarily notice anything.  Discernment will come in time and it will become more seamless and more easily articulated, and you will gain the skills of knowing how to use this quality of seamlessness in transmitting both the mother’s and father’s love.  For there are times when you need a mother’s touch in a situation with your brethren, and times when you will need a father’s love.  Focus now on our relationship.  In time know that those levels of discernment will become more apparent in your mind.  Do you understand, my son?


Student:  I think I do.  Thank you very much.  And be in my peace, my beloved son.


Student:  Mother, I would ask a question.  I have a very dear friend who knows you quite intimately, but expresses some hesitation about recommending the whole Teaching Mission project and feels maybe transmission might lead to some kind of dependence that would injure our own ability to contact you and Michael directly for ourselves.  This is a concern of mine too because I can’t think of any more wonderful gift to receive and to pass on to someone else in transmitting spiritual truth myself.  In my own heart I have no reservations whatsoever so I’m not sure how to help this person with their reservations. 


Nebadonia:  J, my son, many people will have doubts about the ability we as your spirit parents and spirit teachers have in communicating with you humans in this very direct fashion.  This is far beyond the normal day to day living experience that most people encounter.  And even those who are on a rugged spiritual path may find it difficult to comprehend that all of the help available to an individual is there for their highest good.  And instead of leading to a certain level of dependence, it will act very harmoniously in concert when they elect to use a teacher or a seraphim or whatever means they choose. 


But people have many ingrained biases and judgments that they place upon certain paths of growth.  It is not for you try to convince another person.  Simply allow them to be where they are.  Just share your truth with them as simply and sincerely as you can.  Allow the seeds that you have planted the time necessary to grow in that individual’s mind.  In your attempts to offer your experiences, speak only of how the experience has changed you and magnified your sense of God-consciousness.  You will plant many more seeds this way and then let it be.  B! less that person for the path he or she is on and ask for the Father’s will to prevail in that person’s life.  That is all you need to do, my son. 


Student: Thank you, Mother. Let it so.


Nebadonia:  My beautiful beloved children.  There is so much yet to come in your lives.  You are just beginning to taste the joy and the beauty and the splendor that awaits you.  Think only of the goodness to come.  Strive each day to be with us as your loving parents.  We will build a great mountain of power and strength within you.  You only have to ask and it is always given.  Never hesitate to ask for this, it is yours.  And it always has been.  Receive now our blessings upon you, and slumber in us this evening, the sweetness of our kisses upon your brow.  Good evening, my children.