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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Teachers: Lantarnek
Topics: Spiritual Luminosity
April 25, 2004

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR):  I am here with you today, I am Lantarnek.  I embrace you in this circle of loving children of our great and glorious Father.

You are ambassadors of light stationed on this world to reveal the Father.  It is by virtue of your unceasing search for truth and your dedicated application of your comprehension of truth that you are assigned to Michael's mission.  Michael maintains a spirit presence on this world through a mechanism whereby his consciousness is everywhere present.  This light of Michael is hard to discern by the eyes of the human creature, for it is unlike the physical energy that stimulates your eyes that you recognize as light.  But this light is gathered and concentrated within each of you; you are, as it were, a globe which assists Michael in broadcasting his light that others may see. 

Being such a lamp Michael takes you into the darkness and the confusion and brings spiritual luminosity.  It is he who takes you forward in ministry; it is he who holds you up that his light may be seen as it comes through you, as it descends upon another and is recognized. When Jesus said he would leave this world so that he may  return in great power, while he referred to the authorization of the release of his Spirit of Truth by the Father upon this world, he also knew of the compounding influence of every one of his disciples who have come into his love, who have adopted his way, who have become ignited and aflame by his light.  This is your solemn privilege.  You are collecting and disseminating the very manner and method of Michael.

I encourage you to each day aspire toward the release of  greater spirit luminosity to fill every room.  Such radiance is recognizable by any soul at any level of growth, for this living light is like water to a plant.  No matter how young or how old, it is still absorbed.  You are making Michael visible. 

I recognize the uncertainty of the human mind that perceives its own flaws of character and inconsistencies of behavior, of  shifting desires, of human hungers and of high ideals.  While  you work ever and increasingly upon your character remember that  Michael also walked upon this world and faced the very same human issues.  He excelled in the unfoldment of his personality  and the enlightenment of his mind.  You too are undertaking these very procedures, and, while he is the creator and inherently has within him the ability to overcome much that is perplexing and trying to the creature, you are indwelt and overshadowed by him and therefore have his creator presence such that you too are enabled to overcome these same complications.

Picture yourself across a field and in the distance stands a figure of a person whom you recognize, one you have not seen for many years.  Rising in you is a thrill, a joy, an intense desire to be ever closer, for the time has been long in such an embrace.  You run, and it matters not the rocks you jump over, the bushes you tear through. Every stumble brings you back to your feet.  You thrash, you tear, and you pursue giving no thought to anything else but the encounter.  I recognize in every one of you the same tendency in your spirit ascent, ever willing to scale your obstacles, to tear them aside, and to push forward, never giving up, fully recognizing the reward of love, of fellowship and communion.

Let your light ever shine.  It brings warmth to your fellows.  It ignites the sense of love, for light and love are really no different from one another, merely a different angle of perception.  It is the revelation of the divine as recognizable to the human mind and heart.  Be you translators, be you light, and be you love.

I welcome your comments.

Evelyn:  That puts in perspective that our stumbling is merely stumbling and doesn't really effect our overall progress to rush to meet our friend.

* Lantarnek:  Such enthusiasm is willing to overcome all barriers.  One does not wait until the path is clear, for that may never happen.  In  order to reach the meeting nothing else matters of such importance.  While your faults may be present they grow smaller in the desire to join in communion, to receive that light, and subsequently you become a disseminator of that light.  All obstacles lessen in their impact and importance to you as you focus primarily upon the higher way.

Evelyn:  As we recognize others as also rushing to meet their beloved then maybe we will be less likely to hurt those we stumble into.

* Lantarnek:  Much peace would be recognized upon your world if each one of you could recognize that very enthusiasm and longing for the divine in everyone else and to put aside all differences of viewpoint, all conceptual frameworks, for these two are overcome in the common and united recognition of every soul seeking to be in divine embrace, to be part of the Father's family, to be loved and to be able to love with that same intensity as God does.

Mary:  Thank you for your comments today.  When you said we are ambassadors bringing Michael's light to the world I thought how, if you set your light under a bushel it's lost something crucial.  If you set your light on a hill... and that resonates with me.  Earlier in my life I desired to withdraw from the world  and be more with nature and less with people.  Now I find myself in transition where I enjoy interfacing with people.

Stumbling towards my goal, I appreciate that because I am trying to work on overcoming my character obstacles.  You can have a virtue, a good trait, but if carried too far can become a hindrance.  I have a logical, analytical approach which
sometimes is good, but over-analyzing can lead to inaction.  I appreciate your coaching and your comments today.

* Lantarnek:  I thank you for your reflections for they are beneficial to those who receive your comments.  They resonate with many others, and this is itself ministry.  Your shift of perspective from one of seeking solitude to one of social engagement may be likened to the kindling of a fire wherein the initial spark is nurtured and coddled until it takes strongly, until the fire grows.   Without this personal attention you could have lost your luminosity in the confusion of many others' influences.  Now that the fire burns brightly it cannot be hid. 

It is recognized from miles away.  Such is the change in your orientation.  It illustrates phases and does not indicate a right or wrong orientation. As your regional Melchizedek I am enjoying witnessing each of you from afar.  I perceive everyone of you in your location through the very light that is your soul.  Throughout the days I monitor your engagements by observing this brilliance.  It is the means whereby I can perceive your location.  At this hour we are in conscious understanding of our community.  This visitation of one with another transcends space. [We were tele-conferencing.]  I hope that it deepens your appreciation of one another even while at a distance.

Thank you, my friends, for your attention today.  Elyon is away, he is attending to another group.  I honor our association.  It is a great pleasure to be of service to Michael with fellows like yourselves.  It is the hope of everyone of my kind to be assigned to those like you, for you have accomplished much in preparation that allows you to recognize more clearly our effort and to do so helpfully and to not only recognize but to become energized to join the team and reach out to your fellows.  It is a thrill to discover higher truths and deeper love, but it is even more exciting, having become that yourself,  to present that to your fellows with joy, with compassion, understanding that what you have attained awaits them.  As you express in this manner you further unfold; you climb to higher vistas of spirit standing.  I thank the Father for giving me to you in this assignment.  I take my leave.