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Gorman; Why We come Together - April 29, 2004 - Teleconference

LIGHT LINE – April 29, 2004


Why We Come Together 

GORMAN: Good evening, everybody. This is Gorman. I am a secondary midwayer and it is my pleasure and privilege to be in your company this evening. I am looking forward to our discussions as they relate to the work of the realm. The midwayers are very engaged in the material life. We have many projects under way and we are thrilled at this emerging new age wherein we are able to make such good contact with you, so many of you, at long last, after having made many attempts over many ages with the mortals of the realm in one way or another. I have to confess we have not always been altruistic. We have had our share of dysfunction and rabble-rousing, just being kids, you know. Not what you’d really call "wicked" but mischievous, much like you yourselves have been children in need of supervision. We share that commonality with you.

I have had the good fortune of working with some of you, consciously, some of you not so consciously, but you would be surprised at how many of us are aware of other projects other people are engaged in because we have such a great networking system, we United Midwayers. Like you agondonters, we have not always been united. You have yet to congeal as United Agondonters, but that may not be in the cards -- at this point in the planetary evolution; nonetheless, there will be certain groupings of people, just like this Light Line connection, wherein people who have something in common or a passion, an avocation or an interest -- delight to share together in that interest.

There are different levels of this kind of interaction. Some could call it reversion or recreation because, well, in truth, we are a good lot of fun. We are -- even the more serious-minded or professorial teachers in the Teacher Corps --are nonetheless very engaging. Probably better than most Tuesday night television schedules. Delete that "Tuesday". I don’t know what’s on Tuesday. Any night, for that matter. The point being that we are often regarded as recreation or reversion.

There are others who come to these gatherings, be they as they may, because they enjoy group worship. They want, need, crave, desire, enjoy the idea that they are free to love God in company with others who love God. It’s like raising your voice in song, singing together in the choir. When you know the words, you know the beat, you like the tune. It’s a song you just can’t seem to get out of your head and you enjoy going down the street whistling and "doo dah day."

There are also groups who come together for therapeutic reasons, who have what they call soul sickness, who have wounds that have abscessed and fermented for so long they are almost a part of the environment. They are so ordinary, you don’t even know they are a problem until you find yourself in one of these catharsis situations with others, when you know you can trust the others, because they are in the same situation. This kind of camaraderie is very powerful, very bonding, very real.

There are other reasons, too, why a group will come together. Well, yes, I’ll get to my point. My point is that I come around when I see people getting together to do something. To actually DO something. Like, get out the floor plan. Draw the details, measuring as you go, then gathering up your level and hammer and nails and saw and tape measure and hard hat or whatever it is you need and actually getting down to business and doing something. This is what we enjoy doing because we are material creatures. We like to do things. We like to--

[… well, you might like to build a tree house. We would build a tree house, too, but it would be of a different material. Isn’t it peculiar that we ae invisible to you but we are material? That just is enough to make you wonder about what material is. Those of you in this Light Line who have a familiarity with the Course in Miracles would recognize the essence of that concept. You would "grok" what I am trying to say. For most people would find it a very foreign idea. Well, I didn’t mean to get distracted. Perhaps that was part of the recreation.]

I have a passion for the synergy, the synergy of group activity. I see a Broadway revue of cancan dancers, with all their legs kicking up at the same time, and the feathers in their hair bouncing in rhythm. Look at the work that went in to create that artistic demonstration of utter discipline and art. This is the kind of work that excites me. When I advance, which I am anticipating, I am very much looking forward to working with the artisans. I would love to work on the pageants. I don’t know how they do it. I can only speculate, but to the extent I speculate, I have wonderful ideas, and when I see others, like you, with your ideas, I have additional excitement because I am affected by your enthusiasm, and between yours and mine we have suddenly threefold or quadrupled our excitement, and this is a very attractive energy.

You may be assured, however, if you are going to get together in a circumstance like that, there are those who will stand back and watch and wait for the first time you stub your toe or make a mistake to point out to you how foolish you are to have tried such a thing in the first place. But you must not let that stop you. You must not let that slow you down. You must not let that cause you to question your motivations.

You know how it is when your sister’s kid was four years old, five, six years old, your nephew, perhaps it is your grandson. Some kid you have had in relationship. You couldn’t keep the kid down. "Sit still in the chair!" the mother would say. He wouldn’t sit still. He didn’t know how to sit still. He had to be doing something all the time. If he was in the chair he would be hanging over the back of it or leaning over the side with his feet over the edge, or looking down at the foot of the chair to see how it was related to the carpet or the piece of furniture next to it and what was on the furniture next to it constantly looking, investigating, finding out what life is all about.

This is how you are. Some of you are as curious and as undisciplined as that child, but it is, even so, an energy that cannot be put down. Allow yourself to have that buoyancy of your childlikeness such that when you are told to sit in the chair, you make the chair an interesting place to be. Continue to use your resources, whatever they may be, to buoy your spirits, to soar your creative imagination, to use your mind – not necessarily to think with, but perhaps to create with, and enjoy the universe that exists between your ears. It is in this area where ideas are. It is from the creative font within that the ideas bubble up, through the layers, to be revealed as inspiration. Ideas. Things to do.

In this world, I understand that there are few of you who have time left over to look for something to do. I’m not talking about taking out the garbage, polishing your shoes, canceling the paper, training the dog. I’m not talking about those kinds of things. They are always there. I am talking about doing something for God, for the evolution of this word, for the enlightenment of the lovely orb on which we reside. Whether that is enhancing what is already good, revealing what is hidden, denouncing what is wrong, however it is that you reveal yourself and your personality. This is what we get enthusiastic about.

Why? Because there are so many people who go through the motions of life. They just trod on like ants. Relatively content within that paradigm fit for ants. But missing the opportunities to do something. Now, I admit! I admit I might have what you might call "ulterior motives." I admit it because I have been here a long time. I will be here a lot longer than you will. I will be here long after you are already gone. And so forgive me if I take a moment to impress upon you my encouragement that you do something while you are here to foster this reality.

Because by doing something to foster the reality of … [Do I have to describe it? Do I have to define it? … Well, let’s call it "god consciousness", "awareness", "being all that you can be." That kind of thing.] … makes this life dynamic. Vibrant. Thrilling. Powerful. Not just all those loud emotions, but real, solid, concrete, a firmament, exalted, noble. It makes the simple things like making maple syrup a sacred act. It adds the dimension of the divine. It takes it out of a two dimensional existence, or even three dimensions and adds the dimension of the cosmos, the universe. It brings the reality of the divine, the "christedness."

(Such a vocabulary problem we have with all these new words. Trying not to alienate this factor or that sect. We are all the same. We are all in this. We don’t want to alienate anybody, so we observe our language.)

I don’t want to overlook the importance of the essentials, like having a family. That is certainly doing something. That’s very elemental and cannot be discounted for anything. That’s very vital work. But again, it’s even more vital when God the Father is a part of the paradigm of the family life. That whole dimensional shift is apparent. The results are also apparent, and they will be apparent in the next generation. You see there is a great deal of work to do.

Perhaps my greatest weakness is my impatience, but then again I think that might be my greatest strength because it motivates me. I cannot tolerate my own weakness so I walk around seeing it in you and I am reminded of how many years I wasted being a child in need of supervision, a pleasure seeker in pursuit of nothing in particular. Until I saw I had wasted a great deal of valuable time, and though it takes what it takes, I am active now. And, of course, I am gratified when I perceive that you, also, enjoy being active on behalf of this reality which we truly cherish. I know you cherish it, I can feel it. I can feel it through the Light Line that we share. You reflect back to me the value that you are feeling now, right within you, that Harvey feeling. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, any questions?

Marshall: Hi, Gorman. This is Marshall.

GORMAN: Hello, Marshall.

Marshall: A pleasure to hear your voice and what you’ve conveyed here. I have taken on your United Midwayers motto as my personal motto. And recently I’ve been working with a secondary midwayer brother intensively in the last month or so, I’m not sure of his name, but I do transmit him and he has been a great help. Any suggestions Gorman you can give me in working more effectively with and cooperating with this exceptionally engaging, delightful new friend?

GORMAN: Well, I am very happy for you. Thank you for sharing that news with all of us because, you know, we are all just tickled pink to be actively involved with you mortals – particularly you mortals who are paying attention and know we are there! That is our greatest new toy! We’ve been working with people who don’t know we’re there and that’s fine, but there is nothing quite so gratifying as working with someone when they are conscious of us. Are you and your buddy conversing aloud? That is to say, are you audible?

Marshall: No, I don’t hear him. I transmit him. I get a certain tone and pitch ringing in my left ear, towards the bottom, and I know he is there. I desire to make better contact with him and to utilize all that he is providing by becoming more consciously aware.

GORMAN: Are you working with him in the context of a project?

Marshall: The project being – evidently there is some new training that is being provided for me and I’m being prepared on the morontial level to receive greater morontia awareness and recognize new gifts to utilize.

GORMAN: Absolutely. Absolutely. Say no more, I can see the program all the way from here. I can see it completely. You are on the right track. Oh! Don’t pay any attention to me when I say "say no more" please! Say more!

Marshall: He is a wonderfully touching personality. Contact with him is different than with Mother or Michael or Ham, Abraham or my seraphic sisters. It’s almost like I can put my arm around him but he’s not there, yet he is there.

GORMAN: Certainly. Absolutely. Well, we’re very close, you know. We’re very close to you. Absolutely. Absolutely. And if you will recall my earlier conversation, we have had very much a background like yours. When our parents were whisked off, you know, we were rather bereft and left adrift and though we could have, perhaps should have, gone under certain arranged supervisory circumstances, me, many of us, opted to use our free will to learn through the school of hard knocks just as you have and so our experiential backgrounds are incredibly much alike, actually.

Marshall: May I ask a follow up question here real quick?


Marshall: With the first arrival on Urantia of the first and second aspect of morontia mind being offered by our Teachers here, for those diligent Urantia students participating in this on-sphere training leading to the development of morontia concept frames to support enhancement of mota-insight perception.


Marshall: Will this allow the assurance of faith to reach over the veil into this heretofore experientially unprecedented realm of the assurance of truth for those mortals that are absorbing these morontia concepts and gaining mota insight perception, Gorman?

GORMAN: Well, yes it will, as a matter of fact, and render you rather truth-revealing in spite of yourself.

Marshall: Interesting.

GORMAN: It’s simply a matter of becoming more Real. And real is something that you have a sense about, perhaps, but its only when you get there that you know what Reality is. This reality-izing is very complicated in conversation. It sounds very heavy, very matrix. But it’s really just learning how to be. But of course it is learning how to BE in a dimension you haven’t had before and so that is what makes it different. And you, then, are altered. You become much like a morontia creature. You walk around using your morontial values. You do this through the liaison such as you’ve got going with your midwayer friend. I’m going to have to find out who that is. But I’m not going to find out who it is. You can find out who it is. You can ask him. He’ll tell you.

Marshall: I will. And I’m sure he will. There’s no question in my mind.

GORMAN: If he doesn’t, tell him who he is. He just wants to respond to you anyway.

Marshall: Well, the names have been that important in the last several months. SO I’ll give him a name.

GORMAN: The thing is though, when you give him a name, he is even more personal to you. It’s like Harvey. You know Harvey?

Marshall: Yeah!

GORMAN: That rabbit? Well, we are a lot like Harvey, we midwayers. I don’t mean to downplay our value. I got to tell you, I know more than you do. But I don’t need to be honored or worshipped or any of that stuff, you know? I like respect but I know you do, too, so that’s just one of those camaraderie things that we share.

Marshall: Well, I realize that, Gorman.

GORMAN: Well, yes, this has been very engaging.

Marshall: Thank you, Gorman. A pleasure.

GORMAN: Likewise.

Marty: I miss you a lot, Gorman.

GORMAN: Yes, my friend, I knew you were here. I asked to come, in fact, so I could say hello. I found it very interesting, observing our transmitters reaction to the news that the Course is Miracles is now "up for grabs" as it were, as is the Urantia Book, as a result of legal moves to lift the copyright. This puts the field of publication in a new light. You know, Gerdean had tried to protect the Teacher transcripts and the Foundation had attempted to protect the Urantia Papers and the ACIM Scribes had attempted to protect the Course, but the doors are opening all around. The cows are getting out of the corral – or are they horses? – and they are galloping. They are galloping across the plains and coast to coast.

Marty: Thank God.

GORMAN: Indeed. There is still, however, work to be done. There is still plenty of room to present your truths from your perspective as something to do, for the cause. It remains that "the Word" is one of the more powerful tools that can be used to do something for God. Healing is a very powerful field – covers a multitude of sins. And publishing, which involves the dissemination, distribution, promulgation, broadcast of the word. All these are ways of talking the talk and walking the talk of speaking the gospel and being of service. God loves you and so do I. It really is very simple, but there are great opportunities for involvement there. Those who have no involvement are complacent.

Marty: You know, we’re getting our web site started now.

GORMAN: Yes. Yes, I hear you are. And you are coming up with creative solutions to programming it, patterning it, preparing it for exposure and expression. Yes, this is a wonderful source of joy and service.

Marty: We’re hoping that many people will find our work because of the Google search facility.

GORMAN: Indeed, and because of networking. The value of interaction with each other helps spread the word through the dimension of the internet itself. Of course, everyone doesn’t have internet, but sometimes it appears that this new global network of communication is a rather good parallel to the circuits that are installed throughout the universes on which all kinds of things take place, all manner of travel and exchange occur. By getting familiar with this material grid work, you are really practicing living in a morontial condition because you trust that someone is over there, but you cannot see them. Just like you trust that I am over here in this dimension even though you cannot see me. Just like you can see the effects of my work. Just like I can see the effects of your work. If I look. If I ask. If I pay attention. It’s only those who are involved who are able to network.

Google is – well, no I don’t want to say you might want to look into buying stock in Google, but there’s certainly a future in charting courses because of work such as Google’s. The copyright is lifted. Go for it. Go get it. Here it is! Look there! And when they look there, it will say, Oh, and him! And that! Them, too! Here we are! So, networking becomes like – I don’t want to say like a spider web because it has negative connotations and – yukky or icky overtones, -- but a webbing. Perhaps like crocheting. Yes, drawing them all together into a tapestry. That’s the image, yes.

Marty: Well, the networking also is a tremendous power. It brings the information that’s needed to the whole movement.

GORMAN: Yes, and it reinforces those of you who are in isolation.

Marty: That’s me!

GORMAN: At this point there is still a great deal of isolation on Urantia. But we are beginning to tap into the realm that Marshall was talking about earlier. The "reality-izing," the …

Marty: The circuitry, it’s the circuitry of all the minds on the planet.

GORMAN: Yes! Marty: Then in the galaxy.

GORMAN: It’s a recognition of intelligent life – here OR there! There is life and then there is intelligent life. That’s what I meant to say. There are dimensions. Just like there are seven mansion worlds. Which I have yet to go through. Maybe I won’t have to. Like you, maybe you won’t have to. Maybe we will all want to, but there are other dimensions that we know are ahead of us, but we can’t get there until we do right here.

Marty: I have a question.


Marty: Gorman, I have a question about midwayer life. That is about …

GORMAN: Hold on just a minute.

Gerdean: Marty, this is Gerdean. I just got the flash to check the tape so I’m going to turn it over and then ask you to repeat that. I apologize, but … better than losing it. [done] All right. I’m sorry.

GORMAN: Please, go ahead. Again.

Marty: My question was about the Thought Adjusters.

GORMAN: All right.

Marty: I was just asking, if the midwayers – I don’t think they have Thought Adjusters. But I really don’t know. And I was wondering what the midwayers’ relationship is with that.

GORMAN: All right.

Marty: Basically, what kind of guidance do they have of divine source?

GORMAN: We have the two higher adjutants that are a lot better developed than yours are. We’ve – you know, it’s said in your existence that … you have the senses, of seeing and hearing and smelling and feeling and tasting, and when – particularly the seeing and the hearing. When one goes, the other is accentuated, so that perhaps you are deaf but you can see things that someone who can hear wouldn’t necessarily see because they would have their ears to provide that information and vice versa. So if you don’t have something, something else is provided. Or comes into play.

It is true that we do not have the indweller, like you have, and there have been many, many unsightly sagas in our ranks equivalent to envy, I suppose, or self-pity, because here we are supposedly overseeing you people. You people have the god-consciousness – indwelt – and you people aren’t even paying any attention. So how are we going to do anything about it when we don’t have it? That’s also been a great excuse for us to be irresponsible, but I didn’t mean to get distracted with what our difficulties have been. I’m just telling you that knowing we don’t have the Father within (or the Son or the Mother!), we do have the two adjutants: wisdom and worship, that we have learned to use, rely on.

We’ve gotten a lot of our wisdom from watching the planetary dysfunction, but that cannot teach us anything until we have it … is it the word "parlayed" … by those above us, and we have gotten that perspective from the lower seraphim, like cherubim and sanobim who have helped us see with a higher perspective. Formations and patterns of your behavior that has given us something to work with. So we have gained wisdom and we have learned how to worship in absolute amazement at what we’ve seen. I particular, since we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and watching and enduring the supreme privilege of the Creator Son of this local universe coming here … to the "hood" … and we were enrapt from the minute we heard he was coming. There was no possible way we could not have been completely drenched in the living water that he brought.

And that kicked our adjutant of worship into overdrive. Even though we may not have seen God from our indwelling adjuster, we could certainly see him. How he dealt with people, how they responded to him, how that altered the whole hologram of reality. He was a dynamo! He changed us all! He inspired us to turn ourselves inside out and become someone else, and we have become United Midwayers because of him. And he was God, as far as what difference does it make. He was God incarnate, as far as we can see. We have to see how He is in a way we can understand him. It’s not going to do me any good to perceive him like Monjoronson might perceive him be


cause I can’t perceive like Monjoronson perceives. It would mean nothing to me. But seeing Jesus was like seeing God incarnate and it was an impressive revelation.

So don’t feel sorry for me, you know. It’s not like I’ve been without.

Marty: I’d just like to say this. You don’t have Father in you and you don’t have Mother in you, but with the enhanced spirit of wisdom and the spirit of worship, you do have the mother in you, and that is how it was that you were able to appreciate the incarnation of Jesus.

GORMAN: Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m telling you, Father does provide. I have every confidence of that reality. It’s just that I am not indwelt with a Fragment from Divinington.

Marty: Is that something that’s permanent? Or will you eventually have that fusion with the Father?

GORMAN: Oh, we anticipate fusion of some sort. We will become spirit one way or another, yes. It’s in the cards. It’s just not determined, to my knowledge, how that comes about. I’m of the opinion, however, that it will be paralleled with your experience, since we’ve been so close in so many ways. The only thing is the tenure of my sojourn here has given me a dimension that is one you can perhaps not understand until maybe we’ve attained Havona. A long time will have to pass before you can truly understand how long we’ve been here, because your life is really just the blink of an eye. Even compared to my life. Imagine what it is compared to …. Well, you can’t imagine, so don’t bother.

Marty: Well, I appreciate all of that. I have thought about our relationship with the midwayers and I was thinking of the ones that I have come to know and thinking about the relationship that we would have in the future epochs in our lives and in the Corps of Finality.


Student: And I certainly look forward to eternity with all of these friends and you.

 GORMAN: Yes, indeed. Thank you very much. I look forward to knowing you eternally also. I have the assurance that any time I run into you I will know I’m in a good place. I’m on "holy ground" as they say.

Marty: Thanks for coming tonight Gorman. We love you a lot.

GORMAN: Thank you, my friend.

Marshall: Do you have time for a quick one, Gorman?

GORMAN: A quick one what?

Marshall: A quick question.

GORMAN: Certainly. Where am I going?

Marshall: This is Marshall again.


Marshall: Gorman, the last couple of weeks on LightLine -- two weeks ago I asked Machiventa a question on this dawning new order of Urantia citizens, an experimental heretofore nonexistent order comprised of the mortal body blended with its morontia associate or counterpart, and he went on to elaborate, as you probably know, and then last week on Light Line Elyon answered some questions of mine confirming what my conjectures were regarding the function of this new order. This order would be becoming critical liaisons/ ambassadors representing the unseen planetary administrators in some unrealized capacity at this point to their mortal brothers and sisters. And then Sondjah on April 18th in northern Colorado, and Elyon confirmed my suspicions, that Sondjah was setting the stage in his lesson, was beginning to prepare us for this dawning new reality during that Colorado lesson. It’s very interesting to me and anything you could comment on regarding this blending morontia/mortal being that I first heard about from Avonal George back in … a little after Bill Kelly passed away … in mid-August.

GORMAN: I will try to find a way to convey a perspective. I cannot begin to speak for the Teachers and the big guys, but from my vantage point, from my perspective, what I hear them saying is a hope-filled prediction that you are grabbing a hold of because it promises you the opportunity to live in a new dimension with the assistance of morontial realities that will enable you to be an effective ambassador of the kingdom within the realm and that men will see you by the nature of this reality that has come to be as a result of this marriage between the mortal being and the morontial reality. Is this right?

Student: I’m right with you so far, Gorman.

GORMAN: All right. This is simply the result of your decision to continue to advance. This is you coming out of the darkness, coming in to the morontial reality. Carry the reality that you are gleaning and owning as yours as a son of god, incorporating it into the fibers and sinews of your essence, and altering you to become super mortal. You are becoming superhuman is basically what these big guys are saying. And you are awed. And I’m seeing it happen! I’m watching it happen to a lot of you guys and girls. It’s the natural course, but we haven’t seen the natural course. We’ve never lived at this phase of evolution before, either. Not on this world. So, in many ways it’s very natural, even though it’s exhilarating. But this is why and how the experiential life is necessary. This is how you learn these spiritual realities, through the vehicle of your material existence.

Yes, the word "illusion" comes to mind but I’m not going to go into this illusion stuff because it’s really more a reflection. Neither of them is unreal, but you become More Real, as you advance. The thing is when you start carrying around this morontial reality which you have earned because of the choices you’ve made in the situations that you have been in, fed your soul, enlarged your god consciousness, enhanced your courage, strengthened your faith, lifted your countenance, supported your truths – when you take those out into the arena, they can see you coming.

There will be those who will be furious with you, who will try to destroy you. There are those who will want to use you, will flatter you, so that they can get something from you that they want, thinking that is how they’re going to get it. It’s going to arouse all manner of reactions and responses in humanity, not necessarily the one you’re after. But they have to get it that way. They have to go through their own – what do we say? -- "karmic exercises"? They have to grow in their own spirit reality just as you have had to grow in yours. From an animal origin being on a dysfunctional planet like this one, into perfected sons of God. The living God. That’s where we’re headed.

It is exciting! And that they come down, from their place On High to tell you "this is where we’re going. Come with me. We can do this. This is happening" and to see you rally, rise up and forge ahead into the unknown, anticipating, "This is going to be fun! This is going to be glorious!", this is good. This is wanting to do something. This is wanting to be somebody. This is wanting to reflect the divine. This is building a new paradigm of light and life. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.Marshall: Really, Gorman!


Student: Thank you so much.

GORMAN: Thank you!

Marshall: It’s been uplifting and really a pleasure to hear you, an honor and a joy, also.

GORMAN: It’s been great fun, to boot. Anything else?

Marty: Say hi to Sarah for me, Gorman.

GORMAN: Sarah is here. Sarah has been observing, and for those of you who aren’t familiar, Sarah is a secondary midwayer also, and she has worked with Marty.

Marty: A lot of help, Sarah. Appreciate it very much.

GORMAN: She’s quite a wonderful personality, very supportive.

Marshall: Who else is there?

GORMAN: Well, it’s not quite the same as when we are in your living room, because this is more of a circuit and less of an arena, but there are even so ways to tap in. I know that Sarah is here because she wanted to come with me into the experience, since she also knows some of you. But there are many who are monitoring our conversation. Let me look and see who all is here, if I can. One moment.

Well, I see a smattering of midwayers, about a dozen morontia companions in company with the cherubim I mentioned earlier. There are 1, 2, 3, 4, -- 6 student visitors from other worlds. Abraham is looking on.

Marshall: Hello, Abraham.

GORMAN: Machiventa is apprised. And for the record, our record is being archived on this end by some transcribers or recorders in the morontia companions, so anyone can read the transcript and find out if I’ve been adequate to the task or if I perhaps could use some counsel or indeed if I have perhaps been an inspiration to my fellows.

Marshall: You have, my friend.

GORMAN: Well, I’m glad you think so. I was technically speaking more of my fellow midwayers, because we learn from each other gladly. Would that you would learn how to learn from each other, as well. But you are still more competitive than not. This too shall pass as you enhance yourself through this actualizing process we’ve been touching upon all evening. The result of group effort is so rewarding and so invigorating, it almost makes you want to become a part of a like-minded group of individuals interested in doing something together, even if it’s for a short time, because it’s a way of getting yourself outside of yourself, you see. It’s a way of becoming self-forgetful because you are concerned about the project. Then you are living a marvelous reality with your motives directed towards service and creativity. This is living!

We’ll get to more of that later. I think my T/R is wearing out. I think, too, that I would be in error if I did not also point out the obvious, and that is that our Michael Son prevails in all we do and the Divine Minister contributes to our every act. So we’ve had a good crowd this evening. Thank you all for coming. It gives me great happiness and hope when I see your eager faces looking up to the supernals for counsel and companionship. I’m glad you were content with me this evening. I certainly did have a wonderful time. Later!