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Teacher: JarEl

T/R: Douglas

Nov. 28 1993

The first 1/2 hour was not recorded due to a bad connection in the microphone. It may have been planned way as we discussed the personal problems of one of the members which maybe should not be in the transcripts. We got a good connection while Donna was discussing her experience in presenting the book to her mother and others.

Teacher JarEl: We are pleased at this knowledge. You found that your parent was not opposed to the mission. You found fertile soil. As you reach to others you will find that they are receptive to the truth of this mission. So e not hesitant to share the love and joy and the fellowship and knowledge the Father has blessed you with. In the past, members of the mission have been reluctant to reach out to others to share this form of communication. The Spirit of Truth is pervading all of Urantia and the minds of men are being opened with their hearts to receive the knowledge of the Father. You dear ones, are in the forefront of this mission. You are the ambassadors of Christ Michael. You are being prepared to help your fellows to be that light.

Let that light shine. That is why we admonish you to study the text, to read the transcripts, to interact with one another in the various exercises to commune with one another and your teachers. This prepares, this opens you up. This allows you to share, to be willing vessels, to give, to look with the eyes of Christ Michael at your suffering fellows habits and fears with a desire to improve their plight. This you can only do with the knowledge of the teachings. Allow the teaching to do the work for you. Plant the seed. Nurture it, water it, allow it to grow. Be the light that gives it strength.

I thank you for your efforts. I thank you, each one of you. You are given opportunities daily to share the light the Father has given you. Take advantage of it. W e understand that there are times in your physical beings when fatigue and illness overtakes you. This is fine. Rest. Rejuvenate yourselves and start out again filled with joy and dedication to share your experience. To share true fellowship. Thank you. (Pause) Are there other questions that you may want to ask of me? May I comfort you further?

Hal: JarEl, in our contacts, the making people aware of the wonderful things that are happening, every body seems to have such a negative feeling about what is happening. This I feel they respond to. Whether that is an adequate expression of the Father's will, I am not too sure. Does pointing out ht good things that are happening serve a purpose?

JarEl: It is as we have told you in the past, an opportunity to share this great revelation with others. In your efforts to find areas of agreement rather than disagreement, you have made great step toward attracting other people to this cause. It is easy to challenge another's belief, but it is more difficult to find those areas of agreement in their belief systems and show the parallel with that you have found. By you living this gospel, this revelation n, it speaks more than words can say. True fellowship, love, and unity cannot be defeated. Your fellows see this in you and they are attracted to it. They want to know the source.

The Father fragment within them seeks to bring into their experience this same feeling of fellowship and love. So they are open to the teachings and are open to the revelation. Avail yourselves of these opportunities. Continue to live the truth that comes to you. Put it into practice daily and you will do well in being an example, as Christ Michael was an example. You will truly be doing the Father's will. Take counsel of the Father and allow Him to direct you in all regards. :You will feel better spiritually.

Hal : Should we spread the word Urantia: It is a new and strange word to most people.

JarEl: As others come to the text, they will become familiar with the word Urantia. You know that it means earth. It means this planet in your language. You may share this. It will spark the curiosity. The curiosity will be fed by the text. Also by your experiences. If you relate to others the joy you have found in the text, that will be sufficient to give new life and meaning to the word Urantia. It will take root in their consciousness and they will associate the good with this word. The thought adjuster will have an opportunity to enlighten them further.

Hal: It was intriguing , the concept Patije has in a business card with the word Urantia "have you read it" and her name and number at the bottom. That intrigued me as a good way to spark their interest.

JarEl: There are many concepts and ideas that will develop as you study the text and transcripts. Your spiritual development creates a desire within you to share. This desire fosters creative ideas that will help you share with others. Share the ideas with on another. Use those means that will e a benefit to this cause. Experiment. We are in the correcting time so do not ab afraid to reach out and share. The secret is out. The growth has taken place. The mission has matured to that place it can stand on its own and withstand the winds that blow in discard. So fear not to reach out to others who are not familiar with the Urantia book or this mission.

Hal: This gives us more confidence in extending the word, and extending the concepts of this mission.

Violet: JarEl, I have just one more question regarding my sister, Just a little bit of advice is all. As you know we are quite distant in age. We have really been reared differently. When I discuss these things with her shall I just relay on my intuition in how to talk to her or do you have any ideas that I might use?

JarEl: Proceed in love. In sincere openness and honesty. Allow her to express her desires. Be not judgmental. Simply allow and embrace her. Respect her decision as a freewill choice. What will you think of others who make the decision to not go on into eternity? This may be a loved one, but you must respect their choice as the Father respects it. He will not force His will upon your freewill decisions. He will not counter what you have chosen for yourselves. At any time you may change. He will embrace you with the same amount of love that originally was there. He is changeless in this regard. Only we change our opinions, our decisions. He is ever with you. Does this help you?

Violet: Yes. I have always been fairly comfortable talking with her. Thank you very much for the comfort.

JarEl: you are welcome. If there are no further questions I will depart for not. Farewell.

Group: Farewell. Thank you again JarEl for another inspirational message.