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Teachers: Aflana & JarEL

Fear Not The Light

Practice: TR’s Learning To Speak When Signaled (Impressed) to Transmit

Regular Session

T/R's: Betty, Dora & Douglas

October 3, 1993 Sunday

Those present were: Hal, Lucille, Douglas, Betty, Dora, Stella, Marlies and Violet

The session started with discussion and the reading of individual impressions received during the week, prayer and seeking the stillness. After about 10 minuets the transmitter began to speak.

Transmitter was Douglas:


The presence of God surrounds us.

The love of God enfolds us.

The power of God protects.

Wherever we are He is.

Greetings to you my children of the mortal realm. I am Aflana. I am your Teacher, and I am happy indeed joyous to be here amongst you today. It has been sometime since I have addressed you. And I thought it fitting today to ask permission to do so. I am happy that I have been granted this time.

How wonderful it is to see how you all have grown from little seedlings. You have developed into strong plants. Your roots have shot downward and anchored in the soil of this knowledge of the Urantia book, and this Teaching Mission. Your standing erect with your arms reached toward the sun. The glow of the Father, and the knowledge that He imparts to you. How wonderful it is for me to have been a spark that initiated such wondrous growth and individual spiritual development.

Fear not the Light. I have come this day to reaffirm to you the fact of this Mission, and your place therein. This group it is especially loved and cared for by us all. The great feelings of enlightenment and love that traverses each of you is the cause of this great caring on the part of your Teachers and celestial. Each of you are bringing to this Mission your own uniqueness; your sincerity; your desire; your dedication to do the will of the Father.

This is wonderful to see how from small beginnings you have spread and encompassed more believers to assist in this great work of our Creator Son. So rejoice with me and your Teachers at your progress, and your development, and the place that you are making in the Teaching Mission for the Arcadia group. You do well in your practice in your prayer time. It is noted by all your sincerity and dedication to this cause.

A word of caution for you all. Let not the detractors and doubters and those who would hold you up to ridicule dissuade from your goals. Your goal is the Eternal purpose of reaching the Father and receiving His blessing. This Mission is a part of that goal. This Mission represents small attainments to all participants on your level and ours to the overall journey of individual spiritual development and attainment of Paradise.

I am pleased and happy to hear your smiling hearts and faces; to feel the energies of your love radiate this room. It is wonderful to be in your presence again. I have truly missed this. I thank you for this opportunity of sharing these feelings once again with you. My peace and love I give to you. I am always at your service. Farewell for now.

Betty:Farewell Aflana. Thank you for coming.

Dora: It's good to hear you again.


Aflana:You are all most welcome.

Student Notes and Process

We waited in the stillness for additional transmissions.

After 5 minuets or so Douglas spoke.

Douglas:I am asked to allow another to speak. Evidently someone is being impressed other than myself. Relax yourselves. Close your eyes. Take in some deep breaths. Allow. Allow. Speak the words.

Betty:These are the words I am hearing. Send your energy to Dora.

JarEl: (Dora is transmitting)

It is I, JarEl. I was not with you when the meeting first began. I was journeying with Hal. Aflana had spoken with you during this time of my absence. I have a message for Douglas. It is best that he receives some messages from time to time from another transmitter. This would enable him to assimilate and accept the message that I send much better. Douglas you are doing well. You have been an excellent transmitter/receiver. You have been all that we have hoped for in transmitting the lessons of Machiventa Melchizedek for this group and for other groups that read the Arcadia transcripts.

Douglas:Thank you Teacher JarEl. It is my desire to be of service in this Mission. I am most thankful for the opportunity to do so.

JarEl: As I have told all the others from time to time they are special, and have special tasks in this Mission, you too are special. You are accomplishing your task daily. Keep up the good work that you have done. You are an excellent earthly guide. There are others in the group that are earthly guides that are also doing well. I perceived that it was important for this message to reach Douglas. That you needed reassurance from outside of you of our love and support from this side.

Douglas:Thank you.

JarEl: Dora has been a willing speaker for this message as she loves you also as a brother Douglas.

Douglas:Thank you Teacher JarEl. We all share a great spiritual love and it shows and it makes us happy that we can feel this energy, and the energy of your presence. Aflana had quite a bit of energy for me. It was quite a surprise.

JarEl: Thank you, Douglas. Thank you, Betty, for encouraging Dora.

Betty: Your welcome. Those are the words that I heard.

JarEl: Yes, you were impressed with those words as I had chosen Dora to speak to Douglas. As you are capable of transmitter/receiver, Betty, you too could have given this message to Douglas.

Betty: Yes, I promise to practice.

JarEl: I chose Dora to give her a reminder to practice, also. And to ease her doubts that she has expressed this week. I have no further messages other than to say thank you for spending the time to be in the Stillness together at a certain time each day. I know that this was a great effort for many in the group, but it was very appreciative of all the Teachers that you were together in thought and harmony during this specific time. This was a time that we had hoped that you would set aside as your decision and not one of ours. We are happy and joyous that you willingly cooperated with each other. We hope that you continue in this practice. We do not want to force you, but we were so happy to be with you during these times. I feel that we have reached a greater milestone by accomplishing decision making in setting aside this time. I apologize for my harsh words of last Sunday, but as your Teachers I felt that you needed a wake-up call. And indeed you have been given a wake-up call by choosing such early morning hours. That was my attempt at humor. (Group chuckles.) I leave my love and peace with you all. May the Father with you in your Stillness.

JarEl (transmitter is Douglas)

Was there a question Lucille?

Lucille: Yes, JarEl. I really have a question. Was it the right thing to put Mr. Roble in the convalescent home? And he agreed and wanted to go, but he was so violent. He has such a reaction. Did we not help him the right way?

JarEl: These are earthly decisions. I know that you are seeking our opinion on this matter. When humans reach a great age, it is most difficult to give up those earthly homes and desires. They know at times what is best for themselves, and other times they can get very angry and upset at those changes. You do well to seek the counsel of the others in your group. They will cheer you much in this decision which was one of great importance not only for his health, but for yours.

Lucille: JarEl, it was very interesting after having such anger from Mr. Roble I went to see Pansy. And she was so beautiful, and so loving. She really was a big help to me, and she's 93 much older.

JarEl: The deterioration of bodily mechanisms for different humans are different for mortals of this world. Does that help


JarEl: I will say my farewell to the group. My peace and love I leave with you. Listen for your Teachers this week. Farewell.

Dear ones all were impressed at this meeting. All did not speak the words. Unseen helpers. Associations. Word associations as a group. Allow the unseen helpers to assist in word associations as practice; as a group practice. Perhaps this will encourage the shy ones to participate more. You may attempt this process at any time. Peace be with you. Farewell.

After a very brief discussion, everyone was so happy and energetic, we decided to do the group exercise right then. We sat quietly and sought the stillness. As each person was impressed with words, each one spoke aloud their impression randomly. (Not Recorded Here)