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Daniel - What It Is to Be Human - Dec 13, 1992 - Pocatello, ID


Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel

Topic: To be human

December 13, 1992

Business and Sharing

Unison prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher. Another good evening of sharing, and as you are realizing, there is growth, there is change in your being. And, indeed, I personally understand how difficult it is to walk a material plane and to try to live and look through the eyes of the Master. This assignment, as you have ascertained, will be one that you will need to continue throughout your life, because it is true as was stated, that when this is the framework from which you live your life, so, over time you shall become. And so continue with this assignment throughout your life. Make it part of the thinking pattern that you have.

Life is a process. What you were is not how you are and how you will be. And so realize this and be kind with yourself during those times when you realize that, indeed, your vision at this particular time is worlds away from that of the Master. By your thinking and realizing this, you, again, begin to move in the direction that He calls you. As you work each day, as you strive to become more Christlike, you will at some point stop and realize that, yes, indeed, that which you used to have to consciously, willfully, work so tediously to do, will become second nature. The lessons that are given by the teachers in this mission are geared to help you to bring the understanding that you know into your beingness that you can live what you know. As you are beginning to realize this occurring in your life during this especially busy time on your plane, it is even more difficult to keep focused and in the God-minded framework that you desire. Yet if you will make the life of Jesus, the example of the Master and the teachings He has given as part of your daily thoughts, this busy time will pass without disharmony or disequalibrium that would bring you to very low spirits. With the knowledge of Michael's walking beside you, you will be able to withstand the trials of life.

The lesson today is on asking you to look at your humanness and to enjoy it this week from the standpoint of seeing and hearing beauty in the physical realm. During this week take time to listen to music that will give you a sense of calmness, that will bring a sense of wholeness and completeness to your spirit. Listen to the musical pieces that you find especially soothing and comforting and quieting. Allow the harmony and the resonating effect of the sound to envelope your whole body, actually to allow yourself to be at one with the music.

Music is a very effective tool that will help you to become revitalized. Many, many through the ages have used this medium of music to bring them into a framework in which they could create, a framework in which they could become, a framework in which they could find pleasure. And so use this busy week as a time to find some peace through music. You will as you ascend realize that music is often used very effectively in helping the ascending being in coming into more reality/truth, in worship, and in honoring the First Source and Center. And so while we have not dealt in our lessons on this wonderful part of your life, I now ask you to become aware of the effect that music has upon you. It can provide you with not only recreation, merriment, and joy, but it also provides you with a sense of peace and harmony and adds a completeness to your life. Also this week take time to feast your eyes upon those things which also are part of the beauty, grandeur, and wonder of the natural world as well as the beautiful works of art that are part of your human world. Art can be like music as well. If you have a special piece of art, painting, sculpture, or the like, allow yourself time to sit and enjoy this art. Allow it to speak to you. Many have, because of the beauty of art, allowed themselves time to be at rest. And many, because of this tranquilizing effect, have been brought into more and greater truth. The grandeur and beauty of nature does this many times, and is very conducive to you, for when you observe and are a part of and allow nature to be more a part of you, you are understanding more of your humanness, the physical. It is in your coming into the beauty of nature or art that you create within in your own self a sense which in reality translates into the spiritual. And often a walk in nature therefor becomes a spiritual walk as well. All of you have felt this during your lifetime . And so this week after the struggle and the difficult assignment last week, I ask you to take some R & R and enjoy art, music, beauty and your humanness. For in doing this you also will be nourishing your spiritual self as well.


My silence has been deliberate so that you will, from this time on through the rest of the week strive to be silent within, despite the busyness without. I will now accept questions."

B1: "Hello, Daniel. This is B1. Thank you very much for that lesson. It's been on my mind in the busyness of activities that if I am missing anything it is probably the time out in the sense that you have described, to appreciate art and music. I read an article in Newsweek this morning, which was really interesting, by a person who is a public employee in Idaho, of all things, which I didn't notice until the end of the article. He was talking about the fact that we made fun of President Elect Clinton because he played a saxophone and what a sad commentary on our culture it was that musicians are now ridiculed and considered to be probably more of the type of person that you associate with the lowest and most debased rock group. And he also went on to say that as a result of our non-participatory culture, our culture that observes everything; that gets its sports by watching television football and gets its music by listening to a set of head phones, that people are not involved in playing music themselves. So I thought I would throw that in, in conjunction with what you said. To enjoy music according to this person (whose opinion I happen to agree with) would also behoove us, those of us who are interested in becoming amateur musicians, to take the time to develop those talents. Do you want to comment on that? If not, that's fine. Thank you."

Daniel: "Music is not only a global form of communication but it is also universal. And what does the word universal mean? One song. And so to put one in the mode of contributing to the one song, indeed, brings you into harmony with God's universes, indeed."

L2: "Hello Daniel.

Daniel: "Hello C2."

L2: "This is L2. Two questions regarding music: The first one..I was curious..I don't know if this is appropriate to ask but we were talking about negative ions earlier and I was wondering if by playing music, if it produces negative ions in any way? And my second question about music is..Does it I used to listen to music when I would meditate, very mellow music without words because I was once told it would occupy that busyness of the brain while yet you could still focus with it. Is it appropriate to listen to mellow music like that while meditating? Is that distracting or helpful or either? Would you comment on that? Thank you."

Daniel: "Hello L2. D3 apologizes, was not fully in concentration, or in tune to my thoughts. The aspect of music producing negative ions is correct in a sense, to a certain degree, in that there are different types of music. The music that I ask you to enjoy, to listen to this week, is one that does produce a much higher vibratory rate than your system, therefor bringing it into more harmony and in alignment with your spirit aspect and soul growth. Much of what the culture in this day and age considers music is not what I ask you to listen to. It has a tendency, the noise level, the tendency of many of your rock groups of today to bring instead of harmony and equilibrium within the individual, a more irrational, emotional, disequalibrium that would cause agitation, overstimulation of nerve impulses than does the soothing, tranquil music that helps one to be at peace. Do you see?

In the aspect of meditation it is often put forth by various groups or advocates that meditating with music is beneficial. This may initially help those who are unable to quiet their thoughts to concentrate, as you say, more on the music. However, at a certain point even the music becomes a source of thought processing which does not allow complete stillness. It is good to allow music to help you to relax and become calm, at which point it has fulfilled its benefit in the stillness. Once you have become calm, music is not necessary and would only hinder further stillness. Do you see?"

N1: Good evening Daniel. I would like to thank you for that beautiful lesson and assignment. That is quite a change and I look forward to having that quiet within me and focusing on beauty this week. L2's question reminded me of a question I have been having this week about the stillness. And I shared earlier that I had realized that I am terrified to let go of my thoughts and so I never really experience the stillness. But I know there is a short time where I'll feel like I kind of slow it down, like there is a machine and I am turning down the volume or turning down the speed on it. And there is a time where things kind of deepen and some energy flows. And I'm wondering if I am tapping in to any..if there is anything beneficial going on..if I am tapping into any spiritual energies. Or am I just experiencing physiological changes. Am I able to slow down my metabolism and kind of relax, but because my thoughts are always there, not much is yet happening? Could you address that feeling of energy flow, is that part of what comes with the stillness or just physiological?"

Daniel: "Part of the stillness is felt as a physiological energy flow within your body. Often you will sense tingling, heaviness, a sense where you are perhaps not aware of your body being anything but solid; that is to say, you may not feel where your hands and arms begin or end, that you feel as if you are just a solid object without limbs or fingers and toes, etc. This is a natural sensation and feeling that you will have. The spiritual energy flow, of course, is occurring also, but you are not in awareness of it. During the quiet time often you will have a sense of presence about you. And this is the way, if there is to be spiritual energy felt, that you would sense it. The deep workings within the soul, within what the Thought Adjuster is working toward is not felt as a physical reality to you. However, as you become more in harmony, as you allow channels to open up, you will begin to sense the presence of celestials, of teachers around. Do you need more on this?"

N1: "No. I think that was very helpful. The only other area you could give me help..I don't know that you can now. Maybe I need a private meeting, or maybe it is something I need to work through, which is what that fear of letting go of my thoughts is about, so that I can do that. Just right now it seems to be an impossibility for me to just let go of thought and allow silence. They will slow down, they might cease for a tenth of a second, maybe half a second, then they pick back up again."

Daniel: "Continue working and at some later point if you have not come to better stillness, we will have a private meeting regarding this. The stillness requires practice and is not something that is gained over night. But given a firm desire and experience in doing the stillness, you will, like anything else, become more skillful, more able to perform that which you desire. Many and diverse are the peoples of this planet and what is easier for some individuals is most difficult for others in all areas. And so the ability to come to stillness is like anything else in that one should not judge another as to their ability to be still, anymore than one would judge another's ability in understanding high math concepts, or understanding and being able to learn a different language quickly and to articulate and speak it fluently; anymore than one would one's artistic or musical ability; because of diversity. That which is a skill must take practice. And so all of you will be on various levels."

N1: "Thank you Daniel."

B2: "Hi, Daniel. This is B1. I have some questions about different music than you have asked us listen to because I obviously play energetic music and I really particularly like the real energetic African music that I played with a group in Coeur d'Alene. And I feel that it is very positive thing for me in particular. I just wanted to know if you had some comments about that? I guess to me it's a stress release, it opens me up, it gets me moving physically which I tend to be very stiff and blocked and its very fun to get out and move. I really enjoy it. And I think it's good. It's very different than the music that you are talking about. And I understand how that would help us focus and quiet ourselves, but in the meantime I see value in the other. Can you comment on that?"

Daniel: "I would apologize if it is due, that I was saying that the other is not good, is poor. My desire was for you to seek music this week that would calm the spirit. The music that you are speaking of is very good for a different purpose. Music serves many purposes. One could not do your polkas to a lullaby tune. One could not do the fanciful gyrations of the present day generation to a soothing, peaceful melody played in a soft mode. One must look at all music and realize the purpose it serves. My lesson was to ask you to find music that helps you as you are relaxing, as you are calming the spirit. Music is an outward part of each individual. It is an expression of who they are at any given moment or what they are enjoying at any given moment. On this diverse plane there are many kinds of music and many of you enjoy different kinds, whether it be classical or hard rock, whether it be country/western, whether it be an African beat that you enjoy, whether it be the Indian beat of this country, or whether it be the oriental style music. Many, many styles make for the diversity in music. And so my apologies if anyone thinks [that I think] that one is better over another. L2's question was regarding the negative ions and more soothing music is beneficial for this type of needed energy. For the more aggressive, the more physical you wish to become in enjoying music, i.e. for dancing, one would have a different style. Is this more in understanding?"

B2: "Yes it is. And I assumed that would be your answer. I look forward to listening to quiet music and picking what tapes I want to listen to at work for that purpose. I was also looking forward to talking to the percussion teacher this week at ISU, I wanted to make sure that wasn't in conflict. Thank you very much. I also enjoyed last week's assignment."

Daniel: "You are most welcome. Yes."

V1: "Hello, Daniel. V2. I have a couple/three questions as a result of your lesson tonight. Number one, one of the latest educational fads is that children learn better with the Baroque beat of music. And so here I am reflecting on what you are saying about negative ions that is possible with certain kinds of music. I would like you to comment on that. Number two, in Andrea's lesson to [the group in] Indianapolis, she said that certain types of music will help the person who is to be healed. And thirdly, the tingling that you mentioned as part of the quiet time is part of my reality in quiet time, but also as a channel for healing. And I just would like you to comment on all three of those."

Daniel: "Certainly, V1. Question number one regarding baroque music and the ability for children to learn more readily while listening to this. It has been discovered that, indeed, certain types of music can in fact allow the mind to be able to be able to think and process at a better rate. And so this, of course, would indicate that indeed, negative ions were are part of certain music. And this is becoming a part of scientific knowledge on your plane. And the second question regarding healing and the use of music to help bring about healing; indeed, music is vibration and the body, because you are electro-chemical in nature is also a part of a vibratory rate. Each individual on this plane is unique in their own vibratory rate. And music that is matched, so to speak, with the individual that is being given healing would definitely benefit in helping also to raise or lower the vibratory rate that will bring the person back into the framework where they are most healthy, the vibratory rate where they are most healthy. And so for each individual to discover that piece of music that helps them with reaching their level of vibration would be helpful. How this is done is your next question. And this is done by the person listening to many types of music, many pieces of music. Over time you will discover that you, yourself, will often be humming a certain tune over and over, day in and day out. This is the level that you are geared to. And so you will discover that on your own and often many of you have already had these kinds of experiences and wonder why you always sing the same tune! It is a natural thing of bringing your vibratory rate up. Before I address the last question, do you have further query about this?" V1: "Yes, I do Daniel in that to be a top level..(and there I go trying for perfection again)..if, indeed, human beings heal themselves or the healing process can be done in a better situation than what we are doing here in our group . .should we change that? Should people choose their music and should it be at a different time. I'm just kind of really at a loss now whether we should be doing what we have been doing or whether it is so scattered that it not as effective as it could be."

Daniel: "I would suggest that you experiment with this aspect and see which you and the individual you are working with feel most comfortable with. The work you are doing is beneficial because you have people who are receiving healing that believe. And this is also an important aspect. More effectiveness can be obtained through the use of music, but is not necessary. And so do not feel that you have to do certain steps in order for healing to take place; that if you do not have music, do not know a piece that is conducive for you that healing will not take place, for it will. The music is just an added tool to help you. My suggestion is for you to work through this on your own and the person who is being healed will know which is most effective, is most comfortable for them to do. Do you see?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel, thank you. That really was one of my concerns. I appreciate your comments on this and direction."

Daniel: "Certainly. And your third question regarding tingling..the aspect of tingling that you feel during meditation is not the same or from the same source as the tingling you feel in healing. The meditation tingling is a natural body response we spoke of earlier. The tingling you feel [in healing] is your sensitivity to the energy that is coming through you, the channel. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, very much Daniel."

B1: "I just want to ask a question related to healing, Daniel. When I heal or put my hands on a particular member of our group, neither of us feels any energy occurring, generally speaking. And sometimes I get to wondering whether things..even though you cautioned me when I first began healing that I might not feel much..other individuals on the other hand report feeling energy very strongly and I also feel differences. Then here is the question. Is my subjective sense of what's happening, that is tingling or etc. always an infallible.?? Let's see, I want to get this right. When I don't feel anything, like with this one individual on some occasions, does that mean that healing is not occurring or is it just that something is blocking that awareness of the healing process?"

Daniel: "It is not necessary to always feel energy flow. Know that whenever you are being of wonderful service as you are when you place your hands on another, that the universal energy, the Life Carrier energy, and the love of the Father are a part of this flow. Certain individuals are more sensitive. At times you are more sensitive. Do not feel that because you are not feeling any flow that healing is not in process or that energy is not being channeled through. The overcare of the Father is such that the amount of energy that is given, the amount and degree to which it is given is that which is correct for the individual. And so do not become worried that you or the individual is blocking anything because there is not physical sensation. Hold in faith. Have trust. Does this help?" B1: "Yes, very much. That's what I've told myself when I have dealt with these doubts. I have said..wait a second, you know, God's love is greater than my supposed inadequacies and etc. But let me ask you one more quick question relative to healing which is this. When J4 was first involved in the healing gift he was specifically told to minister healing for certain periods of time, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, by Abraham. And no directions like this have been given to V1 and me. We have followed sort of a rule of thumb of fifteen minutes or thereabouts, because we have noticed that the energy seems to cease at that point, or the person receiving the healing says the energy has stopped. Is it safe for us to assume, therefor, that the Life Carriers, the Father will do as I think you just said, administer the amount of healing that is appropriate at the time, rather than worry about times frames?"

Daniel: "Yes, this is correct, indeed. Do not be too overly concerned with time. You are proceeding correctly. You will become more adept at knowing when to stop. However, I am under the understanding that you are doing very well in perceiving curtailment of energy flow."

B1: "I think we generally are. Thank you very much, Daniel. I appreciate that."

Daniel: "Indeed, I must now take my leave. D3 is extremely exhausted and concentration is becoming such effort for her. And so my friends, this week enjoy your assignment. But remember the overriding assignment behind that is to begin to view through the eyes of Christ Michael. And I send you my peace and love this week. Busy as you may be, take the time for some quiet music, some restful vision, R&R through the works of nature or of the artists of your realm, of which there are several in this room now. And so my friends I sincerely wish for you to know that I will be with you all at some point during this week as a friend to you. I send you my love. Good evening."

Group: "Goodbye, Daniel."