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Isaac110402Progress Group_The ThoughtAdjuster

11:11 Progress Group, Illawarra District, New South Wales, Australia,

Teacher: Celestial Engineer, Isaac.

Subject: "Isaac on Vacation & the Thought Adjuster."

Received by Sandy Montee.

November 4, 2002.

Note from the T/R: For many on these lists, Isaac's lesson contains no news, but there are also many here who are entirely new to these teachings... Sandy.

Isaac: "I have scouted around some beautiful beaches, and I could show you a few if you would like to take a trip with me. We could go south, which you consider to be north, or we could go east, which you believe to be west."

Sandy: "Yes, I am rather disoriented still. It seems to me like the sun goes down in the east these days, but I will catch on. Just give me six months.

"I have once more been studying about the Thought Adjusters, and I think I'm a little more informed now, but I'm still not sure on some points. The old idea was too simple, if you are a child of God, you die and you go to heaven, and that was the end of that. If you're bad, you were supposed to go to hell, for ever."

Isaac: "I hear you, and I'm glad that common logic, rather than those erroneous teachings, can be of help to you, as it is to so many others."

"You should know that you are not going to get out of life so easily as to just die, go to heaven, and be with God. Now you are finding out that God works throughout the universes and certainly doesn't sit on a throne in Heaven pampering His children. When your die here on Earth, your Spirit will take you on a further ascension path on the Mansion Worlds. It will take eons, as you understand it, for you to finally become perfect, like God.

"However, the tests that you must endure here on planet Earth tend to be the harshest lessons of all. You must experience the full gamut of emotions including fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, unwillingness to progress and more.

"All this for you to learn to become less fearful, calm, loving, sharing and progressive. Because your Thought Adjuster assigned Herself to you, She acts as your Guide toward doing God's will. She helps you to trust in the reality of there being one God who is the benevolent and loving Master of all His universes.

"As a more spiritual being on the Mansion Worlds, you will continue to learn, and as you ascend you will come to understand more and more about the workings of this great universe of universes. As you are now a mortal in elementary school's first class, your Thought Adjuster will take you through many experiences for you to encounter and to mature you in preparation for the next existence. You will find that these earthly lessons do not need to be repeated again and again, and you will not have any doubts about why you have lived this very difficult life. I know that as Celestials, we have a better understanding and we can see the planning and the results more easily. That does not help you a lot, except that your Thought Adjuster will guide you into a much better place on your next travel beyond here.

"Again this brings a mortal to a position where they must trust in The Father. God has the perfect plan for you and if you remind yourself of the many blessing of this short journey it will make life much easier.

"I know that your children and grandchildren are very close to your heart, and you want only the best for them, however they cannot grow into adulthood without some separation from you and your maternal instincts. Your relationship with your Creator Father is much the same. He has to let you live this life giving you free will, which lets you learn from this existence on earth. You do have a personality and therefore you also have the free will to take yourself as far in your growth as you deem possible, or necessary.

"The Father has, in your way of thinking, "cut the apron strings", and you would remain quite immature if you were not let loose to make mistakes, correct them, and learn from them. A change in thinking and a change in acting is very hard for a mortal, and if you insist on knowing all the whys and wherefores while you are here, you would spend too much of your time analyzing events, and you would not get on as smoothly with the business of living, your projects and your mission.

"God wants His children to be happy, and to learn their lessons well. The one thing your Thought Adjuster deems to be most important is that you trust in your God with all your heart. Trust that the Thought Adjusters are divine and sent by God to help you on your 'spirit-filled' journeys. Be aware of the leadings of this God Fragment and you will begin to feel that life's challenges become easier to resolve. Be aware of your God Fragment encouraging you to do Father's Will. And when you find yourself bogged down by human emotions, be true to yourself, and trust in God in your daily life.

"Does this help you understand more clearly?"

Sandy: "Yes it does. I realize that I am on a spiritual path, and I do endeavor to do God's Will instead of my own. It just seems that I can never do enough, but as one door closes, another one opens. I know that I have divine guidance. I would like to set myself upon a path of making the most of this life here on earth, and learn all that I can in this short time. I know God is a loving Father and wishes the best for us all."

Isaac: "There! You've got yourselves a simple lesson from a humble Celestial Engineer. It's not just for you, but for all who will hear."

Sandy: "Thank you for being with us today, brother. Have a great holiday."

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