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Isaac110102Progress Group_Update

11:11Progress Group, Illawarra District, New South Wales, Australia

Teacher: Isaac, Celestial Engineer

Topic: "Update."

Received by Sandy Montee

November 1, 2002.

Isaac: "Hello Sandy. This is Isaac. Your dear brother, Mathew, knew I was going to come around, he just didn't know quite when.

I'm on holidays and happy to find you here in beautiful Australia. I see you have moved much further south and already I have investigated some scenic routes around here. I hope we can take in some of the sights tomorrow. Let us also ask Dr. Mendoza to pay you a visit while you sleep tonight to improve your health. Your immune system needs to be recharged; it is agreed, to help you feel better because I see you have been fighting a cold.

"Many of my co-workers are here with me right now. I will take you on a couple journeys while I am here, just to show you what we have been doing. I am very excited about the up-to-date technology being 'circuited into' nearby planets. The life carriers can work wonders and we often work in close association, and in taking life from one planet and 'planting' it on another world. You would marvel at what can be done with many raw energies, as we use it in much the same way you use hydro-power for producing electricity here.

The many corps of Midwayers under Machiventa's guidance are also changing a number of strategies and going about their business in much more efficient way. The workload has become such on planet earth that old methods just aren't keeping up with the demands of the rapidly expanding light.

"You know that major obstacles are being uprooted and exposed in many countries that have been 'held in so-called dark ages'. Equality among the masses is predominating the issues, and there is unrest among the minorities that are demanding changes. Machiventa, largely through the toil of the Midwayers, is necessarily involved in these practical matters. That's my update for now.

"I know you are tired. I'm not tired, and I am off to stir up some excitement. Goodbye for the present. This is Isaac on his way." Notes: Isaac is a Celestial Engineer. In his work he deals with energy, communications and transportation. He has a rather infectious, 'happy-go-lucky' personality.

The 11:11 Progress Group