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Progress Group, Idaho, US of A,

Teacher: Mother Spirit (Nebadonia).

Subject: "Take Back With You My Memorandum".

Teacher: Celestial Engineer, Isaac

Subject:  An OBE – Let’s Push The Boundaries!

TR: Sandy Montee.

September 22, 2002.

Isaac: "Well hello Sandy. This is Isaac. Our Midwayer Friend, Andrea, got me the message that you wanted me to visit with you for a couple days.

"It’s holiday time for me! And here I add that a couple days of your time is only ‘a passing flash of time’, as I know it. Here I am, and I believe it would be a worthwhile experience for you to come away exploring with me today, and for you to have the opportunity to investigate some more of what lies beyond planet Earth.

"This will be a surprise journey for you, and I am always pleased with your reaction when you are shown new things and places. Let’s go, and let’s push the boundaries!"

Sandy: (reporting) I prefer to explain what I see and experience as I go along on these trips with Isaac. It very much helps me to remember after. Isaac is a Celestial Engineer and he travels all over the universes, helping wherever he can, and inventing and engineering new technologies in connecting and reconnecting one world with another.

We are leaving home now, and I always feel light and free when I am traveling with Isaac. We are coming to a place where there is an opening that looks a lot like a tunnel that is altogether filled with light.

As we go in and take off really fast now, I am aware that another being is with us, too. I believe it is Andrea. Yes, it is. "Hello Andrea!" We are now traveling into deep space.

(There is a long pause here, as we travel far and fast).

We are finally coming to a stop, and this seems to be ‘another place to live’, however I don't see it as another planet like Urantia. There seems to be a vast expanse of land here, and I feel the light – the warmth of sunshine. No, this is not an evolutionary world.

There are many beings here that seem to be ‘filled with light’. It is as if they are spirits and they are not like any of the beings on our planet Earth. They seem to be happily going about their business, and I have a feeling of incredible love and peace and tranquility that is ‘radiating among them’. Isaac and I are just looking at them. They are not acting as though they are even aware of our being here among them.

Isaac: "We have come here to meet Mother Spirit. We will soon be in the presence of Nebadonia. Let’s move ahead."

Sandy: We are moving towards a place that is ‘vibrating’ with Her energy. Mother Spirit is here in "Essence" and already I feel that She is greeting us. I am getting just a few words now and She is soon going to speak with the three of us. I am overwhelmed at being here with Her, and I’m trying to explain, but I have no words for the ideas, no names for the concepts, and no terminology for the impressions and perceptions entering into my mind. There seem to be no words that I can say. I can now only listen to what is coming through. And repeat that.

Mother Spirit: "Yes, daughter, you are correct in assuming that the energy you feel is mine, and that I am Mother Spirit. I wish to hand you the task of being my messenger today and to take back with you my memorandum about the love and care that I send to your mortal brothers and sisters on Urantia -- your little world called Earth.

"I would like you to pass on the reminder that I am with you, and with all of your fellows, and that I am your Mother, and that I nurture you all, as you are very special in my eyes. Allow me to hold you in my embrace, and fill you with hope and courage and insight to recognize your chances to fulfill your intended purposes of doing God’s will as you live your lives.

"At times you may need to come to me, and you may then surrender the burdens that you carry, and for my receiving those heavy loads, I will give you my love in exchange. You are under my watchcare at all times, and I truly am much like you would envision a perfect mother could be. I am the alpha and omega of motherhood, and my energy can never be depleted in my caring for my children, all.

"Our Father has entrusted me with the task to love and care for each of you, and as a parent should. No task it is, but a welcome favor to be allowed to share the unending love I ever receive from Him.

"As a caring parent yourself, my daughter, be assured that I am in turn also taking care of your children, and all the children, and their children’s children, as each of them play out their game of life, in preparation for, and with their chances to, become one with the Sparks of Life that are their personal God Fragments.

"Do continue to create through times of joy and times of sorrow, and rest assured that I am with you and that I hold you in my embrace. Come to me as children would, and allow me to care for you all, and nurture you all, as Our Father gives me the prerogatives to help you along with your self-determined objectives in, and of, the lives you lead.

"You must go now, and our Isaac will take you home. Remember that I love you, all, and always."

Sandy: "I love You right back."

(Reporting now) We are leaving now and I am as a frightened child that has been comforted by the assurance that Mother Spirit has given me. Isaac and I are leaving now and going back to Urantia. This has been an experience that I know will change my occasional feelings of being lost and being alone.

Isaac: "I will be staying with you here, and relaxing all this Sunday, and I will be around again tomorrow to be with you."

Notes: Nebadonia (Mother Spirit) is the Feminine Creative Force in this little corner of the seventh Superuniverse. She co-created with Michael the millions of inhabited worlds in this ‘quadrant’. Her Angelic Children by far outnumber the humans in her domain.

Isaac is a Celestial Engineer. He is inconceivably old – ancient – and yet he gives me the impression of my being with one of my happy-go-lucky grandsons when he’s around. Isaac is always cheerful, proud of his achievements, and he likes to show off his engineering works dealing with energy, travel and communication. He functions in close liaison with Melchizedeks, Life Carriers, Midwayers, and many more.

Andrea is a Primary Midwayer, some 500,000 years old. She traveled by ship across the Pacific Ocean, island hopping from Japan to South America where her human (Andite) companions sponsored the Aztec, and Inca civilizations. After that she worked with the Greek Oracles. She was the Communications Expert of the 11:11 Emergency Platoon in Australia from 1961 or before, until 2001…. Sandy.

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