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Group: USA-California?

Teacher: IRUKA

Lesson: More Practice To Learn T/R

November 28, 1993

Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the light of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, wherever you are, He is. Good afternoon, I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. It is another delightful, beautiful day outside, after much rain and wind through the night. I hope you are noticing everything around you, the changes of season, the plants as they retreat, to hibernate in preparation for winter. Just as the birds are leaving, some are staying, but there is change in the air. Just as there is change inside all of you. There is growth, there is joy, there is peace growing inside of you. The peace might be a little bit hard to see right now, but it is there, there are sparks of it. We have been talking about our teachers and communicating with them for the last few weeks. I have tried to give everyone an opportunity to hear their teacher through the T/R, to ask questions, to give some of you chances to actually T/R your teacher, to help you grow, to help you become comfortable and also to give the teachers a chance to talk. It is frightening, a little threatening at first, but as you start to do it, it gets easier. The flow begins and there is almost a rhythm. There are a few teachers that have not been able to speak, and so before we move on I would like to give opportunity to some of them. My first question would be to S2, would you be willing to T/R your teacher for just a few minutes? This is only if you want to. It is OK to say no, I do not want to pressure you.

S2: Maybe next time.

Iruka: That is fine, that is your decision. I just wanted to extend the opportunity for a little experience. We will move on. One teacher that has been not been able to transmit has been L1's teacher. I will give him an opportunity to talk, and then L1 can ask questions if you wish to L1. [yes, thank you]

L's Teacher: Hello, I am L1's teacher. I am very happy to have this opportunity to talk with you. We have had some wonderful experiences. I am amazed at your perception. You pick up, sense, ideas, you perceive my guidance even though we do not communicate in words. Already, I have learned much from you, that your sensitivity is well developed. I look forward to being able to communicate to you in words, but it is so enjoyable already without the words. Do you have questions?

L1: Yes, and hello, and it is wonderful to speak with you. Yes, I have sensed your presence, and I know that there have been wonderful moments that we have spent together. I have attempted the hot pen method of communication and I am wondering what can I do differently that might facilitate better access.

L's Teacher: You are making very good progress. You might not think so, but each time you try you are moving closer. To concentrate, to sense the words, you cannot hear them, they will come to you in your thoughts. You may be trying to hard, you may be digging too deep. Try to relax and keep your mind free, then when something does come, listen and record that. It takes practice, you will be able to, over time, know what are your own thoughts and what are my messages, but practice is really the best way to do it.

L1: Thank you. I was impressed by reading some transcripts recently where the T/R was able to move her thoughts over to the left side of her brain and allow the right side to be dominated by her teacher. I believe it was the T/R and Daniel. I am intrigued by that notion. Is this something you think that I could develop also, this approach, this method.

L's Teacher: I think that you already do this. You may not use the same words to describe it, but you do this already,

intuitively. So yes, it is working for you.

L1: I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed those moments also, with me, because I sense you very strongly when I walk out through the field. Those are really special moments, and I feel it very, very strongly, and I thank you very much that you are there.

L's Teacher: You are very welcome and I look forward to many, many years of communication and growth for both of us.

L1: Thanks. Is there any way we can work on a name, your name?

L's Teacher: It would be the same way we are working on words. Names are not easy. If you grow impatient, Iruka will work on the name, but if you wish to try and listen and hear it yourself that is also fine. Names are not that important, but don't become frustrated. Which would you prefer?

L1: I would prefer to wait. A name isn't as important to me as a connection. A name would help me to address more personally, but it is not necessary right now. It is OK the way it is.

L's Teacher: In that case, then, let's work on our

communication. I think the name will come along later, but you can change your mind any time.

L1: Thank you. Presently we have been working at mornings, before the day gets on. Is this a better time, or is evening when the house is quiet and dark, is this a better time.

L's Teacher: Either one is fine. If we could keep it the same time each day, then I will know and be there, in case I need to leave or have meetings on our side, as we do from time to time. But then I would know when to be there. So it is up to you whichever you are comfortable with.

L1: Also, is there any part of the Urantia Book that you would have me read, that would be particularly helpful or insightful for me at this time?

L's Teacher: Read the several parts, several papers, about angels. This will give you much insight and maybe a better image. There is very little, if anything, about teachers, but the papers on angels might help you perceive us better. Also, of course, your thought adjuster because that is the real goal, getting close to the Father. Becoming more in tune with your thought adjuster, that little piece of God inside of you. That is really why I am here, to help you get closer to the First Source and Center.

L1: I apologize that perhaps I haven't spent as much time with you as I may have. When I have time, I spend it with the Father and that is good, I enjoy that time. But I will really try and spend more time, and set time aside, to be with you.

L's Teacher: I understand the demands of the day, and would be happy if you can spend more time, but do not feel bad or guilty about this.

L1: I am going to pass this on to someone else, or back to Iruka, but thank you very much.

L's Teacher: You are welcome. I have enjoyed this very much. Good bye.

Iruka: Hello, I am Iruka, and I am back. I felt that it was important that everyone who has been assigned a teacher had some communication with that teacher, if they hadn't made their own contact yet. It has been growth promoting on both sides. It has been very joyous on my side, very enlightening, and there has been an excitement that has been here for several weeks, so I think it was a good idea. I will ask if anyone else in the group wishes to communicate with their teacher, and give that opportunity.

**************** Group Passes**********************

Iruka: Then we will have a very short lesson. It was a little difficult to prepare, I had no idea how much communication and questions there would be and that is fine. I just want to go over once again something you already know, about the importance of spending time with the First Source and Center every day.

This spending time, this time spent heals your whole being, not just physical but emotional, spiritual, it brings a balance into your life. If you are centered with God, everything else is kept in perspective. You perceive differently when you are in balance. You perceive more with Father's eyes. You can love easier, you can forgive easier, you can keep your physical body in better balance when you spend time with the Father. His love, His power also balances your body. You are affected by your emotions, your electro-chemical makeup can be thrown out of balance by your emotions; fear, envy, anger things that can be major in your life or something simply as you read a magazine or newspaper. Your body is affected by the hormones, the enzymes, adrenalin that builds up when you are experiencing these emotions. Your body becomes unbalanced, if it is fear it gets ready to defend itself. Can you see how this becomes wasted? By staying in touch with the Father, by knowing who your center is, you stay balanced. I especially like the metaphor in the Bible of the rock. That is what Father truly is, He is our rock. By keeping your eye on the Father, you stay in balance in all of these ways. Now I will accept questions.

S2: Iruka, the honeymoon period is over with Ceranta. We are moving to another stage. It is more...I have to be prepared to grow it seems like every time I talk to Ceranta. I can't just have a chit-chat conversation or recreational conversation. It is always a teacher, pupil relationship and I am wondering if that is my perception or that is a distance that is trying to be professionally maintained.

Iruka: Your teacher perceives that you are ready to grow. If this is not the case, tell him. Maybe you need to say, 'slow down I just need to talk about my day', or whatever it is you think is important. You are still in a "getting to know each other" phase. If things are moving too quickly tell him, and together you two can decide on how quickly or slowly you grow, what you will talk about. This is a joint activity. The two of you need to figure this out and find a place that is comfortable. He will not be offended. He will be glad to know what it is you wish. That will tell him the perimeters, the boundaries and make it easier for him to help you. Does this help?

S2: Yes, sure. A lot of the warm bennies, the warm fuzzies, I am taking for granted too and it is hard to continue to appreciate all those and not take them for granted.

Iruka: This is much like a friendship. Friendships take time to gauge where the other individual is. Even in old friendships, you may misunderstand or misread the mood, the topic, so do talk about this and re-establish the good feelings while promoting growth.

S2: Thanks. I have another question. The concept of random acts of kindness, the concept of slow growth, the idea of meeting people where they are at and waiting for them to search is good, but trying to practice it is difficult. We just spent Thanksgiving with my sister and she is very angry. She is thinking nothing but bitter, angry thoughts that tear her up inside, about our family. It is difficult to be kind, and disconnect myself from her anger. It is not difficult to

disconnect myself mentally from it, it is difficult to turn my emotions off and not reflect that back and start the vicious cycle. So it seems that these random acts of kindness can occur with strangers but it is much more difficult with those very close to you, or supposedly close to you.

Iruka: Absolutely, with a stranger you may never see them again, and so it doesn't matter. It is those that are closest to you that are so difficult, so hard to maintain a balance, to maintain your balance, and at this point there may be nothing you can do. This sister-in-law may be so angry she is not listening. So all you can do is show God's love, and maybe not even that. You will grow in your sensitivity to individuals and to your sister and begin to know when there will be opportunities to say things, to share things and at this point there may be no opportunities for that. So just maintain your own balance and let your sensitivity grow. So that when the time is ripe, not only will she be ready, but you will be ready.

S2: She is my sister and a lot of her anger...I haven't (seen) her for four years and haven't really ever had an adult relationship with her ever. Yet, her anger scares me because it seems a lot like my own anger, I mean I see myself in her. It is quite shocking, basically it is teaching me a bit about myself, not about her. It is about changing myself more than changing her. Anyway that is a comment.

Iruka: You are right that what we see in others, and maybe dislike in others, is what is actually in ourselves. They are a reflection. It is hard to see these things about ourselves that are not attractive, that are not nice, that we would rather not deal with. When you come to the Father, you will work, and you begin working on things that are negative, and I am not speaking of you specifically, but of everyone here and everyone on the planet. It is easy to look at someone else and see their faults. It is difficult to look at ourselves, it is also very courageous to do that and say 'I don't want this trait anymore, I need to work on it' and then begin working on it. That is tough, but that is what we are asked to do. We are asked to grow, to become like God, to feel His love and then become that love, reflect that love and change is always painful. That is why we want to help. It is not easy, but just by looking at this and seeing it in yourself is a major step forward, and it is tough.

S1: Hello Iruka, I just want to take this opportunity to re- introduce somebody. C here today, hasn't been here in a while, but I just wanted to let you know of her presence.

Iruka: Thank you and welcome. It is always nice to have you here.

S1: I have just a brief question regarding what is happening in the continent of Australia? If you would know. I don't know if you were listening to the conversation, but there is a conference in Australia and I was wondering if...I got sort of an indirect invitation to that...not that I would go but would there be any purpose to the teaching mission or any advantage if I were to go and try and represent the teaching mission down there?

Iruka: There has been much growth in Australia, exciting things are going on. Going of course is your choice. If you chose to go, certainly planting seeds is what we are very interested in. There have already been seeds planted, and much curiosity in the teaching mission, so this is a decision for you to go or not to go, but certainly it would be growth promoting and it is always wonderful for individuals with the same belief, the same goals, to meet each other. There is strength, there is power when individuals meet together. Nothing is ever wasted. Does this answer?

S1: Yes it does, but do they have any active teaching groups like we are experiencing right here today, in Australia?

Iruka: Yes, they have a few already, but Australia is a very large continent. There are a few groups in the more populated areas. They are growing very rapidly, much like it is happening here in the United States. There is much excitement on our side about what is happening.

S1: OK, thank you very much. I'll have to think about it and pray about it and decide whether I want to go. It is a long ride to Australia and a lot of money involved, so I have to decide whether or not I am ready to do this, thank you.

W1: Good afternoon Iruka, I am sure you have given this answer before but I just need to have it brought out again. When I am practicing the stillness, should there be a different session for stillness in seeking contact with the adjuster, or seeking time with the Father, versus time trying to contact your teacher?

Iruka: Yes, when you are spending time with the Father, your teacher will not interrupt or try to make contact in any way. That is of of our goals is that each individual spend time with the Father. So you see that to make contact at that point would go against what our goals are. So at another time or afterwards, spend some time listening, being still, for your teacher. Listening is not the exact word that I want, sensing the words may be better. Perceiving the thoughts, because that is how it will arrive. These words will come to you in your thoughts, and at first you will think 'that is me, that is not another', that seems to be the pattern. But as you experience it more and more, you will know that they are not your thoughts. Does this help?

W1: Yes. I was mainly wondering if it should be divided in one session or have two separate sessions, but you have answered that, it can be either way. Oh, just a quick question here, when you prepare for lessons, do you get a note pad out like we do? I heard you mention you were preparing lessons the last time we were together, or do you have all this locked up in memory.

Iruka: Both. It is not like writing, but it is a form of recording and I do record it, I do not want to forget it. If I get an idea or a thought, I do record it, so I don't leave out any ideas I may have gotten from any of you. So it is similar, very much.

W1: Where do you sharpen your pencils? Just joking, no answer needed.

Iruka: OK.

S1: I asked Ceranta if he could help me remember something and he said 'no'.

Iruka: Is this a question or are you sharing this.

S1: I am just sharing this. [laughter] Ceranta has his own memory and I have mine. It is pretty clear.

Iruka: This brings up an idea that I have shared with the T/R and it may help the group think about teachers in this light. When you were first introduced to the idea of God, however that was presented to you, in your background, He was presented to you as knowing everything, as being everywhere. I think that you carry over this image of God, which is absolutely correct, to that of your teacher, which is not correct. We do not know everything, we do not see everything, we do not understand much of what we do see on your planet. We are learning, we are a little above you, and we know that by teaching another what we have learned, we learn it even better. You have experienced this much in your life in different ways. So when you ask me or your teachers questions, you expect an answer that only God could answer. You really do give us more credit than we really deserve. This is just to help you understand. If there are no more questions.....

S1: I have one more question. Just briefly, can you give me an idea, by talking to Curtis, of what kind of accuracy I have been getting lately as far as my communications with him, my receiving what he has been telling me.

Iruka: He tells me that you are doing very well. When the problem, and this is not with you, this seems to be human because the T/R does this too. When you want to jump ahead and perceive the question, the answer, and imagine what your answer would be, this seems to interfere with the answers. At some level inside of you, you know you are doing this, so then you back off and say 'I'm messing this up, lets do this again'. That seems to be the biggest problem, when you try to guess what the answer might be, and again everyone does this not just you, but everyone. I hope this will help.

S1: Yes, that happens to me a lot and could explain why I have nagging doubts about the accuracy of what I am getting. Last week I got a bizarre, not totally bizarre but a strange message from Curtis and it had to do with expressing myself versus something else....I didn't understand it, I read it to someone, they didn't understand it...I was just wondering, any more insight there that I am missing or is it just one of those things that...the combination of my own thoughts and Curtis's thoughts.

Iruka: I would say to take this message back to Curtis and discuss it with him. This will make the message clearer plus it will help you understand each other. What you don't understand and he makes clearer, then in the future he will know perhaps, how to communicate with you better. Does this help?

S1: Yes, it does, thank you very much.

Iruka: You are welcome. I have enjoyed this afternoon very much. I have great affection for you, this group, I have learned so much and I continue to learn and I thank you for that. Have a good week and remember to work on staying balanced, staying focused on Father and your lives will become more balanced and show more love. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.