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Group: USA-California?

Teacher: IRUKA

Lesson: Take The Time To Do What You Like

October 3, 1993

Iruka: . ..the joy of God surrounds you, the love of God enfolds you, wherever you are, He is. Good afternoon, I am Iruka, I am your friend and guide. What a beautiful clear day today is. I do not see the day as you do with the same senses that you do, but still I perceive it just as beautiful and just as cool as you do.

I am delighted to be here. I very much enjoyed your conversation, your joking, your sharing, and your enjoying each other. It is good to see the growth that you have. You have come a long way in only a few months. You have genuine love for each other. You are very concerned about each other and care about what happens in each other's lives. This has taken time. Not only did you have to get used to me and my teaching but you were also getting used to each other, and I can see that a genuine love has developed in this group. Today my lesson will be fairly light and simple. Simple in that the idea is simple, but these are never easy to implement are they. It is really a comment, an observation on an aspect of your culture, your work ethic, which has permeated this society for hundreds of years. It is to work hard, to make something of yourself, to strive, to work, and to grow. Not necessarily grow spiritually, but grow materially. You have a double nature, you have to survive on this planet, you have to worry about your material, your food, a place to live, physical survival.

On the other hand, you are to grow spiritually, to see the unseen, to understand your spiritual nature, to find Father within you, to give love and to show love, and to feel it from the Father. The culture you are in emphasizes very heavily on the material aspect, with very little on the spiritual aspect. I wish to call to your attention, that a balance needs to be maintained, more balanced on the spiritual side. It is absolutely true that when you seek the Father and His kingdom all these other things will be provided. The balance is tilted towards material, the balance should be even or even tilted toward the spiritual side. This is not easy, everything that you read, hear, see is telling you just the opposite. It is telling you to buy this, to buy that, to do this, to have that. Very little is said about your inner spirit, about growing your senses to unseen realities. Almost nothing points you towards the Father, if anything it points you away. Think about your vacations, your quiet time, think back on this week. How much time were you able to give to yourself, to do anything you liked whether it was spiritual or whether it was physical. Were you able to read part of a book, were you able to sit in a chair and look at the trees, did you notice different kinds of birds in your yard than before? Because of the migration? I am sure you noticed the trees are changing color.

I am sure you noticed that they are falling to the ground and they are swirling around the streets. But did you notice the change in the bugs and what they are starting to do? Probably not because you did not have time. Most of you work too hard, you are not doing things that make you happy. You are not doing things that relax you. You are not pursuing little goals of pleasure, perhaps a hobby, something that relaxes you from your job, and your workday. When you are so caught up with work and what you 'have to do' your focus gets away from your relaxation. Try to find time to do the things that bring you joy, that bring you satisfaction. Try to think about things that lighten your spirit, that create a bubble of serenity around you, that nothing from the day can penetrate. When you read about Christ Michael, He took off every Wednesday when He was with His disciples, for rest. This was above and beyond the times He took off to spend with the Father or to rest from each day. This was His way of resting so that when He got back to the work of the Father's kingdom, He was energized and felt physically good, physically up, and ready to go. So this week, think about giving yourself more relaxation, more time to watch the clouds, more time to watch the geese as they fly south, more time to watch the spiders build their webs. This is not doing nothing, this is for you, this is for your spirit, this is so that you may find delight in what is around you, this is so that you can wake up and realize the life that is all around you, that so often it is hard to see anymore because life has gotten so busy. This is hard and this may not seem important, but it is, it is very important. You will go back to work more focused, with a lighter burden. You will be more productive because you are ready, you have had your rest and you are ready to return. Now I will take questions.

E1: Hello Iruka, I don't have a question, but I just wanted to say thank you very much for the lesson. It seemed to hit the spot. I appreciate your timing, thank you very much.

Iruka: You are welcome.

S1: Hello Iruka, I got a call from a fellow who is very interested in getting a teacher and he has requested one directly from the Father in his prayers. I am wondering, until such time as he can meet with you, he is very interested and would like to attend a meeting, is there anything that you could relate to him through me that would encourage him.

Iruka: Have you explained that it will take several weeks for a teacher to be assigned to him. It does not happen instantly. Is he aware of this?

S1: No, I am not sure if I really explained that directly. I said that it takes time, but I didn't specify how long.

Iruka: It varies of course, but tell him four or five weeks so that he won't become frustrated. Explain to him how teachers are matched with students as to personality traits and likes and desires, and that a teacher not only teaches but also learns from their students. So the matching process is quite important and is not taken lightly or hurried.

S1: OK, I will do my best to convey that to him. I think he might be talking to the T/R one of these days, soon, anyway. Thank you very much.

G2: Hello Iruka, G and I have meditated once together, while I am talking to my teacher she tries contacting hers, and I get the sensation that they are doing OK together. Sometimes I feel kind of confused and on the way here G was asking me how long would it be before I would be able to T/R with the comfort and expertise that our current T/R is at. I thought about that and I was thinking maybe two years. I was just wondering is it just me or is it just me lacking my abilities that is holding me back now.

Iruka: Everyone is different, so don't compare yourself to anyone else. You and your teacher are doing quite well. Don't worry about speeding things up or thinking you are moving too slowly. You progress at the pace that you are comfortable with and don't worry about a goal or where you think you are supposed to be. This is to be enjoyable, it is for your personal growth and we do not want to put any kind of pressure on you to do anything. So enjoy your teacher and learn and grow and do what is most comfortable for you. Does this help?

G2: Yeah, I have already realized that. I have no problem with waiting, and I am not rushing or anything. I don't feel like I am on some sort of timetable, but sometimes I feel that when we communicate...I don't feel quite as comfortable as to whether or not it is coming from me or my teacher. In so many cases...this is another subject..we had a problem two nights ago. Our lights were out and our phone was out in our house so I came into the house looking around and (with a crowbar, yeah) and I was just wondering, I was trying to be still to listen for my teacher, to get him to tell me what was going on in the house, and I was wondering, was I too keyed up to listen, or was there too much violent intent in my heart?.....

Iruka: You were operating under much fear and that can push everything else out. Were you consciously listening for your teacher?

G2: Him and everybody else in the house.

Iruka: This is something that can be learned. You were feeling threatened and so you were sensitive to any sound. One moment please. Your teacher tells me that he did not try to communicate with you. He didn't feel that it was appropriate and might have caused confusion. He was aware of the situation, and observed it, but did not try to send you a message. That was his decision although now he is aware that you were listening for both. Does this answer?

G2: Yes it does, because I have always thought that if I had taken a different career path...say came out as a policeman instead of a that same circumstance do teachers work with their human counterparts to help them out, through life problems like that?

Iruka: This mission is still quite young. The possibilities are enormous and the scenario that you have spoken of is certainly a possibility, but as yet it hasn't happened. Working with your teacher this could certainly be a possibility. The function that teachers serve and help at this point can develop and grow into many different things, and is only limited by your imagination. So the answer would be yes, if you pursued that kind of

communication, that is certainly possible. It is exciting to think of the many options that a teacher and student have together. So yes. [thank you very much]

G3: Hello Iruka, I just wanted to speak before I left and I just had a question...I don't know if this can be answered swiftly or not but...I was reading in the Urantia Book about how Jesus taught in parables and how a lot of the people that He went to, to help or people that came to Him for help who had illnesses or psychiatric problems...when they were in His presence they claimed that they were healed of the problem because of Jesus performing a miracle. In the Urantia Book it mentioned that...I didn't get through all the examples, but a few examples they said that the things that happened were the people were healed of certain things were coincidences. I was wondering how could that be. Was it trying to say that Jesus did not perform miracles or did He perform miracles or was that considered a miracle or was that just....I thought everything that happened in life happened for a reason and I didn't understand them saying a healing was a coincidence when I thought it was a purposeful act by Jesus. Could you maybe explain or shed a little light on that?

Iruka: I can talk about a few aspects of it, of course. The human mind is very powerful. It can accept or reject an idea. It can influence the body. The presence of Christ Michael is incredibly powerful, the love, the forgiveness, the joy that surrounds Him is electrifying. It is incredibly powerful, it is Him, it is His being, it is God's being because He said 'whoever can see me sees the Father'. He is whole...I am having trouble finding words to express His being. His wholeness, not only is in Him, it is around Him, it permeates the air, the very...His life forces are powerful. They are surrounding Him, not just in Him. When He is in a room, the whole room is filled with His being, this wholeness, this life. So when a person is near Him, when a human is near Him, or any being for that matter is with Him, they experience this wholeness, this life, this total love, this wellness. It can heal people, just being close. You are familiar with the woman who just wanted to touch the hem of His garment who was healed. That is how powerful it is. What I think the Urantia Book meant was, it was not a miracle, it was not an act to heal someone. But just being in the presence, just being ten feet away, you can experience healing. You can

experience a change. I am not sure I am describing this very well, but does this help?

G3: Yes, it helps a lot. I also got the impression that maybe He wanted the people to give more, not acknowledgment, give the power to God rather than to give Him the power...or the

acknowledgment of Him healing them directly. I don't know if that was maybe part of the point of Him not emphasizing that He was actually performing miracles, that He happened, because of His presence it happened, but I got the impression that He wanted people to give the glory to God and not to Him. He was so humble and everything.

Iruka: Yes, you are correct about that. He always tells people to thank Father.

G2: G and I have to leave now Iruka, I pray that the group has a continued good session.

Iruka: Thank you and good-bye. Enjoy your party.

S1: Iruka, I have been struggling with problems in my legs for the last decade. I have laid hands on trying to invoke healing powers on my legs and not a whole lot of success. But the therapy is; one, expensive; two, painful and it is slow. Do you have any idea what you see in there if anything that I am not seeing so that there might be a holistic approach to this. Something I could...rather than drugs, rather than anything like that, maybe some sort of a dietary approach...or can you tell me anything that you see in the lower parts of my legs.

Iruka: I do not see anything there, but then I am not able to see many things. I think you give me more credit for talents that I don't have. You know the power when you pray over someone or over yourself, the light, the healing power stays with you about three to four days. So if you would pray over your legs every three to four days, on a continuing basis for several weeks and see if there is improvement. Keeping your legs and your whole body filled with this light over long periods of time, should show improvement. It can be very slow, but try this for several weeks on a continual basis. Again I would check out your diet, check out the exercise you get. If both of these things are as they should be, other than the treatments or the drugs, praying over them is the only other suggestion that I have.

S1: You mean laying on of hands on my legs and praying? Or just praying in general.

Iruka: Laying hands on your legs and asking Father to fill you with His power, His light. Yes, doing that every three or four days.

S1: And the key to this is making it a continual..a several weeks..over a period of time, continuous application. [yes] OK thank you. I appreciate it. [you are welcome]

E1: To expand of S's question, I got the gist of what he was speaking about. Would he pray the same prayer? I ask that because I was listening to...I'm not sure if you are familiar with him in your world...Frederick Price, where he indicates that if you pray the same thing over it is as though you do not believe that you have received. So how would he go about saying another prayer or a prayer every three or four days.

Iruka: He would ask for the healing light to be sent from his arms and shoulders down into his legs. Healing yourself is much like laying hands on someone else and then asking to be open and a clear channel for this power. It takes ten minutes, maybe fifteen minutes, and then the body is usually saturated with this light and this power. So his actual words would be very simple, and yes they could be repetitive, about the same, that is OK, does this answer?

E1: Kind of. It sounds as though it is like taking a pill every three or four days. It is the same pill so what difference would it I guess you would say the same thing about this particular prayer. You are asking for the light to come in, so that is not indicating that you do not believe that the light wasn't there in the first place. But for people who are of the Biblical mind where they would say 'Father heal the legs' and then there is this emphasis that if you repeat this prayer to heal that there is some indication that you did not believe. For those who believe in the Bible it would not be wrong to repeat that prayer again where you say 'Father heal these legs'? I mean is there some difference between the way the Urantia reader would do it from a Bible referenced person?

Iruka: Basically no, you can say the same words. You might add that your belief also be helped and be strengthened, that you visualize this power, but the words express your desire. There is only so many ways to say the same thing. What is important is your belief and the desire, so the words themselves are not going to stop the power. Does this explain?

E1: Yes, it does. The one thing I just don't understand is...the Reverend Price indicates that if you repeat it, it indicates you do not believe, and when we proceed with what he has come up with and it works, then who is to say that what he is saying is right or is not right. In others words we could follow what he is saying as well and still get the same results or we can be repetitive and get the same results, is kind of confusing.

Iruka: Yes, what he may be referring to is prayers that are said over, and over, and over again that lose their meaning. That are just said like the Pledge of Allegiance. You just say the words without a heartfelt desire or understanding of those words, and in that aspect he is correct. Just repeating things because you know them by heart loses the importance, loses any spontaneity, any heartfelt communication. If that is what he is referring to, yes he is correct. But saying the words again and meaning them again is OK. Does this explain any better?

E1: Yes it does, and thank you.

J1: A question on quiet time. In the quiet time with the Father, it seems like a whole lot of things tend to go on. Partially it is meditation where one clears the mind, partially it is praise and thanksgiving, thanking the Father for the gifts or fruits, it is also a conversation partially with the thought adjuster on the activities of the week, this sort of thing. It seems like an awful lot of things are going on in what is referred to as a quiet time. Are all those things appropriate for quiet time or should it be divided up somehow.

Iruka: Each quiet time can be different. It can be all of these things, or part of the things, or absolute silence. Often times it is going to be whatever your needs are. If you have something bothering you, or if you just clear your mind and remain quiet, it can be anything. So all or both or nothing can happen, and it does serve different purposes. It serves whatever your need is. So all are fine, does this answer?

J1: Yes, that clears up some confusion. In doing the transcripts the other day I ran across another member of the group's dismay at the interaction with some of the other Urantia group people, which I have also felt. I was wondering if it would be in your mind a good idea now to contact the Ellicot City group. You had said some time back that they really didn't wish to be contacted. Do you think it might be a more propitious time or should we leave them alone.

Iruka: Since this group has been going on for several months, you have a link, you have a common bond with this group. They can, if you wish, be approached. Explain to them about your group, so they will not feel attacked or judged, because your group is similar to their group. If, however, they still wish to remain separate, respect that wish, but it may be that since you have this thing in common, they will not feel alienated or threatened by this group and they may welcome a communication or visiting back and forth. That is something they will have to answer, but I think they would be more receptive to it since this group has been going on for nine or ten months also. You are not threatening them or judging them and that is what they were afraid of. So see how they respond and if positive go forward, but if they are reticent and have no interest in doing this, then let them alone.

J1: Thank you, and thank you also for the lesson. I have a feeling I know where it was aimed today, thanks again.

Iruka: You are welcome. Oftentimes, the lessons are appropriate for the majority of the group. It just seems to be the way it goes. [laughing, joking about a snoozing member]

S1: Did you see that Iruka?

Iruka: Yes, no comment.

I am very happy to see the joy and the relaxed atmosphere of this group. It shows the long way you have come and are so much more comfortable and I appreciate that. Have a very good week and I will see you in two weeks. Goodbye.

Group: Goodbye.