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Group: Unknown

Teacher: IRUKA

Lesson: Be Unafraid To Show Love To Others

June 27, 1993

Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the light of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. I am happy to be here with you today on such a beautiful, warm, afternoon. I have been very pleased with your growth. You are starting to feel God's love and then turning around and giving it to those around you, and that of course is our main goal, to reflect the Father's love so that everyone knows that they are a child of the Father, that everyone knows they are loved, they are cherished. We have had various lessons over the last several months, all emphasizing this love. I have been trying to build you up to make you strong so that you are unafraid to show love to others. That you get your support and your security from the Father, and Him only, so that if you are rejected it does not matter. It does not hurt you. You may be saddened but you know where your love comes from, where your approval and your joy comes from.

Last week we talked about honesty and the lesson was to be honest with yourself. I wish today to expand that to being honest with everyone around you. Of course this honesty reflects your perception, you see things in a certain way and that is how you relate them to others, and of course that is how you respond to a situation by how you see it. I would like to encourage you this week to step back a little farther and when you are analyzing a situation, to see it in a few different ways, not only your own, but a few other ways too. This will enhance your understanding of those around you. And this will lead to compassion, to non- prejudice, and to more fully love those around you. There are always several sides to an issue and they all contain some truth and they all contain some inaccuracies. So be willing to reexamine your perception and it will cause you to grow. I will now accept questions.

S2: Hi, does our thought adjuster leave us for periods of time.

Iruka: Occasionally, but after the thought adjuster has been assigned to you it is very rare, very rare but there are exceptions. But for your understanding it would be OK to think that He does never leave. Do you see how my answer is the truth but changed by your perception. You will never feel alone and it would only be for short periods of time, and very rarely.

S1: Hello Iruka, I had a very interesting discussion with a woman who is very spiritually minded and as I listened to myself, basically my goal was to convince this woman why I should be admitted to a pastoral counseling program, I wanted to pursue that. And as I was talking about the spirit and we were thinking about this, I heard myself say, 'well I solved so many problems, I came from this background, and I did this and I did that and I accomplished all this myself, that is why I should be able to counsel people about God' And then I said wait a minute, that is not exactly what I said but that is the short of it. Is it possible that I just really didn't understand the workings of the spirit within me, God's spirit and that in fact a lot of the ideas which I claimed were my own and solutions to my problems were actually God's spirit leading me through the super-consciousness of my mind.

Iruka: Certainly, yes. The Father will try to give you guidance any way that He can, and there might be little things in life that point you the way. There will be times when an individual is so wrapped up in problems that they do not pick up any of the leading or guidance, and then at other times they are more conscious and more aware. This is where you hear that someone has had a flash of insight or suddenly saw the answer to a problem because they were more conscious and they started looking beyond themselves. A problem tends to make a person selfish or self-centered and so they are focused on themselves in relationship to the problem. And when they are able to step aside and look around, that is when the Father's leading will touch them and they will suddenly have an understanding or they can see what a possible answer could be. So yes the Father is always sending you His love and trying to send you His guidance. And so often we are just not listening.

S1: Thank you, sometimes I feel very much like Nichodemus of the Urantia Book, seeing that..yeah I have so many resources available and understanding of many things but yet this simple thing about the mechanism of the spirit seems to escape me, or at least not be clear in my mind just as it was hard to explain to Nichodemus how the spirit could live within him and make him reborn. I think I am getting to grasp that now, Thank you.

S2: I hear, after reading a lot of these transcripts, that there is a light that starts to glow in you when you become more attuned to your thought adjuster, and it attracts other people to you. And it seems that a lot of the focus of myself is on how do I attract people to me and not it a situation where you have to give up this idea of being attractive and just focus on your thought giving up this idea of being special in the world and attracting people to you. Is the plan of all the teachers for us to glow and geometrically through the people we touch in our lives become a world of light and life. Or is it a process of building an organization as we traditionally know them now.

Iruka: At this point we wish to cause individual growth and your idea of giving yourself up I think is how you put it...when your goal becomes to become in alignment with the Father, you are giving up your earthly goals. Now of course you have material goals, job, a home, those kind of goals, that is separate. You have two goals in life, to physically survive and to spiritually survive. On the spiritual side, when your goal becomes God centered, what you wanted when you were selfish, happens, this is one of those paradoxes. That you do become more loving and giving and so people are attracted to you and listen to what you say and you have more influence, but now instead of feeding your ego which was the original goal, your goal is to follow the Father and to help these other people see the Father. The original selfish goal has come true because you gave it up. Can you see this?

S2: Yes I can see that. It seems so hard to shake though, I think that is for me the focal point is giving up the dreams of being famous and giving up a discipline...switching a discipline to the spiritual arena rather than to the mechanical worldly arena. It seems to be working, it seems to be working but I am removing myself from it and not totally enveloping myself in that discipline of the silence and the sitting...

Iruka: This is indeed frightening. This is not what the world is telling you. The world is saying 'buy our products and wear these clothes and you will be beautiful or run or do this or do that' but when you start listening to the inner voice and following God, your life becomes balanced. Inside you start to feel whole and there is a calm, a peace, a joy, that you get from the Father and it may be that every one of your goals, for fame and whatever else, may come true. But that is no longer your first goal. Your first goal is to love the Father and do His will. So it is scary, because this is not what you hear every day on TV and in the paper. You are indeed taking a different path and you can think of it that you are breaking trail, you are breaking your own trail. There has been no one that has gone where you are going in exactly the same way. That can be scary, but know that the Father is always with you and that He loves you and that you will find Him, and in doing that you may find all of your other goals too. And then the interesting thing is these goals will no longer be so wonderful or be so appealing. You may become famous and find that certain freedoms are now gone, or you may find that it was not what you thought it was. But it is a big step to give up one goal and shift to another goal. It is frightening, but know that the Father loves you, He wants what is best for you. Does this help?

S2: Yes, during the last course I was teaching, at one point I was talking about trouble shooting and how you have to learn how to relax and I made a joke that was..part of the joke was that you should relax by drinking beer and I had a whole litany of things that you could do to relax and this fellow from Nigeria picked it up and went ballistic on me in class. He evidently had been thinking negative thoughts and the negativeness, the energy of his reply was semi-shocking and at that moment I tried to talk to the thought adjuster in front of 20 people and I mean I didn't really know what to say...I just said I'm sorry, I didn't mean to drink, I meant to relax..that is what I said. But afterwards the class, the rest of the class became on my side because of that. I didn't sit there and try to argue with him and I mean that is the kind of battle that I go through when I am teaching and I am wondering...can my relationship with the thought adjuster get to the point where I can actually get guidance in that momentary crisis or does it have to go through this long... through the super consciousness and dribble into my brain later at night. Is it possible...does the thought adjuster, can it live that closely to my life, or can I live as close to it, if that occurs.

Iruka: The second way you put it is the best example. You move close or far away. He stays in one place. But yes, absolutely you can become centered and conscious in that you will be fed ideas in brief words or not in words, an idea will come for you to handle the situation, or it can come trickling in days later as you say. But this is something that takes practice and the more you use it the better you get at it. And this is a perfect example of today's lesson of changing your perception just a little to see someone else's viewpoint. You meant it as a joke or as a way to relax, to drink the beer to relax, and this person it maybe forbidden to him to ever drink. It may be a sin in his culture, or his religion and then be aware of the addiction problems and the alcoholism that is rampant not only in this country but all over the world. So this is a good example of the lesson today, of maybe you could change your joke a little since alcoholism is so devastating to families and to the whole culture right now. But back to the other, this can happen while you are teaching, these little flashes of insight, these words from the thought adjuster can help you become creative. In all areas of your life this can be helpful and the more you do it, the easier it becomes and the more you will recognize the Father's voice. Does this answer?

S2: Yes, I have already changed my joke. Thanks.

Iruka: This is a very quiet group today, indeed. If there are no more questions, we will close. I wish you a very good week where you feel the love from the Father and you feel His joy and His peace, and it helps you become more whole and more balanced. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.