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Daniel - Keep Faith While Growing and Changing - Oct 04, 1992 - Pocatello, ID
Group: Pocatello, Idaho
Teacher: Daniel
Topic: Keeping Faith While Changing
October 4, 1992

Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "I am Daniel, your teacher. I am Daniel, your friend. As I have observed you in your get together it becomes very apparent to us that this group is indeed growing, maturing, and coming into more awareness of what it means to be called to be apostle of Christ Michael and to know what it means to be ever more aware of the calling of following the Father's will. Yes, indeed, you are taking those steps necessary for your mission work. And it will behoove you to continue to bring to your own life those things that will benefit you, that will aid in your being able to become more inclined to follow the Father; such things as your continual reading of the Urantia Book, your continual prayer, your continual coming to the Father offering your services, your willingness to provide love to those you meet. It is through your doing and practicing these things that you will make further changes within your being, changes which will lead you so that others will turn to you to also find guidance.

And I am also wanting to address the aspect that was brought up in the conversation you have had. And that is your growing social awareness and social consciousness in regard to problems that plague this planet, whether it be from the very serious decisions and questions regarding human life, human rights, or the rights of all living things to the less important questions regarding life on this planet. Yes, as you become more inclined to follow the Father, the questions which are most difficult to find answers on will be ones that you will be thinking more about; ones that you will be concerned with trying to discern answers, discern other possibilities, see from broader perspective that you can put forth seeds that can help bring about these changes. Yes, following the Father's will is not easy. In doing so you become more aware of your brothers and sisters and their plight.

And know that there indeed is help that will be forthcoming for you in helping to make these decisions or these changes. The most important aspects in most of the questions that are being asked fall back on the premise of education and what must be done to help others know and understand that which is. In today's society as one looks around at all of the abuses, the civil disruptions, the social injustices, one realizes the importance that education will play in helping to bring about these changes. If one grows up in an environment that is trodden with the atrocities of war, where hate and revenge are the accepted norm, how can these people do anything but carry forth that which they have been taught? It is through changing the perspective that you will be able to bring peace on this globe. Know that you are in a sense already beginning to fulfill this by finding and coming to peace and harmony within yourself. As you have and as you will continue to do so, you can then spread this to your personal relationships. And it is through these changes on the one to one, that will bring about change in many, many areas, as more and more people come into the understanding of the principles that are taught within the Urantia Book; as more and more people understand Christ Michael's message, that the religion that is for the Kingdom must be a living, personal religion, that it must be on a one to one basis with the First Source and Center; as more and more people understand the cosmic relationship between you and not only your immediate family, but the family of mankind, of womankind, of personkind, and of the familyhood of all of the planets that are inhabited by God's creation.

And my friends, I would like to extend the analogy given so beautifully by B1 today. This analogy states that as a family (as you put it) cannot conceive of bringing harm to other family members, likewise consider this. As family leaders, the parents, do you not also love each child the same? Does not the First Source and Center love all of His creation? Indeed, for you see, the Father is no respecter of persons. All are in his love and care. And so when you write this analogy for your friend, B1, be sure to include the love of the Father as well.

And I wish to address also the question for Laquita. Please give this child, this beautiful, budding and blossoming spiritual being my love and tell her that indeed I was present; that I have been present with many of you this week.

And to you, K3, I am much aware of your thoughts, your questions to me. I would encourage you to do those things necessary for you to come to more stillness, for you will benefit greatly from this.

And to you D4, I say welcome. And I would indeed not want to ask someone who is as open, who is as willing to change and to grow to leave! I will admit you have been prodded by many over the last few months, so your coming here today was an expected event. And I welcome you.

And please tell B9 in Council that I am aware of her growing spirituality, her growing willingness and readiness to become a part of this mission. And yes, in fact, we have been aware of her for some time. Let her know that, indeed, she does have a teacher. And she will be in communication as quickly as things can be made available for her. And continue to keep her updated and a part of your friendship. For she is indeed hungry and willing to take those steps.

My lesson is that which I have already put forth as well as this. You have all been seeing over the last few months very rapid and quick changes, many more teachers being brought on board. Through all of these quick moving changes I again call upon you to remain steadfast in your faith and trust; that while there is much going on that you are not able to fully understand, if you will continue in your faith, in time these changes, these things that are occurring will be made known for you and will seem very natural and be very welcomed by you. Faith is the gift from the Father to those who are willing to answer the call. Those who take a hold of the truths as they are revealed will accept it, even though they do not understand on a human intellectual plane. Take the gift that the Father has bestowed on you because of your willingness and allow it to grow, for through faith you will be carried through all of the adversities, all of the changes and all of the joys that life has in store for you. If you can maintain your faith you will continue to see changes taking place within your being as my friend F1 has spoken today. Yes, there were times in her life when she had to literally crawl on her belly, and now while things flood her being, she, because of her faith and willingness, is able to turn these seeming adversities into opportunities to help her to grow in evermore spiritual awareness. To each of you, my friends, I say that you will grow, you will be able to ride all adversities with a sense of peace and joy because of the faith you have allowed to fill your being.

I give you an assignment this week. This is to continue to love your brothers and sisters. And to add to this, look to those who are the perpetrators, those who bring and continue to allow evil to remain a part of this life. Look especially this week to those and send them love, not because of their actions, but because they are your brothers and sisters. And they need to also realize that they are part of the whole, that they are not an isolated island. Those who bring sorrow and pain and adversity upon others are ones who, indeed, need love, need forgiveness, and need understanding. They need to know and feel what love is. They need to bridge the gap between them and others. You, my friends, begin by putting in the cornerstones of that bridge for them. Do this on an international scale, a national scale, a State scale, a city wide scale, but do it mostly in your personal relationships with others. For there are many islands who need to have bridges built for them. I will now accept questions."

K3: "This is K3, Daniel. Thank you for touching me, answering some of my questions this week. I would like to pass on from the O1 in Oregon their sincere gratitude for your teachings and for your lessons that they have received and are passing to their families and friends. Thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "And they need to realize that my thanks goes to them in their willingness to share and be open, to share the good news for others. And I send them my love."

C2: "Daniel. This is C2."

Daniel: "Hello, C2."

C2: "Thank you for reinforcing my prior commitment to love those who give me so much pain, and to write notes to them this week, among other tokens, so that they may know God's love also."

Daniel: "Yes. And to you I say, and to all of you, if you are afraid to risk, if you are afraid of those who are in need of God's love and your love, then you are taking a back seat in your commitment. Those of you who are willing to do as you have done and as V1 has done this week, know that you also get back much more in your own personal self love by being able to give love to others, to be willing to do that which may be difficult for you. You see, when you look at your being now compared to that of six to seven months ago, you have, my friends, taken those steps! You have been willing to change and grow. You have been willing to listen and you have taken those things presented to you and have incorporated them in your life. And by doing so, not only are you changing, not only are you growing, but you are helping those who you touch. This is a very vital aspect of your mission. Let go of your fears that you can help others to also sever that cord which poisons the spirit. Yes, indeed!"

C2: "Daniel, I guess I would like to hear a response...I am assuming that even in the midst of deep hurt, the paradox and the mystery, and the power of the love of our First Source and Center and all of the collective blessings bestowed on us allows a peace; the paradox of hurt and peace at the same time. Would you respond to that, please?"

Daniel: "This is exactly true, indeed. For, you see, it is only in your knowing one extreme that you can appreciate and know the other. If you never stubbed your toe, you would not appreciate all the time you did not stub it! If you cannot experience hurt and pain, how can you understand it in another? How can you be tolerant of their pain, if you yourself have not felt it? And in your feeling this pain and hurt, there is, if you have spiritual vision, a sense of peace, a sense of 'all rightness', a sense of completion to the situation. If you have not spiritual vision, often you become a victim. The Kingdom of the Father does not ask for victims, but rather for those who, despite the adversities, continued to scale the mountain, that they could taste the peace once they sat on the top. Indeed, if you will read in the Urantia Book page 52[editor's note, also page 50, 51, the 'inevitabilities'] this will help you in this regard."

V1: "Hello, Daniel. This is V1. I really appreciated your teachings, Daniel. And when you talked about making a bridge to an island and you mentioned the cornerstone, I immediately saw four very heavy stones going up on all the corners. And my dilemma is, how do we put these four corners on the island of that other individual, or, indeed, does it happen by (I don't want to use the word) magic. As we put in our cornerstones of genuine love, does somehow that just happen on the other end?"

Daniel: "As you place your cornerstone you put into the collective consciousness love and the willingness of your spirit to help others. And in doing this there is, of course, many who are also sending and giving love and putting forth those things that help in laying the pathway for those who are isolated. You cannot and are not expected to shoulder the weight of the burden of all. You are asked to do what you can. As you give out and put forth fruits of the spirit that you are maturing in, those who are willing will be recipients of that which you have. You may, in your lifetime, put down many cornerstones, but because of the recipients not opening themselves, you may not always be able to help in building the bridge. Because all are free will creatures, you cannot change anyone else, but by your willingness to help, to be of service, you provide a necessary link for those who wish and want to know love or the like. As more and more brothers and sisters grow in their awareness of the Father, they too will be putting in cornerstones to perhaps the same island you are. Strength in numbers helps those who are hardened for when they can feel genuine love with no strings attached from many sources, they begin to see on a different level. And this is, perhaps, what is needed for them. They can begin taking their steps themselves in building the bridge. You as individuals will not change the whole world, but if you can help even one person in this lifetime, you have done much, for you have been like the Master in search of the lost lamb. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Very much, because I could just see this picture of the bridge happening and I wasn't sure what you meant there. Thank you."

N1: "Daniel, that brought up a question for me which was partially answered, and that has to do with the power of prayer. And I was thinking about praying for different individuals as a group. And in a way I had been wondering how that works, if it really does or if it helps the collective consciousness or as a group if we pray for individuals is that just more contact to the island, and if there is willingness at all they can feel that love. I don't know if that is worded well enough. Could you address that or I can clarify the question."

Daniel: "Question understood. One must, in answering this question, understand the aspect of prayer. And I have already addressed this many months ago, that when you pray for others, you must pray that God's guidance and His love be manifested for whomever you pray. And this is what you would be doing for all of the islands; that in prayer one must consider its true nature. The First Source and Center knows of all of your needs and thoughts and petitions even before you implore them. What is necessary to understand is that prayer does not and is not to be used to bring about that which you, the individual, wish to see happen for an individual; that in your prayer to the Father, that you ask that whoever you are praying for, that they may come to the awareness of the guidance that is available to all; that they will be accepting of the Father and His guidance. And as you pray for those in need in this fashion, it, indeed, does send more love to the island. And as more love is placed upon the island, the barriers, so to speak, are lessened. And, yes indeed, the collective consciousness does work to help lessen the barriers around islands. Whenever you pray for another you are helping God, you are helping the individual, for you are applying spiritual pressure upon them that they will come into awareness of their Indwelling Spirit and the reality of the First Source and Center. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. It does help. The very last part brought me to a further question in that it 'increases the spiritual pressure'. And I guess what I wonder is if the Father already knows our petitions why that's not strong enough on its own? And therefor, why are we needed? I know that probably sounds like a really rebellious question, but I guess my...actually probably the question I have that underlies me asking that question has to do with the power of God, and the ability to make things right. And that's the problem of mine with faith, patience and time, recognizing that time has to unfold for a lot. I don't know if you want to address any of that. Thank you."

Daniel: "Let me address this aspect for you. You see, you help God in your bringing into the collective consciousness your concerns and your love for certain individuals. By placing it into the collective consciousness, you are allowing that which you feel to connect to another. And through your response to another, they too are always able to and are a part of the collective consciousness of others. And so, you are helping them in their willingness to be open. And the Father and other spiritual helpers, angels and Indwelling Spirits and the Mother Spirit work to help any who is willing and ready to open themselves up. You see, prayer serves you as a material being in putting thoughts and love into the collective consciousness. The Father exerts His love and pressure from above. And the individual who is the recipient has the choice to open himself or to remain closed. And this individual will be given many, many opportunities to respond. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. That did help a lot. Thank you."

D4: "Hello, Daniel. This is D4."

Daniel: "Hello, and welcome."

D4: "Thank you. I am very happy to be here. I'm wondering, does everyone have an Indwelling Spirit, or do we only have an Indwelling Spirit if we acknowledge our spirituality, because I know people who really seem to disconnected with that and kind of scoff at spirituality. So, that's my question."

Daniel: "Yes. And you ask this because of your not having read the Urantia Book. I will allow the members of the group to explain to you about the Indwelling Spirit, for they are well versed in this aspect and it will provide them with practice, which they will be needing! Yes. (much laughter)

D4: "Thank you. I accept that answer."

Daniel: "There are a lack of questions and I wish to end this meeting with a visitor."

Abraham: "Greetings, my children. I am Abraham. I have been observing this group for much time and I am most pleased with your love sharing and ability to reach out and willingness to take another step. And this will be forthcoming for you very soon. I wish to give you a special message of my pleasure in your growth, as well as that which comes from Christ Michael. He is most pleased that you are all starting to come into awareness of what His call to you has been, to be His apostles. Continue taking in the messages from Daniel, for in your building that foundation, you will be ready when you are called upon to be a witness to another of Christ Michael and the Father. Yes. Know also that Daniel and I send you our love and peace this week. Go forth and love those who are the hardest to love. Shalom."