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Group: Unknown

Teacher: IRUKA

Lesson: Love For Your Fellow Man

March 14, 1993

Iruka: The peace of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon I am Iruka. I am your friend and teacher. I am glad to see so many of you here, it has been a treacherous storm and I thank you for coming out. And do be careful going back home. Tonight I wish to discuss once again, love for your fellow man. We have been practicing this in some of our lessons, showing love to people who are unlovable, or as you perceive them to be unlovable. But you have discovered that they really are lovable, in their fear in their hurt they have created walls. You saw these walls come down when you showed them love and respect.

They were at first surprised, and then guarded but soon they relaxed and enjoyed the love. They may not have put the name love on it but they liked it as attention, some form of caring. You will never know how you have touched a person or changed them in some small way, but know that you do make a difference. You have the power to make differences in every person's life that you touch. Every individual you meet in almost any situation, you can show love and influence them in a very positive way, and you may never know it. That is why I ask you to always show love to everyone, because you never know the positive things that it does for them. Try to realize the influence that you have. You know that if you start complaining in a group of people, soon the whole group is complaining.

Have you ever experienced the other side of it by saying something positive? How that can also turn around the whole attitude of the group you are in? Some of you I'm sure have experienced this. If you haven't, try it. Even if you have, try it, notice how you can change the attitude. This can be in your office, this could be in your family. This can be anywhere you are. Turn around the complaining, the griping, the negative thinking, this is harder than touching another person on an individual basis. This is the next step we are going to experience, because for a short period of time you will be standing alone in this group, trying to turn it around. Alone as an individual because you are never alone. And slowly one at a time members of the group will start to agree, and soon you have turned around the whole group and have changed the subject or at least made it positive. Your attitude certainly influences. People remember what you say, they remember the love that you show. So my assignment for this week is to turn around a negative conversation if you are in one and notice how the energy of the group changes. It is easy to complain, it is easy to tear down. The first sentence to turn around the subject is difficult but then it becomes just as easy to uplift a conversation than it is to tear it down. By changing your attitude and your words this will influence others. Try it and see how things change, it will take some practice and it may be scary just like your first assignments were scary, to show love to someone who is not being very nice. When you learn of the power that you have, you will become bolder, you will not be afraid to say positive things. Again, as with the other assignment do this with no regard to receiving any love back. You will get your love and approval from the Father. Do not worry about what the group will think or respond. You stay in line with the Father and you will not be blown around or tossed around by negative remarks. This is not an easy assignment but you will learn and you will grow stronger. I will now accept questions.

E1: Hi Iruka this is E.., and I would like to introduce Mark to you who has been in our group for quite a while, but he has had some other assignments to attend to. He has been reading the Urantia book for about two years.

Iruka: Welcome.

M1: Thank you I have been looking forward to coming to these meetings. I guess as you know this is my first one and I have heard a lot of things. I am amazed by this and would just like to listen and find out what I can learn.

W1: Good evening Iruka, this is W.. again I have been out a couple of times but I'm back. Last time I was with you we were in the Seabrook meeting and I asked that famous question, my spiritual name? And I told you I would wait for the answer next trip. Is this the trip?

Iruka: Pam still has trouble with names. I don't think so, I'm sorry.

W1: Ok, I'll try again next month.

Iruka: That may be too soon. We are working on it.

G2: Hello Iruka, I know it has been a long time since I have been to a meeting too. I understand that I have been assigned a teacher, is that correct?

Iruka: Yes, there has been a teacher assigned.

G2: I was wondering is he in this room right now?

Iruka: Yes.

G2: When P.. was connecting with you I was also trying to relax myself. Was he also trying to work with me at the same time?

Iruka: No that would be very disruptive. When you are listening to a lesson from me he was just observing. It would be very confusing to you to have both things going on at the same time. So no.

G2: OK. Thank you. Also P.. suggested that I start writing and see if my teacher can help me, or converse with me through that way. I have some dates where I have stuff written down and I was wondering if you could translate for me, what they mean. Or what he was trying to send to me, would that be possible?

Iruka: Translate words?

G2: I have some words written down on a piece of paper along with the date that I wrote them down.

Iruka: The words would be in english?

G2: Yes, they are more like letters I should say.

Iruka: It sounds like you need to practice more. The reason to write the words down is because at first you just get one word at a time and as you concentrate on each word, you forget the last word, it is so that later you can go back and read the whole sentence. That is the reason for writing the word or group of words down. As it becomes easier you will get two or three words, and then maybe a phrase, and then ideas. So that is the reason for that suggestion. I would not try to interpret the letters or the words, but you are indeed receiving and are aware of communication. Now you must practice. It will get easier and it will start getting a little faster.

This is like swimming, you can read every book about swimming that you can find but you have to get in the water and actually try it, to actually swim. So just practice, it will come. This is a very frustrating time, the very beginning hearing words, hearing letters, but just keep practicing. Your teacher is also learning and when you make progress he learns how to better communicate with you. So be patient and just keep trying every day, try some more. And in a few months, you will have completely forgotten all the trying and the trouble you went through. Does this help?

G2: It helps, doesn't answer my question, but it helps.

W1: Iruka, I talked to S... maybe a week ago and he received something in the mail with reference to Melchizedek materializing in Naperville, Illinois. Do you know anything about that?

Iruka: Yes, there are plans for Melchizedek's materialization. Indeed.

W1: OK I was given the date I think it is in April, somewhere around the 28th or 21st. But my question is I would like to go to that and I was only going to go if you said it was going to be happening.

Iruka: There are plans for it to happen, however, there is a lot of work and preparation involved, that is taking place right now. We hope it will happen, but we have planned for other things to happen and the Father has said no. So we hope. We are planning for it to happen, we are behaving as though it will happen, but Father can always step in with a ruling and so that can change. But plans are going ahead for this to happen. I cannot guarantee it but we hope it happens. I know that this does not answer your question specifically but it is the best I can give you.

W1: Well of course I would rather hear you say that yes you know something about it rather than sometimes in the past where some of the teachers have said no they didn't have knowledge of a particular event that we were hearing of through rumor. So that was positive. Next question, is if he does materialize, or when he materializes, I am just curious, what race will he be?

Iruka: Very interesting question! I am not sure..that never...I never thought of that. I am not close, I know of their plans but I don't know of the specifics. I cannot tell you.

W1: My last reading of the transcripts that I got from W..they were talking about the bio-chemical circuitry of the various brain types determines the TR's ability to make contact and it is also stated that anybody that really wants a teacher can have one, but I also realize that some people get them quicker because of their bio-chemical circuitry make-up. When a person wants a teacher really bad but they don't have that bio-chemical circuitry necessary is the Life Carrier involved to make this happen, or what happens so that a person can eventually get there.

Iruka: After a teacher has been assigned and if there appears to be some blockage or problems in the communication, then there are some beings who can make adjustments. Not necessarily a Life Carrier, but there are others who can do this. It doesn't take very long and usually the human involved is not aware of the adjustments. Sometimes they might experience a headache, pain in the head, but not like other headaches. It does not usually last long, almost anyone can be adjusted, the brain can be changed to be able to hear a teacher. So don't worry.

E1: Yes Iruka this is E.. referring to the headache, if one was to take aspirins is the pain relieved and can the process still occur? If one has taken an aspirin for the headache?

Iruka: If by feeling the pain you tense up, an aspirin would help the tension, help to relax. But I don't think it would have much effect on the actual pain. Does this help.

E1: Yes, but can the process still occur as to what the

spiritual beings are doing to that particular area of the brain? Can the process that the spiritual beings are working on in the brain still occur if one did take an aspirin.

Iruka: Yes, understood. Yes. Usually this is done while the individual is sleeping or relaxed and oftentimes is not even aware.

E1: In reference to Melchizedek's arrival in April I was a bit surprised that the Father would tell you NO because I thought you would ask either the Father or Jesus prior to the planning. What kind of hierarchy do you go through before planning such an event? Or do you presume that the Father will say OK and you just start planning?

Iruka: This materialization has been approved by Christ Michael for all intents and purposes He is the ruler, the One we pray to for this planet. If the Father doesn't want it to happen He can say "no". Usually they are in agreement with each other, by them I mean Christ Michael and the Father, however there have been other attempts at this where the Father said "no" it would not be in the human's best interest for this to happen." And it didn't happen, much to the disappointment of many beings besides humans.

E1: The Melchizedeks arrival was planned sometime prior to this?

Iruka: You mean Melchizedek's materialization has been planned? (yes) It has been planned for a long time, yes. It is a matter of the right time, of when. This...we are talking about two different things, let me back up. This is just a temporary appearance, this April appearance, materialization. There are also plans for him to have a body, three of them to materialize on this planet. To teach, to uplift the whole planet. I think we are confusing the two different situations. Does this make things clearer?

E1: No. Are you saying then that the materialization of Melchizedek in April is a different event as to the three Melchizedeks that will materialize at some other time? (yes) In other words they are going to live here.

Iruka: This is the three Melchizedeks to re-personalize in earthly bodies and live here and up-step the planet. To have schools. This is in the future at some point. These events are triggered by other events, we do not put a date on them. Now, this appearance in April is just for a short time, momentarily, to give you a physical image of spiritual entities. At this point, your image of the spirit world is very hazy, fuzzy, cloudy, you really have none. And so this was to give a concrete picture. The reasons for both of these are totally different. To help your understanding and spiritual growth. Is this any better?

E1: Yes, he will be in a Morontia form I presume and will the other ones come through the womb or will they be adult form?

Iruka: They will re-personalize as adults.

E1: In North America?

Iruka: Pretty sure, at least one. This is for the whole planet.

E1: The one that will materialize in April will be the Morontia form?

Iruka: Well it has to be physical for you to see it. You cannot see morontia. So it has to be something you can see and that is why it takes so much energy, and planning, and work on our side to make this happen.

E1: I understand from the Urantia Book that the disciples were able to see Jesus in His morontia form I thought, isn't that correct? (yes) But its something that we are not spiritually able to see someone in their morontia form?

Iruka: Jesus has a very high ranking. It has to do with the spirit power, I cannot explain it.

E1: I have one last question, and this is like in a story form. There are two people, both say they live in faith. Both pray on the same issue, and one gets obvious results and the other gets no results, or little results. What is the difference between the two aside from fear and doubt?

Iruka: Would you repeat that question please?

E1: There are two people, both say they live in faith or their lives are centered around faith. Both pray on the same issue, one gets obvious results or the results that they ask for and the other gets no results, or little results. What is the difference between the two people praying aside from fear and doubt.

Iruka: This cannot be determined. Every individual is unique, on their own path to the Father. Your question is why the difference, basically, and it can be many things. That is a very vague scenario. There is no comparing them, really. You are asking another question here, you need to be more specific.

E1: I guess in essence why when one prays the results can come faster than lets say someone who may pray and may not get the fast results or the promptness in terms of a prayer being


Iruka: This question sounds like...why one individual got the answer yes and the other individual got the answer no. Is this...the Father treats all his children differently?

E1: For example, if someone is praying over someone who has cancer lets say, and there is a human being that can pray and the results can be miraculously instant, whereas someone else who would pray over this being who has cancer and the promptness and the prayer is not there. Now as I ask the question I realize that it could be based on the patient whose being prayed for as well as the person who is praying. But what is it about that person that gets the promptness that is missing from the other person who doesn't get that prompt response.

Iruka: I understand your question and even at my level I do not understand this very clearly. Of course it has to do with the individuals and the patient, are they both praying over the same individual? Healing has a lot to do with the patient themselves. There are so many variables that go on it might appear that there are equal situations, but the situations are never equal. I cannot answer this question, I don't know.

G3: Hello Iruka. I have two questions, maybe three, anyway the first one is concerning our teachers that are assigned to us when we ask for a teacher. I would like to know if the teachers are similar to angels and if you are an angel or similar to an angel.

Iruka: Your angel or angels are created as angels, I am not an angel, I started out on a planet as a material space-time being. And I have grown and changed, it is a road a path to the Father. We are different beings but we have a lot of contact. The angels who serve humans on this level will be companions in the Morontia world, and you will help them. So you work closely together, but you and they are different creatures. Does this make it clear?

G3: Yes, my second question is concerning some of the things that have been happening in the world recently. Specifically an earthquake in Columbia (Md) registering 2.5 on the Richter scale and also people who are going around claiming that they have been given word from God to do specific things, such as the man in Texas who has people held hostage and he is claiming he is waiting for..he is doing this under the direction of God and also this other man who shot an abortion doctor. I was wondering if these are signs of future events or some type of spiritual sign of things to come, especially the earthquakes in diverse places and people who are just claiming that they are in the name of God but they really aren't. Is this some type of sign of things to come?

Iruka: Basically, no. Earthquakes have to do with the earth's plates that are shifting. Individuals in various places act accordingly to their own thoughts and feelings, isolated from someone else's. Earthquakes in diverse places? sounds like Revelation, the Book of Revelation in the Bible. This book started out clear, fairly straight forward but it has been re- written and garbled basically that you cannot interpret it in any meaningful way. Do not be afraid of the future, the Father, Christ Michael, and any of the beings around does not want this planet destroyed. We want this planet to be up-stepped into Life and Light, so that everyone knows they are a child of God, that they are well loved by the Father. Do not live in fear of what somebody says is going to happen. You must judge these leaders, or people who claim to know things by their fruit, (lost).. what they are. You must judge them by what they say, that is how you judge me. That is how you know whether someone is telling you the truth. So exercise this judgement. You know how much the Father loves you. Actually you don't, He loves you more that what you feel, but you feel the love from the Father, there is more love there. He does not want this destroyed. Does this answer your fears?

G3: Yes, I really wasn't frightened, I was just concerned and also I just wanted to know if it was normal for the earthquakes to occur in various parts of the United States besides

California. But after hearing what you say, it seems to be something that is a natural occurrence to have earthquakes in various parts of the world. (yes)

G2: Hello Iruka, I am going to admit this, I was watching Oprah one day and just one day, I will just admit to one day, and she had four ladies that claimed to be able to see the angels. I am not doubting that but is it possible for us on this level to actually see angels on a day to day basis just by looking at a person?

Iruka: Occasionally in unusual circumstances the angels can be visible, but on a day to day basis, no. Not usually. Think how distracting they would be to you. To always want to watch your angel. And I will not address whether these women actually do or do not see their angel or angels.

G2: I know where that line is and unlike Mr. W I tend not to cross it. Another question since this group's conception do we all have guardian angels that take more notice of our actions and keep us from trouble?

Iruka: This group indeed has shown much growth and yes you have acquired more guardians. Some are angels and some are other beings. As you work towards the Father in your personal growth you are assigned other beings to help and guide and protect you. That is true.

G2: I have one more personal question. G.. and I are both having a baby. Is it possible for you to tell if the baby is healthy or OK or does that really matter?

Iruka: As far as I know it is fine, does that help? And Congratulations.

G2: Thank you. We were concerned about her work environment effecting the baby. And I was just concerned about her work place.

Iruka: If you are aware of possible hurt or injury do exercise the caution, the preventative actions.

M1: Hello Iruka, this is M..and you had mentioned Revelation, a book of the Bible. I read in the Urantia Book that Jesus was not to leave any written records of any of the Father's teachings and our world has been influenced a great deal by the Bible and I was wondering if it was the intention of his followers or was it Jesus's intention that his followers leave written records of the teachings.

Iruka: Yes, that his followers have written records, so that anyone could read them, that anyone could follow them. The problem that Jesus faced for having written records that he wrote was so that humans would not worship the actual book, the actual paper that it was written on, and miss the whole point of the writings. Many things have become objects of worship that were important merely because what was written on them. Not the actual piece of paper, then to avoid humans fighting over possession of the piece of paper of whatever they found, fighting over the . .. destroying each other for it. Turning it into something to start wars over. He was concerned that the actual words, the actual lessons be learned, and forget the pieces of paper. The manuscripts, they are not valuable it is what He said that is valuable. Does this help?

M1: Yes it does help, and another question I have is that the words that I am sure He may have intended on us reading and understanding I believe have probably been confused with some words of men. That may have confused a lot of us and I was wondering how us as well as some of the teachers and preachers who use this will be able to tell the difference.

Iruka: It can be very confusing and it is a problem. Anytime a person writes something down there is the possibility of error. And that is what has happened. One thing to remember this is only a guide but if the writing is . . reveals God as loving, caring, compassionate, that is truth. The angry God of the old testament is a mis-interpretation. It is difficult to separate out the writings of the Bible, but by spending time with the Father, in daily meditations, and praying to Him, learning about Him and growing to become like Him, you get to know who He is and then passages will be easier and easier to interpret as to whether they are true or not because you know the Father. As much as you can and this will help you, the guide inside your Thought Adjuster will help you divide the passages, whether to believe them or whether to let them go. Does this help?

M1: Yes this helps, I guess one of my main concerns is preachers and how a lot of them take the Bible word for word and tell their followers that everything in it is true and that they should believe everything in it. And I guess from the experience I have had with people who think that way, it is,,I guess its caused confusion and debates and mis-understandings as to who is right and who is . . or if there is a right or wrong as far as the (Book?)

Iruka: Indeed it has caused many problems. That is why spending time with the Father is so important. You check anything that anyone tells you with your Thought Adjuster, you weigh it to see whether it is truth or not. That guide that the father gave you is what will keep you close to the Father. Everything you hear and read you test it, including my words, you don't take anything from someone else without testing it. And then when you are satisfied that it is indeed truth then you make it a part of your being. Does this help?

W1: I hope this one isn't too blunt, but what is the status of aborted babies?

Iruka: They are kept with the sleeping beings. They will be raised on the other side with one of their parents if not both, or if the parents do not survive, with someone who will raise them. They are not forgotten, they are not ignored. They are taken care of.

W1: Is there any particular this directly after fertilization? Is it considered a sleeping survivor at that point too or does it have to reach a certain age.

Iruka: Yes, after fertilization.

W1: How does Christ Michael look upon the doctor involved, if you can answer that.

Iruka: No I am not allowed to answer that. You are wanting a judgement and that is your decision. Human's decisions. I cannot interfere with that, you understand. (sure)

G3: Hello Iruka, I know G..just asked part of the question about whether or not you knew if our baby is healthy or not, but I just wanted to..I was just a little concerned because I seem to be having quite a few aches and pains compared to some other of my female friends who have experienced having a baby and I was just wondering if the little aches and pains I am experiencing, are those normal and if they are what can I do to maybe alleviate some of them or how should I be approaching this.

Iruka: Every pregnancy is different. You may experience things that none of your friends experienced. Or the opposite, they may experience things that you do not. This should not be a concern. Use this time to get to know and be able to read your body. To understand when it needs something; a vitamin, certain vegetables, things that you may crave. As long as you are being checked by your doctor and everything is going well do not worry about differences between you and your friends. Do not worry, do not stress yourself with concern. I will tell you the same things your doctor tells you about eating right and sleeping and just being healthy. Look upon this as a very happy time and do not worry. Does this help?

G3: Yes, seems like the more sleep and rest I get the better I feel, do you feel that maybe I need to get more rest, or am I getting enough rest.

Iruka: Once again listen to your body, you will be tired when it needs rest. It will tell you what it needs. If there are no more questions, I will go for now and see you again at our next meeting. Good Evening.