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Daniel - Keeping Spiritual Unity in Spite of Diversity - Sep 27, 1992 - Pocatello, ID
Group: Pocatello, Idaho
Teacher: Daniel
Topic: Spiritual Unity Despite Diversity
September 27, 1992

Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good afternoon. I am Daniel. I am your teacher and your friend. I am pleased that those who were able could attend our meeting. I am likewise happy with your sharing. It is through these times that you will come to know one another. And through knowledge, through understanding then relationships can be bonded, cemented, and you will continue to grow as a group, necessary for further teaching work. As you can perceive the joys and tribulations of one another in the group, so will you be able to help others in the outer realm with their life when you can be of loving service and understanding of one another. You are laying the groundwork for greater mission work, indeed!

My friends, not all weeks will be filled with ecstatic joy. Not all weeks will be filled with down, depressing attributes. One must realize that even though you are beginning to come to your life in body, mind, and spirit in the fashion of doing the Father's will, you are still within the confines of a material body. And, therefor, even though you are viewing life with more spiritual vision, you must live life as it is, as it unfolds for you. It is through, though, your higher spiritual vision that the ups and down of the material existence become less burdensome, less of a crisis, for you can see on a much broader spectrum. Ride these tides, these swells of adversity. It is how you ride them, whether you stay on the surfboard, so to speak, or whether you are toppled off and must hang on for dear life. It is not what happens to you in your life, it is what you do with what happens, that counts.

My words have been helping you learn the fine technique of remaining on top of your surfboard, that you can ride any tide with sturdiness, with confidence. And so, as you have seen this week, one that you have been ridden with adversity, look to it and adversities of the past where you were underneath your surfboard. This time many of you were beside it. Many of you were kneeling on it. And in time, you will be able to stand erect on top of the highest wave.

The lesson this evening is on understanding the aspect of religion as that which, as a new apostle, you will put forth for others. You must realize that we have stated many times in the past lessons that you are to understand with spiritual unity, despite diversity. There may be a time when you are spiritually united, yet you will have different beliefs. And this is a far goal that we are striving for. And so know that all of you here have gone beyond the first plane of religion, that of the primitive, that of being fearful and being superstitious. You have moved beyond that aspect. No longer do you worship rocks or nature or things that you do not understand out of fear. You have, from many years back, been in a search of moving from the second level to the third level of religious maturity.

The second level is that of intellectual understanding. Because you understand through your science, through your other fields of study, you no longer worship a deity out of fear. Rather, you worship out of an understanding that there is this mystery. There is a certain amount of faith necessary to believe in God, to believe in a First Source and Center. And while most of the planet of Urantia is in this second stage, there are many who have moved beyond it to the third level, the third level being that of religion of the spirit.

In the second level, one where the mind rules, far too often it is the easy way out to be involved in an organized dogma, an organized organization where creeds, dogmas, ceremonies, and traditions are what is put forth for the people. Once you can shed this aspect and you can move into the third realm of understanding that religion is and should be experiential, should be one where you can come to know the First Source and Center through your own understanding, through your own personal revelation, through your willingness and desire to reach for Him.

In the third level you understand that the First Source and Center is reaching down to you as you reach up to Him. You must in this level be much more aware of your being, your actions and where you come from. When you are at the second level, religion is quite easy. When you decide that religion must be lived, not something looked upon, but actually lived and experienced, you will find that it is not always easy. Daily you will work to understand and to know the Father's will. Daily you will work to manifest His will in your own life. Daily you will come to know the Father, for you understand that by your consistent communication with Him, you are led in the direction that He calls you. And it is in this coming forth and following that you learn what God-consciousness is truly about.

You will at some point move past barriers where you see only people, only problems. You will begin to see these same people as sons and daughters of the First Source and Center, as your brothers and sisters; as those who are most capable, just as you are, of following the Father, of standing on Paradise Isle together. As you watch in your media events those saddened and hungry wide eyed urchins of the third world countries, as you worry about them and wonder how they can understand a loving Father because their life is so hard; if you are truly understanding of the spiritual aspect of religion, you will know that these same individuals will be able to proceed to Paradise Isle, just as you; that they will be given the choice to ascend, as you are. It is when you can begin to see on a broader spectrum that you can begin to bring about change within the realm. You will be able to support and love these people, knowing they are your brothers and sisters.

Even those who are very hardened of heart deserve your love just as the urchin of the street. Because you have been so fortunate to come to the knowledge of the cosmology of the universe, of the love of the Father, means that your life is also given more responsibility. For it is by your fruits that others will heed the call as you have. Know that all of God's love embraces all of His children, even those who are still at the primitive level of understanding; that the First Source and Center forever understands even the smallest flame, smallest flicker, smallest spark of faith. How much more you can give your brothers and sisters as you become more confident in your apostleship. Understand that the religion that you live now is one which calls for action, for the understanding of who you really are. As you have been over these many months working and coming to more clarity, this is but a beginning! You see, you are going to, as time unfolds, become even more of understanding. And this will give you the confidence you need in your mission ahead.

One of the important aspects about Christ Michael and His teachings to this planet was to help others to lay down fears, to realize that their religion, the kingdom that He spoke about, was one that was of love, one that was of forgiveness, one that was of endless possibilities for those who chose to follow Him. Following Christ does not mean giving up anything. There may be some material gains one could give up, but these are stunted in light of a spiritual life.

To become as little children does not mean to be on the same level intellectually as little children, rather be open to all that is possible as does a child. When you observe children you see they have no preconceived ideas about what is, or is not, possible for them. They do not see other children as enemies. They can walk into a park knowing no one. After a couple hours of play they are friends with many. They are open. They are willing to risk. They are willing to know many possibilities. And this is what the spirit of true religion should be; that with your commitment and desire to follow the Father, you are open to many and wondrous possibilities!

Go forth this week, my friends, working on those things we have spoken about. Strive to understand justice and righteousness. Strive for that tolerance. Forgive those that need it and give love to all. As you do these things, you not only empower those around you, but yourself as well. And when you have those times when you are down, recall the surfboard. Climb back on board, first to your knees. And once you steady stand proud and tall and meet the Father. For you are very capable of riding those waves. You have to but believe that you can! I will now accept questions."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2."

Daniel: "Hello, C2."

C2: "I wanted to clarify your comment with regard to affecting the hardened hearts. Did I understand you to say that we could do that?"

Daniel: "You can be helpful in helping those hardened to see from different perspectives; only individually everyone must choose and make their own pathway. You cannot force another to do anything. You can be mirrors. You can be helpers to those around you, that they can see from a different viewpoint; that they can feel that which hardens them. If one lacks love, if you can shower them with love, help them to feel love, then they are able to change. And once they can give love, they understand the experience. Once love is felt, one does not want to go back to the dungeon of no love. Love is a paramount thing for all. Those caught in the abyss where there is no love are very lonely indeed. Those who are hardened and know not how to forgive need to be able to feel forgiveness, that they too can forgive. Those who are hardened of heart and do not understand the First Source and Center can only come to understand Him through the direct understanding of love between people. When this is established, then they can broaden their perspective and understand the love of the Father, understand His reality. Does this help?"

C2: "It does in a great breadth but I'm still wondering about...I think I know the answer to this but it still is a maze and a sense of wonderment(not in the childlike wonderment and not so far as despairing wonder but)..what changes things in those feelings? I feelings really haven't changed toward people who seem to be distancing from me. They hadn't, that I was aware of. And so I guess my question, my dilemma is..just keep on keeping on and eventually it will return??"

Daniel: "Question understood. It is indeed unfortunate when one gives love, when one gives service, when one strives to reach out to their brothers and sisters, only to be met with a wall. And it hurts even more when this wall has been erected after there has been much give and take. And it must be viewed by yourself as not something that you must feel guilt about, must feel downtrodden about. People who are not in alignment with their own being, who are not in alignment with the Father, will always build walls because they have hurt, they have felt disharmony, and because they do not know how to change or they do not wish to change. For in changing, one must risk. One must step out of their shell. And when one steps out of their shell, they are vulnerable until they can build a foundation under them to support them.

can continue to give, to show love in the hopes that by your doing so these people can begin to take a chisel to their wall and break it down. With each block that they take down there is the possibility of more love having more room to go through. If the wall is solid and love cannot penetrate, then your job is to continue to love and respect them for where they are, while you continue to mirror those things that can bring them around. These are not easy to do. And with some people it will be impossible. Especially is it hard to do these things when you are emotionally, intellectually involved. If you can continue to pray for these people and pray for guidance for you, that you can find that avenue that will help them, you will be on a right path. Life cannot always bring about full change for all. And so you cannot feel guilt because you have not been instrumental in helping another to see. Again, by your fruits others will see. Does this help?"

C2: "Yes. Thank you. Do these people have angels around them? I keep praying that their angels will touch them as well."

Daniel: "All have angels. Many do not have personal angels, but all have angels. Personal angels are given to those who reach a certain level in the circles. At level three personal angels are given. Many have not reached this level and therefor have group angels. You can get this information easily from reading the book on this. In your case know that there are some that do have personal angels, most are group."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."

V1: "First of all, Daniel, I want to thank you for whatever contact you made with the wayward son in Italy and that he called us today. I really appreciate it! It did remove a lot of anxiety and I was able to call L2's mother too. And thank you very much.

Your lesson tonight reminds me once again of Kohlberg's step of morality. And I realize that spirituality and morality are all different, but I couldn't help but think of the pre-conventional as fear, and the conventional as being intellectual, and the post-conventional as being religion of the spirit. And it gave me a lot more insight, so I really appreciate that. Your statement in conclusion that we needed to forgive and to show tolerance..this last week I have listened to Rayson's tape on forgiveness..maybe four times. And on the tape he says that offense is really a matter of the other person; that if we are filled with God's love, then nothing will offend us. And I know that I am mortal, but I am just wondering if you would expand on that a little bit, maybe deal with the prodigal son and the elder brother on that?"

Daniel: "Of course, because you are of a dual nature means that you will not be perfect for a long time. And so, one may, and one often does feel offense, which is natural, but which can be overcome through the knowledge and the understanding of God's love. Yes, those mortals who are fortunate enough to be so totally committed to doing the Father's will, who understand so totally His love, will be able to transcend these human animalistic traits, such as offense. And that which is given to you will be seen in a broader picture. However, do not think that because you may take offense at something or feel offended by something that you are not filled with God's love, for this is not true. You are.

And this needs to be prefaced slightly, also, in the fact that you may personally take offense in seeing evil, in seeing evil acts being perpetrated. In Rayson's message he was stating that those who are offended by others are able to move past personal grudges, personal emotional feelings toward another, because of their love, because of their awareness of God in their life. Offense does and will occur for you. Understand the levels of it. Understand that you can choose to be offended or you can turn it over to God and His love.

I am afraid that the explanation has been very scattered. Transmission is weak at the moment. Please, further give more information on this question."

V1: "Daniel, I was just thinking in terms of the fact that to me there are some acts that are offensive and I guess I was trying to get some clarification as to whether or not it was the problem of the person of the person who thought it was offensive, therefor needed to forgive as you said we need to forgive this week, or if indeed it really was not a problem of the act but rather of the receiver. I think that is what I was trying to ask, the elder brother who is offended because the younger brother has messed up and come back and all is well. The forgiveness of the Father is real and I understand that and it is wonderful, but should there be anger on the part of any of us perhaps?"

Daniel: "In this instance the act of offense with the elder son in the prodigal son parable is based on lack of understanding by the elder son in the fact that what is available in God's realm for one is available to all. The Father is no respecter of persons. That even what you reap, so shall you receive. And even those who are late in coming and heeding the call, so shall they reap as well. And indeed those of you who take on the mindset of the eldest son and feel offense are in error, for you must remember the total picture of God's love and mercy. You must remember the cosmology from which you ascend and will ascend, that what is afforded to one mortal, is afforded to all. And that you who do take offense need to look to your own being to find those places in your own self that need to be healed so that you can be tolerant, loving, forgiving and understanding of all. Is this helping?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. And I need to go back to the first part of my question..when Rayson says that forgiveness would not be necessary which certainly suggest that there are no offensive acts."

Daniel: "That is correct. Yes."

V1: "Thank you."

N1: "Daniel, toward the end of your lesson...I don't know exactly how you stated it, but I think it was that following Christ Michael didn't ask sacrifice. It certainly keyed me in to Christ Michael's message that His burden was light, which I have been having such a struggle with, I know, the last several weeks. And when I was reading in the Urantia Book about the apostles, it seemed like half of them ended up crucified and other believers got stoned to death and Christ Michael got crucified. And I find that very difficult to put together with the idea that there is no sacrifice required for doing the Father's will and that Christ Michael's burden is light! And intellectually I can say that it is because this material world is of no value, but it has an awful lot of value to me right now! And I guess I, in my own personal life, felt like doing the Father's will and following Christ Michael does mean sacrifice, does mean loss of desires and dreams and so I am still in struggle over that! And I don't know if you can clarify that for me more. It may just be a process that I just have to go though. But if you could address that I would appreciate that."

Daniel: "My dear, I can assure you, you will not be crucified or stoned. But, yes, I do understand your concern. If you can understand that part of your nature is spiritual, and this is the aspect that will go on with you to meet the Father, and so Christ's burden in the spiritual aspect was light. And even the stonings and crucifixions are light in the realm of the spiritual. And while you on this human plane go through much adversity, do not always see those goals, those desires you have humanly put forth as being met, again you must consider that you are either going to commit to laying down these aspects to follow the Father, or you will forgo the Father to follow the human aspects.

One must realize that in nearly all modes of work, occupations, one can follow the Father's will. Of course there are some occupations that only follow human greed and power in which none of you are involved. And so, while you are realizing or feeling that those desires and goals which you have put before you are not being met, if you will but turn your life over completely to the Father, those things which you have deemed important will either be manifested or because of other circumstances and your desire to truly follow the Father, these now set goals will become less important. And so my words to you in this regard: Because you are in a period of great transition, great uncertainty, many questions you are dealing with concerning your life's purpose and goals, it is important for you at this time to speak frankly with the Father. And if you truly desire to follow Him, He will provide you the guidance necessary and with the guidance will come love and confidence and support. And in all of this there comes a switch in understanding, that you will not feel like you are sacrificing, but rather you are doing what you desire to do in fulfilling the Father's will. Pray on this, that you can begin to see more clarity in this regard. Is this helping at all?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. Very much so. And I will pray on that and speak frankly with the Father. Thank you." V1: "Daniel. V1, again. And I didn't even realize that I was reading your lesson last night. As soon as N1 started to talk I realized that I read the discourse on true religion. And this sentence came to mind about Jesus' burden being light. This sentence says, 'The religion of the spirit means effort, struggle, conflict, faith, determination, love, loyalty, (and the last one was rather encouraging), progress. And so it seems that the religion of the spirit that you are mentioning does seem like an effort and the book, the author, is showing in contrast the religion of tradition and the religion of the mind; that indeed the religion of the Spirit takes much more personal choice; that our answers are not given to us. And so I couldn't help but think about this. But the last word, progress does help me a bit. But I think it is difficult."

Daniel: "Exactly, exactly. Thank you for sharing. For you see the religion of the mind, the intellect calls for you to be led, to be told, to not think and decipher for yourself. In religion of the spirit, it is you who does the work to learn, to know, and to serve the Father. In the religion of the intellect you can slide by very easily. And you become very stagnant. When you understand the Father on a personal, revelatory nature, then you understand on a level that far surpasses intellect. And in this understanding you then will find that the road and the path to following the Father's will is no longer easy. For you are personally involved.

And with that note and thought I will leave you this week. Are you willing, my friends, to become personally involved? My love to you. Good evening."

Group: "Good night, Daniel."