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Group: Unknown

Teacher: IRUKA

Lesson: Discuss How Long To Get To Paradise

February 21, 1993

Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the light of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you. Where ever you are He is. Good afternoon, I am Iruka, I am your teacher and your friend. It is good to get back with you after such a long intermission. We have not been together for several weeks and I must say I have missed you, my feelings of affection have grown and I look forward to seeing you every week. To repeat, I am glad to be here and see you again. There has been much excitement here that we are starting to come together as a group. You are getting to know each other and starting to care about each other. And this is good. Your concern for each other comes from the love of the Father through you to each other. The group grows stronger each time we meet, and this is very gratifying to see. Your love from this group shines out. It is starting to be felt by those around you and by those who are not in this group. You may not realize it but you are starting to change. This happens very slowly at first and you can not even notice it. But already I see how gently you are treating each other. The compassion that you are showing. It may be hard at first, but soon it will be a very positive habit. Some of the last assignments that I gave you were to show love to someone who you really didn't care for. Whom it would be difficult to show love. But you did it anyway and you have become stronger. I am very pleased at the progress. When you don't worry about how someone treats you back, then you can give all the love that you have. If you do not worry about anything in return, you can give freely. And this is what I wanted you to experience. And of course you didn't give all your love away, you are not empty. Because more love came in from God to fill up the space. I want you to think back on how you showed love to the individuals that you did, how did you feel? Was it as threatening as you thought it would be? And if it was, were you really threatened, were you really hurt? This has made you stronger, you now see that you can show love to anyone. It will become to the point that you would think nothing of showing everyone love. That this would become a part of your being, and of course this is what the Father wants, this is how the Father is. He shows love to everyone, and now I will accept questions.

E1: Good afternoon Iruka, I would like to ask you for some suggestions on a Superfest that we are preparing for March 28. The title is "one people's day" and I presume you can probably gather from the title what we are aiming to do, if you can give us some ideas in terms of offering to the audience or the group that is coming for the presentation.

Iruka: You are referring to a speech, a talk?

E1: It is a talk, and it is where a host of Urantia readers come together from Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, possibly Philadelphia to gather together for fellowship, and interacting with one another and on that particular day we will be giving, from several people of our particular group, ideas, thoughts, presentations on the one people day theme. If you can give us any ideas as to what could be presented within that theme and how we can go about presenting something that is useful to the heart, or that will bring about a change or noteworthy indication to do something different with our lives, in terms of the Brotherhood.

Iruka: Love of course is the main idea. God loves all his children. All are called to walk with him, to learn and to grow. You could suggest about the quiet time with the Father without referring to the teaching mission at all. If you are comfortable with that. You know how important it is to spend quiet time with the Father. You get refilled and replenished with love and confidence and healing, however, if this is a little threatening you may not want to mention it. Another topic would be growth, that life is a continual growth of ever drawing closer to the Father where ever you start, at whatever age or whatever position. Growth towards the Father of course takes eternity. It is a lifelong walk. Showing love in many different ways from listening to someone talk to pouring them a cup of coffee. Does this help?

E1: Yes, somewhat. We also had a theme of speaking about the different races in terms of bringing unity about on a level of spirituality is there anything you can add towards this, or contribute or is this something we should talk about? I realize love is the theme, that will be indicated.

Iruka: Each individual has their own talents and by each one contributing what they can do or what their strength is together forms a whole. This is how you could bring in different races, personalities, each contributing their strengths to create a whole. Does this help?

E1: Yes. On another subject, I would like to know how long in years, hypothetically would it take for a human to go from earth to the Paradise Isle.

Iruka: That of course depends on several things. First of all the individual themselves, how fast or slow, how many detours they take. There are many options after the mansion worlds. There are many different roads to take and you can choose more than one. You can spend a long time learning and growing not only to the Father but various other activities. For instance, art, music, science. You have read about these in the Urantia Book so you are aware that there are many different things to do. There are things that I cannot even describe to you. I could never explain to you what they are...there are vast opportunities. There is no way to say. Now there has been, in the Urantia book it talks about one person who has made it all the way from this planet. Still that doesn't narrow the time down. After you get to this side, time just is not as important as it is on a material world. I know I am not giving you numbers and I am not being specific, but that is very very difficult to do.

E1: Ok even though it is difficult, is there any way you can say it can be "as short as"...and range it from "as long as"? just for my material mind to get some idea?

Iruka: You want a number like 10 thousand years, but that does not necessarily mean anything, fifty thousand, a hundred thousand that is the number you are looking for. You want to measure this in earth years around the sun? (yes) I cannot give you a number, I am sorry.

V: Iruka, I am H.... a visitor from California, the central coast of Los Osos. I appreciated the lesson you gave very much and I mentioned to my teacher, my teacher is Loriana (sp), and Hilson, and they said that they knew you and I talked to them before I came. I wonder if you can send my greetings through Loriana or Hilson or both to the group in Los Osos. If you would do that?

Iruka: Yes I am aware of your teachers and I will send them your greetings.

V: We have problems, maybe problems is not the word, Oh! incidently in my asking questions of you I would give you permission to search my mind as to the content and motive of what I was saying. We have some problems somewhat of the sort here, we are thinking about expansion and the way which the group treats newcomers. About how we admit people to a closed group, or if we should or not and what we do with people who are potential new readers and what we do with people who are already readers and I wonder about some of those possibilities. Do you have any advice to give on bringing people into a group that...well we have had a teacher for a month and a half or so and we are still, I think we have a wonderful group and I love the people in it, and I think we are getting close. Do you have any advice for bringing people in to a group that...under those circumstances?

Iruka: At the beginning of formation of a group, it is rough going. It takes time to get to know each other, to develop a trust and to then love each other. I really have no specific items of advice but to see each other with love, to talk with newcomers to see if they are open to the teaching mission and to approach them with love and not with judgement. Many people start out with great curiosity, not necessarily believing. Then after several times and sometimes this can take months before they decide that yes, they do believe, or no this is not for them. So you must be very careful not to judge another individual, even ones who are contentious. Sometimes just by loving them breaks down their defenses. By you being open and loving and accepting, will cause them to become open and loving and accepting. One thing to remember is do not take it personally. If they come and reject it they are not rejecting you. Do not have bad feelings about them. But in general, to be accepting to anyone who is interested. Does this help?

V1: Yes it does. I have one more, it is a matter of again approaching people with the ideas expressed in the Urantia book. As I understand my own past, I came to an interest in the Urantia book, I was urged from inside I know, but it came across to me in my state of unknowing as an intellectual interest in understanding the way in which an individual develops spiritually. My intuition is that there is a lot of people out there for whom that is true also it appears to me that way. Yet to approach them with the ideas, not ideas alone I understand the value of the sense of love for them that you must have within you as it comes through in the ideas. But is it proper to...well I don't want to say argue or be intellectually coercive, but unfortunately sometimes it comes across a lot like that to people. I have people in my church that who have a lot of mixed feelings about, good feelings as well as some that aren't, out of past experiences which I can't say are the best. And yet I know that they really inside they really want information of this sort, that is in the Urantia Book and yet it is so difficult to find a way to talk to them, in fact they go to church and don't even talk about religion at all. For my

understanding yet I know they have deep feeling about it, how much I should push on them or introduce the ideas to them that don't come from them initially. Whether that is necessary, whether that is desirable, I wonder, and do you have any comments to make on dealing with people of that sort or should I just hunt for people who are ready and then try to introduce them to the book and to the ideas and count on that spreading throughout the generations of time until as the teaching mission indicates it comes to a point where it is obvious to everybody that things must and will change. Should I be a little more anxious and push on it a little more?

Iruka: One example that you can look to is Jesus, Christ Michael. He would get into conversations with people from many different places. And he often started the subject by asking them a question, such as can you feel God's love, do you know He loves you? You would of course have to use your judgement and wisdom in the question but letting them talk on the subject, and that would open the door for further discussion. That would open the door for you to share how you feel you are loved, or how you know God loves you, however, the conversation goes, starting with the question and get them talking. And then listening to the inner voice and knowing when to say something or just let them talk. Your thought adjuster can be, would love to be, used by you more, he is your guide your inner link with God and he can lead you, what to say and sometimes it will touch them in ways that you have no idea, by letting them start talking and never attacking what they say. Never outright disagreeing with them or putting them down. Introduce other ideas and see how comfortable they are with it. By you being gentle and loving again we get back to when you have no defenses up, then they will not have defenses up or they will come down more quickly. By feeling the love and feeling safe, they will listen better. Of course, you never try to win the argument, you are trying to win them. So if you must, lose the battle to win the war. But by showing love the arguments will not be emotional or threatening. Does this help?

V1: Yes it does very much. It helps me to think about how to make opening statements. Getting started seems to be the hardest part of the process. Thank you very much Iruka.

G3: Hello Iruka. Recently I've started meditating I guess correctly, at least I think I am doing it correctly and with the help of some instructions from my mate and I've also asked for a teacher and I was wondering if there is a certain level I have to reach, a spiritual level before I will be given a teacher? And once I have a teacher, how will I know I have a teacher?

Iruka: OK. First of all, while you are meditating with the Father, your teacher will not interfere with that. They would not try to contact you or in any way disrupt your time with the Father. That is the most important, that is where you get your strength and your love, and your sense of well-being. So that would never be interrupted. So when you finish your time with the Father if you continue sitting and continue quietly listening that is when the contact would be made. This is or can be a very slow process. Some people work at this for months, and some for months and months and some seem to hear faster and others it takes a long time. So do not become discouraged. But sitting quietly and being aware, being conscious and relax. It is normal to tense up to feel fear, but you see you are in control. You can stop, you can get up and leave the room or stop concentrating. If things become

frightening, you can stop. It seems to be very common for humans to experience this fear, it is one of the steps and you have to get through it so don't let that stop you either. All the teachers who are assigned are very loving and very gentle. And they are looking forward to communicating with their students, or student. They will be gentle and they will not cross your will, if you say stop I am scared, they will stop. It is a growing thing, you start out crawling and then you walk and then you run. It takes time and it takes work. Does this help?

G3: Yes, thanks it helps a lot. I had another question, what you mentioned about being frightened and afraid. I was reading in the Urantia Book about the angels and how, I believe it was the angels they were talking about saying that they have emotions like we, similar to humans, except for the only emotion they could really not relate to or understand was the emotion of fear, and they didn't understand why we were so fearful and why I guess it was a matter of trust or faith because they had so much. In reference to that on a daily basis sometimes my mind will wonder about things that are happening to me and I guess a sense of fear will take over my mind. And I was wondering if there, if you had any suggestions of how I could on a daily basis, release that fear so that it won't affect me physically.

Iruka: Yes, see this fear is left over from primitive man, and it served him well. If there was danger then he ran or hid or defended himself. So the emotion is to protect except now it comes in so often and it serves no purpose. One way is to push out the fear with love. OK how do you do that then, well by....if you are worrying stop the worrying, change thoughts. There is a passage in the Bible "Be Ye renewed by your mind" your mind has a tremendous influence so change what you are thinking. If you are thinking fearful thoughts change them to ones of good, of generosity, of beauty, of lovingness. Think of the fruit of the spirit. But push the thoughts out with good thoughts. Does this help?

G3: Yes, thank you.

S1: Hello Iruka, can I ask you a question concerning how accurate are the transmissions I have been receiving from Curtis? Do you have any feedback from him as to how accurate I have been dictating or writing down what he has been telling me.

Iruka: One moment, what you have been writing down has been fairly accurate. He needs to say again relax, and keep your mind as free of thoughts as you can. This should be enjoyable so try to relax and not tense up. And if you are unsure, stop and say "is this right, did I hear you right?" Then after he either changes what you have written or confirms it you will start becoming confident. As in other things you have not done it long enough to become confident. And practice is how you will get there. So if something doesn't sound right, stop and say "is this right?" Then after several times of getting it right you will feel and know that it is right. Does this help?

S1: Yes, it does a lot. Before you came here, before P got here. I felt very strong leading from Curtis that he was trying to contact me, and I began to answer questions of the group, just before you came, for a few minutes. Was that also as accurate, relatively as accurate because some fairly complex questions were asked. I think I was able to answer some of them, and I am curious were those also fairly accurate in my answers.

Iruka: Yes the message you got was fairly accurate.

S1: Excellent, that gives me some good confidence in what I have done so far. Thank you very much. One other question, I could think of a bunch if I held the microphone long enough, this has come up, the idea of our planning a one person day or one people day. I thought in looking at the Urantia Book one of the ideas that occurred to me since I have had some bi-racial relationships that is girl-friends or potential mates from other races and the question came up, is this, since the over-all objective of our planet is to achieve one race, be one color of people. Is it appropriate for those of us who know this the overall plan to consider a bi-racial marriage more appropriate or in something that would help mankind towards a goal as opposed to a non-biracial marriage. Is a bi-racial marriage more desirable in terms of the future history of this planet. I know that reading about Adam and Eve in the Urantia book that animal husbandry and mating and the racial development of people on this planet is something they thought about and definitely tried to manipulate to create a better society. Is that some of the things we should be thinking about now for the next 1000 years?

Iruka: The information in the Urantia Book on all the different races and how they blended to get the best qualities is what usually happens on a normal average planet. The time of blending has been long past. To try blend them now may not, the benefits may not be worth the goal. You marry who you love, no matter what. And don't let race become a factor if that is what happens that is what happens. This planet long ago got off the course and there are so many other major problems that at this time the benefits may not be worth the time and energy to achieve that. We are working with basics to let people know they are loved by the Father. Does this help?

S1: Yes it does. Let me follow up with this question. Are you saying that it will not be the objective for this planet to be racially blended?

Iruka: Not at this late date in the evolution of the planet. No that was for very very early times, and it may happen anyway and that is fine, but to make that a goal, there are just many more important things to do. You cannot go back or many things cannot be changed, the default changed a lot of things. We have to work with what we have. The way it is and the goal now is to bring Light and Life to this planet. To let every individual know he is loved by the Father and is very important to the Father. This would not achieve that goal any faster. Does that explain?

S1: Yes it fills in a lot of details, a lot of questions. Thank you very much.

V1: Iruka this is H.. again, along the line at least it calls to mind to me the question of S, can we assume that the original intent or original advice of the Urantia Book about dealing with the genetic defectives, people who may have some capacity to find the Father some capacity for wisdom and worship, but who are very poorly suited to survive under the average conditions of the planet. Are we still to support not for the present of course because it is so bizarre and so removed from our thinking at the moment, but some time down the line in the centuries or times to come that there will be a process developed I suppose by us through one way or another of dealing with these problems of degeneracy, of which seem to be at least created with a more rapid rate than ever. Maybe that is an illusion also given this teaching mission. Could you comment on that?

Iruka: There will be some very tough decisions that mankind, human kind will have to make. I cannot say much on this subject, this is one of those areas where human will is very important, but there does or will sometime have to be some judgements made in this area. They will not be easy, they will have to be taken on by very wise individuals, in groups. This cannot be decided by one person. Does this help?

V1: Yes it does. I wanted to ask a question which I know, we were thinking about back in California, and that is the abortion issue. If abortion is undertaken by a woman or a couple with the sadness, with the full implication of the loss of that particular

personality combination by the abortion, if that full implication is known and the sorrow that goes with it, is there any

consequence, are they held accountable for this by the Father?

Iruka: This is a subject that I am not allowed to speak about. However, remember that your Father loves you very much and that is all I can say. I know that is a tough decision and this is another area where humans must decide. Do you see that if I gave you an answer how that would change your will? How that would give you a mandate so to speak to tell others what to do? Human will is very important, we cannot cross it, it must be your decision as individuals, as a country. You can see how much it would influence and cross the will, do you not?

V1: Yes Iruka, I can see that, but I think you also told me something by implication. Is it true then that a woman or a woman and her husband who sincerely seek the guidance of the Father and with that guidance find that they, as much as they know, are permitted to abort, that that situation can actually exist an individual instance not a rule, not a law, not a generalization, but a specific instance. That those specific instances can exist.

Iruka: I cannot give you an answer to that question, it would change wills. But know and feel how much you are loved, all of you are loved very much. That is all I will say.

V1: I understand.

S1: Iruka, a quick question, if I had a chance to do some travelling this year or the next few years, are there any groups that I could meet say in other countries. I know of no one, other than what P has told of a group in France, but I know of no other people outside of the US, I know very few inside the US and I always wondered if they would benefit by someone else coming from another group, or another place and sharing experiences. I know it is really encouraging for people here in our group to meet other people like H and other places. Are there any foreign countries that would benefit, sort of a missionary so to speak from the USA relating our experiences for those who might not understand what is happening. Would there be any use for that or for around the US as well?

Iruka: This mission is just beginning. It is in its early stages. At this time there is not a need for missionary work as you say. Yet that could change at any time or in the future. But by asking the question you have shown much love and concern for others around the world. Individuals have to reach a certain point when they are ready to start questioning. They have to get beyond their survival needs, beyond their concern for their next meal or how they are going to stay warm that night. Much of the rest of the world are still in these stages. Percentage wise there are fewer humans who can have the luxury of thinking about the Father and how they can relate to him. That doesn't mean that they don't think about God and they don't try to worship Him as they see Him. But that is not what their main goal is, they are still looking for food or shelter. If we can upstep most of humanity into not worrying about their next meal or shelter then they will start focusing on the Father and who He is. So we have other goals to meet first in just feeding and clothing people. Does this help?

S1: Yes it gives me an idea of where I could focus my efforts rather than just travelling and trying to meet people.

Iruka: Of course in the US it is always good to meet someone else who is searching. But even in this rich country again people are not thinking about God. They are not focused on Him yet. Their eyes are still on themselves. That is why it is important, why I keep saying become aware, become conscious of what is going on around you, when you are looking at yourself you cannot see beyond yourself. It is a growing awareness, it is growth. However to talk to other ones who are also searching is wonderful, it is always good when two people can share what they have been thinking about or their ideas of God, because they learn, they learn from each other. So your contacts with others who are reading the Urantia Book are always productive, are always positive, and usually always causes growth. Does that help further?

S1: Yes it does, it gives me an idea, some goals I might try to achieve if I start to travel. My job might take me more travelling in the next few years. And I might try to meet more Urantia readers if anything else and sometimes there is the odd contact with someone who truly is seeking. That has happened to me a few times on trains and other places someone will be very open and those are also enjoyable when you get a change to share. Something useful to someone who is really open. I know I understand what you are saying there. There was also some other things I also trying to get at, is that I know that there are some groups in other countries who do not know about the Urantia Book from what I understand who may be practicing the same sort of teaching mission, unaware of what is happening here and the rest of the world. Is there any group that is that isolated? Still?

Iruka: If there is, I am not aware of it. There are groups with different circumstances and who wish to maintain their anominity because they fear ridicule and isolation. So you would not want to contact them anyway because they wish to stay closed. Trusting a few people.

S1: Yes it answers all questions, thank you, I will respect those people's decisions and their request and I think I have answered all the questions I have.

V1: Iruka, I listened with interest to your previous conversation abut other people. I was wondering if you know about the second of the Bill Moyer's programs on television about China, the mind and body connection that was made. I saw just that episode but it struck me about the Chinese that maybe that is one of the closed groups and maybe its that they are not interested in God so much as they are their health. But they were doing some remarkable things and of course the thought travelled through my mind that I wondered if they would be open to this, and it seems so close and yet perhaps farther than what I perceived and so I presume that it includes such missions to people like that who are so...well so extraordinary. So I would just ask if....would you care to comment on that?

Iruka: Yes, I also several of your questions you talk about reaching other people. To actually travel to these

countries. The best thing I can tell you is to touch those around you wherever that is; at work, at play, in your neighborhood. Individuals who are already a friend, who already has talked to you, trusts you. This is where you make the biggest impact. Relatives, someone who sees you five days of the week or lives close to you and can see your serenity, can feel your peace, feels your love. That is who you will touch. They will see it every time they see you. They will realize that you live, this is how you live, this is not how you act when you walk out the door or when you are in a certain room. You are like this all the time, this is who you are and that is what will make an impact on people. They will be curious why you are such a positive person or why you never worry and why you show love to everyone, or how do you do that. This is what people see that you do not respond the way most average people respond. That you give love back even when you are taking criticism or verbal abuse. This will make them curious, where do you get this strength, how can you be this way? And that will open doors. You can listen to someone or watch someone on the TV say and tell you how to live, but you don't know that person, you don't know how they live when they go home. Seeing you live that way is what makes the impact. Knowing you, eating lunch with you, going bowling with you and you are the same person, you always have this love, you are always serene. That is what people notice. Does this help?

V1: Yes it does very much. I feel more at ease about all the things I have been told it is good to do, the missionary stuff, the proselytizing, the convincing by argumentation, I touched on almost all of those here this afternoon so thank you very much it tells me where I should be.

S1: Iruka you don't have to answer this question, but it is a curiosity question. I know that Wilmec [Welmek?] was 372 years old, earth years I guess, Urantia years old before he fused and I have no idea how many years old he is now. Would you be willing to tell me how many years you lived on your planet? It is purely a curiosity question, you sound like you have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. How many years?

Iruka: When I was a space time creature on my world, how many of those years was I when I died, is that the question? (yes) Three Hundred and Six, 306, now we had a different year, we did not have 365 days in our year, our year was shorter. So you must figure out the years and translate them into Earth years. Do you see how silly this becomes? When you ask for a time frame. Does this help?

S1: Yes it answers the curiosity questions.

Iruka: If there are no more questions then I will bid you good evening and I will see you next week. Good-bye

Group: Good-bye.