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Daniel - Lessons on Change & Loyality - Jul 26, 1992 - Pocatello, ID

Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel

Topic: Change and Loyalty

July 26, 1992


Opening Prayer: Invocation prayer and Prayer of St. Francis


Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. As always I am more than filled with joy to be with you on these evenings, to speak with you, and to communicate with you.


This evening I would like to address again this aspect of change. You were speaking about other groups starting, others coming into the teaching mission. I admonish you in your spreading the word, (and I, also, am pleased that you are being respectful of all of the personalities of others) that you cannot in your bringing forth these messages coerce any human into believing or accepting that which they are not ready for. You have been most mindful of this and so I wish to thank you for your consideration.


You see, Christ Michael in His life was the epitome of this, always being respectful of others and their mind framework at any given time. So as you go forth and speak with others, be always cognizant of this idea. For when you present the truth and let it lie, you have scattered the seeds. When the time is right they will begin to root.


This evening we will now look at that aspect of loyalty. Loyalty is an essential ingredient, an essential part of your makeup which will help you to further your spiritual growth. As we gathered here this evening to receive my words, you beheld loyalty on a very animalistic plane with this dog of D3's. Animals, dogs, have a very special loyalty to their masters. And while it is not the same as those of free will creatures, you can glean much from observing their behavior; that no matter what transpires, no matter how they are treated, these animals always greet their masters with love, a wagging tail, a happiness to be in their presence again. And so, you see, if you look at loyalty in your lives look at it with this same eagerness that these animals have; that you wish to be spiritually happy, and alive and loyal to the will of the Father. You transcend, you go beyond the animalistic aspects because of your will; you make the deliberate choice of who you will be loyal to; whether it be to a relationship, to a cause, to yourself, to any human aspiration. You can always choose whether or not you will remain loyal to this endeavor.


Loyalty does not end when you leave this plane. In fact, this loyalty is one which must be tried and tested through many eons. For when you reach that aspect of always striving to be of one with the Father, you are understanding loyalty. It is the essence of the universe. For you see, you cannot be selfish and be loyal. Loyalty broadens your perspective. In loyalty you are time tested, and it is in your loyal nature that you finally understand the real essence of love. And when this has become more a part of you, you begin to understand the secrets of the universe.


Loyalty, like all virtues, has many levels. Do not discredit the loyalty of your humanness, as well as your divineness. Remain loyal and steadfast to those who you have agreements with; to causes which, because of your understanding and conviction, lead you in a path of righteousness. Know that in all endeavors, those who remain loyal to the causes for which they have true conviction will, despite the adversities of life, develop more positive understanding of what it means to be a loyal follower of the Father. When you can in your human nature remain loyal to one another, to causes, you are understanding and becoming in nature loyal to your spiritual aspect as well. So this week look to the story of Christ Michael. When He was a young, very young man, a teenager, when He was beginning to understand that His mission, His purpose in life was above and beyond other mortals; when the following of the Father's plan and will were becoming very evident to Him; He, in His own mind suffered greatly in trying to balance His loyalty to following that which He knew was right, and that of following and honoring His mother and father and not agreeing with their religious views; that He in His struggle was able to remain loyal to both; and in so doing brought about much for His own growth, as you will with yours. You will begin to see things in a broader perspective. You will become more tolerant, more understanding, more merciful, more loving.

But the aspect of thinking, that because you are loyal to the Father, that you will not meet with adversity, is erroneous. It is in your loyalty and devotion to following the Father's will that you spiritually grow strong, despite the temporal adversities of life.


And so I leave you with the words for this week. Look to your own life. Question and ask, 'In what aspects am I loyal? What do I find is necessary for me to show loyalty to?' Think on this concept this week. And as you do, as you question, you may come to some fork in the road where you may have to decide if what you are being loyal to is right for you at this time. Know that finding and seeking good is more important than pursuing material aspects that do not bring forth righteousness in your life. Check your loyalties and always remember that the prime loyalty should be that of following the First Source and Center; to be in a God-conscious mode with Him in all your endeavors in life. And while this is a short message, I truly do ask you to look into your lives this week. And I will now accept questions."


B2: "Hi Daniel."


Daniel: "Hello, B1." B2: "How are you?"


Daniel: "I am fine."


B2: "I have a question concerning a conversation I had with a person in Denver. He raised..this is concerning his reason for doubting the teaching mission...he raised the question that Caligastia was put through his adjudication really fast, if it is really true that he was adjudicated. Could you address that in a way that may clarify that for him and also for me?"


Daniel: "In the time frame of Urantians there are those things that appear to be fast, and there are those things that seem to take eons, eternity, and in personal lives seem to go very slowly. You, yourselves, would like to see rapid change for this planet, and yet it must come about slowly. The adjudication has had the time necessary for its completion. And know that what you consider in this instance to be quick, has in God's time been one that has worked through the many tribunals, the many avenues necessary to bring about any adjudication. Those who still question whether or not this adjudication has transpired, will in time, hopefully, become more and more of understanding that this is a fact, that this has happened.


With all new revelation, all new changes, there is always the time that is necessary for understanding for all to come to belief. All you can do is hold in faith and trust that this has happened, this has occurred. And because of it, you in this room are becoming more alive in spiritual nature. That you must feel and know for yourself. You can only plant the seeds. When they are ready, people who are ready will let them sprout, will allow it to happen. Has this helped?"


B2: "Yes, it has. When you say it has affected us in this room, has the adjudication and extinction of Satan and Lucifer and Caligastia also had an effect on the world as a whole, already felt?"


Daniel: "Most certainly it has! But you in this room are witnessing it with more clarity and understanding than others."


B2: "Thank you."


K4: "I send my love to you and to yours."


Daniel: "It is, of course, given back. Yes."


K3: "Thank you. I have reread your teachings this last month or so, riding the bus, and I have grown to enjoy them more and more. I will read them again. I wish to thank the process that selected you as our teacher and send them my love also."


Daniel: "This has been noted, has been noted for much time through your thoughts. Yes."


C2: "Daniel, this is C2."


Daniel: "Hello, C2."


C2: "I appreciate your lesson on loyalty. You may know that I had a discussion about loyalty last night with someone who is troubled and talking about the love of the First Source and Center as being the ultimate of loyalty, as a model for loyalty. And also I appreciated your words concerning examining where our (you didn't use the word commitments) paths are taking us, and the aspect of loyalty in that role. You probably also know that I will be called to testify in a very important case tomorrow, and that is one of loyalty as I seek to follow God's will.


I had a question about the loyalty of one's Spirit in staying with the body at time, that in between time, of physical death, and at that time before death. In reading the Urantia Book last night I read that the spirit doesn't actually come back and visit other people, and yet so many of my people tell me that their loved ones come back and visit. Is there a loyalty of the spirit to the body until the body is actually..the physical body is no longer useful. And what is that phenomenon that people experience that a loved one comes back to visit them after death?"


Daniel: "First, C2, be open and prayerful for guidance for this endeavor you must go through this week, painful as it may be. Know that you are being supported. As to your question: upon death the caretakers of the soul and the personality are on their mission. What transpires at death, once death has transpired: there is no longer the ability of the spirit to return to visit until there has been a dispensation declared. Now as to what this phenomena is. Often it is stemming from the firm desire and wish for those left on this plane to see, to behold, to be in touch with their departed loved ones. And this wish can become so great that it is manifested by the individual. The mind of man is capable of much and these phenomena occur from this firm desire. And one should not discount to these people that they are wrong. Be loving and mindful that they are needing this for their own purpose so that they can come to terms with the death of the loved one. Support them and be mindful that after once a dispensation has been ordered up, there can then be visitations. This is always a hard area for those who have lost a loved one, for they view it just as this...having lost; instead of realizing that it is just another step up in their ascension. Has this helped?"


C2: "Yes. And you anticipated my next question as you mentioned not discounting that and understanding that that is very important to some people that they indeed feel that they are visited. Do I hear you saying that that is because of their need to do some finishing of business and is a necessary part if they so desire for the process of healing as well as resolution?"


Daniel: "Very well put. Yes."


C2: "Thank you."


N1: "Hello, Daniel."


Daniel: "Hello, N1."


N1: "The question I want to ask is one I have been kind of struggling with for a little while and I thought that I might ask you in private. But for me it sort of has led from C2's question, not directly related, but similar. I have wondered why it is that there seems to be a disparity between those teachers that are not part of this teaching mission, but are bringing messages, and the teachers that are involved with this mission and the Urantia Book concerning where life begins, reincarnation verses ascension. I think another example is..I have picked up a book that I commented on whenever it was, 'Mary's Message to the World', where it is talking about Mary's appearances all over the world to hundreds of children in Yugoslavia and to the people in Colorado and Texas. And what I am hearing is always.. the message is the same. The essence is: we need to spend time in prayer; we need to spend time in meditation; we need to develop that link with our Heavenly Father; that we need to do that in order to change our collective consciousness; that we can, (when they are talking about predictions), that we can alleviate the extent of some of the negative aspects of the predictions by changing the consciousness, by changing it through prayer.


And I guess I have two questions. That didn't start out to be my question. My one it true if there are things that are coming up in our future, by many of us changing and working on ourselves and changing the collective consciousness, those types of situations can be alleviated? And my second question is..why is there the disparity between some of the details of the teachings where the essence remains the same? Mary's concern is that when some of these catastrophic events occur, people will be in such fear that their spiritual growth will be blocked for that time being. She's concerned about spiritual growth, so I find the essence is the same but those details differ. And I wonder why that is? In this book she talks about some of her life after being the mother of Jesus."


Daniel: "Throughout the history of this planet there have always been teachers. There have always been ways that those who were open, those who could let go of fear, could in reality receive messages, could be of understanding of revelation. In your personal life you do this as well. Whenever you reach a certain plateau in your spiritual growth, your earthly experiences, you are ready for more and higher truth to be revealed. And so there is the personal revelation that comes to you personally or through some other event. Somehow you see the truth in what has happened or what is.


And so this teaching mission is another way of helping those who wish to move forward, to continue searching, finding, growing, experiencing, to be ready and open for truth to be revealed. And you see, these are the essences, the universal truths that have come through, through the ages; that in the diversity of a planet there cannot be only one way of having truth known, for each individual, each ascending mortal is different from every other. Each experience that you have in your life is so different from that of every other that it becomes necessary for there to be many ways for the individual to know, feel, and understand truth. So know that the essence of many teachings will fall back on those universal truths.


The disparity, again, stems from the various situations in which truth comes through, the mindset of individuals who bring forth these truths, these teachings. Reincarnation is a long held view by many that stems from a misunderstanding of what life on a certain plane holds. That you would come back to this same plane time and time again, is error. When you leave here you are on a path to move forward, to progress; to keep ascending upward and outward; to understand and know and be a part of the First Source and Center. And, you see, those who understand reincarnation understand one very important universal truth. And that is, in one lifetime one (unless they are Christ Michael) cannot experience, cannot learn all that is necessary to leave this plane and go to a heaven, so to speak. And so in order to gain those experiences it is felt that they must come back to gain them. Gain them you will, but on a different plane, a different act, a different set of circumstances, so that you will ever be in an more upward, progressive path. Do you see?"


N1: "Yes, Daniel. I do. I appreciate your words because as I have been struggling with the difficult change for me from reincarnation to ascension, difficult in terms of having my foundation shaken. What you just is what is the easy part, and so that was fine. I guess I have accepted the shift and it seems like it is rather rapid and I am concerned that I go from one dogma to another just because somebody says so.(laughter)..or maybe it seems to work out intellectually and I can look at it and it works.

But I guess I still have this problem. I am also rather convinced that it is indeed Mary giving these messages. It sounds a whole lot like (when they described the method of transmission).. it was just exactly like our transmitter/receiving that's going on . The woman, A3 was told that she could be anonymous and she decided to 'come out' with it because it would lend validity. And it sounds like she hears the voice in her head. She dictates, her husband takes down, very much the same process. And when I was reading the first couple pages I was amazed at the similarity and the message that was coming through was very much the same message.

And then when I got to this part about reincarnation it kind of stopped me short because I keep thinking that all the teachers, that all the beings that would be teaching us, would be teaching us the same thing!(I thought I wasn't going to get emotional this week) And so this still is a stumbling block to me! Are teachers teaching different things that different groups will accept them? Are they teaching what people feel comfortable with? Or are the TRs taking it down differently because of their previous beliefs? And then my problem there is . .well..which TR do I listen to?


And I guess the third part of my question, the third scenario I've been dealing with is..when we all wake up on whatever morontia world we wake up on, then do we start being taught the principles of the Urantia Book? Or do we get to continue in the thought system that we have had here in our old religions that seem to be fairly diverse, because we are comfortable with them? Or is it like all of a sudden we wake up and now it is time to learn the truth and that's it! I know those are three...they are related questions. If you could address them I would appreciate it."


Daniel: "My question to you is this. Does your spiritual growth impinge on whether or not you believe in reincarnation or ascension?"


N1: "No, but it does affect my faith in what teachings I listen to. It doesn't affect my relationship with the First Source and Center. It is a problem to me to have different forms being taught as truth!"


Daniel: "And what is being taught that is spiritual is the same essence. The part of reincarnation I will not address any further. Know that you will be on a path of ascension to meet in some later time with your Source; that it is erroneous to think that by coming back on this plane you will move progressively forward. Often times, if you followed this thought, there would be stagnation or backsliding. There would, of course, be some growth. But the First Source and Center has decreed that one life in a material human body is essential for experience and from that point there will then be more progressive growth on morontia worlds. When you leave this plane and you awaken on the morontia world you will, at that point, understand what a planet in Light and Life would be like. For you would have much more help. You would go through the experiences and the ups and downs as you would on this plane, but you are, because you are no longer strapped within the material body, able to take the help from the Indwelling Spirit and other beings with much more ease. And because of this, you can begin to peal off those areas that held you back on this plane. You can peel them back with more surety, more conviction, and much quicker. You will be able to see with more clarity. Is this helpful?"


N1: "It's helpful. I guess I'm hearing I'm supposed to leave this one alone..."


Daniel: "When you wake on the other side, you of course will still have the same fears, the same thoughts, but because of all of the added beings and etc., you will be able to progress and be more willing to understand. You will not be as inclined to doubt. You will be stronger and less fearful. I am sorry that the questions you put forth have not been as patly defined for you. There are many such questions as these in all phases of life that you, the individual, must work out, must work through, for in doing this you will understand and grow and be able to build those things necessary for your soul ascension. Many of these kinds of questions, if they do not put a wall between you and spiritual growth, are questions which are not necessary to be answered. If the essence of all teachings ask that you understand that there is the First Source and Center, that you are a part of the brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind; that your purpose in this life is to remain loyal, loving, and true to the Father and in loving service to your brothers and sisters, then you are seeing the truth for which Christ Michael came to Urantia to proclaim. Do you see?"


N1: "Yes, I think so Daniel. Thank you."


Daniel: "You are welcome."


B1: "Hello, Daniel. This is B1."


Daniel: "Hello."


B1: "In the Will papers which we have received there was a question similar to what N1 has asked and Will replied that over history and pretty much what you have said there have been teachers with humans. She elaborates that this is a tough process for the celestials because the humans push them to the limit. There seems to be a demarcation line that when humans cross over into pride or wanting money for delegating spiritual truth, or power over individuals, that the communication is cut off. And I'm not sure if I understood what you were telling N1 in reply, but I thought you said in effect that the mindset of the TR will influence the message and that certainly seems to be in agreement with what Will said, that the message that comes through is a blend of the teachers who are trying to teach, but also with the mind of the mortals that are being taught. So do I have that correct? I want to ask one more question, but I'll stop at this point."


Daniel: "Yes and no. There are those times when the TR can be self evasive. However, remember that all teachers within the teaching mission have been working for many years to be able to transmit, to communicate with you. And for sure, should any TR, channeler, and the like become so engrossed with their own self aggrandizement or the like, that yes, communication is ceased. And yes, it is very true that because humans are wanting to know so many details regarding certain events that the teachers are brought to the edge. And there can be differences because of the thought pattern, the desires, the will of the TR."


B1: "When I said 'other teachers' Daniel, I didn't mean other teachers in the teaching mission that you are part of. I was referring to other teachers outside of that mission, I guess."


Daniel: "That is understood and I was being inclusive of them also; that you must know that many teachers are here to help you in your life on your growth."


B1: "You were involved, you said, not in the actual delivery of the Urantia Book, but you were in Jerusem at the time, (you told us this in the past) but you were aware of the contents of the book. And it was given in 1934 and 1935 and thereafter. At that time, of course, we weren't using inclusive language; there wasn't quite the same focus. I'm sure you can't answer this..but I'll ask you anyway..Do you envision the possibility of the Urantia Book being revised, maybe by human authorship to change some of the language that cause some people grief over its apparent exclusive language? And I'm not referring to calling God Father, but more . .some of the concepts. Do you know if this is possible or is the Urantia Book determined to remain as it is for the indefinite future?"


Daniel: "For now it suffices and does a good job despite the language. Those who read must read within historical context, just as you would any book, such as the Bible or what have you; that it is through the mindset, the language of the time that things can be written down. As to whether or not humans can change this, is not for me to say, is a free will choice by you and I cannot comment on it being a good or bad thing. Know that whenever you read or whatever you read, you must read it from the context of history, language, culture, or whatever you read pertains to. Do you see?"


B1: "Yes. And I personally do not have a problem with the Urantia Book. I was making those statements in behalf of other people's objections. So I ask that for the benefit a general sense, Daniel. And I hope that I am not adding to this 'pushing you to the limit' because I am very pleased with the teacher mission. And I personally have reached the conclusion that the Urantia Book is the revelation it claims to be.. a number of years ago. And I am really pleased that we are now in the personal ministry that you and your other associates are bringing to this planet. Thank you for your patience."


Daniel: "This is well understood, B1. Yes."


C2: "Daniel, I did not mean to ignore your comforting word of support for tomorrow and the coming week.

Thank you very much."


Daniel: "I perceived it already."


C2: "I was relating N1's concern about the teachings of Mary and wondering if this phenomenon of Mary appearing to many people is intrinsic desire on the part of many for a 'holy mother' to speak and to teach. And it's very similar to the intensive desire of loved ones who are seeking and actually 'perceive' communication from a deceased loved one, but that Mary speaking to us or to people is that desire for a mother concept in the archeatypical form; to hear words of comfort and guidance just as mothering takes place, and that does not discount its message. Its essence has been noted, but it becomes a phenomena very similar to the other. Is that a possibility at all?"


Daniel: "Yes, it is. But this is not for me to disclose. You will have to decipher this on your own. You see, whenever the human nature is brought to the point where there is the desire for spiritual nourishment; that those who are desiring it will find ways to feed it. Know that Mary's presence on this earth has been felt throughout the ages; that this earth mother of Christ Michael has made frequent visits. And the phenomena that you speak of is spiritually nourishing many, and can be within the realm you speak of. This is not my jurisdiction to speak about. Has this helped?"


C2: "Yes. Thank you Daniel, very much. That's very helpful for me as I put all that in perspective of teachings and of spiritual journeys. And I appreciate your comment as we humans seek to be nourished spiritually we find a way. And I guess it's so reassuring that that is one way the First Source and Center has of enabling us to be fulfilled in that journey, to be propelled and impelled forth in a very caring, safe, affirming way, an assurance toward at-one-ment."


Daniel: "Yes, indeed."


C2: "Thank you."


P1: "I have a question on the word 'holy'. Growing up we used the term 'Holy Spirit' and we referred to God as being 'holy', but I don't recall that you have ever used the word 'holy' and I don't remember that it is ever in the Urantia Book very often. Do you care to comment on this term?"


Daniel: "Holy refers to a human term meaning that which is sacred, which is of divineness, that which is of God's nature. And, you see, those who are following this path who are in search of the Father, would be considered in human terms to be following a 'holy' path, that which is one that keeps clearly in mind a certain perspective. Holy is often used as a term of reverence, respect; not often used by Christ Michael for He saw all people for the good they were, are and will be; that He could look past their weaknesses, their humanness and see their divineness. And so He could embrace and love all and could thusly see the holiness within each person, their Indwelling Spirit. Do you see?"


P1: "Yes. Thank you Daniel."


Daniel: "You are welcome."


N1: "Hi, Daniel."


Daniel: "Hello."


N1: "I know I am the one who is always pushing the limits and I guess this is probably as much an address to the group as to you since you know my thoughts more than the group does. And I want you to know that I am very, very grateful to you, and I appreciate you all the time. I am glad for your presence. And I'm sorry I continue to push those demarcations and I am aware of the essence and it doesn't change my growth, and I am focusing on that part more and more, and less and less on all the disparities I find around. So I do thank you for that and for the guidance on my road. I very much appreciate it. "


Daniel: "Of course, N1. This is understood, my dear. And this goes for all of you. Do not be concerned that you push limits for this is the indomitable human spirit rising forth; that without those throughout history who did push to the limit, there could not have been forward growth. You could not have had those who were the leaders that pulled the others up by the bootstraps. So, do not feel that you are in any way being judged, that you are in any way erring or being wrong. There just happens to be certain restrictions placed upon teachers which we must adhere to, just as you must adhere to regulations within your own life. My dear, know you are loved, you are respected, and you have been a joy to us in many ways in your questions. Yes."


N1: "Thank you. I appreciate that very much for I do often feel that I am erring and wrong."


Daniel: "In no way, my dear!"


N1: "Thank you. May I push one more limit?"(uproarious laughter) Do spiritual beings have a common understanding?"


Daniel: "Spiritual beings are like you have been in your experience. As you experience more, as you grow more, you see bigger pictures, and bigger pictures, and bigger pictures. Do you see?"


N1: "Yes, I do! Thank you very much, Daniel."


Daniel: "You are welcome."


B1: "Daniel, this is just something I have wondered about, although I have heard intimations of this from the Woods Cross group.. that the Urantia Book is giving us information that we didn't know about because of the planetary isolation and failure of our Planetary Prince and the default of our Material Son and Daughter and etc. and that your teaching mission is now elaborating and enhancing this information and this is the same information that we will learn, as you just said, in larger and larger perspectives on the mansion worlds. This is correct, isn't it?"


Daniel: "Yes, but even though we are here as teachers, you will do not know and will not be given all information. But even as I am progressing up, there are still areas that I know very little about that will be expanded upon. You will be given what is necessary for your own level of maturing. Understood?"


B1: "Yes. So then when people say in our study group (and I know you have heard this), 'Why do I have to know these details about Paradise and about Havona and all the various orders of Sons and angels, etc.?' And I have come across sort of defensively (I have thought) and said...'it wouldn't be here in the book if it wasn't necessary that we have some knowledge of this'. Obviously we are getting in the book only the most brief descriptions of these personalities and their functions, say on the Havona level. So it sounds like I am probably correct, that the Urantia Book is giving us what we need to know at this level and that it is not extraneous or extra information?"


Daniel: "Correct. But please be aware, as you are, that those who are not privy to this book and information can still ascend, can still gain experiences, can be even more spiritually advanced than any of you, even though they have not had the book. The book will help you to broaden your whole perspective on the purpose of life, but be aware that there have through the ages, and now, and in ensuing ages be those, who because of circumstances will not have the book, but can be growing, can be spiritual, can understand loving service and the brotherhood of man and can understand that there is a power greater than themselves."


B1: "I understand that Daniel. I was just referring to some of the comments within our own group as to the detail of information."


Daniel: "Yes. But we must clarify all things so that no misunderstanding regarding the revelations will meet with further problems from misunderstanding. Yes."


C2: "I think I hear comforting words to me Daniel, who can just not absorb all that at this point and I look forward to the time that I can. Maybe it won't be on this plane, but I expect that it will be sometime."


Daniel: "Yes. And let me say a word of caution to you all. That even though that there is much to understand in this book, that you should not just say, 'well, there is too much here. I can't be bothered with it'; that you should in your lifetime continue to become knowledgeable, to grow, to expand."


C2: "I appreciate that. And I do try. Thank you."


N1: "That bring up a question for me. I feel just like this rebellious little student here. Why is it important that we become knowledgeable about the details of the Urantia Book? How does that change our faith and our spiritual growth anymore than, I guess, the other questions I was asking you about? Why is it important to be knowledgeable about the things in the Urantia Book beyond cosmic citizenship, brotherhood and sisterhood and the Fatherhood of God?"


Daniel: "Let us look at the little child who is beginning to learn in the early stages of school. And this child says to his mother, 'But why do I have to learn? What difference will it make if I go to school? What difference will it make if I learn to read, write, or to communicate with others or to know math?' And the wise mother sits down with the child and says, 'If you could live always as a child in this very realm as you are now, it would not make a difference. But you see, you will grow, just like I have grown and as I have grown, I have used the skills that I learned at school to make my life more understandable, more accessible, and has brought much more meaning into my life'. So as a little child, when you approach this book, if you have the basics there, of course, you can continue. You can experience. You can be of service always strive to follow the Father.


But when you understand more and more and more about the purpose of not only this life, but of the universe, then it helps you to find more deeper meaning and purpose in your life; to help you to grow, to be more tolerant, to be more understanding, to be more forgiving. For as you see and come to realize how each layer or each being in the universe functions to help make things more cohesive, more unifying, it is through the study of these things that will help you to be more understanding; that with understanding, with knowledge, you react differently to the unfolding of life. With each thing of knowledge that you gain, you are able to lay aside an aspect of fear, an aspect of intolerance, an aspect of not being forgiving. It is through your continual growing that you bring clarity in all areas of your life, so that the decisions you make are made on a much broader scale, than on a narrow one. Do you see?"


N1: "Yes, Daniel, I do. And I thank you very much for that answer. As soon as you began, I had it. And I

thank you for your answers to my many questions this week. You have answered a number of things that have been bothering me over the weeks and months and for me this was really a marvelous meeting. And I apologize to the rest of the group. I took time. I hope those were questions that were helpful to others of the group as well, and again I thank you very much. I look forward to next week!"


Daniel: "You are most welcome, N1. And know that yes, all questions help others. It would seem that we have run not only to the end of one tape, but also the end of questions for this week. I wish to give you all my love and my peace and I will, of course be, travelling quite extensively this week, but I will be with you during the week. I perceive a question."


B1: "Yes, I'm sorry Daniel. I know we are on the second tape. This is a strategic question. Is there anything that you or Ham or anyone else needs to tell us about our planning for the August twenty first meeting. Is there anything that we need to hear from you people about?"


Daniel: "This meeting is being planned very well. We will be there in attendance. This group has no immediate concerns. Everything will work toward the good. I, as well as the other teachers, are looking forward to August twenty first, not only because of its historical significance, but to be with their groups for this event. You have nothing to worry about at this time. Continue planning."


B1: "Thank you. We are excitedly looking forward to having this get together with all of us and you teachers. So that was my question. Thank you Daniel."


Daniel: "You are welcome."


K2: "Daniel, before you go..."


Daniel: "Yes, K2." (laughter)


K2: "We spoke earlier that I will have a guest next week, T3 Madigan from Albuquerque. Will she be OK to bring or should I should I stay away? Or should I figure it out myself?"(laughter).


Daniel: "I do not know this person. You, my dear, have sufficient wherewithall to decide. I will trust your judgment."


K2: "Thanks Daniel. I just wanted to say 'Hi' anyway."


Daniel: "Yes. And now my dear friends, let us think back to today's lesson. You have demonstrated over the last few months much loyalty, not only to me, but to Him who we teachers represent. Search your hearts. Loyalty is a wondrous virtue. My peace and love go with you this week. Good night." Group: "Good night Daniel."