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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM

Topic: The Father’s Love

March 02, 2003

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful to have you hear this evening. As always, my gratitude extends to you. This evening, let us discuss our Father's love.

The Universal Father is resident on Paradise at the center of all known creation. He is the first source for all things and beings. He is the upholder of an almost infinite creation. He is the maker of all things seen and unseen. He is the source and the destiny for all that is.

Our Father has also take up residence in your hearts and within the realm of the mind. In this he is a true father. You are not orphaned on a tiny planet alone in the universe but rather, surrounded by an unseen support system of angels, midwayers, and dozens of orders of beings who carry out the will of God upon the worlds of time and space.

But more than this, the Father personally experiences with you your lives. He is with you through all your decisions, all your experience acting always to steer the mind toward ever higher spiritual levels of understanding and integrating this spiritual understanding within your personalities.

The Father sees every single being in his creation as precious. So precious that he himself watches over every step and every misstep. Many philosophers through the ages have postulated a first source that is remote from his creation. A father is never unfeeling, he is never remote. When you as parents experience something with your child - a first step, a first word - how magical and fulfilling are those moments. The Father dwelling within you experiences all, every nuance of feeling, every determined action, every joy and every sorrow. The Father then experiences an even higher level of oneness with his children than you as human parents can imagine. But you can imagine that his experience is full, complete, fulfilling.

Our Father acts and reacts through love. His experience is based in love. He is love in your experience. The Father is never jealous, vengeful, punishment seeking, or judgmental. The Father does not act as a bank account from which you must deposit funds in order to withdraw them. The Father acts through love. He bestows himself upon you and as you turn to accept that love you are turning toward all that is real. The Father asks only that you accept his love and in doing accept your place in the universe.

It is said that the Father clothes his sons and daughters in the robes of righteousness and it is true that righteousness is the natural flowering of the soul when it is fed by the waters of love.

A child does nothing to deserve his status as child. You are created as sons and daughters of the living God. You have an eternal place in his world. You are so precious that you will never be lost or extinguished or forgotten for the Father himself dwells within you pulling you toward him like an earthly father embracing his child. You cannot do anything to make yourselves more deserving of this love. You exist and you are loved. That is all.

You cannot earn a higher place in the Father's love for the Father loves all his children infinitely, eternally, completely. What you can grow in is the intelligent recognition of this love, and as you give love to the Father in return your very capacity for love is enlarged. A wise child is grateful for the Father's love. And in that love, there is no requirement on either side for more.

Knowing, as you do, that the Father's spirit dwells within you, knowing this great miracle exists, you mus in turn continually turn toward him to receive that love, to receive the divine embrace, and to receive that perfect peace that this knowledge eventually brings.

Imagine the Father's rejoicing when first you turn away from the pitiful diversions of selfish pursuits and make that first gesture of turning toward him. Each of you in your lives understands that this has occurred at some point. There was some time when all the wealth of the world became as ashes in your hands when you needed God and you turned to him. I tell you now, that the heavens rejoiced and the angels sang at that moment even though it may have been a low point in your lives, it was the high point of the Father's indwelling experience.

Eventually, you will rejoice in selflessness. The pursuits of self will be forgotten as the pursuit of greater value, grander morality, and enduring truth take their place. Rejoice and be glad for the way will be shown. The Father's voice will speak when you are doubtful and discouraged.

Be unafraid my children to put on the robes of righteousness, to change your lives, to become new in all ways as the Father renews you from within. Are there any questions at this time?

Q: Yes, Ham, our new devotee from Memphis Bob O has requested a message.

Ham: Yes, my son, you do very well. Be not discouraged by the seeming ups and downs of spiritual life. You are embarking now upon the great adventure of existence and your enthusiasm is wonderful to see. Be assured that you will advance in the spirit as you are prepared to receive the Father's love with humble gratitude asking nothing. Seek the Master's example. He was a man who evoked a quiet, thoughtful, burning enthusiasm among his fellows. Follow him and all is well.

Q: Ham do you have anything for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly, my dear, you are a person of great sensitivity and a great capacity for love, joy, and enthusiasm for life. Give your whole being to the Father. Let him hold you and guide you. Bear the fruits of the spirit in your life as you have done. As you grow toward him, discover what wonders there are within you, what strength, what courage. Rest in an inner peace that is certainly beginning to bloom. Trust your truest feelings and be loyal to your highest values and be happy. Realize that you deserve it or rather put away the thoughts that you don't deserve it.

Q: Ham do you have any guidance for me tonight?

Ham: Yes, my son, of course. My son, you are doing very well. You are a man of great moral courage, someone who enlists upon the side of righteousness without second thoughts or nagging doubts. You make up your mind and then act upon it. This is a great asset. You also have an antenna for truth and your truth seeking has been focused and courageous. Above all, you have shown courage in your ability to change that which does not serve you and to embrace that which does. You are doing very well. I am very happy to witness your great progress over these past few years. Continue to trust the Father completely, continue putting your life in his hands for this is a great victory in itself and will lead to greater victories in the future. Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes my dear, continue with great humility to follow the Father's leading. You are truly a courageous battler for truth over error and faith over doubt. But ever and anon, everyday in fact, you must return with humility and gratitude so that the Father may comfort you and prepare you for the battles ahead.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Certainly my son. Have great peace for you have come far. The Father and the Master both prepare you for the challenges which lie ahead. Be careful not to expend energy fighting battles that have not come. Rest in love and in complete acceptance of the Father's will. Let this certainty of your acceptance strengthen you and guide you as you serve the Father and his children through your work. Go in peace my son, for all is well and as it should be.

Q: Marije would like a personal message?

Ham: Yes my dear, the Father's blessings are truly flowing upon you. You are a beloved daughter and your life is a great song to the Father. Rest assured that you do carry out the Father's will in this life. The way ahead is filled with love and life and song. Be at peace my dear, all is well.

Q: Norbert would like a personal message?

Ham: Yes my son, you do well. As you grow toward the Father expressing his love to his children, you are becoming your real self in the process. For some, the thought of God is overwhelming, the thought of his love is overwhelming, even frightening. But you have seem no other way and can exist in no other framework but that of the Father's love. Be at peace my son. You do very well.

Q: May I have a personal message please?

Ham: Certainly, my son. You are doing very well in all things. Have no fear as you move forward in embracing the Father's love. Keep this understanding in the very core of your being and know that none can assail that perfect peace given by God. You are also showing that you are humbly accepting the Father's ways and the Father's plan for you which is perfect. Be at peace for you do well.

Q: Yes Ham, I have a specific question. Do we have to have this war? Ham: The adjustments that come on a planet which is so far behind where it should be are often painful and often bloody and violent. We have projected that it could take as long as a thousand years before this planet enters the beginning of light and life and that would require an end to warfare by that time.

Q: Would it require a planetary government?

Ham: By this you mean a human world planetary government?

Q: Uh huh.

Ham: Yes. The great adjustment between the western world and the Islamic world may take a great deal of time and great many lives may be sacrificed in the process. The cultural chasm that exists between radical Islam which seeks conversion by the sword and world domination and modern liberal democracy will not be bridged by diplomacy and good intentions alone. Freedom of religion cannot perish from the earth. Separation of church and state cannot perish from the earth without ushering in an extra thousand years of darkness before your planet will be prepared for light and life. It is our assessment that this cultural chasm will only be obliterated by the ultimate survival of one world view over the other. This is perhaps a dose of cold reality but there it is.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do well. You have worked on your own spiritual progress for many years, careful to be self-examining . Relax more, enjoy your life more, rejoice in your own sonship more for life is fleeting. Enjoy the time you are here my children. There is much that is beautiful and true and good in this life. Find these things, keep them precious for this entire worldly experience is precious.

Q: Do you have feedback for me this week Ham?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do well. You have also been a diligent worker on your spiritual progress and I say to you it need not be so difficult. Embrace the joy of life, give thanks for all that you have been blessed with and be at peace with yourself for you are doing as you have always done, the best of your ability. You have never given less. So be at peace. Enjoy this week.

Are there any further questions? My children, you are all doing well. Be easy on yourselves. Remember to give thanks for the Father's love. Give thanks for life, give thanks for all your precious relationships and the richness of life that these bring. As always, my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell.