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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM

Topic: Michael’s Spirit Pours Out

March 10, 2002

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome this continuing opportunity to discuss the difficult elements of life. As we move forward in the correcting time, the Master's spirit becomes more pronounced in your lives. He is continually pouring out his spirit upon your world, continually calling his lost sheep, continually standing ready to abide by his promise of comfort and companionship.

The force of his spirit will continue to cause some psychic disturbances, some spiritual cleansing. Some of you have felt the sting of trying to revert to old patterns which no longer serve. You see clearly the path which is laid before you and there is a definite change occurring within you psyches which keep you on this path and keep you reaching for the true comfort of the Master's spirit.

True liberty is found in increasing identification with the spirit. The more you love God, the more you wish to be like him, the more you desire to incorporate his truth, his beauty and his goodness into yourselves, this creates soul expansion and with soul expansion comes freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of love, freedom of opportunity and movement in your world. Truth is freeing and expanding. Self-deception is constricting and imprisoning.

So as you increasingly identify with truth, the old lies and self-deception will come to the forefront. They will beckon you with flattering phrases, for truly, the human heart is capable of great deceit. The way of the truth barer is not in soft paths of self-dishonesty, but rather it is the path of facing harsh reality about the world, about others, and especially about ourselves. But, once truth is faced, then lies have no power over you any more, then deception holds no allure for it is revealed as the shell and shadow of reality, not reality itself.

Embracing self-deception occurs from fear, fear that you are not enough, fear that you are not loved. And so, when you face self-deception you face the fear as well and you are all strong enough to face whatever comes. You are loved enough to withstand the petty fears that drive each one to shades of self-deceit. For fear is nothing, fear has no real power. Fear is vanquished by facing that thing which creates fear and seeing it for the lie that it is. Fear is vanquished by truth.It is truth that must be embraced and then fear has no power. When you embrace reality then unreality has no power. But, should you in moments of weakness embrace unreality, you give fear power. Fear has no power but that which you give it. Truth is not frightening but the turning away from untruth is for there is always that fear which tells you that somehow you cannot live without it. As your own fears are dying, they are also asserting themselves, telling how valuable they are, how necessary. And it is at those times that you must stand firm and release your fears.

Reality is love. Reality is simple, uncomplicated, love between you and God. All the complicated fears of existence, all the worry, all the stress is not part of true reality. The more you walk toward self-completion, the more you embrace the reality of the Father's love. The more you believe in the security of the Father's hold over you, his love for you, his care for you - the more things become possible for you. Fears are limiting, but love is releasing. Fear will stifle your potentials and love will release those potentials.

Once again this evening, before we turn to questions, I would like to say a few words through our alternate transmitter.

Ham: Yes, my children, your well being is in your hands. You all have great wisdom which you are using wisely. Be mindful always of the love that comes to you and the love that must go from you to others. I am thankful to you all, that is all.

Ham: Are there any questions at this time?

Q: I would really love any input you have for me this week, it would be wonderful.

Ham: Certainly, my dear, you are doing well. You have come very far in a short time -spiritually, emotionally, and far in the world as well. This is a direct result of your embracing of truth, beauty and goodness and finding those things resonating within. As you set your goals for the future, make your first priority increasing spiritual awareness. Everything flows from the spirit. You all seem to be in a world of random occurrences full of blind accidents which can effect your lives very drastically. But such is not the case. Spiritual growth is what makes each person real in the world and this identification with reality is what resonates with others and it is this that lifts you in any career, any path of life. Dedicate yourself to the Father's love and that love will guide you and give you everything you need. Is this helping.

Q: Yes, really very helpful, thank you very much.

Q: It has been a while since I have been here and it might be a while before I am back and I always appreciate your insight and wonder if you have anything for me at this time.

Ham: Of course my son, you also have had some mini breakthroughs in self-realization lately. You are beginning to realize that spiritual power is real power. The power of love is greater than anything else in the world. As you give yourself over to love, releasing control, then you find actual power. Human beings mistake control for power but control is the admission of powerlessness. Power is only found in the spirit. Is this helping?

Yes, very much thank you.

Q: Ham, I hope I was able to convey correctly what you wanted the group to hear through me because I don't want to do a disservice to you or anyone else. I just want to be sure that what you want to say is what I have been able to understand.

Ham: Yes indeed, you have conveyed correctly each thought pattern that I have put forward. Rest at ease. My daughter, let me say how very honored I am that you would consent to this service. The love of our Master, Michael, is truly upon you. Seek him in all things and we will serve him together for many years. Thank you.

Q: Ham do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly, my daughter, you are doing very well. You are making good progress in vanquishing old fears that had been like a stone around your neck these many years. Accept that these fears have been very crippling but now they are a thing of the past. Move forward with confidence and be comfortable with confidence for this is the beginning of a new life for you. It is very important for you to have the poise and confidence that will be required of you. Accept these gifts from the Father but first of all accept his love and you will be fine.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, my son, this has been a time of great cleansing when you too have faced old fears that have limited you and curtailed your spiritual power for many years. Your fears were something that you returned to periodically, something that drove you but that also trapped you at the same time. Your spiritual growth requires that you leave them behind and that you also receive the gifts of quiet confidence and spiritual stature from the Father and that you accept his love in place of the old fears that now are laid to rest and vanquished through spiritual power. Accept reality clearly and plainly. Be a beacon of truth in all things. Accept your powerlessness and your lack of control. Allow the Father to have complete control and in this way you will accept the confidence that you need and release the anxiety and the fear that is a stone around your neck.

Q: Steve Grable asks.."if I can become more medically intuitive and how?"

Ham: Yes, my son, you are becoming more intuitive There is no magic wand when it comes to spiritual growth. All human beings walk along similar paths and spiritual growth comes to each as you are ready to receive it. Spiritual growth and reality is not something which can be put off and on like a lab coat. As you grow in the spirit, all of your life will be benefitted. Your practice is one part of your self-expression but it is not the entire being. You are already a man of great empathy. Trust yourself and trust your ability to pierce through the masking array of symptoms that are often displayed by patients. Trust in your ability to see the real person and to discern real problems.

Q: Keri Pisapia would like a personal message?

Ham: My lovely daughter, you are doing very well. Increase your self-confidence and your inner light by always staying your mind upon God and accepting his love. Life is filled with stress and there is always too much to do in too little time. But, carve out some time to give to the Father, even if it is just talking to him. Keep that connection strong and talk to him every day.

Q: Moe Davis wants to ask how his father George (who passed away) is doing and do you have any message for the family?

Ham: Yes, certainly. Your father passed away with hope for the future. He passed knowing that his future was secure and you my son were very helpful in that regard. Have confidence that you will all meet again and this reunion will be filled with love and communication that was impossible upon this world. Do not worry over his status, for he is in good hands. He will sleep for a little while, but upon awakening there will be wonderfulreunions. Be at peace with this my son. You will experience many emotions in the coming years and all of these feelings will bring you to greater understanding and peace concerning your relationship.

Q: Tony the drummer would like a personal message.

Ham: Certainly, my son, be at peace. Do not allow fear to be your limiting factor. Many things in life change, nothing stays the same. Allow yourself to grow with these changes. Facing your fears, creates opportunities for spiritual growth. Have faith that your angels have you well in hand and that all these experiences are necessary for your growth. Have no fear for all is well.

Q: PZ asks about lung disease - 4 years old now- and wants Ham's thoughts about how much she will get out of this lifetime? Is there any way to make matters better?

Ham: Yes there is. You cannot get better without first accepting things as they are. There is part of you in very deep denial concerning this physical problem. As you come to accept this reality you will find ways to feel better about yourself and your body in general. My daughter, you speak as if your life were over, as though the world will end if you accept this reality but that is fear speaking. Vanquish this fear through acceptance. Accept yourself in the now time, as you are. Accept your body as it is. Then you will find what life holds in store for you. One step must come before the other. But, rest assured, the Father will have complete control of all these things and have security in this understanding for yourself. Sometimes we have to give up control and then sanity returns. You have much bravery and courage. Let these two white horses pull you through.

Q: Linda and Bob Buselli are moving to Pennsylvania. Do you have any advice.

Ham: Certainly. My children, this move takes you out of the familiar and the comfortable. It takes you into a part of the world in which you feel somewhat strange and ill at ease but this will be good for you both. Opportunities will come to you. Do not worry about what you will do or who you will associate with for many will find you and come to you. Be completely at ease, for you both do very well.

Q: Do you have a message for Esmirelda?

Ham: Certainly, my daughter, your faith continues to grow and to be an inspiration to others. Cling to this faith as you move forward. Doubt not God's loving care over you.

Q: Do you have a message for Elena?

Ham: Certainly, it is almost time for you both to leave my care and to come under the tutelage of Thomas and others. I will always be your teacher, but it is best now for you to turn to your own group and to be contributing dynamic members of a vibrant new foothold for the mission. Have faith my daughters. Trust in Thomas for he is a wise and experienced teacher.

Q: Do you have a message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly, my son you will remain in this group for now. But I urge you to make contact with the Buselli's as well. My son, you do very well. You have also been dealing with the issue of old fears and anxiety. But you also continually stay your mind upon God. Experience these fears, release them, and do not stifle their appearance but rather acknowledge their existence. Everyone like to believe that you have grown above issues of fear that you are all so spiritual that nothing can disturb your mental serenity and that in itself is certainly a lie that fear perpetuates so it can remain. Have complete faith that you are doing well and that the Father will sustain you through all things.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Jim?

Ham: Yes, my son, your mental balance is becoming more and more stable. You are becoming more secure in your decision making, more confident in your spiritual power. You will be able to handle all that comes toward you so long as you maintain that balance. Balance and serenity are only found in sobriety and complete self-honesty. Everything else is based in fear.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Certainly, my son, you do very well. You are a person who strives towards greater and greater self-honesty and self-awareness and yes you have some old fears that remain, like everyone. But gradually, these fears are dropping away and you are substituting true self-confidence for false self-confidence. More and more are you relying on the core of your being and leaning less upon the mental tricks of acquiring comfort and confidence. The old fears that undermined your confidence are falling away and a steady and quiet self-assurance is taking its place. Go in peace my son, you do well.

Have peace my children in the coming week. Know that my love goes with you and also that I personally watch over your lives and am involved with your decisions. Have confidence and increasing love within your being. Farewell.