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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM

Topic: Being

Nov 25, 2001

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful that you have gathered here this evening. We are happy to be returning to our lesson schedule and happy to be in your presence. Tonight, we shall discuss the intense wonder of being.

Each human being while living life has moments of revelation in which the very fact of being feels intensely personal and intensely impersonal at once, when life seems a miracle and the knowledge of your own being and presence in this universe seems to be unfathomable. That is a little glimpse of how your indwelling spirit sees you. If you could see yourself through his eyes, you would witness the most wondrous, miraculous being conceivable, the fact that God can be personality and create personality as if it were billions of tiny mirrors expressing a slightly different side of his personality. Your personality is whole and yet it is a part of the Father's infinite personality.

Your indwelling spirit longs to merge with your personality, to be in that dimension, to complete his being and therefore he looks upon you with the most intense wonder and awe, even as he gently guides you into more loving and spiritual realms. The will is resident in personality. Your indwelling spirit has will, but not in the same sense as will joined with personality. Will joined with personality has great potential. When this will and personality are eventually completely melded with spirit, the potentials are truly limitless.

You are a wonder of creation. Your future is unbelievably wonderful. What you will do, what you will achieve in the vastness of eternity is shrouded to your consciousness but it is glimpsed by your indwelling spirit. Human beings, as lowly as you start, as tiny in the universe as grains of sand, have within you the seeds of entire new universes that will begin in the fullness of time when this universe is complete and the supreme is actualized.

The supreme being is constantly growing and adjusting. Your lives impact the supreme and the supreme impacts your lives. He is the totality of all experience in time and space. He is becoming personal and you begin as personal. The supreme is a difficult being to understand for beings of your level, but you can feel his growth now and then. As the circuits are reinstated on this planet, this is actualized in the supreme being and thus his being becomes more closely impinging upon your lives.

The poem by John Dunne expressing that no man is an island but all are part of the main expresses this concept of the supreme being very well. The actions and reactions of other people impinge upon each of you. You are gradually given greater and greater compassion and understanding for your fellows. Their pain, becomes your pain, their joys become your joys. And the differences which separate you become less and less as the supreme grows more and more.

As you contemplate the joys and the sufferings of humanity, remember that all these things reside in the supreme being, they are part of him, and they endure. Humanity's struggles are all written and are still living in the supreme being. They are never lost. Then multiply that by the trillions of trillions of worlds in the universe going back to its very beginning in eternity and you will have some concept of the supreme being.

As you live your lives, remember what you are contributing. Let your thread of life be vibrant, strong as you weave it through the being of the supreme. Be in awe of life, but be diligent about your own lives. Be diligent in love, compassion, tolerance. Have all the fruits of the spirit as a part of your thread of life each day.

Are there any questions at this time?

Q: How does the supreme being related to events of cruelty and evil. How is the supreme being enhanced when terrible things happen.

Ham: This is an interesting question. Suffering is indeed recorded because usually that suffering gives birth to greater good in time and so the suffering is part of that process that eventually blooms. The person who inflicts suffering upon others inflicts it upon himself as well. If that person changes as a result of his evil actions, then those things are part of the supreme. But if that person persists in iniquity to the point of self-extinguishing, that is not recorded or kept. So, evil that results in good is a part of the supreme or the consequences of it, the repercussions of it are. But evil that does not ever result in good is not a part.

Q: It sounds like the supreme harvest anything of good or value regardless of the original source. Ham: Yes.

Q: You suggested that there might be times when we might have an awareness of the supreme. Can you be more concrete about that and say what those experiences might be like?

Ham: Yes. The supreme is a very passive presence in your consciousness. He is not an active comforter like the Master or the Mother spirit. But his growth and your becoming aware of him does result in increased personal awareness of others. You are perhaps more sensitive to other's feelings and experiences, so you do not experience the supreme as a person, but you experience other people more intensely through his ministry.