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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: Ham

Topic: You Are Citizens of the Bigger World

July 22, 2001

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome you tonight with gladness and love. My heart is overflowing with happiness to again be with my students. Tonight, let us discuss changes in the spiritual lives of Urantians.

For thousands of years you have required human spiritual leadership. You have been blessed by many human teachers who have given the world an immeasurable uplift. When Melchizedek come the first time, he came as a man. When your creator son came, again he came as a man. But now, you are moving beyond the adolescent phase where one needs human example and are transitioning into the phase of being able to understand higher knowledge and wisdom directly from spiritual sources.

There will still be human leaders, certainly, but you children are on the edge of being aware of a much greater reality. You are coming into contact with a new and greater world. Like the Viking explorers of old who braved the seas of faith and landed in a new world, so have you my friends braved the seas of doubt and the storms of unbelief to set foot in a new and greater world. Indeed, you are becoming as ambassadors from our world to yours. You are testifying with your lives as to its existence and you know of a certainty that mortal death is but a step from this world to the next.

You are gaining immeasurably from your exposure to this greater world. You are truly becoming citizens of the universe, heavenly citizens, even while sojourning on earth. You are broadening your horizons through contact, regular contact, with teachers, angels, and even an occasional whisper from your indwelling spirits. The world has opened up and you find you have a place in this greater world, in this greater scheme of things even while you may be searching for a place in this smaller earthly world. Always are you sure and secure of your place in the greater heavenly world.

History is indeed changing now. Human beings are less and less reliant on other human beings for their spiritual bread and water. More and more is humanity reaching toward the heavenly world and the heavenly world is reaching back and grasping your hands individually. Gradually, you are becoming less and slaves to tradition and to the traditional fear based religions. More and more are you turning toward love and receiving your spiritual bread directly from the spirit rather than the leftovers from someone else's table. Gradually, you are perceiving that there is vast amounts of, vast numbers of morontia and spiritual beings who have come to this planet to help and guide you each individually.

This is vast change and you are fortunate to be living through this. You are fortunate to be able to perceive the Master's power flooding back to the world in which you live. You indeed are the first to behold this power, to have understanding of the vastness of his love and the completeness of his mercy. The Master comes to all who would open their hearts to him. His power is transforming. You are not the same people you were before you opened that door and allowed him entry.

Rejoice then and be exceedingly glad for the Master's arm is about your shoulder and his word of encouragement speaks to your ear. Follow me, says he. Follow me. Allow his hope to fill your hearts, allow his love to comfort your minds. Allow his footsteps to guide the way. Be unafraid to follow wheresoever he will lead you. Have complete faith and a steady heart. And now, I would like to receive questions at this time.

Q: First, do you think I could have a personal conference

Ham: Certainly my son, of course. Tuesday, 3:00 PM.

Q: Might I also ask for a personal message?

Ham: Of course. My son, yes, I understand the pain or your growth, the pain of the changes you are experiencing. We spoke once before about the stormy experience of spiritual birth. You are a child who has come through partially and still is going through the remainder. You can see the light and experience gladness for having come through and yet it's been difficult to realize there was more and this remainder, this traumatic spiritual wrenching away from the old, has knocked you off your feet so that what once seemed solid ground now seems as quicksand. But, look again. There is love surrounding you. Release the struggle and that love will pull you free. You are learning the hard lessons which engender in human beings true humility and steadfast faith. Those two things go together. Like a high spirited stallion you have bucked and struggled against the mild harness of faith. But once this burden, this what is truly an honor, is accepted then will peace descend and your period of usefulness to the Father will increase. Acceptance and love go together. Still are you coming to greater and greater depths of acceptance. Life is what it is, it is easy for no one. Acceptance, love, charity for yourself, these things are required. Let your heart open and begin this journey. Soften your heart with love. Cast out the poisons of fear, hatred, envy, and despair. Surround your heart with love and only love then acceptance will come. You do well my son. Remember, you are the Father's beloved child. You are the only you in the universe and therefore are of infinite value to the Father. There will never be another you, ever. You are the only one in your space. Uphold your duty then to the Father and surround your heart with love. Go in peace.

Q: Your lesson dealt with the spiritual threshold and the host of morontia and spiritual beings that surround is. Are the any techniques we should be aware of to be closer to and communicate with these beings?

Ham: Certainly, yes, the body should be clean of poisons. The heart should be clean of spiritual poisons of fear, hatred, envy and so on. Treat your body and soul as the temple of the Father. Have respect and take care of the physical and the spiritual. Stay your mind on him as much as possible. Seek the stillness that your mind may be quieted and your heart may be humbled. Seek not the spirit through the material but seek the spirit through the spirit. But above all, seek after love. Reach out to the world, both material and nonmaterial, in love. This is the way. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, do you have any personal counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly, my son you have come far. Be careful that you do not stall or hang back when the Master calls. Follow him wheresoever he may lead. Love him with a whole heart. Give him all you have which is your will and he will lead you where you need to be and give you what is needful for the journey. Fear not, but follow as he beckons. You do well.

Q: Ham, I would like to know how I can open my heart more for love and for love from the Master?

Ham: My son, that you have asked this question brings with it the answer. Pray that you may open your heart still further and so it shall be. Ask and you shall receive. There is no magic formula, there must simply be whole hearted desire and this you have and so shall it be. You are doing well. I have indeed followed your progress and have indeed visited your home. Distance is no obstacle to us. As you travel back to your home land, so also will there be a teacher with you. And yes, you will have communication when all the elements are in place. Yes, you will be able to transmit words in the future and this teacher will be a powerful friend and helpful companion throughout your life. This teacher's love surrounds you even now. Be happy and joyful for the way will open and it will be up to you to accept or reject this teacher's help as time goes by. Be at peace my son. Is there more question?

Q: You spoke earlier about poisons in the body. I though that Jesus said it wasn't what we put in our body but what came out of our body in speaking poisons?

Ham: Yes, he was trying to put into perspective the ritual hand washing before taking a meal. There were people then and people now who put the form above the substance. But, surely you must also understand that it saddens the angels to witness their human charges poisoning their bodies with alcohol or drugs for these things interfere with spiritual growth and can lead to weakened physical states which lead to disease and even death. So, certainly these poisons should be avoided.

Q: Ham, is it possible for Norbert and I to have a private session?

Ham: Yes, I understand tomorrow is your last day here. What is a good time for you?

Q: Any time.

Ham: Again, 3 PM.

Q: May I also have a personal message?

Ham: My daughter, you are doing very well. You have a balance that is rare in one so young. Yes, you have journeyed far physically and spiritually. The path before you is also very far. Life is full of the unexpected. One cannot predict or foresee the many twists that life will take. You are beginning to relax and maintain your balance throughout the ups and downs of life and this is what is important. Life is very much out of your control. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Therefore, it behooves us to more and more live in the moment, in the now and to appreciate the wonder all around us in this now time. True freedom is only found in the now. Be at peace, my dear, for you do well.

Q: Ham, I went to a UFO conference not to long ago. You were on my mind a great deal. It was a very spiritual experience. The more I research it the more I understand that we don't understand. In my life time, are we supposed to or are we going to figure out who these beings are?

Ham: Well, no. You will not be able to understand the many comings and goings, both angelic and rarely material beings. These observers are very rare, much less than the sensationalism would lead you to believe and it will be some time before earthly civilization is such that real communication will occur. It is very doubtful that this will happen within the next 100 years. These physical beings are not allowed communication at this time. Your world is not ready. Is this helping?

Q: Yes definitely. Can I ask for a personal message?

Ham: My dear, you are doing very well. You are growing in the spirit and truly beginning to bear fruits of the spirit. You are finding greater fulfillment in the inner exploration than you could find in outer exploration. The task of every human being is to gradually allow what was only potential to flower into actuality. Each of you carry infinite potential and only the beginning will flower in this lifetime. But that is the adventure of life, finding oneself. You cannot do it in isolation. You can only find your potential as you relate to other people. Love is like water, it allows the spirit, the soul to grow. Be sure to give each other all the water you are capable of.

Q: A lot of times our lessons are about developing our own spiritual growth. Do you have lessons on putting our spiritual growth in action. Inequality is heavy on my heart. Do you have messages on putting this into practice or is inequality something we just have to suffer through?

Ham: This period of your growth as a planet will see many changes. Material inequality may always exist in some degree and yet spiritually, who is first and who is last? Those who endure great suffering often advance quite fast spiritually and have great lessons to teach these humans who may be materially fed but spiritually barren. We see great riches where you see great poverty. Human beings will gradually learn to love and respect each other as they are. That being said, it is correct for those with great prosperity to be concerned and generous with those whose fortunes are less. Compassion is a central spiritual fruit. You cannot love only a few of your brethren, but righteousness compels you to love all of your brethren. And so, this impulse of love is good and a positive sign for the world. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Yes. Daughter, this time is very trying, difficult and yet when it is over it will become a fond memory. Have peace in your heart for you have done very well in this service. It is my profound hope that this be a time of great healing. Be at peace my daughter, you do well.


Ham: My daughter, you also do well. Be at peace with yourself. Do not be pulled this way and that way. Rather, find your own way where you are comfortable. Truly begin opening your heart to those who love you and care for you. Be unafraid of love. Be unafraid to love. All is well and as it should be?

Q: Ham do you have a personal message for my friend Andy?

Ham: Of course. My son, you have endured much during your life and have gained much from this endurance. Let not your heart be heavy, neither let it be afraid. Love can be light, love can be freedom. Without love, there is no true freedom. Think on this, that is all.

Q: Ham, do you have a personal message for me tonight?

Ham: Of course, my son, you also have come far in a short period of time. Your world view has been greatly expanded and altered. All this comes at some expense for there are some things that are left behind and some things perhaps left behind hastily. Be careful as you move forward in your spiritual journey that you keep all things which are valuable so that you don't miss them later. Spiritual progress is an individual matter. Each person progresses, changes, even is transformed in their own personal way. Have great tolerance, then for others who are finding their way as well. It is a wise man who knows that you cannot give another the spiritual growth you have achieved. Rather, you must wait upon their own spiritual growth. Be careful to cultivate tolerance in your soul. Have love and patience with all.

Q: Ham, I have a couple questions. When you were talking about the poisons in the spirit like anger and envy. What is a good way of getting rid of those?

Ham: In these matters, prayer is your most powerful tool. When one prays consistently and sincerely that the spiritual poison be removed, then it shall be. Ask at the same time that this poison be replaced with its antidote. That anger or fear be replaced with love. That envy should be replaced with gratitude. Prayer is not employed enough in my opinion. It is conventional for you to pray for others, but praying for something for yourself leads to profound and lasting change in the personality. Use this tool, this great gift. Did the Master no say, ask and you shall receive? This is the law of the universe. As soon as you know enough to ask for something, then you are ready to receive it. Is this helping?

Q: My other question is I have been away for some time too, could I have a personal message?

Ham: Certainly. Yes, my son, you do well. I am happy to see my children gathered round for truly it is important for you to receive spiritual bread and water. My son, I perceive that you have especially been in need. Your thirst for truth and hunger for righteousness is great. You are a person who tends to deny yourself in some areas and indulge yourself in others. You need to find a balance so that spiritually you can grow and be fed and watered as you should be. Pray also for guidance in this balancing. Pray that your weakness will be revealed and thus transformed to strength. Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is the most powerful knowledge. Know yourself, love yourself, accept yourself, for this is the true source of greatness.

Q: Charlie B?

Ham: Of course. My son. Be at peace. Life is dealing with some difficult cards and how often this is so and yet staying with it always leads to a turn around. You are tenacious in your spirituality. Be equally tenacious in dealing with these problems. Find your way forward. You do well.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, be happy and of light spirit. You do well and are making great progress. Don't worry about placing too much on yourself. Spread out your tasks and have no anxiety.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, my son, have peace and cherish your spiritual freedom. Do those tasks which are set before you and know that you fulfill the Father's will. Yesterday is past and tomorrow has not yet come. Carry only those burdens that are possible in the day and have no anxiety about other's perceptions but rather let that go completely. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, I understand?

Q: Ham I would appreciate any feedback you have for me this week

Ham: My son, you do well. Life is also dealing you some difficult cards and these also require complete follow through. Though you are tenacious and thorough when it comes to things you want to deal with, things that are unpleasant tend to get put aside. Again, deal with those things that are before you, carry that burden that is appropriate for the day and soon the difficult things as well as those things you want to do will be done with ease.

Are there any further questions?

Q: You were talking about the threshold of the bigger world and the smaller world. I wonder if you have any advice on having the incentive or inspiration to go back into the smaller world and having to abide by its conventions and all that.

Ham: Yes, when you are motivated by service then all manner of human convention and narrow thinking become simply an interesting pathway. You serve in many ways. Each one of you is brought into contact with people who need you. They may not know they need you, they may be full of resentment or jealousy or anger toward you, but nonetheless they need you. Each one of you must conduct yourselves as an ambassador for a greater world. You must give those who stumble in darkness, glimpses of the light. This is your purpose. The son of man came not to be served but to serve. He came not as a conqueror, but as a humble servant willing to wash the feet of his children. When life is understood in this greater context as holding these deeper meanings, the most humble work is elevated for you serve God when you serve his children. Think of yourselves as not servants of God, but sons and daughters of God who have seen a greater light and whose duty now is to give that light where you can to his other children. Serving the Father elevates life. There is no job so small that it is not precious to the Father. The Master said he who would be greatest among you must become a servant to all. That means not just the people you want to serve, but the people you don't want to serve as well.

Go in peace, my prayers and my love go with you each. Farewell.