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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM

Topic: Hindrance

June 14, 2001

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am glad that you have come this evening. Tonight we shall discuss hindrance.

Often times, in life, there are things which hold you back or keep you from going in certain directions. There are sometimes reasons that you will never know as to why you are prevented from doing certain things. The angels are truly the master builders of your mortal career. You will is the initiator, the Father's spirit is the architect, but it is the seraphim who guide and direct the motions which create a life.

Hindrance is as important as those doors which seem to open as if by magic. Sometimes, it is best that there be a waiting period, a time for your souls to grow and develop as if in an incubator, before you are released into motion again. In life, there is a rhythm, a period of forward motion and then a period of waiting where the forward motion is hindered. Learn to use these motions and to accept the times of waiting as well as the times of rushing ahead.

It is known throughout the universe that rest is as important as action. During your first mansion world experience, you will have many opportunities for rest and reversion. The Master saw to it that the apostles had periods of rest. He created a rhythm to their work which alternated between intense activity and rest and relaxation.

Realize that the Father knows what you need. It does not help if during a period of rest that you become frustrated and anxious and worried. Begin to feel that rhythm in your lives and know that this is the Divine way. The human way is to rush and stress and hurry, to ignore the times of rest and then eventually for the body to weaken and sickness to enforce a period of rest.

All progress, especially spiritual progress, is divided in a rhythm of quiet and motion. There are times when the quiet time will be forced upon you if you do not listen to your soul and your body. Times of quiet meditation, times of rest, are also times when the body can heal and revive. As you grow older, it is harder to ignore this dictate of the body, "I must have rest".

When you learn to trust the angels, you will trust the quiet time and you will not be tempted to abrogate it by worrying about what comes next, you will learn to wait and to accept the periods of activity when they come but not to force them. When you have a very constant work schedule that requires you to ignore the body and to push on, even when you feel blocked, you can still find a rhythm and allow some sort of rest for yourself.

As you grow in years, you must become more wise with your energy expenditure. It is not always possible to push yourselves the way you did in your youth. The body won't allow it. But you are wise if you give yourself that time of peace, that time of quiet reflection, before the body simply exhausts. This way you maintain balance and you maintain your health.

The body is a remarkable mechanism. It has great powers of regeneration and healing. But these powers are depleted when the body is not allowed to rest sufficiently. Stress and anxiety tax the body as well as the mind. It is an unnecessary depletion of energy and this depletion of energy causes imbalance much more than any other factor.

In this life, the main objective is soul growth. You are a parent to your soul. You must help to nurture and to protect the soul. The Father's spirit is the other parent. He is providing comfort and spiritual nourishment to the soul constantly but the human mind can interfere with this blocking off the nutrients that the soul needs to grow by anxiety and fear. The Master said, fear must be banished, it must be put outside the door of your mind and not allowed entry.

These spiritual forces, these spiritual energies which are absorbed by the soul are a great healing factor as well. We have spoken before of the soul entering every cell of the body, the soul is an organic part of the entire physical being and this soul, as it grows, becomes more a part of that body and the body aligns itself in harmony with this soul.

So, you are helping to banish illness when you banish fear. This is not to say that you will ever be perfectly free from fear in this life for the body brings with it that animal response mechanism, but it is very helpful for your health, mental and physical, to banish fear as much as you can.

We spoke of trusting the angels. The angels lovingly carry out the desire of the Father's spirit who lives within you. They desire to see you soul beaming and your body radiating health. So do not worry, my children. Allow the angels to hinder you when they are requested to. Accept it. Wait upon the opening of the door. Beating upon it does not make it open any quicker. When the doors open, walk through them with balance, with spiritual grace. Do not wear yourselves out so that you might not even recognize a door opening or may rush through so quickly that you must be held back again.

Recognize the rhythm of life and accept periods of quiet as well as periods of movement. Be at ease with yourselves. Do not require of yourself more than you are comfortable with.When you were little and there was rest time in your school play periods and you were supposed to take naps, do your remember when there were times when you could not sleep, could not rest and then later when the other children were working and creating and playing, remember when your were too tired to do your best because you couldn't rest when you needed to. Take advantage of the times of rest because the times of activity will require all your energy. Find that rhythm, accept hindrance as a blessing.

Are there any questions?

Q: Does rest always mean doing nothing or is doing something radically different restful?

Ham: Yes, you are correct. Many people have some activity that is restful for them. Certainly.

Q: As your soul grows, are there changes in your consciousness or the way you perceive the world that go along with soul growth.

Ham: Of course. I would say in general, the more you grow in your soul, the more benign the world begins to appear. The immature or constricted soul is a fearful soul. Is this helping?

. . . .

Q: Do you have any advice on recognizing when things are hindrance and when things are challenges. How can we discern whether you are facing a hindrance or a challenge?

Ham: Yes, of course. Life is meant to be a kind of a testing. Do you have courage, well then you must face a fearful situation and overcome. Overcoming obstacles to a goal sometimes requires as much letting go as pushing forward and you are right, there is time for both. But, in general, as you become more spiritually sensitive, you will be able to withdraw from those doors which should not be pushed open and know very well which ones must be pushed.

This is such an individual thing and so full of sensitive subjects which pertain perhaps to one person but not another that I must refrain from being too specific. Suffice it to say that the Father will lead you and also that sometimes, in fact most time, one's failures are the source of the greatest learning. Success teaches very little. But failure is always stimulating and full of lessons. So, sometimes our failures are a preparation for later success which may indeed be a preparation for a failure and so forth.

The spiritual road is not one of ease and bliss, but one of stumbling and wrong turns and errors and all these things contribute to the growth of the soul. There are many in this society who pedal religion as a path of ease. They say, believe such and such and you will have a life of bliss in which your every desire is granted. These are erroneous teachers. Life is meant to be lived in its fullest, that means accepting failure and defeat and learning about yourselves through these experiences.

The Master warned that the human hear is capable of great deceit and it is the easiest thing to believe that which you want to believe, to convince yourself if I follow these precepts, then will my life be a bed of roses. But I say to you that a life of ease and constant triumph does not reveal the subtle deceits of the heart and it is these that we must experience and understand. The wise man knows himself to be weak and prone to temptation. The unwise man thinks arrogantly that he is immune to the errors of life. He things he can make no misstep. But, this unwise main is destined for the greatest disappointment and tragedy. The wise man who knows himself is less prone to disappoint himself. I hope this is helping.

Q: Ham, keeping with the deceit of the heart, is there a danger that if you believe that the hindrances that are in your way are not of your own responsibility and just accept it is there a possibility of becoming too passive and not stepping up when doors open?

Ham: This is a very perceptive question because sometimes the discouraged heart disguises that lack of will to press on by blaming fate and this is also a very sensitive area for each person must live on the edge of accepting fate, accepting reality, and also wanting to change that reality. There are many passive souls who withdraw from the world after becoming discouraged and blame it on fate but knowing down deep that they simply gave up.

Reality exists on that fine line that moment between what has been and what is potentially to be. As you grow in the spirit, your potentials become actuals in the world, that which was latent within you grows outward and changes reality. It is who you are and who you are becoming that helps to alter what is possible. When you were a child and learning to write the alphabet, it may have been potential for you to write a great novel, but you had to grow and experience and become before that talent was manifest and made real.

Sometimes, there are periods of waiting for that growth to ripen to the point where you can move forward and create something new in your reality. Never become discouraged, accept times of waiting, but do not become discouraged. When the possibility arrives, grasp it.. . . .

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