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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM


October 29, 2000

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy that you are all here this evening. Tonight, we shall discuss the infinite topic of love.

Love is never ending, you can never hold all the love there is. You can never experience love completely. Always, there is more love to become, to experience, to possess as part of your personal storehouse. Love is a progressive attitude, one in which new discoveries are continually made. The loving attitude never exhausts impossibilities, you can always find something more to love.

When you love as an expression of yourself, you also at the same time become more of love. That appreciation or loving attitude or experience that you realize becomes a permanent part of your soul that you then carry with you throughout your eternal career.

Love is a reality more so than anything else. Love is the realist of that which is real. When you partake of love, you realize a part of love and a part of yourself becomes actualized through this realization so that you become more real, you become more actualized through love. Your soul is always seeking expansion. Your soul is seeking new expressions of love and as you become conscious of this seeking, you can intelligently guide yourself toward new and greater expressions of love.

Love is that personal presence of the Father which seeks to merge with the potentials that exist within your personality. When the love from the Father joins with a latent potential, then that part of yourself instantly realizes and you become more a part of God and he becomes more a part of you and all of this is permanent and eternal and shall never pass away.

Everything other than love that you seek after is transitory. Love is the highest goal and love is permanent. When you seek after love, you seek after a certain relinquishment or letting go of yourself and your own needs, your own desires. Love is actualized as you focus on that which is other than self and yet, in so doing, you actually become more of who you really are.

Humans often fear this feeling of self-relinquishment. They are afraid if they let go of their grasp of self that they will disintegrate or disappear somehow and, in a sense, this is true. When you relinquish your own ideas, your own mental construct of who you are and your place in the world, then that construct dies and is replaced by the greater self that the Father wills to actualize. This greater self then takes a place which the Father makes in the world. All the old ideas fade away and are replaced with the new and greater actuality of the Father’s plan, the Father’s will, the Father’s love.

Life is certainly full of temptations, distractions, pressing issues of the day which must be decided and dealt with and yet there is always present the Father’s gentle voice saying come to me, I am the way, I am real and these temporal things are but the shadows of existence. The mind cannot withstand a sudden movement from the purely material existence into a more purely spiritual existence. The mind must move in steps, the mind must grasp each one of these steps and understand the way that is being shown.

You are never asked to give up your common sense but always you are allowed the option to heed that gentle voice that speaks always within your soul beckoning you into greater and greater paths of love. Always the profound answers in life, the true keys toward understanding any situation invariably lie in expanded love. When you doubt and are perplexed by the vagaries of existence, seek after love, pray for expanded love, and the key to understanding will be found therein. Are there any questions at this time.

Q: What is the magnitude of the acts of love that you are talking about. Does this include even small acts of kindness and love?

Ham: Of course, every though that moves towards love, every action or mental action is rewarded with soul expansion. Absolutely.

Q: What happens when people share love in this life, at least for a while, and then their relationship ends in divorce or some kind of separation. When these people meet again on the mansion worlds, are they able to love each other again?

Ham: Certainly, of course.

Q: I think this is hard for some of us here to grasp. Can you elaborate for us?

Ham: The love that you experience is part of your soul experience throughout your eternal life. This love involves many people and many circumstances. As you grow in wisdom, you come not to bear the grudges that you tend to carry as a more immature being and so the pain which you experienced with separation, divorce, is eventually forgotten and the love is what remains. I know this may seem hard to grasp, yet it is very much the truth.

Q: I have a question about romantic love on the mansion worlds. Do you reach a point where you have an equal love for all beings or do beings still couple together in that more exclusive kind of romantic love relationship. Do you understand what I mean?

Ham: Yes of course, I understand. Your femaleness, what makes you female in this life, remains as does maleness and these differences have been created in order to foster partner-shipping. There is very much pairing or partner-shipping, extending throughout your universe career. Often the partnerships you create in this life extend through many future lives. In other words, the loving bonds that you have so diligently fostered and created in this life are not transitory things, they are quite lasting.

Q: May I have a personal message tonight please?

Ham: Certainly son. You are doing very well and are truly seeking the higher way, the way of expanded love and service. When you have this settled in all areas of your life, then your mind will be much more at ease and settled. There is always a certain fear of letting go of what has always worked and even of letting go of the scaffolding that brought you from there to here. Learn to realize what is the real part of character, life, complete decisions and what is incomplete or part of a scaffolding which brought you from old thinking into new thinking but which is not complete in itself. Don’t allow yourself to have confusion, but rather be solid in your thinking. Is this making sense.

Q: For the most part, yes, thank you.

Q: Ham you gave me a message last week when I was in my therapeutic breakdown state and it got lost. Can you reconstruct it or what ever you think is appropriate?

Ham: Yes, let’s talk about now. It is wonderful to see you being so honest and open and self-aware. These times of ego breakdown or the dissolving of old self concepts which no longer serve are times of great growth. Allow yourself to complete expanding that love in your heart which is seeking expression. Accept yourself, yes, but open also to loving that which is not within, to loving that which is without. There is a part of you which distrusts love, which always seeks to qualify or limit love that is being received and also love that is being expressed. Your parents never gave you unconditional love, there love was conditioned on your conformity to their expectations and thus you have had a distrust of your own self-image and that the true self-image, the true self, was not worthy of love if the parent’s couldn’t see it and love you then deep down you felt betrayed by love. Love has been a thing which has pushed you around and made you not trust yourself. So now these old patterns are starting to jump out before they are vanquished. Simply be and exist in love, love and be loved as painful and tender and difficult as this is. Be unafraid for the path is always toward love and even greater love. This is where you will find your security, even though it seems to be insecure because of your old thinking. Is this helping?

Q: Wonderful, thank you.

Q: Ham, do you have anything for me tonight?

Ham: Son, you have quite courageously followed love and have sought to expand it and yet sometimes have been confused by the potential for evil in others and their ability to reject love and to be disruptive and to reek havoc. There is always a temptation to withdraw your love from those who reject it and this is a temptation you must resist. Expand your love for all in the face of rejection, not only rejection, but the games that are sometimes played with those who have a tender heart. Love them anyway and you will triumph. Withdraw your love and you will lose. Is this helping?

Q: Yes thank you.

Q: Ham I’d like a personal message please.

Ham: Certainly, my son. Yes, life is confusing. Life is complex and yet it is simple also. The one imperative, the one commandment, is to love your fellows even as you are loved by the Father. No one accomplishes this in perfection, but it is a certainty that this is the way of life everlasting and the way to peace, happiness, and tranquility. Continue, then, to walk upon the path of love and to show love in your heart for even those who may wish you ill or who you think may wish you ill. Simply continue learning to love.

Q: Ham do you have any input for me this week please?Ham: Certainly son, you are continuing to understand what sincerity means, what the depths of sincerity really are. You are a man who cherishes this quality and who seeks it in others. You are becoming more and more appreciative of this greatest of all spiritual tools. That which you seek after, if you do so with complete sincerity and conviction, will always be found. This is a way to find what is valuable in your life. Are you able to seek it with complete sincerity. If so, it is worth seeking. Is this helping?

Q: Yes thank you.

Q: Ham do you have anything for me this week?

Ham: Of course, my dear, you are coming into a new period of growth and self-realization. You are always a person who instinctively trusts love. Love was something in your life which you could always understand. Know that love, as it comes through human beings, though it comes through an imperfect vessel that love is still genuine and real. Allow each person to move at their own speed, it is tempting to want to help others to the extent that you move them along quicker than they can reasonably go. In other words, let go of your expectations and receive what love others can give and appreciate it as it is. Don’t discount it because of the imperfect vessel that it came through. As you yourself grow toward love, you will find an increasing capacity for forgiveness and acceptance. These are things which you very much want to have and they are things which you will have increasingly as time goes by.

Q: Ham, may I have a message please?

Ham: Certainly, my dear. You are doing well as always. Do not be concerned with how you are perceived by others. As you progress on this path of love, keep turning your attention outward. Love, as you are loved. Accept others as you yourself are accepted. Let go of your focus on yourself. Don’t be afraid of letting go as we discussed earlier. That fear of the loss of self is very primal and strong and yet it is completely useless and completely invalid for he who loses his life shall find it. Be unafraid, my dear, all is well.

Q: Ham I would appreciate anything you have to say to me.

Ham: Yes, of course. In your spiritual growth, you have also made jumps or moved ahead in fits and starts. Part of this is a strong feeling toward protection, protection of what is, conserving the things that work. You’ve had a strong moral center which others always are drawn to and look to so you always feel yourself being pulled back to that core belief or core value system which has acted kind of like an anchor for you so that your were never swept away in the current so to speak. This is good and also in some respects can be limiting because you see the world and its changes through that glass which colors your vision. Sometimes that old judgment must be set aside and the new grasped and embraced for what it is without the old coloring it or slanting it. You are at that point now where it’s either stick with the old all the way or jump out there and embrace something new. Don’t be afraid of losing that which you have had for everything that is of value is automatically conserved in your soul, you cannot lose it even if you don’t think about it or focus on it. And also, don’t worry about the family. Sometimes you have to much of a tendency to think through every single thing in terms of how it effects every other person. Don’t worry so much about things like that. Let go, experiment, it’s ok. Is this helping.

Q: Yes it give me a lot to think about. Thank you.

Q: Ham we’ve got three questions. This one is from Nikki. Would you ask Ham something for me about my health. I have had disabling vertigo. The doctors agree that it is a neurological problem. Two doctors think I need a new surgery and two doctors think that it is too dangerous. In addition I have had retinal bleeding in my left eye. Can you tell me if these are connected or if it will ever heal.

Ham: My daughter, I am honored that you would come to me with these concerns. This surgery is experimental and there is a chance that it may not completely fix the problem but it is a chance worth taking at this time. The retinal bleeding can possibly be serious if it occurs again, but this particular time should heal in a few months. Be very careful not to put any added pressure on the eye. This could have occurred simply from the pressure from sleeping with your eye pressed against the pillow. It is unrelated to the other problem.

Q: We have a request for a message from Marije.

Ham: Yes, my dear. Your life also continues to expand in love. Resist the temptation to withdraw your feelings out of retaliation for some thing that another has done or said. Consider always the full picture without succumbing to the temptation of seeing only your side. In this way, you can remain open to love.

Q: Norbert asked what about his relationship with tim?Ham: All relationships involve an expansion of one’s awareness and understanding of another person. Love greatly facilitates this expansion of understanding. Every person is unique and is a unique opportunity for putting yourself out of the way and listening and understanding another. Think of yourself as a conduit for the Father’s love. Show love and give and receive love. This is the path to the Father.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Yes, my dear. You are certainly making strides and are finding ways to expand your love and your life at the same time. Be at ease. Continue to move in this direction.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Daughter, you also are learning and accepting changes within yourself and outside of yourself. Loving others through all their changes is a mark of real spiritual growth.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you are finding a greater balance and more stable center to move from. This is a sign that you are becoming more real to yourself and this is good to see.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Certainly son. You also are growing and expanding on a daily basis. Your dedication to the Father’s will is deepening as you come to more completely understanding this will. Continue in your quest for selflessness and you will find it.

Q: Charlie B?

Ham: Son, you do well. You are growing and expanding your understanding of what real love is and in doing so you are also understanding what love is not. True love exists in true freedom. The idea of possession in that another is crystalized in time and space that that person can be possessed is not love. Love allows all things, all changes, and goes on loving.

Q: Ham do you have any feedback for me?

Ham: Of course my son, this time is very difficult. You are struggling with many things, even with who you are and how you live in the world, how you define yourself. Allow the old to pass away and embrace the new. Be unafraid of change, even painful change for the Father will guide you and set your course. Have faith, all is well.

Are there any further questions? Very well, my love and my prayers are with you each. Go in peace my children.