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Daniel - Change - The Findhorn Community - Mar 22, 1992 - Pocatello, ID


Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel

Topic: Change

March 22, 1992

Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis


Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. I am happy to be with you here this evening. Again, my love and admiration to you. As a group you are beautiful. As individuals you are growing and finding those areas in your life that used to be obstacles as not quite the same hills you used to have to climb. Your openness and willingness to seek higher truths will become more evident in your every day living. Continue on the high road. For in doing so, not only are you bringing about change in your life, but also change in the lives of those around you.


My lesson tonight is on this change. It stems from watching you over this week and realizing that many of you are struggling with the adversity that befalls you in your personal life and as well as the overwhelming adversity that is evident in the general society and in the planetary environmental aspect as well. It is truly a mind boggling experience for you to contemplate all of the troubles, sorrows, and woes of this planet, for there are many. In society alone you daily see this in your new casts, in your papers, in your everyday relationships with one another. There are indeed many, many ills that this planet needs to overcome.


I admonish you to take this realization into your hearts and then in the silence ask for guidance, so that you can in your own personal being become strong, so that you can effect change in the outer realm. It is not possible to bring about change in a society until the individual members become aware of who they are or, if this is not possible, to realize that the course that they are on is not only self destructive, but destructive to society as well. You are aware of this and these last few weeks we have dealt with your own personal upliftment and spiritual awakening. And I will ask you again to maintain an even course in this. Keep your sight on the higher road at all times. For there are many sorrows that can pull you down the wrong road in that you can become totally depressed and begin to feel apathy when the wrong of society become so overwhelming. So realize these wrongs, do what you can to keep yourself strong, and then you will be helping to bring about change. It cannot be done alone. With many who are strong it can be accomplished. So make yourselves strong.


You are the new soldiers, the new apostles in a world torn with strife and materialism. Greed is a very real thing at this moment in time. And it is like a poison in society. As you grow in your spiritual alignment, you become more aware in your daily relations, in your daily actions, in your daily lives with areas that need to be changed. You become more sensitive to what is right and what is wrong, and because of this sensitivity you are able to decipher things that at one time were obscure to you. Reading an article in a magazine a month ago may not have stirred you to a conscious state of awareness that reading this same article today would bring. Are you understanding? It is important that your ideals remain in following the Will of the Father, for in doing so you will be ever in a more expanding, God-conscious realm. And you will ever more seek to do His Will automatically. It will not have to be a conscious choice.


The Father asks that you do this very thing. And this group of people, as well as others who are receiving teachers are but a part of many things that will be done to help bring about change in society on the planet. What I tell you tonight also elicits more compassion. For you see, compassion is that overall picture so that you will, as you become strong within, be able to be compassionate on the outside. Change is a necessary part of growth, as you know. And it is paramount that this change begin with you.


Many of you have wondered why you as individuals have been selected as part of a mission, as part of this wonderful experience. You see, you have been readying yourselves for many years. It should not surprise you. For you see, many are called, few are chosen. And it is not necessarily 'chosen' from God, for God wants all His children to hear His words. You are chosen because you, yourselves, in the freedom of free choice, accepted and wished for a greater mission. You have in your lives seen the actions, the deeds, the wrongs that society has, the wrong that are inflicted also in the environment as well. And this has stirred you and in the stirrings you sought answers. So you see, you have for many years been on a course to bring you here today. So do not ask why, for you have chosen. Ask rather, 'How may I better my own self? How can I better follow the Will of the Father?' If in all of your daily actions you act from the oneness, the alignment with the Father, you will not go wrong, you will bring about change.


It becomes important as a second step that you act upon those things you hear in these teachings. It becomes an ongoing process to daily strive for self love and forgiveness; to daily seek tolerance and understanding; to daily know that you are dedicating your lives to Him, to following His Will. And this will be done in accordance with how much you truly desire to do so, and how much you do to follow His Will. An example: The basketball stars that are on your television now did not become the slamdunkers they are overnight. They had to practice many hours. They became one with the ball knowing all of its actions, all of the things that this little round ball could do, so when they were in competition with others, they could still control the ball. Are you willing to be in the court with God the Father and be one of His players? Your own being, your own body is like the basketball that the player knows so well. And then when the competition is rough they still maintain poise and are able to be in control. And they must constantly play ball to keep sharp. And so you too must keep yourselves sharp so that when the competition of life is upon you, you can still be in control in God's court, working for Him. Become the slamdunkers for the Father. Change will come about in your life when you make this decision to be in His court, when you take the time to know Him, to reach out to Him, to sit in silence with Him.


My dear pupils, this is the only way it can be done. You can only give and get what you are willing to put your effort into. And as I am with you throughout the week I am so pleased to see how you are trying; how many of you are taking that time and building your foundations and reaching inward. For what is built inside will be seen on the outside.


This last week was celebrated the arrival of your Spring. Spring is symbolic in many ways. It is the time of rebirth, renewal. And so look into your lives and make this a Spring worth remembering for you; the time when you chose to be totally renewed in God's love, God's Spirit, to be formed of His Will and not yours. Let the sprouting shoots of Spring become part of you. Let the roots grow deep and the beautiful foliage, flowers, and fragrance be seen on the outside by others, always remembering that it takes the inner work to produce the outer. I will leave you with this thought before questions. The Father sends His children many gifts. But few are opened by His children for they fail to know that the gifts of the Father are for them. cherish your gifts of love, of faith, of understanding, for in these special gifts you will become gifts to your fellow men. and the brotherhood of man will become united as more people become gifts to one another. I will now receive questions." V1: "Daniel, this is V1 K9. We have a couple of guests with us tonight and I would like to introduce one. One, T1 Hanners is D2's sister from Boise. And she is familiar with the book. And she has been reading the transcripts of your teaching. And so she is here for the first time tonight."


Daniel: "I am familiar, yes, with T1 and I say to you, welcome. May you seek truths. May you become confident that the book will be open for you. Do not fear for its size or its contents, for your desire will make it easy for it to be a part of your life. Welcome."


K4: "Daniel, this is K3. We also have another guest with us this evening. Our youngest daughter M5 is with us. She is, of course, a member of our family and has heard my wife and I talk about the Urantia Book for the last fifteen years."


Daniel: "Yes, M5, and I know you also and I say welcome. And the same message that I gave to Tammera can apply to you as well. Be seekers of truths and you both will grow. Welcome."


T1 and M5: "Thank you."


M3/K2: "Daniel, this is M3. I just wanted to tell you that my life has improved on hundred percent since we talked on Thursday. Thank you very much. And I also have a question. A friend of mine has a client whose name is Brian. And he is suffering from a severe heart condition and he is also very depressed. He wants to know, would a meeting with you be possible and number two, would it help?"


Daniel: "One moment please. M3 at this time please pray with this man. And it is not advisable for me to meet with him yet, rather pray and seek guidance. As you are very much aware, the inner stillness and change of one's own attitude can bring about remarkable healing in both body, mind and spirit. So this would be a necessary step for this man. At this time there are things he needs to do for himself in this regard, but please send him my love. And I am most pleased with your own personal growth these last few days."


M3/K2: "Thank you Daniel."


F1: "Daniel, this is F1. I just wanted to share with you. We went up to the Coeur D'Elane group and they have really gained from us sharing your lessons with them and they said to tell you 'hi'. They are going to journey down to share this meeting. And also I wanted to ask for a private session."


Daniel: "Thank you F1 for this information. Your presence as well as L1's was missed last week. Understandably, you had important business and yes, be in contact with D3 for a session." V1: "Hello, Daniel. This is V1 again. And thank you for your teaching. It reminded me of many things but I'd like to focus on two. The first one is what you said about greed. Twenty years ago we went to Ecuador and really saw what greed could do, with the poor and rich there. And I came back really praying that there could be some sort of equality on the planet. And so now what I see on the television gives me both pain and pleasure in that they are urging us to buy 'made in USA' because of unemployment in our country. And yet it is giving people around the planet work and food. And I know it is such a small thing but I'm wondering if this isn't part of upliftment as far as our planet is concerned, trying to equal out our global economy? And the other thought is that . ..last night I was reading and you were talking about faith tonight, and it talks in one of the papers, I can't tell you which number it is . the Urantia Book it says we will long depend on faith and revelation and I couldn't help but think of the Urantia Book as revelation. And were you around when the papers were given way back when, and if you were could you share that with us and maybe talk about this as revelation?"


Daniel: "Question one. Yes, greed is indeed a very real poison to society. It can be the downfall of many nations or of the individual. And greed is in this country at the top of the list in what ails this country. I will not elaborate on this for I am aware that each of you know about this and how this wrongdoing is bringing down a great nation.


While at the same time you are perceiving in the fall of one country or nation or individual there are vicarious upliftments in other areas. And so I will not say whether or not this country will fall. I will say that if greed does not dissipate, if it continues the way it is, then it will have, it will bring about disastrous effects on the society.


It is unfortunate that those who are the greediest will not feel the individual calamities that the poor or the middle class people feel. They will have calamities of their own but in their greed, in their insensitive natures, they are inflicting pain and remorse on their fellow brothers and sisters. And much of this greed is being placed on large corporations. It can be blamed there, unfortunately. For you see, in corporations that are of huge sizes the individual consciousness is lost. Part of what I was teaching tonight dealt with this. As you become more fine tuned and in alignment with God, you will be ever more aware of transgressions against your brothers and sisters, injustices, etc. And yes, this greed is shifting work to other countries and helping these people, but it also eliminates jobs for those in this country and they are left in their own chaos, so to speak. There needs to be a global awareness and consciousness that equalizes things for all people, all countries. And you in this room are becoming more aware of this. And there are many across the world who are becoming aware of this. And it is in this awareness, in this planting these seeds into society in general that the change can be made. That while this planet will be many, many years in inequity, it needs to have a starting point to rectify it. And you are at that point now. So again, you need to be evermore conscious of all your actions so that you yourself do not hinder progress in the outer realm. Does this help?"


V1: "Yes, thank you Daniel. It probably just confirms what I had thought."


Daniel: "And your second question...(tapes being turned)...D3 has become agitated. Please give a few words about your second question. Restate the last part."


V1: "Daniel, thank you. What I had in mind was your reference to faith and what I read last night in the book about depending on faith and revelation and I think specifically when I read J.B. Phillips, 'Your God Is Too Small' it was such an eye opener because at that time I had all the answers. And the simple God has become so much greater, and of course this in party has to do with the Urantia Book and all that there is in there about revelation, the revelation concerning you and then my thought came...were you here at the time that the papers for the book were given and if so, could you talk a little bit about revelation and why this book is given at this time to English speaking people? I know we are translating it but..I guess I'm rambling right now."


Daniel: "I was not on this planet at the time of the dictation of the Urantia Book itself. I was aware of its coming about. And it was during this time that I was also preparing for this mission, for this is the second stage. I was very much involved with the book as far as its contents and etc. I, however, was not here present at that time. And yes, the book you refer to does make a sharp contrast to the Urantia book in that God is far more than anyone can comprehend. Even in my ascending and at my present state I am not aware of this all encompassing God. For, yes, many beliefs, many religions, many sects really do limit God. It is inspiring to see you as you have evolved in your understanding and in this evolution you have become bigger yourselves. Your grandeur grows in proportion to the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that you have of God. So do not ever try to hold this wonderful concept to a short sentence, to a confined area. For you see, God is ever growing in your life. And this is just the beginning. Take heart and continue to wonder and be in amazement of His stature, as it will continue to expand and expand. Treasure the faith that the Father has bestowed on you for this faith is truly a gift. And when you look around at your struggling brothers and sister, you can truly see that you who have knowledge, faith, and know the love of the Father are much more able to live your lives in more freedom, in more security, and a sense of peace. That is all."


V1: "Thank you Daniel."


B1: " Daniel, this is B1. I have been talking with, actually D3 and I, V1 and I have been talking with several members of the Woods Cross group about the desirability, feasibility, etc. of a summer get together of our two groups. We are thinking perhaps up at our house because of the mountains, and etc., a weekend overnight experience and we wanted you to be aware of this and to know if you and Ham would consider this to be a good idea and if you could discuss it. Or if you already know about all this, advise us. Should we proceed with this kind of a plan?"


Daniel: "Of course B1. You know I am aware of this An excellent, wonderful idea. This will bring a more unifying effect to the whole. It is wonderful that groups are beginning to interact and it is hoped that as more teachers are given to various groups that there will be interaction, there will be bonding, there will be growth. For in this coming together as a group you will become stronger and more confident in your missions as they unfold. And so it is an excellent idea and we do look forward to meeting and being there with you. And of course we will be more than happy to give teachings at your mountain retreat."


B1: " Wonderful!" C2: " Daniel, this is C2. And that reminds me to ask the question regarding the Findhorn Community in Scotland."


Daniel: "The what?"


C2: The Findhorn Community in Scotland. It's in Northern Scotland. And it's...I don't know much more about in that I have visited it about five years ago and I am planning to visit it again. David Spangler is a man who has been an important part of the formation of that community and my understanding is that it too is apart of the broader picture of the Will of God and spirit community. And I was wondering if you can give me any information. I was thinking about the possibility of visiting there this summer and wonder if there is any relationship at all between out particular time with you and what is happening in terms of revelation of the will of  God and their Findhorn community.


Daniel: "One moment please. I am aware of this group. I cannot at this time say whether or not they are part of this mission. They are, as all of you are, seekers of truth and this is just, this mission, these teachings are part of a bigger picture. This is all I am allowed to divulge at this time. If you go, enjoy and learn. For you see. truth is everywhere. It is made known to everyone as they are ready to accept it and on levels that they can understand and perceive. So do not limit yourselves. Grow. Be mindful of the teachings in the Urantia Book so that you do not become involved in things that appear to be true, but does not hold validity. As you become more in line, you will be able to decipher those who herald truth as opposed to those who do not. C2 you are very adept at this. So go and enjoy."


C2: "Thank you, Daniel. I appreciate your comment with regards to becoming involved with what might appear to be truth and really isn't. That really is the root of my question and I appreciate your comments."

P1: " Daniel, this is P1. I have a question on worship. I have been reading different passages in the Urantia Book and I know that worship is not asking for something. It's being with God or enjoying God. But I don't understand how to do that. If you could give me some quidelines, I would appreciate it."


Daniel: "Yes, P1. A very good question and thank you for asking. For you see, worship is one of those things that is difficult on this planet. It becomes more a part of your being as you become more spiritual. It is possible here, abut as you ascend and go through the Morontia life it becomes more a part of you. Worship is that aspect of seeing, feeling, or being a part of God. It is like a momentary feeling where you are in complete awe, complete ecstasy with God. It happens in those moments when you are in tune and you and the Father touch on a conscious level. You see, the Father is always there with you and you try occasions when there is this actual connection, then that becomes worship. You are in a state of divinity. You reach past the finite to the infinite.


And while this may only occur a few times in your life, do not hamper it happening. Always be mindful of worship and seek to increase these times when you are in worship. And my dear friends, let me tell you that as you grow more, as you reach for the higher truths then you touch into the mind of the Father and worship becomes more accessible, easier for you to do. On the Morontia worlds you become more in tune with the Father Fragment. It becomes more a part of you in that your thinking becomes more one.


On this planet you have your dual nature which we have spoken of. But you can go past this duality to the oneness in you daily contact with the Father. And every once in a while you as a group will touch on worship. And this has occurred in your group at one point. This occurred several weeks ago when father Abraham visited. You see, you were all not only stirred emotionally, but in your own God consciousness you reached out in sheer love and gratification for the experience that you had together that you had as a group. And you were in awe of the wondrous love that the Father has for you. do you understand? Does this help, P1?"


P1: "Yes it does. Thank you."


V1: "Daniel, this is Virginia again. What you just said astounds me in that you said that worship would happen occasionally in our lifetime. I can certainly see where it is when we are own with God and yet I look at the number of times that human beings attempt that and again I"m looking at the Urantia Book and it says there that God says that we can...that we experience worship and He accepts worship whenever we worship Him. love Him for what we think He is. And I guess I'm just amazed that human being s are limited to occasionally...or did I misunderstand? I guess I'm thinking in terms of worship happening much more often than that in my life and in the community as a whole. Could you speak to that please?"


Daniel: "Yes V1. This does need to be clarified. For I was speaking then in the fact that in those times when you are so moved that you feel the worship, that it becomes a state of true ecstasy for you, the individual. And yet worship is a thing you should do daily in your lives, alone with others, in seeking to give to the Father the love, the respect, the humbleness that you feel as a human in His presence. Worship is giving back to the Father a part of what He is always giving to you. And my comments were meant to show in those times in your live when you are so stirred and so moved, you feel complete worship. You feel it's circular in that not only are you reaching to adore the Father, but you in those moments feel Him reaching in His adoration and love of His children. Does this help?"


V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you."


B5: "Daniel, this is B5. In speaking of worship and feeling at one with God that you are expressing, happens a few times in a lifetime...I"m wondering about an incident that happened to me. I was roughly thirteen years old. It had to do with a Born Again Christian religious type rock concert where these things were felt. If you need to, you have permission to search my memory so that you can have an understanding of what I am talking about. I felt those things. But in the passing days they went away. And I have been fearful to get involved with anything like that since because it didn't felt good at the time, but afterward it didn't feel right. Can you comment on this at all?"


Daniel: "Yes. I wish to make a further clarification in that as you become in alignment that it will occur that you feel this total worship more, rather than just occasionally. It is those people who do not stay in alignment with the Father who feel it rarely. As you progress you will feel it more. And now to your other question.


Yes, there are many times in people's lives when they become very emotionally keyed and in a state of happiness, joyous jubilee. And there are at these times feelings of alignment, at-onement as you spoke. And then there comes a letdown. And this letdown stems from the fact that the true alignment was not in balance to begin with. You as a group felt this back in January when you were receiving my teachings and learning about this. There was a real awakening in you. And yet in the weeks that have since gone by, you are not on the same high level that you were then, yet you are still feeling fulfillment. And the reason for this is that you are striving to seek the higher truths and are daily working to know the Father.


In the rock concert that you spoke of in the 'born again' movement there is not this carryover for many, because many are not in harmony, are not in balance with the Father. And so the experience becomes one of emotional ecstasy and no more. You see, when you are doing the will of the Father it must be in line with your whole being, your whole personality; with your body, with your mind, your intellect, and of course, your spirit. You must nurture and feed all of these areas and this is the only way that you can maintain this high state, this state of security, of peace, of knowledge that you are part of the Father's love.


Often times these big bringing together of groups is just emotional and it is not founded on high level truths. It does not nurture and feed each individual, because many of the people that attend these functions are not truly seeking higher truths. They are there for a moment of gratification and thus when the days go by, the movement of gratification and thus when the days go by, the feeling leaves and they feel downcast. They wonder where all this wonderful thing, these wondrous feelings they had went. And they are often left very empty, very unfulfilled and again searching. And often many of these people become apathetic o cynical and feel since this feeling did not stay with them that God does not love them, that God is not real. Do you understand this?"


B5: "Yes, I understand very well. Thank you, Daniel."


Daniel: "You are most welcome. And B5 I am still working on your question of last week. I will continue my quest for you, be assured."


B5: "Thank you. I was wondering but I figured you'd let me know when you had it."


Daniel: "I am going to close this meeting now if there are no other pressing questions. I wish to leave you with my love as usual. Please know that I hope for your best. I am with you throughout the week and I do offer my guidance even though you are not always aware and I do work in conjunction with your Indwelling Spirit and I am moved by you. Please continue. Please know that it is desirous that you continue your own spiritual growth, that you as individuals need and must take time to do this. It is not something that can be taken lightly, it cannot be taken only once a week. You must daily work to know the Father. My love, my peace, and my admiration to you, my dear pupils. Good evening." Group: "Good evening. Thank you."