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WELMEK - July 29, 1992

Greetings to everybody in the Indianapolis group. I am your teacher
Welmek. I am pleased to be here tonight. I would like to share with
you few words about our Father's love. God's love is a great factor in
the universe. All things persist through His love. Without the
Father's love nothing is. The teachers have come to this world to
share a great message, to encourage the humans of this planet to engage
in truth seeking, and finding the Father's will. We know that many
will not hear this message. We also know that many will respond. Some
people you will be surprised to find that they seek the Father's will
while others do not. Don't be discouraged when you find those who you
hope will find the Father's will yet turn a deaf ear. The Father's
love pervades all space. It is energy. It is life, it is the supreme
gift to all his children. Seek this love daily, and your life will
change for ever more. Are there any questions tonight?

David and I (Karla) welcome you this evening. Out lives have truly
been blessed by your presence. We have, however, realized the huge
responsibility that accompanies this blessing. We realize that many
lives will be affected by these teachings. We ask for your advice in
dealing with these feelings. People react differently to your message.
Where we know we are not responsible for others' interpretations and
reactions we need to learn to deal with our own feelings. Will you

You must try not to allow your feelings to enter these discussions.
The purpose of this transmission is to share with those who want to
hear truths about spiritual living. It is a fact that some people will
misunderstand that some communications will not be clear, but fear not
because all mistakes in time will be corrected. As long as your
motivation is pure of heart you are not responsible for the outcome of
what transpires. You have volunteered to be of service. We are
pleased with this and we look forward to many communications in the
future. Do not hesitate to bring the message to anyone who wants to
hear. Do not worry for you cannot control the response of others.

Is there a chance for a healing for my Father?

There is little you can do. Your father's health is something that
must run it's own course. You may try to encourage him to feel God's
love and perhaps this will help. People reach a certain point where it
is difficult to reverse what has happened. Encourage his faith for we
know it is strong, and in time he will know God's love and he will
understand what his life has meant.

The Urantia Book says, "If your own mind does not serve you well, you
can exchange it for the mind of Jesus of Nazareth, who will serve you
well." How can we do that?

The mind of Christ is very strong for He has endured much on this
planet. He knows of your sorrows and your joys. Be not discouraged in
the face of trial and tribulations, for they are temporary. Listen to
the Father and He will show you the way. Christ Michael did the daily.

If you do the same you too will have that mind. The mind will be there
for you to use to draw sustenance, to find comfort, to lift your
burdens of daily life. But this is not a passive process. You must
actively seek the Father's will, as our Lord and Master did. Once you
finally attune yourself to the seeking and come to know on a daily
basis that you are trying to do your very best, life will change. You
will find happiness. You will find joy. You will find love. You will
find things you are now looking for. Don't mistake His teachings. For
Jesus truly admonishes everyone to come to Him. He loves you all very
much. He wants you all to come to Him and find that comfort. It
saddens Him to see so many of his children walking in the forest
without a clear way out. Seek the Father and you will know the truth
of this.

Now that the circuits are open and this planet will soon have access to
universe broadcasts etc., are we among the last generation of

That is not for me to say. Agondonters are truly spirited people. You
believe without seeing. You know without touching. Many of us look at
you and wonder how this can be. We respect you for many things. There
is truly a special place for you, but most important is the present.
There are many opportunities that face you now. Look for these
opportunities, share God's love. Follow His commandment, "Be perfect
as I am perfect." While we know you cannot achieve this on this
planet, if you set you mind, if your true motivation is to be Godlike,
you will find joy beyond your wildest imagination. Put forth into the
world. Accept the challenges and bear the fruits.

Does our activity in this teaching mission fall under the qualification
for Mighty Messenger found on page 245 of the Urantia Book?

Mighty Messengers are truly spirited beings, who have withstood many
tests and have stayed true to the Father. It is not for me to say what
will become of you for staying true to the Father. These things we
will know in time. For now all you need to know is to practice what
you already know and let the Father's love pour through you, for there
is no greater gift or reward.

If we heard correctly, Oren confirmed contact for Linda. Who contacted

I contacted Linda. I wish for more contact in the future. Linda must
open herself more, relieve anxiety, continue to seek the stillness and
soon she will hear my words.

How can Mary help black people grow closer to God and abandon their own
racism and destructive ways?

Racism is one of the most destructive elements in society today. Mary
knows the love of the Father for it is growing every day. Through her
actions and dealing with people, both black and white, they will see in
Mary a love that transcends human racism. It will take many people
like Mary to transform this planet into the stages of light and life.

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Rest assured we have been commissioned to accelerate this process to
the end of Michael's request that this planet as well as those in the
whole system enter the stage of light and life. Mary is a truth seeker
and she has many answers inside her now. As she continues to open her
mind and her heart, more truth will come forth. God loves her very
much. More on this later.

Can you explain homosexuality on a spiritual level?

Homosexuality is not spiritual, it is a purely human physiological
concern. I am not permitted to address these issues, but I can say
that God loves all. He is truly no respecter of persons. It is
important that we all accept each other for what we are. For
throughout universe experience you will constantly encounter beings who
are dramatically different from your previous experience.

Can you explain the happenings in Mary's baby-sitters house?

There are phenomenon which I am not allowed to discuss at the present.
I cannot comment on this now.

Is individual personality first bestowed when a child is born and takes
the first breath?

Personality comes from the Father. It is bestowed at birth. It is a
unique gift of the Father. One moment please. Because of the social
implications of this question, I cannot comment further, but you can
rest assured that all created beings are cared for and loved by our
Father. Existence is meaningful and all is loved and cared for.

Dennis thanks you for your guidance and comforting words.

You're welcome, it pleases me to be here to comfort and guide you for I
grow as much as you in these transactions.

Are there any surviving writings relating to Abner and his followers.
If so, could any clues be given to access them?

There are many writings of Abner. I cannot disclose to you information
leading to whereabouts or other details. This matters not to what our
purpose is. While it is of human interest, it bears little spiritual
consequence to our mission and to your mission. Worry not about these
things. Spend your energies on seeking the Father's will and sharing
that love with others. There are many things to do in the future. The
time is now to prepare.

Dennis would like a confirmation of Joseph as his spiritual name.

His spiritual name is Elijah.

We wanted to gather as a group on Sunday to discuss what has already
taken place. Will it be a good time to address the group? If not, we
invite you to gather with us to observe.

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I am ready to speak to the group for there is much work to do. I hope
your hearts and minds are open and willing. David is fine. His
confidence grows, his doubts lessen. In time this communication will
flow fluently and without hesitation. I look forward to sharing with
you all. This is a diversified group. It is challenging as
stimulating to me. I feel I too have much to learn. Motivated by love
and the desire to do the Father's will will carry us through. Sunday
is fine. If things change, David will know.

What can I do to help David's confidence level?
We are pleased with the progress so far. What David experiences is a
natural phenomenon. We would be suspect if he had no doubt at all.
What David needs will come in time. I believe it will be very soon.
It is difficult for humans to discern our thoughts from theirs in these
transmissions, for a human must allow our words to flow through their
minds. The tendency is to stop and think about what is going on which
interrupts the flow. It is natural for David to think these are his
own thoughts. It is natural for him to be concerned about the clarity
and content, but as you can hear already, much progress has been made
and he has nothing to worry about.

My closing comment to the group is to pray for each other, seek the
stillness, and ask for guidance. Look for the wisdom in your daily
activity. Know that the Father is there in all things that you do.
Never give up on Him for He will never give up on you. We understand
the demand of material living are great yet if this mission is to be
successful we must all find time to give back for what has been given
to us. Soon you will know that duty become privilege. As we all look
forward to our time of communion with the father, do not give up.
Continue your meditation. Continue your reading of the Urantia Book.
You will find many truths that you never knew before. God's love to
you all.

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